Review: Nova’s GRE Prep Course With Software

I’m holding Nova GRE Prep Course With software and Online Course in my hand and it is heavy.

I spent last 2 hours, going through the book chapter by chapter to give an in-depth review.  If I had used this book for my GRE prep, I could have improved my score by another 50 to 100 points.

Review – Nova GRE Prep course

Book is divided into 4 sections

  1. Orientation
  2. Part One : Math
  3. Part Two: Verbal
  4. Part three: Writing

Software CD attached to the last cover page.

Orientation Section

Provides details about GRE, how sections are scored, why (& how) first 5 to 6 questions determines you final score range . Also, every GRE test taker should know 2 out of 5 rule. I used it when I took my GRE and its the best way to save time during the test.

Part One: Math

No wonder Part One is GRE Math section. Nova is famous for their Math Prep Course book. There are about 22 chapters just for Maths section alone. In each section, book provides the concept to solve problems quick. Then there will be several questions based on that concept. That will help you to practice and get used to the approach.  I liked the section Probability and Statistics section (my weak area in maths till date) along with other sections (Fractions, quantitative comparison, number theory, geometry, ..)

Part Two: Verbal

  • Reading Comprehension
    • Different Question Types
    • Various Reading Methods and techniques
    • Three Step Method to solve RC’s
    • Pivotal Words (within RCs’) to solve questions.
  • Antonyms
    • Limited number of words that appear in GRE
    • How to improve vocabulary and practice strategies at same time
    • Effective ways to use flash cards
    • How to attack antonyms section using Etymology
  • Analogies
    • Best way to form relationship
    • Different relationship types
  • Sentence Completions
  • Wordlist – 4000 (with Quiz)
  • Analytical Writing
    • How to present your perspective
    • Techniques to tackle analytical writing section

GRE Software – CD

GRE Software that comes with Nova GRE Prep Course has Mentor and Test Mode. According to the study plan that comes with the book shows this book provides study materials for 2 months preparation. Nova Press have published 2 books on GRE Exam and this one is must have.

I highly recommend this GRE Prep Course With software and Online Course. Based on your skill level and weak areas you would need books for GRE Verbal and GRE Math section.

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  1. Wat's the cost of ths book, I have just started my preparation 2day and my GRE date is 23rd Nov. Do u have some suggestions?

  2. I agree….this book is a must…especially the maths section,its interesting and at the same time very useful…verbal and AWA tips are useful….do buy this one.

  3. The people who think there are pretty good and who think they are dng bad must do this book ..Verbal tips are also good ..I cant cover all verbal section because of lack of time ..At that time i regretted that i should have bought this book before 3 months..Its a must although i dont like their CD..the book is a bible for beginners and pros

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