If I had seen your comment few days before, I would have cared less to reply to you. But, when someone says, he’s going to start his trip to attend F1 visa interview, only after getting the my reply (and encouragement), I HAVE to respond to you.

I have my VI[new delhi] on August 2 [this monday] ,2010.going for Cal state, Northridge.

I have a 100 % genuine case from academics to finances. Undergrad aggregate is 78 % [2 backlogs].only prob is my Gre 890???
TOEFL  is 90/120.i think i am well prepared to take on the VO but still i am having those PRE VISA JITTERS. Dont know why I’m expecting your reply at around 8 [IST]. After that I will leave for new delhi [280 kms from my place].i needed your last minute advice.kindly encourage me and start your chat with me. I have been following HSB for the past 9 -10 months.

How to Relax Before F1 Visa Interview

It’s natural to have tension and jitters before big event like F1 Visa interview, when you have spent 2 years preparing for this very moment.

Trust me, I have tension and jitters before any big event) , but when the event starts, I’m at my best.

Over confidence is trouble, but tension is good.

It will help you bring out the in you. When I’m tensed, I relax myself by controlling my breathing pattern.

Breath slowly, inhale and hold your breath as long as you can and then exhale. This will lower your tension.

Speak the truth with smile looking into VO eyes. With low GRE and 2 backlogs, try to highlight the best parts of your profile.

If you have increased your academic percentage after backlogs or in last 2 years, then say that you have overcome adversity and proved that you an achieve academic excellence.

Good Luck to you (who ever you are) and would like to hear about your travel and interview experience in detail.

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