How to Study for TOEFL Test to Score 108

How to study for TOEFL Test – Shared by MB.

I’m a regular visitor of HSB and have learned a lot by the useful information posted. I took TOEFL in December and I’m sharing my experience.

I booked the slot on 10 December as Dec 17 at Jaipur (Everonn Education) was the second last slot available in 2011.

I had thought of taking it in November but couldn’t get appropriate slot, and was then inclined to take the test in January.

However, as I asked a few universities of the scores reaching late, a few of them said that everything should be received before the deadline including test scores, so booked the December slot having just a few days to prepare.

Here is how I prepared for each TOEFL section:


I felt the section was actually just like the High School RC’s.

I’m a regular reader of newspapers so it is possible that practice made the RCs appear easier to complete. However, they were surely tougher than the RCs given in the official TOEFL book.

I could solve the RCs in TOEFL book by just scanning the passage after reading the question; but in the actual test I had to skim/read the passage. My suggestion would be start reading English newspapers(The Hindu) and newsmagazines(Economist).

The language in these sources will make you habitual of comprehending even the complex passages.


The listening section is something that needs practice and concentration. It is also the easiest section if you are habitual of listening in the American accent.

If you watch English movies, do that so without subtitles. You can also listen to news channels like CNN, BBC etc. for practice.

However, I wouldn’t suggest listening to Indian English news channels (Times Now etc.) as the accent on these channels are completely different.

In my test, I had an experimental listening section and since I didn’t had a lot of practice to listen for that long, I lost focus in the last questions which did cost me a few points.


The break is very very important.

Do always take it.

I opted for the break for one more reason—the experimental listening section was not with everyone and besides this, my test started late by 10-15 minutes due to a technical glitch in my PC.

So, I wanted to let others finish the speaking section before I could start.


I didn’t practice speaking section at all. For me(probably like many others), it was the weakest part, and the most ignored part.

I regret not having prepared for it, knowing I could have scored better.

It taught me a lesson though – Never procrastinate tasks. I started preparing the evening before the exam from various sites, and YouTube. They really did help as I knew what the questions are about so I could make my mind how exactly to speak.

For the first 2 questions, I couldn’t perform well but then managed the remaining 4 questions well.


Only one suggestion here – Write the essays in as many words you need to express your ideas in coherent/crisp manner. My first essay was about 400 words while the second one was ~550 words, much higher than the minimum word count they mentioned in the essays.

I made my rough draft stating what points to cover in first 3-4 minutes and then started writing.

My TOEFL scores:

  • Reading: 29
  • Listening: 26
  • Speaking: 24
  • Writing: 29
  • Total: 108

I know I wrote a lot including a lot of possible useless lines but hopefully this might help a few so I’ve shared whatever I felt about the exam. 🙂 Please do remove whatever you feel is irrelevant.

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  1. ADJI OLIVIER on March 3, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    I’m a regular visitor of HSB I looked TOEFL IN September

  2. Amir on February 29, 2012 at 5:45 AM


    I have taken the TOEFL and i scored 93 (R27 L20 S22 W24). During my preparation which last about 15 days, I got to know that the more I work the better I score in all skill except the Listening part.
    Could you please provide me with a couple of suggestions how to improve it and how much I have to spend for this improvement? I am confused about the Listening because I can get the whole idea as well as the details but It seems that I get into the traps and tricks of the listening questions.


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