Waiting for GRE Score Report? ETS Stopped Mailing GRE Score Report to Test Takers

ETS GREDid you take GRE Test in July  2013 and haven’t received your GRE Score report in Mail (or post)?

Wait not. You are not going to receive the Hard Copy of GRE Score Report in Mail (post) any longer. Why? Keep reading.

Sweta Asks : I gave my GRE in August, but I didn’t get my GRE official score card yet. When I tried contacting ETS, I got a mailed response saying “Please be informed that effective from July 1, 2013 hard copy to the candidate address are not being processed. Therefore, we have uploaded all the candidates score reports in their respective GRE profile in a PDF format. Therefore, you may print your score report from your GRE profile using your Login credentials.”  Wat does this exactly mean, will the GRE test takers post july1, get the official hard copies?

Rahul Asks: Even I wrote my GRE in August and still not received my hard copy of score card. My friend who wrote GRE with me also haven’t received his GRE score card. Will there be any problem while visa interview if we take the printed score card? coz they ask for original GRE score report.

Here is the official News from ETS

Paperless Score Reporting: GRE test-taker score reports are now paperless! Effective July 2013, test takers have access to view their official Examinee Score Report online.
About 10 to 15 days after their computer-based test (and about six weeks after their paper-based test), test takers are notified via email that their scores are ready online.

They simply access their My GRE Account to view their scores. Test takers can also use the new on-demand, print-friendly functionality to print an official Examinee Score Report for free.

ETS will continue to send official Institution Reports, directly from ETS, in a secure fashion to institutions in their preferred format.

Sample GRE Score Report

This is how your print version of GRE Score Report will look like.  (Partial Report listed below).

gre score report printout

You can take the printed version of GRE Score report when attending F1 Visa interview. When ETS isn’t issuing official copy, there isn’t anything you can do about it.

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  1. I wrote my gre on 29 June 2015 ..I didn’t received my score card …No mail has sent to me…wat should I do can any one give me a suggestion

  2. Thanks… This helps a lot. I was worried that i had lost my GRE score card somewhere and the counsellor would ask for original copy only.

  3. Thanks for the post. I opened my e-mail hoping I would get my official score my mail today. Probably, (308+AWA). Still, have to wait as I gave my GRE at Nov 1. Can I send my GRE confirmation letter along with other documents for admission to universities to remind the I wrote my GRE? (Because, the universities I have applied don’t require GRE. I show them just to increase my academic profile!)

  4. The caption attracted my attention because I felt it spoke about an issue I’m battling right now. I’ve attempted to send my GRE scores online to a number of institutions
    but I’ve not succeeded. After selecting the schools and picking the payment type, and entering financial details, a message prompt pops up after two minutes saying, “Your transaction could not be competed due to the information provided”. Please help me figure this out because I’ve tried calling their telephone line make the request but no ETS personnel ever picks my call.

      1. I don’t think so because I used the same card to pay for my application fees. Is my issue a peculiar one?

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