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Top 10 SAT Math Books Tips, Questions and Tricks

Question – I’m looking for Top SAT Math Books that contains good strategies and lots of practice questions?

There are so many books in the Amazon. I’m not sure which books to buy.

I don’t plan on taking SAT course (its expensive). Can you suggest few top SAT Math Books?

SAT courses can be expensive and there are several Top SAT Math books to boost your SAT score.

You can see a complete list of latest SAT Test prep books for Math section.

Do you want to know which book to buy? Here is a way I usually suggest when buying SAT Test pep books.

  • Take a practice test – SAT Math section
  • Identify your weak areas in Math section.
  • Understand what kind of book do you want
    • Practice Tests
    • Strategies
    • Flash Cad Based
    • Formulas
    • Tips and tricks
  • Read the contents of the book to check if it has what you need.
  • Buy the Best SAT Math Prep book based on your SAT test prep need.

Top SAT Math Books

Here are links to some of the Top SAT Math books for preparing for SAT Test.

Star rating by the side of the book refers to Amazon reviews ratings.

4.5 Star and Below – SAT Math Books

From the above list of  SAT Math prep books pick few books based on your requirements and test prep need.

It’s tough to buy all the Top SAT Math Prep Books unless you have a lot of money to spend on the books.

Follow the steps listed above to identify the kind of books you would require to improve your SAT Score. Are you looking for general SAT Math test prep strategy or just practice tests.

If you are good with SAT Math strategies and want few books just for practice tests, then following 2 books would be sufficient.

Above 2 books contain several SAT Math practice test questions.

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