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Old GRE Pattern to New Revised GRE Score Converter

Where can I find Old GRE to New GRE score converter?

New GRE Score report will include both New GRE Scores and Old GRE Scores. Following new fields will be present to New Revised GRE Score report

  • Estimated Score Scale  (New GRE Score)
  • Scaled Score  (Old GRE Score)

But, why do we need an New GRE Score converter, when we can do the math (atleast simple ones) to convert Old to New GRE Scores.

Old to New GRE Score Converter

Here is simple old to new GRE Score converter.

Old GRE Scores New GRE Scores
1160 312
1000 300
800 170
650 160
500 150
350 140
200 130
  • New GRE Scores spread  = 41 (170 – 130)
  • Old GRE spread = 61 (200 to 800)

As you can see 71 points Old GRE Score spread must correspond to 41 New GRE Score spread points.

  • 71 score points in Old GRE Scores should correspond to (and within) 41 New GRE Score points.

I believe, there will be 2 to 5 old GRE Score points correspond to New GRE Scores.

Example Old to New GRE Score Converter

  • New GRE 130 = Old GRE 210, 220, 230 and 240
  • New GRE 150 = Old GRE 510, 520 and 530

We have to wait for official Old GRE to New GRE score converter from ETS. Once Old to New GRE Score conversion is available, I will update this  post.

Next – How to get Perfect Score in GRE Exam.

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  1. I went for gre today and scored 298 . the new quant section is really tough. I generally scored around 315-320 in the barrons practice tests. I am really very upset.I dont know whether this score is enough to get a chance in the us universities!

  2. hi iam kamala
    i completed b.sc biotechnology in india continue my studies in usa., now iam living in usa , i want know the old gre and new gre difference.

  3. hi.. my verbal score 139 and quantitative score 135. please convert old format and these score good or not tell me

  4. I had taken the older format of GRE and scored 1070 – (Quant – 710 and Verbal – 360) and AW score was 3. My engineering aggregate is 69% in ECE domian. I am planning to join National University of Singapore for MS in Electricals. Do I stand a chance to get into the University ?

  5. hi im Ramu. today i’ve takn GRE. my score is 264. Can any 1 help me to convert this score to older score


  6. hi im Ramu. today i’ve takn GRE. my score is 264. Can any 1 help me to convert this score to older score


    1. no..especially given the current economy everything..its harder to get in..so unless you have solid GRE score (320+)..chances are slim…

      1. i have 1 year work experience..i haven’t took my GRE yet..
        can i get visa if i score around 290??
        pls let me know..

  7. Hello, I can’t understand how gre scores start at 130 ?
    does it mean that the lower score i could get is 130 ?

    please, if someone can tell me how could this be ?

  8. this is absolutely ridiculous
    i got a scaled score of quants 670-770 and verbal 360-460
    but my new score is quant 156 and verbal 144
    according to converter above for quants i should have got above 160
    i say that 5 marks in new gre is very high.

    1. Hey a range of 67-770 doesn’t mean ur on the top side of it..it mite even be 680 or 700..so don’t think you should be getting 160 above..Even ppl who score 790 in quants only receive a score of 164 in the new pattern..so don’t think too much and wry urself..its quite simple as tat..

  9. I had 154 on verbal and 142 on quantitative 296/340. Could you tell me what that converts to on the old GRE because the school I am looking at gives a minimum requirement of 800 (only based on the old, they haven’t updated it to the new). So according to my score above, does that convert to 800 or higher on the old GRE or do I need to retake the test?

    1. Hi,
      from what i remember is that 148 equals between 610 and 620 fo0r math.
      and the school determine which score to pick.
      for verbal 140 equals 320 or 330.
      but not to be misled, the conversion of the verbal is higher than the conversion of the math.
      what I mean is if you got 140 in verbal and 140 in math, when you convert them to the old score, your score in verbal would be more than your score in math.

  10. hello.
    My score in Quantitative is 166(ner GRE). what is the equal score in OLD GRE?
    also 136 in Verbal,is equal in what score in OLD version?

  11. hello, i have scored275/340 in revised gre pattern. verbal 132/170,math 143/170 and analytical writing 2.0/5.0. can any one please help me out to know my score according to old gre scoring pattern.

    1. same here i scored 150/170 in verbal and 148/170 in math with 2/6 in analytical. i have no idea how to interpret it!!

      1. hey guys dont u thnk..new quant pattern is tough???
        i gve gre on 22 nov. n got a score of 292 (143 verbal n 149 quant)
        I am very much upset, donot knw what to do.. 🙁

        1. Hi,
          Great that you have appeared for GRE, My daughter had taken GRE today and scored ver :146 and quan: 152 total 298. After adding for the essay she may be at around 300/340. Is that a good score? She is Engg. grad. in EEE and 2 years experience in ITES sector. She is interested in doing M.S Computer Science in some good US University. Is the score enough or should she need to retake for improving the score?

          1. The total score is 298/340, in your case. 2/6 that is different from the summation. I think, that will go for US universities, taken that TOEFL score is good.

            All the best

  12. My Old gre score is 1240/1600
    I want to know that according to new gre pattern, my old gre score is equivalent to how much?

  13. ive got 300-400 in verbal,740-800 in quant can u tel me whats d possible gre scor accrdng to new patrn so dat i cud apply for universities

  14. It is important to note that most likely the ETS will alter the scaling of the NEW GRE in order to make the test more reliable. That is what used to be a “perfect score” will no longer be. So while this converter works on a basic 200-800 v 130-170 model it will not be your actual score once the ETS comes out with their official calculated version in November.

  15. hii, i’d given d recent GRE n got 280-380 (V) and 680-780(Q) as score range, cn u pls sugest me wethr its a gud score o nt? 

    1. @shena even my scores fall under same category290-390 verbal 690-790 quants if u have any info abt scores let me too know and universties ur short listings but i personally feel verbal score is very bad

      1. Hey My score is also like Verbal 440-540 and maths 750-800, now it is so difficult to get the idea of how my score is. Range is 1190 to 1340? Its really hard to decide which university to apply.
        Can smeone help me?
        @sneha look at princeton review conversion chart, it will give you some idea.

  16. Haribalaji@

    Hi. Prepare for the new GRE by your choice of books mentioned in the New GRE Books Review post in this blog.
    Haribalaji I found you are making blunders even with basic English. Eg: expline. The correct word is Explain. Never anymore write it as expline.

    I appreciate that you are trying to crack TOEFL. But I feel you need to work for more hours than an ordinary guy to get a good score.

    Finally, whether you come to USA or stay in INDIA, as an MSc degree holder, you must learn the Basic English. These days life will be so complicated without English.

    I hope you will do that and All The Best.

  17. hi im balaji m.sc biochemistry completed .next i planned the p.hd studying in abroad usa,now im preparing toefl and i next continued the gre…….and at that time old gre changed new gre book relesed ? how i prepared ,that could you pls give me suggestion how i faced the new gre which book and which author was i preffered ..pls give your valuble advise i reseved sir thanking you sir…………..

      1. this is really mean!!! just because you know better english than him that doesnt mean u start degrading others. and even his english is not good , he can always learn, like he said he is preparing, so it will improve.

  18. Bobby…………pls expline clearly, sir i dont know gre pattern was changed, im not belived that one ..i have one dought for old gre version to new gre version paper how faced the students please expline and how i prepare new gre paper …….. how many days was completed this paper …………………

    1. hello haribalaji,
      well as u already may know, u need to improve ur english. it isnt a tough task, u can start by reading novels and newspapers. it will take some time but gradually u will improve . you can even join some good english class, but make sure its an authentic one. and knowing correct english is really essential if you want take up any international exams like gre and toefl.

  19. Sorry, plenty of errors in this article. First of all the heading in the tables have been interchanged. Secondly 41 points in the Revised GRE spread (130-170) equates to 61 points in the old GRE spread (200-800), and not 71 points as mentioned. Also, it will not be a straightforward conversion, like Centigrade to Fahrenheit scale. They will also introduce an element percentiles in the scores, i.e. if out 50,000 test takers of a particular Old test around 500 had scored 1570, but if out 30,000 takers of the Revised test only 100 scored 338, it will be taken to be superior to the Old 1570 score.

    1. Post have been updated.
      Percentiles scores for New GRE scores will be for New GRE test takers. Thats one of the reasons for delay in reporting the scores.

  20. Very good article. This is what I was looking for. Just one correction needs to be done in that chart. Old and New GRE Scores headings need to be swapped.
    Again, thanks a lot 🙂

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