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F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview For Theology : Two Friends and One Visa Officer

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I would like to share my F1 visa experience which was on 21st August 2012.

Before sharing, thanks to HSB ! Got lotta training in a week in the first place I am a theology student.

So I was searching for an experience of a theology student and finally I found only one experience whose major was Christian studies.

So I think my experience would add more and will be helpful for other theology students.

So if you are a theology student, you don’t need to worry about anything if you have atleast one I-20 from an institution and if you don’t have any problem in funding(I had got full scholarship). Already as you have chose the field of theology you have to apply faith from here. Because faith in God worked for me.

I was not alone in the visa office, but my Lord was there with me. So have this hope, you can face anything.

I had lotta weakness:

  • My percentage in degree was low. (56%)
  • Some funding problem. (By grace got scholarship)

But I depended on God, He made my paths straight.

But this should not be misunderstood that you don’t have to do anything. There is this small story.

There wasn’t rain in a particular land for many years. So two farmers prayed to God asking for rain. God to promised He would give rain. So now one farmer was waiting for rain, but the other went and prepared the land by digging ploughing and other things.

So by now you should have understood who had more faith. Faith is important. BUT FAITH WITHOUT PREPARATION IS UTTER WASTE. So this was my situation.

F1 Visa Interview – Theology

I had one more friend who has applied to the same college and same course who has got appointment on the same date and same timing as mine.

So we planned to stand in different places in the queue.

Our appointment was at Chennai consulate @ 8.15 a.m.

We entered in. During security check we were separated and almost we didn’t see each other.

After the security check we were asked to go to the other building were the interview was going on.

So I was waiting for my number to be displayed. I was a bit nervous at that time.

So my number was displayed N184-COUNTER 21. So took my file and went there.

In a minute, I was shocked to see my friend standing next to me in the queue. We were terrified. So we just prayed in our hearts and we proceeded. Our course was master of divinity.

The one who interviewed me was a jolly young woman whose age ll be between 25 – 30.

My interview went like this.

VO: Hi. How are you?
ME: Fine mam. And you? (looked in to her eyes but didn’t smile).

By this time no nervousness and was bold.

VO: I’m fine. which university?
ME: XXX university.

VO: any other admits?
ME: no mam.

VO: why?
ME: The vision statement of my university goes with my own personal vision statement mam. So, if I apply to some other institution it’ll be like boarding on another ship which I don’t want.

VO: (typing something) what are your parents?
ME: father is a technician. Mother is a steno.

VO: what’s your degree in India?
ME: B.A English Literature mam.
VO: Oh! English Literature? (with a smile)

VO: your percentage?
ME: 56.3% mam

VO: Backlogs?
ME: only one mam.

VO: why didn’t you take any standardized tests?
ME: because my school provides me ESL classes mam. Its mentioned in the I-20 and I also have supporting documents mam.

No answer for a minute. She switched of the mike and was talking to a staff inside. By this time I know my visa was approved. Cos I read an article in HSB which says if the VO types for a long time then your visa ll be approved.

After a minute
VO: your passport will be couriered in a week.
ME: thanks mam ( inside) wwwwwwooooo hooooooo !!!

Left the place, next was my friend. Was a bit worried about him. His interview went like this.

VO: (seeing his I-20, surprisingly pointing at me) are you going with him?
HIM: yes mam!

VO: how many of you are going?
HIM: 2 mam.

VO: only 2?
HIM: yes only 2 mam.

Then, she just asked a question on family and a question on previous degree and said those golden words “your passport will be couriered in a week”.

We came out and hugged each other.

So being week doesn’t mean you’ll loose. Have faith prepare well and surely you will win !!!
“For nothing is impossible with God” – Luke-1:37.


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  1. I got admissions for theological study.

    If you have any chance please understand and encourage me.

    I am going to visa interviews on 27th and 28th

      1. Dear Moses,
        I need your help. I have also got admit for theology course. My visa interview would be anytime within this month. Can you please send me your personal email so that I can get in touch with you brother.
        For the Lord’s glory,

  2. very inspirational . happy for you guyz , go , learn more about christ, and tell the world who he is , and what is capable of , to peeps out there keep reading HSB, its loaded with experiences.

  3. Congrats!!!!! Moses… You are Unique indeed!
    Happy to read the motivating interview of yours… Proud to be your classmate… ” God is with us, who else can stop us”… Go ahead friend… There are many more things to change the world.. OF course with GOD…. Regards to James too … All the very best!!!

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