tips to book cheap international flightsFollow these tips to book cheap international flights. As most of the universities have announced their admission decisions and most of you have applied for visa, it’s time for the next step in the saga of MS  – Booking the flight.

Many folks may be first time flyers, so I am sure there will be lot of doubts.

I hope these tips to book cheap international flights will be helpful while deciding the flight to your future destination for 2 years or even future home.

1. Travel Dates

The first and the foremost thing is to decide the travel date. It is always advisable to reach minimum of 2 or 3 days before the university classes begins.

PS: Do not pre-pone your travel date for the reason of cheap ticket price. You will be away from your loved ones for 1 or 2 years, so giving an extra 4 or 5 grands to spend some more time with family will not be regrettable.

Of course you can always come back during vacation but with to and fro tickets again, so decide carefully 🙂

Note from Raghu : I would advise to reach upto 2 weeks in advance before the Orientation date for International students.

2. Choosing Airlines

There are 2 prominent search engines aka google of flight search


These sites work based on the prior information from the major airlines all over the world. Most of the airlines itinerary are shared with these two sites.

Flights can be searched based on dates, from and to places and the results can be sorted based on price, travel duration, stops, etc.

You will be given different pricing and other options from different travel agent websites like ibibo, via, Expedia, Yatra etc. Or if you do not want to book through these third party websites, you can get the price here and book the ticket on Airline website itself with confirmed baggage.

The third party websites may or may not give this option, check before booking.

Bonus Tip:

One can also opt for price alerts for multiple destinations through email for that particular date. You will get email alerts if the chosen destination ticket price goes up or down. Both the sites have their own android and iphone apps with widgets which is quite useful to check on daily or even hourly basis.

PS: Check both of the above mentioned sites on regular basis before deciding to book, as one might update sooner than another site.

3. Choosing Seats

After deciding the airlines to go with, most of them won’t bother about the seats to choose. But there are few things that has to be considered before booking the ticket.

Things to remember:

  • Avoid middle seats-As you will be cramped up between two or more people.
  • Stick to the front-Passengers seated in the back of the plane are typically able to board first, but passengers in the front are almost always first to deplane, unless your aircraft utilizes air stairs to simultaneously deplane from the rear. This is especially important when going through immigration in a small airport.
  • Check the pro websites like:

Based on the flight number and date, these sites show the seat matrix with the virtual plane maps.

SeatGuru offers details on seats for nearly every aircraft on every major airline around the world. Seat maps are color coded for easy identification –a red seat should always be avoided, yellow seats have some drawbacks, green seats are ideal, and white seats are the norm.

Most seats on each aircraft are white which are standard seats with no drawbacks or advantages.

If green seats are unavailable at booking, make a note of the seat numbers, and ask to be moved at check-in or at the gate.

The site also offers notes for each seat on the plane, including details such as power outlet access, Internet access or TV, etc.

4. Baggage Allowance

From a student point of view, one thing missing from all the above data is baggage information.

Baggage allowed for the flight needs to be confirmed by calling up the concerned airline local office or the travel agent you booked through.

Generally in an airline website or local airline office, a normal ticket(there is no such thing as student ticket except the extra baggage) can be booked and later can visit the local airline office before travel date with visa and passport copy to avail extra baggage option.

The same may not apply with travel agents and third party travel websites.

5. Booking Flight Ticket

Next step is to book your actual flight ticket. Read some of the Travel experiences posted in this blog in Travel Category ( look at top of this post for the link).

Check for transfer time, connections, dates before making the payment.

Happy Intelligent Flying guys.  Did you find these 5 tips to book cheap international flights useful?

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  1. Gowtam on November 17, 2015 at 10:26 AM

    Ofcourse…..These suggestions were so helpful….
    Most importantly these helped me at the right time…..

    A single THANK YOU is not sufficient man!!!!


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