F1 Visa Interview Experiences

This is What Happens When Reverse Psychology is Used During F1 Interview

Following F1 Visa interview experience is perfect example for using reverse psychology is shared by Shiv Kumar.

  • reverse psychologyAttempt: First
  • My Visa Interview : New Delhi
  • Dec 4, 2012

I was nervous. My hands and legs were shaking. I have made up my mind to listen these words from VO “Sorry, we cannot approve your visa”.

I used the Reverse Psychology method to keep myself calm.

I said to myself that if I am not being issued the Visa then I will look for some other options like Australia or may be I can prepare for IAS. I had my BACKUP plan ready for me. This gave me some confidence.

Then I boosted myself and remembered those words from Barack Obama, “YES, WE CAN.”

Those words pumped up my adrenaline level and I said to myself that yes we can.

An uncle on the another counter was rejected and he started shouting like’ desi pahne, desi khao, nahi jana ji ab amrica (wear country made, eat Indian, we don’t want to go to US anymore).

I moved towards the Visa officer. VO was an American guy with age around 28-32 years.

VO: Hello! Good morning. How are you ?

ME: Good Morning Sir. I am fine, thank you.
He took my I-20, Appointment letter, Passport, DS-160 form.
Kept on looking at my documents for 1 long minute.

VO : Who are XXX Kr and YYY Kumar ( My Sponsors ). What does XXX Kr do….

He is a Chartered accountant

VO:What does YYY Kumar do…
He is working with with xxx in NJ,USA.

VO:From where YYY Kr did his MS…
SUNY xxxxxxxx

VO:What does your father do…
He is a businessman.

VO:What kind of business He is into?
He is into sales of construction material.

VO:Where do you work..
I work at company ZZZ

VO:Where is your company situated…
In Delhi

VO:where do you stay..
In Delhi

VO:Where in Delhi?…
In Saket

VO:Where do you stay in delhi?
I said the full address..

VO:what your company does….
My company supply workforce to the different organizations.

VO:what all universities did you apply to…
Arizona State University, UNC Chapel Hill, Rice University, SUNY Binghamton, University of South Carolina, University of South Florida.

VO:how much admits..
Only One. And that from UT Tyler.

VO: why this university only…
The university offers more specialized course. The course curriculum is of my interest and suits my profile.

VO: Why did you chose this university only. Why not other universities in Texas ? They are also offering the same course ?
Me: The other universities are admitting students with engineering background.

VO: Why is your UG course?
Me: BSc.

VO :Where is Texas, where is Tyler, how much distance is it from Dallas.
Me: It is in southern part of US. Tyler is located in the east of Dallas at about 2 hours drive.

VO: who recommended you to apply to this university….(the tricky one)
I answered after few seconds pause

VO: Does your uncle work in High court or the supreme court.
Me: No. no. He is a chartered accountant.

VO: Ok. I got it.
VO: Why US?
Me: The course is of my interest. The professors have very good industry experience. And the course is more specialized. There is a greater demand of specialized professionals here in India.

VO: What after completing your MS?
Me: I will work for my current employer here in my country. Here in India there is more demand of person with more specialized skills.

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  1. hey, that was a very good post, good learning. My visa interview is on 25th June, 2015. What I didnt understand was one question about distance?

  2. The guy says that he had back up plans for applying to Australia and stuff and still does not mentions anything about he applying to any Australian University to VO. Doesn’t that means he actually did not have any concrete steps to follow backup plan, just a ‘though in mind’ of what he would do if he is rejected Or maybe he was just mentally prepared. However, not to be ignored still he did his job well.

    Well what I am trying to say here is ‘reverse psychology’ is a good thing but it won’t applies to everyone. For example, if a person X has already made a very concrete backup plan and also has taken measurable steps towards it, he or she may not be very enthusiastic about interview(main desired task) and would not prepare that well, probably, because he has a self satisfying notion of backup ready if failed. On the contrary, a person Y is very passionate about his ambition to study in America and does nothing but every attempt to make this goal accomplish and knows very well that he has no other option(or maybe he does not wants to look into other options because he cannot mentally prepare himself for other options), and, therefore, he will try hard to turn every stone to accomplish his dreams.

    Lastly , I would say I am not that kind of person either and reverse psychology works for me too but it may not work for everyone. Hope you get my point 🙂

    1. Hey Ashish – Good to see your comment after a while. It might not work for everyone but its a distraction that someone needs to take their mind away from focusing on negative thoughts.

  3. Hello HSB, I am not able to understand that what was wrong in this interview. Why this fellow got rejected?

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