43 Things to Do After Receiving I-20

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So, you received admission and at-least one I-20 from U.S. University. Final push to study in USA start after getting I-20 in your hand. Here is list of things you will do to reach USA.

  1. Received I-20 and Admission Letter
    1. Read and Understand every word in the I-20
    2. Determine total fees in I-20
    3. Find college start date in I-20
    4. Verify Your Name (spelling)
  2. Student Visa (F1)
    1. Prepare Visa Documents
    2. Move enough money in bank account(s)
    3. Get Student Loan (even if you don’t plan to use it)
    4. Pay HDFC Fees (India)
    5. Pay SEVIS Fees
    6. Book Visa Appointment
    7. Attend visa interview and get visa
  3. Try to find students going to same collegeΒ  (HSB, Facebook, Orkut, ..)
  4. Arrange for Airport Pickup
  5. Arrange for Accommodation
  6. Convert Currency to US Dollars (DD, TC and some cash)
  7. Air Travel to U.S.A
    1. Book Flight tickets. [25 Air Travel Tips to USA]
    2. First time travelers, get Window Seat. [15 Last Minute Flight Travel Tips to USA]
    3. Try to book tickets in same flight with other students going to same school.
    4. Understand Flight and Transit Timings
    5. Buy stuffs for travel [List of Items for U.S. Travel]
    6. Pack your Suitcase [ How to Pack Suitcase]
    7. Pack required documents in Carry On baggage.
    8. Drink lot of fluids in flight [How to Avoid Jet Lag]
    9. Clear Immigration and Customs [Port of Entry Procedures in USA]
    10. Pick Up the Baggage
    11. Final destination is different from port of entry,
      1. Check in the Bags Again.
      2. Board the next flight
      3. If there is a delay, then inform pickup person.
    12. Wait for Pickup (or take cab)
    13. Enjoy your drive to campus
    14. Arrive at final place [10 things to do after landing in USA]
  8. Don’t sleep in day time after reaching U.S.
  9. Stay Safe in new place
  10. Everything around you will be different
  11. If you have sweets, give it to seniors who picked you from airport.
  12. Attend Mandatory Orientation for International Students
  13. Learn about courses and professors from Seniors
  14. Register for classes
  15. Start attending classes

If you have additional questions about the whole process, leave your comment below.


  1. Hello ! I was admitted at ETSU please if you are also admitted in same university please contact me on Facebook Sen.Alaya AbdulRasaq. phone number 08101875087

  2. How soon should I start accumulating money in the bank account? My visa interview date is 31May 2013. Can I put amount greater than 3 Lakhs in my account now? Will it raise any suspicion in the mind of VO?

      1. Actually Sir..
        I already have liquid assets of around 35L including loan of 25L.. i just wanted to confirm if I should go ahead with this deposition or not? Is 35L enough? Apart from loan the remaining 10L is including all the PF, PPFS, POLICIES and direct cash of around 5L..

        If it can cause suspicion i wont go ahead with this..

    1. I got texas A&M, kingsville along with sjsu… not sure which one to opt as i got conditional admit for sjsu.. do u know how is kingsville?

  3. i want to change the school that issued me i 20 on arrival,will that be posible?

  4. hello everyone, i have applied at stevens and if i m getting the visa then i would be going to us for ms.. so if anyone is planning to go in stevens then i want to be his/her fnd.. plz add me on facebook.. my account is harshad agravat with ddlj photo..

  5. please can anybody help me out with the basic rules and regulations during my interview with the us consulate.also anybody going to texas southern university?

  6. Thanks, the tips are really helpful. I would also like to know about the predeparture informations and the port of entry procedures

    1. I believe those tips are also covered in the links within the above post.

      1. yeah man..!!! but this article is good. because all the links are in one article πŸ˜‰

  7. Can will i get an bank loan for my studies before getting the visa or after getting it?

    1. hey, u can apply for a loan , after getting your i-20, on the name of your father or guardian, you need to submit one of your property as assurance and xerox copies of your certificates. As you submit the papers it takes 2 weeks time to get a sanction letter of loan from the bank.

  8. The things mentioned are fairly well enough for a student. πŸ™‚

  9. Please may i know the reasons why consulates do ask the following questions (1)How many universities applied for both admitted and rejected ?and if i applied for only one and admitted should i say one.(2)Why do they say that your selected university with low tuition fees and living expenses is not among the best in usa.

  10. I understand that you have questions about Bank Balance, sponsor and F1 Answers. Most of your questions are answered in F1 visa guide.

    I will answer questions posted in private blog post (available to members who have purchased the book). You can buy the book here – http://goo.gl/zeypv

  11. Can we deposit Bulk amount in our saving account 1 month before visa or will that be some suspicious act??
    i have liquidity of arond 30 lacs, but no land…
    N univ fees is around 30 lacs mentioned in I-20 (Tution + Living)

    Should I add some 4-5 lacs more to saving account.
    Also, Can I show my home during visa interview as Non-Fixed asset?

    1. hey, u can do the documentation , by a private financial advisor, i think he can guide you well, for that he charges around 20k but its worth

  12. hello, HSB

    I wanted to ask one thing… shud i pay sevis first or shud i submitt the DS-160 form? Plz inform me

    1. Hi Shruthi,
      First pay sevis fee, then DS -160. btw what course and university ?

  13. its superb experience i must be able to have in 3more months waiting for that

  14. Is it necessary to have the amount mentioned on I-20 in your sponsor’s bank account or a bank certificate of fix deposits will work for getting visa?

    1. Hi ! Bank statement with the I-20 mentioned fee amount is mandatory. Other assets are supportive to make a strong financial impression. By the way what course, which university have you applied for ?

  15. Can I change the university after getting visa or I have to get admitted to the one which I have mentioned for getting visa?

  16. I met a charted accountant,she says that there’s no need to take a bank loan.Is it mandatory to take loan from a nationalised bank for the visa purpose.

    1. If u want to be on the safe side during the visa interview,i guess u shd take a loan evn if u dont have plans to use it.From what i have heard,a loan means two things to the consular officer :Firstly that u have enough funds and secondly that u are serious about studying in the US and have no other plans(acquiring a loan for a hefty amount involves going through a lot of trouble)

      1. Hi !
        If no plans to use the loan amount, then why to take loan ? Loans doesn’t guarantee visa.

    2. Hi.
      If you can show enough liquidity to support your education, then no need to take loan for visa purpose.

    3. Your visa acceptance is in no way related to your loans. If you show 3 or 5 loans, then that doesn’t mean your visa is a sure shot !!!

      1. One question regarding flight details.There are two things mentioned :
        1.Change of planes

        2.Change of airport

        Is it advisable to go for change of airports?Will that mean there will be a custom check for change of airports?

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