6 Things High-Scoring GRE Test Takers Have in Common

Have you ever wondered what skills those  High-Scoring GRE test takers have that you don’t have?

GRE test takers use certain set of books and software to prepare for the exam. But, not everyone gets top scores (1400+).

Some of you get high GRE scores, while majority test takers end up scoring less than 1400.

Ask those who scored just 1000, they will know how tough it was to get to 1000 and how tough it will be increase GRE score by 200 points.

Both High Scoring and Average to Low scoring  GRE test taker solve same set of problems, read the same set of GRE strategies, but final GRE score is not the same.

Why is that?

Do you know the reason?

Have you ever wondered what additional skills high scoring GRE test takers that you don’t?

High Scoring GRE Strategies

To get a High GRE test score, something more than preparation is required.

After all, most of the top GRE test takers study from books that are available to everyone else.

There has to be  something special, right?

So, whats that extra set of skills that some of you don’t have?

  • Positive Attitude
  • Self-Confidence
  • Positive thinking.

Now average GRE test taker will argue, “I have positive attitude, self-confidence and positive thinking, but my score is still lower”.

Then there has to be something else too.

What is that?

  • Power of Thinking

Yes, the way you think, while solving the problem is important.  It is possible for both test takers to solve the problem, but how the problem is solved matters.

There is limited time to solve the problem. High GRE Scoring test takers take less time to solve.

Do you agree?

If time in unlimited, both test takers can find the solution.

When time is limited, power of thinking counts.

I know, you are going to ask

“How can I improve or change the way I think?”

You need to have another skill, and personality.

  • Its called “Curiosity

Average GRE Test Takers

When Average GRE test taker solves a problem, there are two possible solution to any problem. You can either solve it or you don’t.

What happens after you solve the problem?

You get the answer right in your first attempt,  what do you do after solving the problem using your “Power of Thinking”?

Average GRE test taker moves on to next problem.

I already got the answer right, why spend more time analyzing the answers. So, Average GRE test taker moves on to next practice question.

High GRE Scoring Test Takers

What happens after High Scoring GRE Test taker solve the problem?

They are Curious.

They are curios to know if there is another efficient way to solve the same problem.

Power of thinking + Curiosity

They explore additional solutions.

Now, Average GRE Test taker says “Even I’m curious. I look at the explanations provided for the problem and learn new techniques”.

That’s good. You are trying to improve your skills. But, that’s when one more quality comes into play.

Come on. One more?

  • Perseverance

Are you curious enough to find efficient solution to all the problems you solve?

You need to put similar effort, day in and day out.

For each problem you solve during practice test, you need to have Curious Power of Thinking, coupled with positive attitude, confidence and positive thinking.

Over To you

  • Do you agree to my argument? (if not what is your counter argument)
  • Do you think being curious thinker will help increase your score?

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