Sample LOR for MS in USA

Following sample LOR for MS in US  is shared by Ashish. He has requested HSB readers to comment on his Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

Do you know why schools require recommendation letter?

Recommendation letter is incredibly important when determining your admission status. They shed additional light on your background, character and experiences from a third-party perspective. Check out Letter of Recommendation – Do’s and Don’ts.


Please check my LOR and could you help me out with my mistakes.

Sample LOR for MS in US

I, Dr…., Head of Chemical Department and I would like to express my best recommendation for my student, Ashish. Being his class teacher of B.E. final year, it’s my pleasure to write in support of Ashish who seeks to study for Masters in Chemical Engineering.

His ambition is well justified by his best academic performance with top ranks throughout course and first rank from University in final year.

I have known him well for the past four years and have taught him the subjects ‘Process Equipment Design & Drawing I & II in third year in semester I & II respectively ,‘Chemical Reaction Engineering-II’.

My interactions with him extended to his practical sessions in Third and final year. In the final semester of the undergraduate program I teach him ‘Chemical Plant Design and Project Engineering in term I.’ He is highly motivated towards Process & equipment design.

He has always mentioned his personnel thoughts before me and I acknowledge his interest in research in field of Chemical engineering. With his best academics and his skills, his graduate studies at best university from USA will surely help him to extend his interest in research and will make us proud.

I would specially like to mention his achievement like first prize from my department in Project work, first prize at national level Paper presentation and at best, his Paper publication in International journal during undergraduate program which is excellent start for his career in research.

In short, he is a person with all round facets of life and an ability to excel at most of them.

I believe that Ashish will excel at your university and extend valuable contribution to the ongoing research activities. I recommend him for admission to MS program with a full financial aid.


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  1. Don’t write your own LOR, ever. Even if the professor says he does not have time, send him all the information required and ask him to write it. LORs written by students themselves are easy to catch, and you are never going to get admission with a piece of paper that the admission committee deems worthless.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to point out abt soft skills in this letters your acheivements and presentation skills etc have been put in a plain manner but it required to be emphasized with strong manner with examples.

  3. Can you Please help me with corrections and mistakes ??
    I am not getting what people saying ? Please correct those mistakes and post

  4. I say this recommendation has so many grammatical and spelling mistakes, that it reflects poorly on the professor who wrote it.

  5. I would like to point out something here. While you definitely come across as a good candidate, but your recommender merely stating your achievements, is sort of redundant. There are many places where you can do that like, resume, SoP. Your recommender should highlight, how you worked for such prizes and highlight special things about your character that leads you to achieve this, like perseverance or team work, or something more specific regarding your research ability etc.

    1. Also, does recommender talking about “full financial aid”, comes off as appropriate? i am not sure, about that, please do check that out.

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