Writing AWESOME Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Admission

Are you looking for a Statement of Purpose for graduate school admission in U.S. colleges and universities?

College essays (Statement of Purpose) and recommendation letters for graduate schools play very important roles in getting your application noticed and that could lead to acceptance into a college or university.

Today I received several emails from students who are applying for the Fall semester, asking for sample copies of recommendation letter and college essay or statement of purpose.

Most college essays and recommendation letters submitted by student applicants are basically replicas of their friends’ or those from online resources. Sometimes applicants write their essays by combining different sample essays obtained over the Internet.

College essays play an important role in getting one accepted into his/her graduate school of choice. Usually, students who apply for the top schools write essays tailored to specific college degree programs as well as particular to certain graduate schools.

It is usually easy to determine if a college essay was written originally or not. Some essays will not have any coherence or continuation in expression and it doesn’t take a long time to figure out if it is copied from online sources.

If the essays submitted can be searched online and within seconds, some online software or website can report on the percentage and occurrence of plagiarized contents. So, it is really not recommended to copy exactly from an original source and then send it as one’s SOP to colleges or universities.

I’m not saying that you must not look at sample college essays. In fact, there are so many college essay writing services and they provide excellent sample templates and essays. These sample college essays are useful as guides when you draft your own.

However, every student must really explain the inner self’s reasons, aside from the need to select a specific college and course, and doing so will definitely result in an SOP that does not look like a copied essay.

Also, writing down an outline detailing the major coverage of your essay and then getting some professional help to develop the contents will be much better than copying an entire college essay for graduate school admission by yourself.

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  2. this website is extremely helpful and provides valuable guuidance.keep up the good work,guys!!!

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