US Universities not requiring GRE for Graduate School Admission

In this article, I have discuss the list of universities where GRE is not a requirement for graduate school admission.

Following the post on Average GRE Scores for Universities, I’m also collecting information about U.S. universities where GRE score is not an admission requirement.

There are many universities where students can get admission to master’s degree programs without the need for GRE scores.

However, there are still some departments within these universities that still require GRE scores, but the others don’t.

I will try to list the specific departments like computer science, electrical engineering, biotechnology, civil, mechanical, industrial engineering, and other programs together with the names of the universities where standard admission test scores are not required for graduate school application.

Universities not requiring GRE

  1. Saint Joseph University – Computer Science
  2. Loyola University – Computer Science
  3. University of Maryland – University College
  4. California State University, Fullerton
  5. California State University, Long Beach
  6. California State University, LA
  7. University of New Mexico – Master’s in Biomedical Science in Clinical Research, Landscape Architecture
  8. Grand Valley State University
  9. Santa Clara University
  10. California State University, San Marcos

GRE Scores Not Required: Computer Science

  1. East Stroudsburg University (PA)
  2. Bridge Port University (CT)
  3. University of Northern Virginia (VA)
  4. Oklahoma City University (OK)
  5. Purdue University (IN)
  6. Wichita State University (KA)
  7. Kansas State University(KA)
  8. Virginia State University(VA)
  9. New Mexico State University (MN)
  10. University of Dayton, Ohio (a few programs)

Now, here’s another list of universities where GRE test scores are not required or optional  for graduate school admission.

I will continue updating more details into the list of universities where GRE is not required for admission.

GRE Score for Visa Interview

Even though at few schools do not require GRE scores, during the student visa interview, the visa officer might still ask for your GRE scores.

Because of this, it’s strongly advisable to take GRE and TOEFL exams for good measure, especially for visa purposes.

Most of the comments that Happy Schools Blog receives is about suggested university to apply at. And I always suggest that everyone must get GRE scores of above 300 for some departments and 1,100 for those applying for engineering degrees.


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  1. Hello Sir,
    I am Ashwini,I am staying in seattle with my husband on H4 visa.
    I have completed my Masters and Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.
    Also I am having a 4.5 years of Taching Experience as a Assistant Professor in India.
    I dont have the GRE and TOFEL exam score.
    I want to do the job as well as to do the MS in USA.
    Please give your suggestion.

  2. My GRE score is 900 & IELTS is 6. I also obtained B. Eng degree from a Nigerian University in Mechanical engineering with a CPA of 3.56 out of 5. I intend to apply for my masters degree in Mechanical engineering online/distance learning program as I’m still in active service. Pls help me to get universities in US in which I can get admission for MS in mechanical eng starting 2016

  3. Hii I’m sunil.I am pursuing my ms in Australia at present.I finished my first semester with gpa 5 on 5.I have ielts score 7.can I apply for USA from Australia itself and can I know the visa reaction percentage in Sydney.thank you.please reply asap.

  4. Hi I am Ranjit
    my GRE score is 286
    My IELTS score is 6.5
    can I get admission for ms in CS in USA for fall 2015
    if I can
    please suggest me some universities where I can get admissions
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi I’m Shilpa
    I would like to pursue MS in Biology in US
    CGPA – 7.7
    GRE – 276
    IELTS – 6.5
    2 years work experience in TCS
    Kindly suggest me universities for spring 2015

  6. Hi Sir,
    I came to US from India on h4 with my husband. I have B.Tech(76%) , MBA(IT) from ICFAI university and 5 Yrs experience in software industry.
    I do not have any GRE/GMAT score. Please suggest the best degree course for me.

  7. my ielts score is 6 and gre is 264 , i want to apply with only ielts score can u please suggest me list of universitie and is there any problem at the time of visa interview

  8. HI Sir ,

    I am B.tech Graduate In computer science.I have 5 years of work experience as a Software engineer.I presently work in Singapore.I have 56% in my B.tech.I want to go for MS in CS without GRE.Yet to attend my IELTS

    SO i choosed

    Montclair State University(NJ)

    Can you please advise and your valuable suggestions for me.

  9. Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am about to graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience masters program and I have never taken the GRE. They generally waive GRE scores for students with a strong undergraduate GPA and/or neuroscience coursework.

  10. Sir,

    I am a Mechanical engineer (72 %), with 2.5 yrs core mechanical work experience in manufacturing industry. Now i am planning for a Mining engineering program South Dakato School of Mines & Technology. I came to know from university site that they don’t require GRE score for Graduate programs. Am i right ? (correct me, if am wrong). So is it easy to get admission?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  11. IELTS 6
    BTECH 61.8
    GRE 276
    FALL 2013
    1.north western polytechnic univ
    2.california state univ fullerton(gre not req)
    3.south dakota state univ(gre not req)
    4.oklahama city univ
    EVALUATE MY PROFILE and chances of admit for south dakota and csu fullerton for MS computer science

  12. hi HSB,
    i have btech 69% and ielts score-7….and i want to apply for fall 2013…as time is less i cannot prepare for gre….so i have searched few universities which donot require gre..here is the list
    Loyola University
    western illinious university
    northeastern illinious university

    can you plz help me which is the good university in this ?
    and can yhere be a problem if i get i 20 from these universities for visa interview?
    plz u suggest some good universities…as time is really very less and i need to apply………

    1. Hi Nikhat, As you have checked for the admission requirements at the Universities mentioned and have found GRE scores are not required you can expect admission without submission of the same. Visa will not be a problem as the University/department does not ask for GRE scores. Kindly mention which specific programme you seek admission in. For University suggestions, share profile details in the forums section.
      All the best!

      1. i am applying for ms in cs….plz let me know which is the good university in below comment…..and are these universities good enough for getting visa in inverview……

        1. Hi Nikhat, Visa is never a problem as far as you are convinced with the University choice you have made and can convince the visa officer with the same idea. Western Illinois, Northern Illinois and Wichita State University are all public Universities and thus visa should not be an issue with them.
          Just be sure about the choice you have made.
          Also try to include Universities from some other States too. As of now, I see you have chosen most of the Universities from Illinois.
          All the best!

  13. Hello everyone,
    I want to seek admissions for M.S or MBA programs in US university.I completed my Bachelors degree from India,with score of 59%. I’m under dependent visa, want too know will i get admissions for MS without GRE score & my Low percentage. If than please let me which are the colleges & courses availed for my criteria

    1. Admissions are possible without GRE/GMAT score. But considering your undergraduate scores, my advice would be to take up these tests for better admission prospects.
      You can check the admission requirements at the Universities mentioned in the post above to see if your qualify for admissions.
      A GRE score will help you a lot in admissions. Don’t hesitate to take up this test.
      All the best!

  14. Hello,
    I am from India and my qualification are:
    1. Xth 45% (High School)
    2. XIIth 59% (Intermediate)
    3. B.com 48% (Graduation)
    4. MBA Major Marketing 62% (Post Graduation)
    i.e. B.com + MBA (3+2 years of study)
    5. Experience: 1.5 years

    Now i am preparing for the TOEFL only to get admission in Master’s Program in USA/Australia/New Zealand.

    1. Am i eligible for the scholarship with these academic background?
    2. Is it possible to get admission in your university with these marks?
    3. Is it possible to get admission on the basis of TOEFL only? or i
    should give Gre/Gmat also?
    4. If required than what would be the minimum GRE score needed?
    5. What would be the minimum TOEFL Score required to get admission in State or Public University?
    6. Last Date to apply for the admission?
    7. What would be the per year fees for Master’s Students?
    8. Please suggest me some State Universities which accept low GPA?
    9. I have already done MBA (Master of Business Administration), on the basis of my MBA can i apply for Master’s again or i should apply on the basis of my Bachelor Degree (B.Com) only?

    Note: According to my marks, am i eligible to apply for the Master’s Program?

    Reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Bhatia

    1. Hi Manish,
      Admissions are certainly possible. For answers to your queries pertaining to admission requirements, kindly post the post the query in the forums section under appropriate thread.
      We would be happy to take up your queries!

  15. Hello,
    I am from India and my qualification are:
    1. Xth 45% (High School)
    2. XIIth 59% (Intermediate)
    3. B.com 48% (Graduation)
    4. MBA Major Marketing 62% (Post Graduation)
    i.e. B.com + MBA (3+2 years of study)
    5. Experience: 1.5 years

    Now i am preparing for the TOEFL only to get admission in Master’s Program.

    1. Am i eligible for the scholarship with these academic background?
    2. Is it possible to get admission in your university with these marks?
    3. Is it possible to get admission on the basis of TOEFL only? or i
    should give Gre/Gmat also?
    4. If required than what would be the minimum GRE score needed?
    5. What would be the minimum TOEFL Score required to get admission in
    your University?
    6. Last Date to apply for the admission?
    7. What would be the per year fees for Master’s Students?
    8. Are you a Public University or a Private University?
    9. I have already done MBA (Master of Business Administration), on the basis of my MBA can i apply for Master’s again or i should apply on the basis of my Bachelor Degree (B.Com) only?

    Note: According to my marks, am i eligible to apply for the Master’s Program?

    Reply as soon as possible.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manish Bhatia

  16. hi sir,
    I have B.S DEGREE in industrial engineering and I want to continue my education in the USA in master degree, my GPA:15.56/ 20. Which university offer master of industrial engineering without GRE?

  17. I am interested in pursuing graduate studies in the USA. My GPA score is 3.89
    Which univeristies in teh States offer Legal Psychology and Clinical Psychology Combined at the PhD level?
    Which of these univeriaties do not require GRE or TOFEL?

  18. HI sir, i have completed B.E(E.C.E) with 76%. planning to take gre and toefl in march. I have two projects and two internships. Can i get ms in embedded systems in us?

  19. I graduated in 2004. Got my BE(hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from UK with second class second division. No GPA score provided. Worked and lived in Malaysia past 7 years. Recently migrated to US, work as manufacturing engineer and would like to further my study for MS in Industrial Engineering online. Any university provides this without TOEFL and GRE score?

  20. sir,i want to do my under graduatation, MBBS in usa. for get the addmistion in medical college of usa the GRE/ TOFEL exam is required or not. plzz give the reply if you……….

    1. Vamshi, It is not possible to join MBBS in usa for indian students, because we dont have sufficient education at post secondary level and they do have pre medicine course before entry to MBBS, USA & Canada does not give direct entrance to MBBS as they requires one to complete pre medicine credits and then enter into the MBBS.
      So I advise you to look into the universities which are having this courses and see the eligibility criteria, because for pre medical also they have some restrictions for international students.
      Check with the MGH Institute of Health Sciences, Boston if they accept you.
      I have my cousin brother who has just finished his final year MBBS from New Jersey,USA.

  21. sir,i want to do my under graduate means MBBS (medicine) in usa for get the addmistion in medical college of us the GRE/ TOFEL exam is required or not plzz give the reply if you……….

  22. It sounds like someone looking to get married and pleading :'”accept me for who I am and not what you want me to be”……

  23. I have permanent immigration visa, just completed my M.Tech in Computer Science, planning to do Phd. in US. Can i get admission without GRE

    1. hi endu ,
      can u giv me some suggessions that how 2 get admission in any US universities to study masters. Right now i’m studying B.tech final year i’v 65%.
      Actually mine is a poor family , my father is a farmer so please help me out please….
      Tell me everything about what to do & how to get an admission in a university of US …
      i have no body to help me out from dis situation ….

      I HOPE U’L HELP ME………

  24. I have done my masters Degree in environmental science with distinction and I haven’t done GRE yet so I just need help for PHD without GRE in my field.I am From USA

  25. Pls is there any institution in Atlanta, GA that doesn’t require GRE score for masters program in computer science?

    I’ll appreciate it a lot if you get back to me on this. Thanks

  26. Hi
    I have bachelor in pharmacy I need conditional a admission from any university in USA in order to get English score when I come to USA my GPA is 4.32 out of 5

  27. I have got a score of 283 in GRE and 84 in TOFEL . . Have a gpa of 7.1/10 . I’m planning to apply for Management Information System . So can you suggest me with few universities that do not require GRE score .

    1. Prasanth, If you planning to apply for Fall, you are too late. You have a good academics, you GRE might be issue. You may wish to retake it. I can help you with admission process for IIT C.



  29. I am a Nigerian,i am seeking admission into either canadian or USA university that will not require international exams,I have MSc. In Animal Science and i want to study genetics,biotechnology or any life sciences course for my PhD,please in need the admission urgently in 2012. Thank you for your consideration

  30. I have a CGPA of 2.99 in Marketing from Addis Ababa university in Ethiopia. And i really want to continue for my masters degree in this field so please i am really desperate to find Universities in the US that ask no results for TOFEL, GMAT, IELTS or any English proficiency test. So please… please if there are any universities available i will kindly ask you to inform me by my e-mail address.

    1. hey selam, how you doin? i can say you have at least an average CGPA, you can get numerous amount of universities in the US that can accept you without those assessements, but i would strongly suggest you to take those assessments so that you will convince the VO good enough on interview that you are a credible student!!

  31. I need the list of universities that do not require gmat, gre nor toefl in USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia for Msc (Finance, Actural Science or Mathematics). Pls help if you can.

  32. Am a Doctor M.D. planning to pursue Masters in Clinical Psychology. seraching for universities that would accept me without GRE scores. I plan on writing toefl soon.
    will be of great help ,if someone can pass info about this.

    Thank you.

  33. Hi , I am a graduate in Electronics and communications and would be interested in doing Masters in environmental engineering ……. is that an ok prospectus . please guide me as in can i apply for MS in this field.

  34. I finished my first degree in Guidance and Counselling and my master degree in Counselling Psychology all from Nigeria universities and i want to do my ph.d in one of American universities without doing any exams, can u help me to get a university where i can get an admission into a course that is related to my course, i wanted the admission on time because i wanted to start it quickly. Thanks and i’ll appreciate your support.

    1. Hey, I found your post on this forum regarding Psychology. I am a Doctor M.D. planing to pursue Masters in clinical psychology in US universities that do not need GRE to enroll in this program, although i plan on writing Toefl. will be of help if you can let me know some info on this.

      Thank you.

  35. may i know what is the apt time to apply for the phd-environment in us, uk or canada. i am planning to appear for gre next month i.e. last week of december, but my academic record isn’t very good. i have scored 68% in my masters course and is it a very big issue if somebody had a back in his/her 2nd year of graduation year. will be obliged if anyone could help me out! thankyou.

  36. hi,i have done my bachelors of computer applications with 78%…i also have 6 bands in ielts plz tell me can i apply for us or not..Is gre or toefl are mandatory to get admission in good college or university ?…embassy will give visa or not without gre and toefl..

    1. Hi, you have a good percentage in your bachelors…….. but some of the universities in usa ask for atleast 7 to 7.5 band in ielts without gre ……. there are some universities with 6 band also…….. your visa depends on your i-20

  37. want to do my masters in journalism and mass comm(h) from abroad without any sort of ielts,toefl,gre exam.can u plz infrm me soon abt d xpectations of d clgs n wat r d criteria 4 admission..reply soon..m doin graduation 4m calcutta university in 3rd yr(india) in journalism n mass comm(h)…

    1. You should probably learn how to type out all of the words in your post before you go off to grad school. Just a thought.

  38. iam mounika from vij

    My tenth percentage is 76% and inter is 80% and my btech is till now i.e upto 2nd year 2nd sem is 73% with out any backlogs
    moreover i am interested to do my Masters Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCEā€¦..
    could u please suggest me a few univs with gre score reporting and without gre score reporting unniversities at the earliest possibble
    could u suggest me any univs which are safe to my profile

    1. Hello,

      There are two types of universities in USA, one is public universities (not for profit and respective state government funding or some sort of financial support, other universities are private universities for profit, not much financial support from state governments).

      Important thing is what subject you want to study, important thing to note down here is computer science is not an engineering degree. In USA most public universities and most private universities need GRE for engineering graduate studies. If you do not want to write GRE then your chances of getting into good university with financial support are slim.

  39. how can i admit in us university for undergraduate degree without no toefl or ielts. if possible then tell me the name of university pls

  40. iam jagadeesh from hyd

    I have written my gre revised pattern and am expecting arounnd 285-290
    and i have written my ielts and secured 7 bands

    My tenth percentage is 81% and inter is 64% and my btech is till now i.e upto 3rd year 2nd sem is 55% with 4 backlogs pending and all my previous backlogs are cleared

    moreover i am interested to do my Masters Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE…..am i eligible to apply for the usa univs

    could u please suggest me a few univs with gre score reporting and without gre score reporting unniversities at the earliest possibble
    i hope those backlogs will be completed by this november

    could u suggest me any univs which are safe to my profile

    suggest me univs which does not require gre

  41. i wish to study phd in economics and i had all education in nigeria. could you recommend universities for me that do not require gre, gmat or sat

    I hold a Bachelor Degree in English studies from the university of sidi mohamed bn abdlah FEZ MOROCCO AND I am appliying for Master study

  43. I have done my BE in Electronics and communication and presently working as an engineer in electrical sector . I would like to persue for masters in electrical engineering i dont have a gre score

  44. I have BS and MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria. I have evaluated of my degrees with Education Evaluators International (http://www.educei.com/). I am USA Citizen now and I am very interested to apply for PhD programs in Los Angeles area and what are the requirements to apply for the PhD. Do I need to take some tests for a PhD program and how long it will be the program, given that I already have Master’s degree? Can you give me an advise which of your PhD programs is the best for engineers?


      1. Taking the GRE AND GMAT is really a waste of time, it is like a SAT a really big waste. I spent 10 years in the Military. I decided to go get my BS and they told me to take a SAT. i TOLD THEM TO GET BENT!!! I graduated last month With my BS in Occupational Safety and start the Masters in Organizational Psych THIS COMING FEBRUARY

  45. can you plz provide the list of universities in US and Canada,where gre is not required for studying economics?

  46. I am a student of MSc organic chemistry at bZU multan pakistan I want to pursue my MS program in USA i have no IELT S score no GRE score please guide me whivh US university inUSA can grant me to carry on my studdies

  47. I am a student of MSc organic chemistry at bZU multan pakistan I want to pursue my MS program in USA I have no GRE score nor IELTS. please help me out to know about the US universities suitable for me

  48. I am a student of MSc organic chemistry at bZU multan pakistai want to pursue my MS program in USA I have no GREscore norIELTS. please help me out to know about the US universities suitable for me

  49. i have done BE (civil) an d M tech In environmental engineering and now i want to persue Phd in environmental engineering…i have no GRE score..please help me out to know about the US university suitable for me…

  50. i am doin eee….i checked out tat u had written in of articles tat iowa state univ doesnt require gre for electrical engg…..it considers oly toefel…are u sure abt it…as it is of top ranked univ…

  51. Hi, i got an 880 score in gre. I want to MS in Computer Sciecne. i have an academic record of 3.3/4 and a very good extracurricular and project record. Can i get into any college with this MARKS. I can have a recommendation letter from the professor of computer science of the university of california, Santa barbara.

    i was thinking of trying in University of california, Santa barbara or UIC.

  52. Can u please mention name of some universities in US , where GRE not required for studying in MS electrical engg

  53. Can you please mention name of some universities in US,where GRE is not required for studying Economics?

  54. I am international student who wants to do a Phd in USA in molecular biology/ genetics…..should i email the doctor i am interested in working with him or just apply to the university…what should my GREscores be if I want to get an assistanship….email mee what to do and a list of the universities i can apply too…any one who knows about this subject please advice

  55. I am ready to transfer to UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA next semester.I heard this college is also like the TRIVALLEY unviersity which was recently shut down as a SHAM university.Is it true??

  56. I want to do a masters in Human Genetics in the USA. Do I have to give a GRE subject test in either Biochemistry, cell, molecular biology or Biology or would a General GRE test suffice?

  57. Can anybody tell me which universities would admit me for a PhD program in Geography with a score of 1060 on the GRE? I have good GPA, publications, extra-curricular activities, good TOEFL score and work experience. Thanks.

  58. hello sir,now i doing ece engineering final year in India. can i write gre exam ?what's the procedure for that exam..and i wish to write old syllabus, can i write sir?can i apply for diploma courses in US university?what kind of course available for without gre and my field related?please tell me sir.

  59. i have made application of usa f1 visa on 01-07-2009 from Pakistan. vo officer asked me that time why you didn't apply for master program from uk & ireland bz i have studied in uk and ireland for 5 years and mean time i have done diplomas and certificate over there.please kindly help me if i will again same university of usa is there any chance to get or please help me.
    i forget to tell vo officer that my mum she has chest cancer so i have difer my course of master in ireland and came to pakistan please kindly help me. do i need to show gre/gmat as well for usa visa because of my previous study.

  60. hey,
    i am currently an undergraduate at penn state majoring in biotechnology.It would be great help if you could provide more information about whether the biotech department of university of maryland-college park, university of florida, and california state university-channel islands require gre scores and whats the average gpa for students getting into their biotech management or M.S-MBA dual degree programs

  61. i scored 87 marks in TOEFL-ibt

    reading -29




    i want to study in us.

    ms in computer science.

    can i eligible?

    if please give me list of colleges to my e-mail.

    i didn't write gre. suggest me please.

  62. Hi i have completed my 12th in 2010 with 83.3% marks in pcm and aggregate of 81.6%.can you please tell me universities in usa that give addmission without sat gre or toefl.and do they provide federal student aid.i would like to apply for the august session.if sat is required then which unive ask for it and hw to apply for sat

  63. dear happyschoolsblog:

    I would like to stydy my master in English ; so i would like to know if there is any universities in USA doesnot ask for GRE.

    best regard


  64. hi guyz

    i am in my final year i need some help……

    i have good TOEFL scores but no GRE……..

    plz help me out for some good university in ""mechanical MASTERS"" in USA

  65. Guys i have finished my bachelors in electrical and electronics engineering in 2007 with 56% marks.After that for almost 3 1/2 yrs i have been working in abroad as my finicial position was not so strong to continue my studies.Now i want to countinue my studies. I want to do my MS in related field. and i want to know is it necessary to write both GRE & TOFEL to get an admission is US universites.

  66. I have been disadvantaged in so far as accessing prestigious U.S education is concerned. I have a problem as regards strict admission requirements that are imposed by most universities and colleges in the U.S. These include TOEFl and GRE. May I please know those universities that dont require TOEFL for those students coming from commonwealth countries, as well as GRE.

  67. i am prasenjit chakraborty.i completted my b. pharam with 75% markas. i want to go in usa for higher study in ms and phd in pharmaceutical science or pharmaceutices.

    how much score can be required in gre and toefl.

    1. hi

      for pharmaceutics u should get gre more than 1200 and toefl more than 100

      if u dont get expected scores u get even apply for pharmaceutical chemistry.

  68. hi guys is there any university offering environmental biotech or bio medical engineering with out gre can u plz send send me the details of that univ

  69. Hi…I got a GRE score of 960. And my B.E percentage is 67%, is there a chance for me to get admission in any universities in America for fall 2011?

  70. hi.. I got GRE score 1090(Quant 660,Verbal 330) and my
    b.tech percentage is 76%. can someone suggest me universities to
    apply for fall 2011?

  71. I am a pharmacist, cGPA=3.17, GRE=1060(V=410 and Q=650) and
    5 years work experience. I request your assitance in finding me
    universities in USA for masters or phd program in any of the
    following:pharmacology,medicinal/organic chemistry,biochemistry or
    other related decipeline for fall 2011 or spring 2012.

  72. I got a GRE score of 880 (V 290, Q 590) and I have an IELTS of 7.0 and CGPA is 3.48/4.00 in undergrad in BBA. I want to apply to USA in MA in Women's and Gender Studies. Is it possible to get into any university? Can you suggest me some university where I can apply?

  73. hi can any one please tell me few universities for MS. kinesiology/ Exercise science/ Exercise Physiology in U.S.A without GRE . my TOEFL score is 84 and GPA is 3.98.

    please reply soon

  74. i want to know if its possible to get an admission for Ms in Architecture in usa without taking the GRE test..and if it is what are the universities or colleges that i can apply in without the GRE?

  75. I want to know whether I can get admission for MS in US for low GRE score of 690. It is low but my academic percentage is 77% in B.TECH. Is there any chance of getting admission please update me as soon as possible.

  76. Dear Sir,
    My name is M. Yousuf Tufail, resident of Karachi, Pakistan .I have done my
    MSc(Pure Mathematics)with first class second Position from University of
    Karachi.I have got 6.5 Score in my IELTS .Now I'm interesting in PhD Mathematics.Will you please tell me the list of Universities in which GRE is not required.


  77. Hey,

    My GRE score=1350, CGPA(B. Tech)=8.94/10 (approx. 3.56/4), Do have one Publication too. What are the universities I should apply to for my MS. And what are the chances for financial aids.


  78. Dear Sir,

    I’m an International Student and I would like to further my education. I have an MBA from USA with triple major Marketing, Finance and Management, GPA 3.7 / 4.0. I would like to get PhD in Economics in university which does not require the GRE your help will be greatly appreciated.

  79. I've a gre score of 1000, and TOEFL 82….I've received an I 20 from UNIVERSITY OF BRIDGEPORT, for MS – ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING, of lately I've tried to google as much as possible , and have seen some negative impresssion of this particular universities on the web, since I dont have any other admit from any other university, so I kindly request to all the HSB readers that if they have any true information regarding the reputation of the university , kindly share it with me , I dont wish to miss this opportutinity just on the basis of few comments, but really wanna make sure of this university before I finally apply for my visa
    Thank you

  80. hi
    Its me Punam Rasaily from nepal. i have completed BSC nursing now i want to further my study in master in hospital management ,plz let me know the colleges which does not required GRE for Janauary session

  81. hi
    Its me Punam Rasaily from nepal. i hav completed BSC nursing now i want to futher my study in master in hospital management ,plz let me know the colleges which does not required gre for janauary session

  82. I am disabled students who requires to live on campus with personal care. I graduate from Edinboro University. I am interested in furthering my education with a Masters in Communications from a college which does not require the GRE any assistance and or information will be greatly appreicated.

  83. I wnt help regarding University of food science for M.s in USA without Gre. If any one have knowledge regarding Uni please do let me know i will be Thankfull

  84. Hi, I've been applying for graduate school in US, iowa state university in particular. I wrote GRE two times and scored 310 in verbal and 340 in quantitative on both tests. Even though they stated they do not have a minimum score, I was told by the coordinator that my scores are too low. Please is there any other university in America that will admit me with this scores for environmental sciences?

    1. Hi,I am worried about one thing very much…I am applying to Iowa state uni in electrical..theres no place to attach cv..they told to mail all additional docs to a email address(they provided) electronically…is it normal?do i have to send all doc in paper form even after sending all on email?Please help…

  85. Hi, i am CHANDU, i am doing BTECH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and want to get admission in MS i get f1 visa without writing GRE.. i have taken my TOEFL and got 104 in IBT.. i want to know about universities . I’ll prefer studying in USA.MY ACEDIMCS

    68% BTECH


  86. hello,i am kunal i had done my bachelor in homeopathy from india and i had given gre i got 920 and in toefl i got 69…now i want to apply or mph course in usa.so, which university will accept me on this score.please give me list of university.

  87. Thanks for the enlightenment. Can you please tell me what GRE score i need to able to read to do masters in Clinical Biochemistry or Nursing in the US universities? Thank you.

  88. dear happyschoolsblog:

    I would like to complete my PhD in pharmacy; so i would like to know if there is any university in USA doesnot ask for GRE.

    best regard


  89. — GRE Score Quant 650, Verbal 370 with fairly good Academic Record.
    — Looking for suitable colleges for admission in M.S Comp. Sci in US.

  90. Hi, i am Neha, i am doing M.tech Biotechnology and want to get admission in Phd. i am planning to give toefl in november. i want to know about universities which can provide me Phd without GRE. I'll prefer studying in Canada. please help…….

  91. Hello,

    I am looking for School Psychology programs that do not require the GRE's preferably in New York State.

    Please help!


  92. hi this is sandeep i done my m.sc biotech now iam going to face the GRE exam on dec 16 i want to know any universities offering ph.d in environment biotechnology and how much least score to get seat in any universities in u.s

  93. SIR,

    I have completed my masters in biomedical genetics.
    I am planning for PhD…could you please tell me some universities, in the US, which do not ask for GRE….and offer PhD in the field of HUMAN GENETICS

  94. Hello Sir,

    I have completed my BE Biotechnology this year and nw preparing for cat and othe mba entrance exams.

    I just came across MS MBA dual degree, 3 years program in USA. Is it benefecial in terms of job oportunities and future prospects in India?

    Or MBA in India from best B-School is better option?

    if the duel degree prog is better, then for fall admissions 2011 which is period is preferable to attemt GMAT?

    Please reply soon.

  95. HI

    This is my 1st semester of Masters in Electrical Engineering in Florida Institute of Technology,USA and I am planning to transfer for the next semester. The only reason is because of $7000 per semester which is very expensive. I heard a few universities like UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA which conducts classes only on Saturday for 6hours in New York which is around $3000 per semester and TRIVALLEY UNIVERSITY a online course which has the same tuition range.Can u tell me which university among the both is the best? And please opt me a few universities with less tuition fee..

    And 1 more thing

    So many students are saying only one thing wherever we study except top universities there is no difference.Finally every 1 will land at a Consultant for a job.Is it true.??

  96. I would like to receive information regarding admision without GRE/GMAT into any university in USA. Is there any one have the idea of any University? Also Is there any University accepting degree from American Century University Albuquerque, New Mexico?

    I need to pursue PhD program.

  97. can i get f1 visa without writing GRE.. i have taken my TOEFL and got 96 in IBT..

    and the university which i have choosen is also not require GRE…please give a solution for this.

  98. Dear sir,

    I have done btech genetic engg,and MS bioinformatics,I wannna apply for PHD bioinfromatics/biochemistry/neurosciences,in California,my GRE score is 1050,I have done projecvts from IIT,and even going for short term project at BMRC,England,plz suggest me soon few university were I can apply for fall2011

  99. hello sir my b.tech % is 63 and my GRE score is 1350 can i get admission into any canadian universities for stuctural enng. Please any one who knows genuine information help me as soon as possibleand what about getting visa is it difficult r easy

  100. For those interested in studying for the graduate studies in the USA, I think the GRE is an instrumental test. It is a very good idea to prepare for the GRE or to study for the GRE even if you do not take the test. The GRE broadens your mind, makes you think critically and have the ability to become a problem solver in different domains. I have never taken the GRE, but I have studied for the GRE and it was the basis for so many walks of life in the USA especially the Math and English

  101. Hi,

    I want to know what schools don't requierd GRE or GMAT in PhD in:

    1- HR


    3-Strategic Management



  102. I completed my graduation program as Civil & Environmental Engineer in January ‘2005. After that I have doing job at Civil Engineering field in different company in Bangladesh for 5 years. Now I want to complete my MS program in Environmental Engineering field, but I have no GRE, GMAT or Toefl.

    Now please give me suggestion in which university may I eligible for admission within above mentioned condition or have any online MS program in Environmental Engineering field in any university.

  103. I have a two years experience in university. I need a scholarship for master degree, if you get notify me.


  104. hi .i have some more queries.Can i still apply for Jan session if i give my gre and toefl in sept?this is the list of documents to be included in application packet.But can you please help me out whether a domestic student(Green card holder) will have to submit same set of documents?

    1. Graduate School Application (Online or Paper)

    2. If submitting Application Online, send confirmation page

    3. Application Fee ( if paying by check or draft)

    4. Letters of Recommendation

    5. Statement of Purpose

    6. Resume [ Resume – India vs US ]

    7. Bank Statement

    8. Financial Affidavit

    9. Transcripts

    ? How to Get Transcripts from University

    10. First and Last Page of your Passport

    11. Copy of GRE and TOEFL Score Report

    ? How to Forward GRE and TOEFL Test Scores

    12. Extra Curricular Certificates

    13. Portfolio (if any)

    14. Abstract of your research paper and projects

    15. Index Page of Documents

    [How to Mail Graduate School Application Packet]

    Looking forward to an early reply.thanks

  105. hi.i did my btech from india and m a green card holder.So do i have any advantage over international students?12th 86% ,10th 89%,Btech(in computer science) 79%.I am getting approx 1100 gre in mock test.m planning to give gre in sept 2010.Can u please give me a list of USA universities for MS in management information systems and MS in computer science accepting my profile?do i need go to any consultant for the admission procedure?

  106. Goodday sir, i am an enrolled PHd student in the Universiti of Yaounde Cameroon studying Geography ans specilises in Natura resource management.I wish to do the PhD in the USA but dont know whether to take the GRE OR TOEFL?My university is good at giving very low exam marks to students as low as 10 and 12 will thisaffect me from beong admiite?if so how do i go about it?Thanks

  107. I am an enrolled PHd student in the University of Yaounde, Cameroon.Am doing geography and specialises in Natural Resource Management. I wish to do the PhD in the USA but dont know which test exam to take or suit my field.TOEFL OR GRE? mY UNIVERSITY OF good at giving very low scores or exam marks to students.Sometimes maximu 12average.Is it going to affect me from being admitted?if so how do i go about this?Thanks

  108. Hi, thank u for this blog.

    Please suggest me how to know whether an University for ms in cs in us accepts students with backlogs. I hav 10 backlogs. my scores are 1120 and 96. Can u please give me a list of universities accepting my profile? Plese help me by some means.

  109. hii..i have gre score of 1480 (800-quant and 680-verbal).but i have second division in my 12th and grads .i did my engg in information technology and have a work experience of 2 years.can u please tell me that will top notch universities consider me for admission in their masters in computer science program and will i be able to get scholorships too…plzz reply i would be thankful…

    1. I only know that many US and CA universities do not need GRE for admission in the CS Dept. (Like, Purdue University). However, your score directly effects on the evaluation of your application. You should also look at to your TOEFL or IELTS band score for decision making. Do not concern about your grades. Test your chance with regards to your GRE score.

    2. Hi Dude,
      Your score good then why do you worry about it.
      I guess make up your SOP, LoR more professional , since 2 yrs of Wrk Exp, u can do the best.
      Can you just drop me a mail, it 'll be useful for both of us.


  110. your gre scores are very less even for 3rd strata colleges. I suggest you give the exam again to score more.

  111. Dear Sir,

    I have completed my bachelors degree in Psychology, with a second class. I wish to complete my Masters in Clinical psychology from the US preferably, LA. could you please suggest me some good universities where i could apply…

    1. Hey Supriya , i found your post on happyschoolsblog on “univ without gre” forum.

      Am a Doctor ( M.D. ) from India. I am interested in pursuing Masters in clinical psychology program in the US. Since you are also on the same track..can you please let me know of some good universities without GRE. I heard there are universities that dont require GRE and i did find some univs that waive for doctors specially Masters of public health program.

      will be very kind of you if you can let me know. plan on writing the toefl soon. looking forward for a reply from you.

      Thank you.

  112. dear sir/madam

    i passed m.sc in statistics with 68.80% in 2006.i want to join ms(statistics) program in any universities of maryland.i have no gre and toefl scores.please tell me in which public university will i get admission? please guide me how can i get admission?is there any chance to get schoolarship?

  113. sir

    I did my B tech in ECE. I have IELTS 6.5, GRE910(670Q+240V). now i want to do my master degree in my stream. please give me a U.S. public universities name where i will get admission easily. if any other suggestion please tell me.

  114. sir i got good first class in my graduation .i dn with BPTh not wnt to do MS but my gre score is 740 and toefl is 77 .i have applied for 3 uni ths semester but 2 of them rejected gvng reason as seats gt full and 3rd 1 rejected for low score ,please guide me for the uni for spring semester those can gv me admite surly..or should i gv attempt for both xam again?

  115. Hello sir,

    I am interested in pursuing a PhD programme in Electronics and Instrumentation and hope to be offered as a research assistant .please could you inform me about the universities that are in USA which would /wouldn't require GRE score and at the same time offer a research assitant position.

  116. I just received my MEd in secondary ed and graduated summa cum laud. I want to go in for a short time additionally to become certified for instruction… any thoughts?

  117. Dear Sir,

    I have got admission but not scholarship,now plz advice me that what should I do.It is Pittsburg State University for MET course.

  118. i am interested in pursuing a PhD programme in Mathematics and hope to be offered a research assistant position.please could you inform me on the universities that in USA that would require GRE score and at the same time offer a research assitant position

    1. do someone with an immigrant visa require GRE score to be admitted for a Phd Programme in Mathematics or rather are there school that can waive the test score for such person

  119. Hi

    I want to join in masters but i didn't write gre. Can i join without grescore ,is there any college to approach ,i am very much interested to study.

    Please anyone help me give me better solution.

  120. Sir,

    I have got admission in Pittsburg State University(MET COURSE) and University of Winscosin at Milaukee for(MS-Mechanical) , so plz advice me

    where should I go.

    thanks sir

  121. hi this is niharika my gre score is 900 am worried about visa can any one tell me whether i have any chances of getting us visa.
    pls do reply…

  122. Just wondering if you could post the name of schools that do not require GRE for Ph.D in Political Science? My GRE score is abysmal. Just took it again after a long lay-off since the completion of my masters, which was about six years ago.

  123. I want to know the list of universities were GRE is not required for M.S program in Aeronautical/Aerospace

  124. I am looking for A masters degree in architecture. I need to know about the financial requirements, excluding aid. Please guide me regarding it.

  125. my name is rakesh sakote. i have completed my B-tech from aeronautical branch with 75% marks.i got 690 in my GRE and TOEFL 82. so i want to apply for universities that requires toefl score not GRE. so please suggest me some of the universities which require TOEFL not gre for my ms program in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engg.

  126. i want to study msc in medical genetic or biotechnology,, wich university in usa have this not requierd GRE??

    thanks lot

  127. Hello HSB !
    there are a bunch of lot eagerly waiting for blogs related to agricultural engineering,
    please shower us with some valuable information regarding the same, thanks a lot.

  128. Hello !!

    I am a nursing student and 2 yrs of bachelor and I want to do Masters in Gerontology but there is no any college without GRE, is it possible to get admission in masters in Gerontology? Pls suggest me if you know the college then please give me the college name as well.

    Appreciate your help!!


  129. Hi Sir,

    Since one and half year i have been here in USA by Permanent Residency. I have master's degree in Geography by 76% in 2008. But the thing, i do not have any score of GRE, TOEFL or IELTS. Could i get admission in any University of USA for the graduation program of Geography? Could you please inform me which university has highly probability to get a admission or what are the alternative way to get the admission in any university without GRE or TOEFL scores.


  130. my GRE score is 960(580,380) & TOEFL is 91 plz help me to get universities in US in which I can get admission for MS in mechanical engg starting FALL 2010


  131. Dear Sir,

    What Ph.D. programs in psychology do you know of that do not require the GRE? That is a real university and not an online university/degree. If you could let me now, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Best regards,


  132. Hi Sir,

    I am currently in US doing my masters in MSIS can u please tell me about some universities where I can apply for MSIS as soon as possible

    My GRE is 680 (V 290 & Q 390) and my TOEFL is 107 and GPA is 3.3

    please do help me.. I will be very thankful to you.

  133. Hi, Here are some colleges in New Jersey, that might accept students for Masters in Computer Science without GRE. As department policies might change from time to time, please check again. Admission without GRE for Computer Science
    Fairleigh Dickinson University(NJ)
    Monmouth University(NJ)
    Montclair State University(NJ)
    The Richard Stockton College of NJ(NJ)
    Rowan University(NJ)

  134. sir,i got 890 in gre and i want my admission in any of the chicago universities.Can u plz help me in finding universities for my marks i have to write my toefl

  135. hello sir,

    my gre score is 1030 and (cse)btech % is 63,10th 85% and inter 90% ..i want to do masters in management information systems…can u suggest some universities for which im eligible and dat which offers financial assitance also..plzz do reply sir

  136. i have completed b-pharm…..my cgpa is 8 on 10.

    i want to do ms in pharmacy….my ielts is 6.5

    can u pl give me the list of the university with out gre.

  137. I ve gre score of 1130(790+340) and toefl 103…my cgpa is 9.23 and i ve done some good projects 1 in iitm and 1 in nitt and 3 in my coll..and i ve no prob gettin recos from good profs(since am profs pet here in coll) and am in d process o writin a "good" sop..wat r my chances of gettin admitted in top 20 univs(i belong to ECE dept?? i ve made a list o univs which are as:

    1.cmu(is my dream univ)






    7.Univ NC




    am plannin on applyin to these univs..tel me if am doin a wise thing…am not interestd in writin gre again..but if i really ve to i ll write…so tel me wat shud i be doin??am applyin for fall 2010

  138. I ve gre score of 1130(790+340) and toefl 103…my cgpa is 9.23 and i ve done some good projects 1 in iitm and 1 in nitt and 3 in my coll..and i ve no prob gettin recos from good profs(since am profs pet here in coll) and am in d process o writin a "good" sop..wat r my chances of gettin admitted in top 20 univs(i belong to ECE dept?? i ve made a list o univs which are as:

    1.cmu(is my dream univ)






    7.Univ NC




    am plannin on applyin to these univs..tel me if am doin a wise thing…am not interestd in writin gre again..but if i really ve to i ll write…so tel me wat shud i be doin??

  139. i have done my Msc in Clinical Research .I have scored 100 in TOEFl, Can u give me a list of universities for PhD in Clinical Research fully funded….without the requirement of GRE

    1. I am a graduate from the University of Asmara, Eritrea. I earned bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy on September 2007. I am planning to apply for the fall 2010 in the chemistry department

      gre score 990

      IELTS 6.5

      GPA 2.94

      can u please send me the list of the universities who can possibly accept me?

  140. hi,,

    there r somne univ dat dnt require GRE

    one of d gud univ are

    Southern new hampshire univ(dats very gud one)

    Depaul(its some wat costly)



    SVU(better den among two)

    Stratfort(univ is gud)


    East Strougsburg University(PA)

    BridgePort University(CT)

    University of northern virginia(VA)

    Oklahama city university(OK)

    Purdue University(IN)


    Kansas state university(KA)

    Virgina state university(VA)

    New Mexico State University(MN)




  142. My brother is applying for Maryland University. Their requirements are to get GRE and Tofel however he has done ILETS. Can anyone tell me if he can still apply? or he has to do GRE and Tofel?

  143. Is there an American University in USA that grant PH.d in English Literature without considering GRE for admission?

  144. SIR,is there any good or top university that offer direct admission based on gre score only.are they provide scholarship?

    plzzzz tell sir



  146. hi sir,

    i have got aggregate of 65% in B.E information science.. is this necessary to have an aggregate of 70% in B.E to write GRE? plz do reply

  147. heloo sir,

    my name is syed zaheer hussain. i have completed my b-tech from ece branch.i want to apply for such universities that not require gre and toefl score.please could you tell me th list of universities taht not require gre and toefl scores.

  148. Dear Sir,

    I am looking for job as well as wants to study. I am M.Sc.(Botany), MBA (HR). I have publised 3 papers & filed one patent. My research was based on plant biotechnology.

    Tell me how to manage this.

    Thanks & Regards,


  149. Hello Sir,

    Right now i am in USA on H1B Visa and i want to convert it into Student Visa but i dont have GRE and TOEFL.

    so can you please tell me in which college i can get the admission.


  150. hi , i'm writing

    my gre on 17th march 2009 . can i get admission to the fall-2009 season? will any FA ,TA be available

  151. Dear sir I got 700 (320 v, 380 q) score in gre. my IELTS score is 6.0. i am applying for fall semister 2009. can i get the addmission to ms in Biotechnology? please give me the list of university where i get the addmission. and i am in final year student of Biotechnology with 65% in Academics.

  152. hi,

    I have completed my engg with 71% in 2007 prsntly working with TATA from june 2007.

    12 I scored 87%

    10 I got 81%

    still i didnot take my GRE/TOFEL.

    Is it necessary to take gre& tofel .Can i mange with only Tofel.Please name some universities in chicago or kanasas whihc conside only tofel scores

  153. sir i got 880 in gre and my acadsis72% with this can i apply for any college for chemistry,actually i am agaain planning to write gre in march and i am writing toefl on 22 february. sir i want the list of college in which i can get sir

  154. hello sir

    i got 700 (320 v, 380 q) score in gre. my tofel score is waiting. can i get the addmission in ms in any pharma field? please give me the list of university where i get the addmission. and i am in final year student in B.Pharm. i am applying for fall semister. and what is difference between health care and pharmacist?

  155. i have done my b.sc in industrial microbiology in india…vat optins do i hav if i want 2 do my masters in u.s.a….nd hw should i proceed for dat????????

  156. hello sir,

    i have completed my M.Sc in microbiology and i secured 78.44% and my GRE score is 1070…so is there any chance 2 get admission in direct phd in grsd school inm US…..

  157. hello sir,

    i am presently ding my BTECH (cse) and my GRE score is 780(verbal+quant). and my aggregate in acads is 72%………. so is der any chance 2 get admissions and also is it advisable 2 get admissions in TOEFL based universities n also bad=sing on my acads??????

  158. Hello sir,

    I have GRE score of 1170 and background of electronics and communication engineering with 74.5%.

    My GRE score comprise of 650 in quantitative analysis.This is the problem for most graduate universities in engineering.If you can refer me any university that can accept this score.

    And if you can recommend me about GA or TA.

    This will be really helpful

  159. I want to take gre by the end of january but the application deadline for the schools i applied was 10th of january. Please tell me if i hould go ahead and apply.

  160. I am in final year of b.tech(E.C.E) with 80 % agrregrate. i got gre score 1040 and toefl score 76. In which universities should i apply for ms in electrical engineering for fall 2009?

  161. hi im anu doing b.tech 4th year with an aggregate of 58% and my gre score is 630 do i get admission in any universities

  162. hello ,


    i have my total aggregat marks of 52 % with 32 backlogs . will i get addmission in California State University in LA or long beach . plz tell me .waiting for ur ans.

    1. I advise you to go to some other country, because the university may give you offer letter, but then visa officer will catch you definatly at the time of interview, so its just the wastage of huge money to apply to university, TOEFL,GRE fees, Visa fees and all.

  163. my gre score is btween 1000 to 1050….i want to retake gre….

    will be there any problems if write gre twice???????

    coz some of them are saying that we will have less preference if write gre twice..is it true????????

    please do reply…..

  164. @vamshidhar: there are universities that offer MS in Bioinformations for GRE score 950, but I would ask retake GRE and get score above 1200.

  165. presently i completed my b.tech . and my gre score os 950 . i want to know whether any universities are offering for my ms bioinformatics ..

    1. I have a GPA of 9.04/10 from Anna University if technology,Coimbatore.I did not score high on gre…v-560,q-590..I plan to retake the exam..In the meantime i found that Purdue University ,west Lafayette and University of Maryland,College Park do not require GRE scores for MS in Computer Science. Can U please tell me what are my chances of getting an admit to these universities based on my GPA and good recommendation letters,SOP etc.

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