You’ll Never Believe This Shocking F1 Visa Interview in Malaysia

We have seen several type of F1 Visa Interview experience. But, trust me,  You’ll Never Believe This F1 Visa Interview in Malaysia. Shocking!

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F1 Visa Interview Experience

VO : what is ur intention to travel to US
Me : To study masters.

VO : Which Uni Me : ITU sanjose.

VO :What were you majors?
Me : In my graduation ?

VO : Yes
Me : Electrical & Communication Engineering

VO : how long u been in Malaysia
Me : An year now

VO : wat have u been doing all this time in Malaysia?
Me : Working for HP.showed my ID badge.

VO : U mean hewlett Packard.
Me : Right

VO : What do you do for them
Me : Im a Unix expert.

VO : What does tat mean
Me : I provide remote support for the unix servers of our clients at HP

VO : So you have a stable job eh?
Me : Yes

VO : Why do u want to study this course all of a sudden ?
Me : U heard about cloud computing? He said yes sort of. I want to specialize in Cloud computing and enterprise security

VO : I don’t understand, you been working for 4.6years and now u want to break and go study?
Me : Yes Im on the verge where I have to decide to either stay on the technical support or move into management. I want to be a technical architect with clouding and enterprise security.

VO : Who is sponsoring u
Me : My father also I have my savings as well

VO: What is ur father?
Me : A business man

VO: What business
Me : Iron ore and a refurbished diesel generator distributor.

VO : what does that mean
Me : He uses refurbished parts from the trucks and builds up diesel generator sets which are used to supply power to building and apartments

VO : Okay.
VO : What made u pick up this University
Me : Dr. XXXXX — the chair of the XXX engineering wing at ITU is the reason .

VO : Who is she and where did u meet her
Me : I have been attending virtual session about cloud computing at the , I had seen her presentation & white papers. Quite impressive.

VO : Alright.
VO: What do u want to do after u r done.
Me : Come back to India and start my own small company on Clouding and enterprise security.

VO : how many siblings
Me : none

VO : Sir this is ur visa pickup ticket, u can pick ur passport in 2 working days.
Me : Thank you but I have opted for a courier to hP?

VO : Don’t worry it will be followed as u mentioned in the app. Interview as for about 16mins..the longest one i experienced at tat point in time.

Stepped out while a sigh…uffff

I was relieved. This is simple I thought..i immediately step out.

Was searching for my fone to call a friend and notify him on this but I recollect tat it was with the security at the entrance gate.

I was there at the counter and gave her token to collect my stuff, in btw I was talking to a Chinese couple, he said his wife had a rejection and were sad on this.

I said thank god he gave mine…bad news comes in shockingly, the security lady asked me to go back in as he wants to see me again …please go to the same counter.

He wants to see u again…My heart sank, I started sweating I was losing confidence,, I thought this isn’t happening, something is wrong.

I went back to the same counter; he rejected another guy in this 2mins time.

I excused myself in and told him ” u wanted to see me ” he said yes, so looking at my application again,

VO : Wat is ur father in US again?

Me: US?? My father is in India.

VO: Oh sorry!! What does he do. Which business is he in??

Me: Diesel generators and iron ore business.

VO: What do u plan to do after ur studies?

Me:  Come back home and start business.

VO: Which business

Me: ….computing….

VO: He said ” I feel tat u alredy have a stable career(same shit again)..thanx for your patience but this time we can’t give u a visa …sorry..but!!!

..he gave me a paper..i started to look at it..found the keyword. Strong ties..i said strong ties.

Holding my folder About to open as I was expecting this question so I carried the property documents that I purchased an year ago in India with a CE certificate and the municipal tax receipt .

He said sorry sir.

Please read the documents when u go home.

Thank you have a nice day

Conclusion is i was given a visa and then after 10 mins the VO called the decision off.

Do you feel that I should reapply in this situation and explain it to them that I have a property which i don’t intended to abandon at any cost?

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