I Sent Email and Got Favorable Response from Professors

I had posted a few articles about contacting professors by email for graduate school admission.

One of these articles was Email Template to Contact Professors. One of the readers used the template and got positive responses from the professors and she’s wondering how to proceed next.

Here’s her comment…

Thank you so much! That, of course, I did and got favorable responses. I am a graduate student in India doing master’s in clinical psychology.

I plan to apply for the Fall ’09 for master’s in psychology (clinical or counselling).

Like I mentioned earlier, I have written to a couple of professors (only those with whose research interests matched with mine) and did receive encouraging responses. Now, I want to take it further and I am a little confused.

My GRE scores aren’t great (860 total) so I am very reluctant to tell them my GRE scores and then further the conversations along the path of needed financial aid.

However, I have work experience in the field of mental health for almost a year (clinical and non clinical setting).

I have one research paper presented in a national conference and in preparation to go in for a publication (either in a national or an international journal).

My under graduation scores are good, too (72% aggregate and 81% only in psychology).

I am also getting them evaluated by WES. So please let me know, if I stand a good chance in the following universities and also advise on how you think I should take it forward from here:

  • CSU, Fresno
  • CSU, Fullerton
  • University of West Georgia (most preferred)
  • Barry University
  • UT, Tyler
  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • MTSU
  • Western Kentucky
  • Augusta University

I apologize for this really long email, but I really am in a fix and need some direction. Please feel free to ask me any other information you think is required.

At this point, let me tell you, like any other Indian student, there isn’t anything much I can really do without an aid or a TA/RA. Please help.


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