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Student F1 Visa Dates Not available, What to do next?

Are you looking for student F1 visa dates appointment and couldn’t find one?

In the last past days, the bulk of the comments and emails I received were about student visas for the U.S. Most of the inquiries came from those who were intending to book their student visa interview dates.

A couple of the students said that they couldn’t find student F1 visa slots for interview in November or December for both regular and emergency student visa category.

Remember you can attend F1 visa interview upto 90 days before the date listed on your I-20.

If you are in such a situation, don’t panic. You still have time to get a student visa and attend the Spring Semester.

The Same scenario can happen with Fall Semester.

Here’re a few things you can do so you will be well prepared about the scheduling aspects and what is the last date you can wait to appear for student F1 visa interview.

F1 Visa Dates Not Available

  1. Decide on one university from your list of different admission potentials.
  2. If you have more than one admission and haven’t received I-20 from the university you want to attend, don’t wait till that I-20 arrives to book visa dates.
  3. Go ahead and fill out the DS forms for student visa.
  4. Find out when is the orientation for Spring Semester for international students.
    Let’s say the International Student Orientation is on January 14, 2008, you can wait until the 1st week of January for receiving the I-20 and go for the student visa interview on the 1st week of January.
  5. Some schools have more than 1 orientation for new international students, find out all the dates.
  6. Now that your have all the dates, find out when will the classes for Spring Semester begin.
  7. Know when is it mandatory to attend am international student orientation.
  8. If it’s not mandatory, then you will have more time to wait to receive your I-20.
  9. If it’s mandatory, you will have little less time. Orientation will be usually 1-2 weeks before classes start.
  10. So if you don’t have the student visa dates, and have your I-20 in hand and are waiting for the I-20 from the school of your choice, try to book the student visa date as late as possible.

For Example:

A student has admitted from both IIT and NJIT. He already received his I-20 from NJIT and still waiting for the I-20 from IIT.

He wants to attend IIT, and his orientation is on January 14. He’s confused, not sure how to proceed since there are no student visa dates available.

I will explain the different possible options he has.

Case 1: (Booked early student visa dates)

He checked the date availability for student visa slot and no dates were available in December and the only days available were January 2 and November 30.

He wants to attend IIT, but his I-20 was expected to arrive only on the 1st week of December. He was very nervous and then books a student visa interview slot on November 30.

I’m sure there are many students who have made the same mistake above. This is because they panicked when no student visa slots in emergency and regular slots were available.

Actually, there is no reason to panic when the orientation is on January 14. He should have booked the student visa interview on the 2nd of January.

It’s always possible to book student visa interview dates with one I-20 and then change it to a different university before appearing for the student visa schedule.

Case 2: (Hesitating to book student visa dates)

One other possibility does not know what to do in this situation and waiting for student visa slots to open, but he haven’t taken the initiative to book the dates. That’s the worst thing one can do.

  • Don’t panic. Dates will open up.

Just make sure that the I-20 you are waiting for is posted and it’s on its way to your residence. It will take 2-3 weeks for an I-20 via normal mail to reach you.

For instance, my I-20 was posted on November 17th, and I got it on December 2nd when I applied for the F1 student visa.

Summary (solution)

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Find when your I-20 was posted and add 3 weeks to it.
  3. Know when will your orientation will be.
  4. Leave a maximum of 2 weeks between the dates of your student visa and orientation, then book your student visa interview date.
  5. If no student visa dates are available, keep on checking daily, or as much frequent as possible in regular intervals. Emergency appointments or regular student visa slots will open up.
  6. Some schools allow late registration if you reached the U.S. after orientation and 1 or 2 days after classes had begun. Check the grad school for its policy on late enrollees.
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  1. For weeks now I have not been able to get a favourable date for the interview. All I see is there are currently no appointment date available. Please what should I do

  2. Hello,

    I have my visa interview booked on jan 16. But the orientation is on jan 15th and the program start date is on 22nd jan. I have got the permission from school for delayed attendance. Is there will any issues while attending the visa interview or at the port of entry.

    Thank you

  3. Student Visa appointment missed (Nigeria)

    I missed my appointment for student visa on 13th December 2012 due to some circumstances beyond my control, my school will resume on 17th January 2012, I have paid another visa fee, kindly assist me on how to do the emergency appointment.

  4. Am an applicant from Nigeria,I have been unable to schedule an appointment for past three weeks,what display on the computer screen was appointment are currently not available,i tried contacting by phone,but not going through,i sent several emails,all to no avail,
    what can i do?
    My school is resuming by septermber.
    Please i need advise.

  5. Hi, I am waiting for my I-20 and acceptance Letter to University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I was accepted already from my agency to UMass Dartmouth. I have my appointment date with US embassy and i got my SEVIS number and waiting for the recipt. What should i do? Thanks

  6. My I 20 was dispatched on Nov 15 through regular post and I haven't received it as of now, however I have booked my visa appointment for Dec 22 using the sevis id.

    What am I supposed to do now if I don't receive the I 20 by the time?

    Can I modify the slot with new sevis id?

    I need a help please anyone urgent….

  7. If you have your 1-20 and you don't have a date, you qualify to apply for an emergency date. Just send a mail to the embassy's visa section with your scanned form 1-20, and admission letter explaining your situation and an emergency date will be sent to you, however. if you had been rejected previously you don't qualify for an emergency date, you fall within the 120 day rule. Regards.

  8. i have been denied visa twice and my schoolresumes in the fall, the problem is there is no avaiable date in august any more……can i go to the embassy with my back date be allowed to enter ?

    please if you have any idea do reply !

  9. Hello…………….frds

    I did try for a number of days but I did not get the slot for Student Visa interview so

    I am going for Emergency slot on July 1st …Am I going to face any problem?

    What type of questions can I expect?

    Please do reply to this………..

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