F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Interview – PhD in Agronomy – 221g White Slip – US Consulate Hyderabad

I expected Administrative Processing for my F1 Visa Interview!

Guess what?

As expected, I was given White 221g Slip!

Following F1 Visa Interview for Ph.D. in Agronomy is shared by Gagan. He expected Administrative Processing, and he did get just that. Find out why and how.

  • Consulate: Hyderabad
  • Date: 20th June
  • Time: 10:15 AM
  • Counter: 9
  • Course: PhD
  • Verdict: 221g Administrative Processing

I appeared for F1 visa interview on 20th June at US Consulate Hyderabad.

I had to wait for around two hours and then my number flashed, at LED and I reported at the counter.

An American guy in his 40’s was taking the interview. I was third in the queue. He rejected visa for a guy and I saw him arguing with the VO. By then it was 12:05 pm.

A lady standing before me went to the counter; he approved her visa in less than a minute. Next is my turn.

F1 Visa Interview – PhD – 221g White Slip

Me: Good afternoon sir, How are you doing?
VO: Good after noon, I’m good, How about you?
Me: I am doing good too sir.

VO: Where are you going ?
Me: Ohio State University?

VO: What you will be doing there?
Me: PhD in Agronomy

VO: What exactly you will be studying?
Me: Cellular Mechanism in Roots?

VO: Roots what?
Me: I explained him for about 20 seconds, but in the mean time I saw him raising his hand and taking out a paper, Oops!, Then he wrote something on it and passed it to me, but kept my passport and I-20 with him.

VO: Sir, I”ll send you an email, please reply to that.
Me: I asked him, Do I need to submit something here. (I asked him this thing because one of my friend and several of HSB followers mentioned that they had to submit everthing there only)

VO: Please read it first, Sir.
Me: Oh! I am so sorry. Have a nice day sir.

And came the out of the consulate. I always had this feeling that I will get an Administrative Processing 221g because I have done my Masters in Biotechnology.

I replied to the email on the very next day.

Most of my friends and colleagues who got 221g received visa approval within 2-4 weeks.

It has been one month for me and I am still waiting for my visa.

My session at OSU will start on 14 August.

I am getting worried about it the delay.

I have not booked the flight ticket and it’s getting expansive day by day.

Guys, if you have any information about 221g and anything related to this which can be of any help, please do share it.

I have been checking status on my DS-160 and the Administrative Processing status is not changing.

Update –  Just wanted to inform you & HSB followers that after exactly five weeks, I have got my visa today after Administrative Processing. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Hello,
    I had my visa interview on 28th July and I was given a 221g white slip. The VO took my education loan sanction letter and said they would need some more information about my loan ( they did not take my passport). Is there anybody who got their visa approved in cases as such? Please share your story of yes.

  2. Today was my visa interview at Hyderabad.
    I got a 221(g) slip and he said me to submit my loan sanction letter. Should it be done by me or through my bank manager? Is there any chance of rejection? I have my classes on jan 8th. I’m very tensed right now!! Please help me out quickly!!!! I even need suggestions for the mailing process.

    1. hello Srushti did u hear from them? if yes, in how many days. same problem to me on nov 13th.whats your visa status?

  3. Hi i am kalyan i had attended my visa on 14th july 2016 and i got 221g and when i am checking my status it is showing it is under administrative processing .after 1week it is showing Refused i dont why , the vo had taken my passport and financial docs at interview can anyone plz help me and tell me can i get my visa.

  4. hii all …my visa was approved but my application .go to adminstrative processing with white slip …from 3 months what does mean this adminstrative processing and why this delays,any one theres help me thnx alot

  5. I was also rejected and i’m reapplying.
    The last question was “how much do you get payed on your job?”
    Can my University follow up with the embassy? do you know if that’s going to help or make things worst?

  6. Hi Adolf,
    Thank a lot for the blunt advice. In answer to your first questions, I wouldn’t travel back to my country to work during the period of study or semester break in US.
    Sounds weird though, my employer is an agency and has no bearing with my country. The agency contacts me for expert job that takes me away from my country to the job location but often times, the USA.

    Yes Adolf, I do leave my family for work away from my country but for a short period. Five (5) weeks at work and 5weeks at home rotation.

    In that case I’d have to intensify my search for an ideal program. However, if I have to stick on to an online program perhaps my desired career focus would change just to something else which I have not thought about.
    Your advice is highly appreciated

  7. Hi,

    I too verdict of 221g and I got my visa after 1 month. However, my form was green and i had asked to send email regarding research, resume,current position,felloship and invitation letter from university.
    Do not panic. you will get your visa. I would suggest you to email them on their quiery email which wil be in their automated reply email regarding all this and how many days has been over from email sent date. I did the same thing.

  8. Oh thank you so much Jamini for the prompt and encouraging response! I do appreciate. I think indeed keeping cool and doing my part is the most I can do.
    I wish everyone the very best! In their individual plans to accomplish this career/eductional dream.

    Best regards

  9. I hold a masters degree Surveying/Geoinformatics. I am married with four children and I am employed though freelancing on regular rotation of 5/5weeks round the year in an offshore seismic operation for about three years. I am being posted to any region of the world to work based on work availability. Altogether, I have a work experience of about 15years in my field of study.
    However, I have a passion to improve my education and study to obtain a PhD degree
    in my career. My concern is to study in USA and also take my family along but I do not have the resources to complete my education for three to four years duration and maintain my large family all at a go. I am aware of the possibilities of grants, scholarships, etc. The questions that hunt me daily are the following
    1. Will the immigration allow me out of the USA as a student during holidays to work in the same company?
    2. If I am on scholarship scheme and my wife on a restricted job in campus can that income be able to sustain me and the family?
    3. Three years is pretty long to leave the family for studies abroad
    4. My savings is not enough to sustain everyone in the family and pay my bills during the study
    5. Should I forget my plan to study
    6. Maybe an online program. what about if the program of study is not available online
    7. I need someone in the house to advice me please on what to do

    1. 1. do you mean to say after getting to the US, you will be traveling back to your country during semester break to work?
      2. Bare in mind that even though you may be on a scholarship of 20000$ the school aint going to hand over all that money to you at once. They will come in bits and therefore you should ask if that will be enough for you and your family. sometimes you wont even see the physical cash as the money will be used to cover some academic expenses. Should you however have your wife working in the US while you are in school then you give you and your family a chance of survival during your time in the states… this will largely depend on your needs and general expenses. Remember your kids will have to go to school too.
      3. 3 years is surley a long time to leave your family to pursue higher education but that happens to be the window of opportunity… thus going to the US without your family. I will leave that decision to you. However you mentioned you are being posted to any region of the world to work – do you leave your family behind?
      4. This happens to be the same as (2).
      5. Yes if you cant fund it. No, if you can.
      6. What about if there is no online program?? Have you checked??

  10. Please Dear Readers;
    I just thought i should post my worry here i would be grateful for any related information based on this.
    First i would like to know the difference between refused and Rejected.
    I recently applied for F1 visa in the country i reside which is Cyprus but the Young gentle VO told me that, because my sponsor and most of my documents are from my country (Nigeria), they cannot be verified and also he said i dont proof strong ties to the country i currently reside as such he cant issue me a visa, but in his words i quote’ i would advice that you can reapply for a visa in your home country where if you proof stronger ties you can be found eligible.
    Now i am arranging to fly back to my country, am worried becasue securing a date hasnt been easy as all dates are fully booked, arrival on i20 is 24th August, and i only managed to find interview date for 6th september, now i want to apply for expedited appointment, but one of the condition states that ‘ the applicant should not have been REJECTED A Visa within the last 12 months.
    Am so worried i dont even know my fate considering the situation of timiming at hand.
    please any advise, information or clarification is most welcomed.

    1. REJECTED is something bad and is usually backed up with and or associated with cheating or misleading the VO. It is akin to or is a crime against the Federal Govt and may result in long time entry ban! Refusal is based on the perception of the VO and can change in the very next interview. The VO has been frank and told you exactly what is the problem in issuing you a visa. The Americans are straight forward so you should start thinking like them. You are a native of Nigeria and the VO has told you to apply again from your motherland! They know the problems in Nigeria and you don’t have to hide anything or be ashamed of. Make sure your documents are in order, meet the criteria laid down for the course you apply for and show some respect for the motherland you were born in. Once you get your part done leave the rest to your diligence, focus and there should be no problem in convincing the VO at the Consulate of your Country. There are plenty of students whose application get “not convinced, apply again” by the VO. The World doesn’t end there and all you have to do is get things straight and apply again. What’s more is that you have already got a good advise from the VO at Cyprus! Remember, you come from a Country which is under US security scanners for many bad things; nothing bad, just that you can expect extra suspicion from the VO and you may have to answer some unpleasant questions. Stay cool as your hurry, worry and anxiety can raise some eyebrows. Good Luck!

  11. hi i need small information i got 221g white slip on 13th july at hyd 2012 when i was checking my status at Vfs site it was showing refused is it was rejectd? I am bit confused what to do know? what that means exactly plz help me out its urgent

    1. Hi Agnetha,

      I am not an expert about it but will try to answer it and hope it helps. tell me if they kept your passport with them or it was returned right after the interview? If they have your passport then its a positive sign, but having said that i am not implying that if they returned its a bad sign. what i can guess is that they returned your passport, that is the reason its showing rejected. Wait for 4 weeks and then send your query about it to [email protected], they will surely get back to you in 2-3 working days. Please feel free to ask for any other information.


      1. yes they gave my passport but should i know reapply for visa as it was showing refused can i reapply now

        1. Refused is different from rejected. People who are given 221g come under “refused visa”, which means ur visa is temporarily refused. Even I got 221g slip and received my visa stamped passport after about 25 days. Dont worry, U will get ur visa, but make sure to check ur emails and cell phone because u will intimated by email and sms whan ur passport is ready for delivery.
          Best of luck!

        2. Sorry for cammenting without reading the problem properly. I assumed ur passport is with the embassy..
          Be alert to submit ur passport.. U will in all probabilities be asked to submit ur passport by the embassy within a week.
          All the best!

      2. Congratulation to Gagan and such relieved students. Best of luck and do your best at Ph.D. Now 221g is nothing bad and is issued to those who are well qualified – hold a Master’s degree recognized in the US. The role of the VO is exactly opposite while dealing with 221g. Normally they have to issue a visa to an aspiring student when they are supposed to be convinced that the applicant would leave the US after the course. Moreover, they have limited number of visas and their judgement, sometimes, may not be logical. They work under the guidelines of the Federal INS. Those with 221b are defending their decision to study in US and the VO is dealing with a assumed immigrant; hence they have to find out whether the applicant leaving India has somewhere to stay before obviously getting the green card. The VO has to pass on the interview transcript to another team who does a background check .. they go by the surname and that’s it – this process takes 20-25 working days. The applicant meanwhile is caught in “so near yet so far” emotions after struggling to get their dream fulfilled. The last thing for anxious applicants is the “perceived delay” and they obviously start worrying after all the hard work.. Stay calm and plan for the worst should the need to reapply occur. Worrying will not get you anywhere other than depression.

  12. Regarding your case, I am a bit confused. Let me clarify few things

    1. Do you have your passport with you?
    2. Are you implying your case # can not be found on the site having been there sometime back?
    3. Have you made any contact with the embassy ever since you replied the mail?

    1. Hi Adolf,

      They kept my passport with them and yes my case number was there on the site for about 22 days after my interview and then it was removed from the site, which really means that adm processing is complete.
      I mailed to [email protected] exactly one month after my interview about the current status of my case. but i received my visa on the very next working day. Thanks

      1. Congrats man. Such relieve to know you are actually going to persue your academeic ambition. Looking forward to mine. Goodluck

      2. Hey Gagan,
        Could you please reply to these quirries?

        The university you did your MSc –
        Any research publications –
        Any research experiences –
        Any additional qualifications other than MSc –
        Your MSc percentage –
        GRE and TOEFL score –

        I’m asking these questions bcoz I’m too from same educational background as you. And planning to apply for 2013.
        Please reply.

  13. I still havent got a feedback from my querry so I thought I’ll post it here.

    My sponsor happens to be in the US, actaully a US citizen. I also have all document except the affidavit of support.

    Regarding the affidavit of support, I asked my sponsor to type out a signed letter indicating ableness and preparedness to supposor me. Pls bare in mind that he is sending me only a letter of support and not the standard affidavit of support found on the US website. Now I want to know if the letter he is typing is enough or its is mandatory to actaully fill out the standard affidavit of support form.

    If you are reading this please attempt to give me a feedback as I dont have enough time left. My I-20 came in late, I’m yet to schedule an interview and I’m to report by 23rd August.

    1. The student counselor at USIS/USEFI will give you some information which will most likely depress you. It is better to ask your sponsor to check out on your behalf with offices in the US. They can also talk to student counselor at the University who will give lot of relevant information. That’s perfectly legal and will not harm your case. You will get your visa soon and I bet on it.

      1. Very encouraging. I’ll hold on to that. Since the rest of my document will come in late, I scheduled my interview for 13th, just to be safe. I dont want any surprises. I find 13th August a date by which I would have received all documents. Interview date, 13th August.. Reporting day 23rd-27th Aug; is that ok?

        1. Okay? Why not? Listen to Johnny B Goode – Chuck Berry.. relax!! I can only give you words of encouragement – anxiety/worry is not a solution and are not going to help you in anyway. Those aspiring to study abroad esp. pursue Ph.D. in the US should remember – they will be researching in the US, funded by the US, research under some of the best professors in the US! You are the fuel they want in the labs or the campus. Remember the Universities in US are rated according to the number of researches in progress which is linked to the Industry so they await your work/findings. Fertile mind of students from India suddenly goes overdrive without generating any heat with the new found freedom. For the first time in their life nobody tells them what to do, the depressing “you are wrong” stuff becomes history, views or anything is respected,… the blinkers are all gone. Well, you can be anxious for a while! Do post a line once you get the good news.. take care and good luck.

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