Computer Science Ranking – Universities – Average GRE Scores

Here’s a Computer Science Ranking for graduate degree programs in U.S. universities. I have also listed average GRE scores for some universities.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California at Berkeley
  4. Carnegie Mellon University
  5. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  6. Cornell University
  7. Princeton University
  8. University of Washington
  9. Georgia Institute of Technology
  10. University of California at Los Angeles
  11. University of Maryland — College Park
  12. University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
  13. Columbia University
  14. Harvard University
  15. University of Texas — Austin
  16. University of California — San Diego
  17. Purdue University — West Lafayette
  18. Brown University
  19. Duke University
  20. California Institute of Technology
  21. University of Wisconsin — Madison
  22. University of Massachusetts — Amherst
  23. University of North Carolina — Chapel Hill [Average GRE Scores]
  24. University of Southern California
  25. Yale University
  26. Pennsylvania State University — University Park
  27. University of Virginia [Average GRE Scores]
  28. Ohio State University
  29. Rutgers
  30. SUNY — Stony Brook
  31. University of California — Irvine
  32. University of Minnesota — Twin Cities
  33. University of California — Davis
  34. University of California — Santa Barbara
  35. Northwestern University
  36. University of Arizona
  37. University of Chicago
  38. University of Colorado — Boulder
  39. University of Florida (Average GRE Scores)
  40. University of Utah
  41. Washington University in St. Louis
  42. Texas A&M University — College Station
  43. Virginia Tech
  44. University of Pittsburgh
  45. Arizona State University
  46. University of Oregon
  47. Brandeis University
  48. Oregon State University
  49. University of Texas at Dallas [Average GRE Scores]
  50. Auburn University
  51. Brigham Young University
  52. Oklahoma State University
  53. Michigan State University
  54. University at Buffalo — SUNY
  55. University of California — Santa Cruz
  56. University of Illinois — Chicago
  57. Vanderbilt University
  58. Boston University
  59. Indiana University – Bloomington
  60. North Carolina State University
  61. Iowa State University
  62. Northeastern University
  63. University of Iowa
  64. University of Tennessee — Knoxville
  65. George Mason University
  66. University of Texas at Arlington [Average GRE Scores for UTA]
  67. Syracuse University
  68. SUNY — Albany
  69. SUNY — Binghamton
  70. Tufts University
  71. Kent State University
  72. Lehigh University
  73. Louisiana State University — Baton Rouge
  74. Mississippi State University
  75. University of Tulsa
  76. University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee
  77. Washington State University
  78. Wayne State University
  79. West Virginia University
  80. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  81. University of North Texas [Average GRE Scores]
  82. University of Oklahoma
  83. University of South Carolina
  84. University of South Florida
  85. University of Southern Mississippi
  86. University of Texas
  87. Illinois Institute of Technology
  88. Kansas State University
  89. Wright State University
  90. Tulane University
  91. University of Alabama
  92. University of Alabama — Birmingham
  93. University of Alabama — Huntsville
  94. University of Arkansas — Fayetteville
  95. Claremont Graduate University
  96. Clemson University
  97. College of William and Mary
  98. Colorado State University
  99. Colorado Technical University
  100. DePaul University
  101. Drexel University
  102. Florida Institute of Technology
  103. Florida International University
  104. Florida State University
  105. George Washington University
  106. Georgia State University
  107. Missouri University of Science & Technology
  108. New Jersey Institute of Technology
  109. New Mexico State University
  110. North Dakota State University
  111. University of Central Florida
  112. University of Cincinnati
  113. University of Connecticut
  114. University of Delaware
  115. University of Georgia
  116. University of Hawaii — Manoa
  117. University of Houston
  118. University of Idaho
  119. University of Kansas
  120. University of Kentucky
  121. University of Louisiana — Lafayette
  122. University of Louisville
  123. University of Maine
  124. University of Massachusetts — Lowell
  125. University of Memphis
  126. University of Mississippi
  127. University of Missouri — Columbia
  128. University of Missouri — Kansas City
  129. University of Nebraska — Lincoln
  130. University of New Mexico
  131. University of North Carolina — Charlotte

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  1. which university best to join with all sceanarios(visa accepatence,lifestyle,costofliving, univ fees,study and faculty)in newjersey inst of tech, newyark and univ of Massachusetts, Lowell

  2. which one is best in all scenarios(lifestyle,living cost,fees,study,faculty) in new jersey institute of technology and umass lowell

  3. hi everyone , my gre score is 1220 v-490 q-730 and awa-1.5, toefl – 81 .which university accepts my score ? guys i don’t wanna waste money by applying universities which rejects me..
    And one more thing my b .tech 55.58% in eee with 12 backlogs

  4. Hello friends,
    My Profile :
    GRE : 321 (Verbal – 156, Quant – 165)
    TOEFL : Scheduled
    B.Tech (C.S.E.) : 76% (UPTU)
    12th : 86 % (CBSE)
    10th : 88% (CBSE)
    SCJP (1.5)

    I am planning for MS in CSE in Spring 2013. Could anyone please help me selecting the universities to apply for. Also please mention the source of above ranking of Universities. Yhanks in aadvance.

  5. i have a score of 1110 in gre (760-quant and 350 verbal)…..and 96 in ibt toefl.Right now i,am in FINAL year of B.E(ECE) and till date i have my aggregate as 83%.
    Are these scores good enough to get admission in universities which offer masters in avionics.
    Can you also please suggest some universities which offer master in avionics in US .

  6. hi Friend ! i got 313 in my new gre …
    Quant – 161
    Verbal – 152
    Can u suggest universities out of these –
    university of California, Davis
    university of California,Irvine
    Stony Brook
    University of Missouri , Columbia

  7. hy i have applied to Northwestern Polytechnic University(NPU) fremont,CA for MS in comp-sci..how is this university can i join..pls suggest..
    and what about visa for npu can i got

    1. dude change ur college visa officer’s reject NPU i’m serious…. i gott rejected twice. for NPU.. It’s low rated chines college…..

  8. Hello HSB and other readers,

    i am interested to know about MS in AI(artificial intelligence). Anyone knowing about Univ. & Col.


  9. my daughter got admission in three univesities,
    1)new mexico university
    2) texas arlington
    3)sandiago state university

    pl. tell which one i should prefer. give the mail to me.
    with regards

  10. hii HSB,

    i wrote my GRE and got 1010 score.

    My verbal score is 300 and math score is 710.

    Is this a good score ?? Do i get a decent colleges for this score..??

    im interested to do Ms in computer science…

  11. Well,

    i have a gre score of 780 in analytical and 440 in verbal, i have a strong SOP and 2 research papers(one in the line of publishing). I am the author of a book(in press).

    Can someone please suggest me, as to where should i apply, i am really confused.

    My interest lies in economics and Artificial intelligence.

  12. i have got a gre score of 1000,can u suggest me 5 best universities which will be offering better funding and assistanships….

    cost of living in those states should be moderate…

    my frnd has a score of 1100,can u suggest me 5 best universities which will be offering better funding and assistanships….

    cost of living in those states should be moderate…

  13. Hi!

    I've got 710 in quant and 310 in verbal. My TOEFL score in 97. Do you think I will have any chance for a PhD with scholarship? I have a Master's degree in computer science and looking for a PhD program in the US.

  14. iam a be gradugate with cse as specialization with 75% and i want to persue my ms in usa how much gre score is needed to get into top 20 universitys of usa.and what the criteria they will follow for admission there..can any one suggest
    thank you

  15. i want to take my gre exam in october 2010. can any body tell me that i can go gor this jan 2010…means any university offering the courses to join in 2010 january

    please suggest any one so that iam very grate ful to that

    thank you

  16. Hello everyone….
    I got an gre score of 1020 and an awa score of 3.5 , and my aggregate till date is 61.6%. I am waiting for my toefl score .I wish to pursue an MS in computer science. Can anybody please suggest universities where i will get and admission. Please help me .Waiting for reply

  17. hello sir,

    I have compted my BE(CSE) with 81% distinction in 2006 and was working as a lecturer in an university (outside US) from 2007 -2009.I would like to do my MS (CSE)in US. Read ur articles & it was of great help,thanks.

    while searching for top universities that provide masters in computer science engineering,some of them are enrolling their own UG students and some open admissions for international students during autumn..is it true..

    I am interested in DB area and i need to know about the universities that provide me with the specialization along with their GRE & TOEFL expectation scores.

    kindly give me ur suggestions..

    1. hi evn am interested in DB areas.. can u plz help me?? wat ground work u did ..?? if u hav got enough info plz do share 🙂 thanku in advance

  18. i got 980(310 v and 670 m),i m going to retake again this month will this spoiled my profile …i did B.Tech from Nit Raipur (66 %), 10th :- 82 %

  19. i have a question regarding the visa interview i want to know the best answer to give if i am asked why did i chose USA and why did i chose computer science

  20. hi can u please give the list of universities in texas,virginia,illinois,ohio.i want to do my masters in computer sciences.i had my btech% 77,inter 91,xth 83,my gre score 930,expecting toefyl between 80-100

  21. Hello i have applied to Northwestern Polytechnic University(NPU) fremont,CA for MS in comp-sci..how is this university can i join..pls suggest..

    1. Hi shravan… Even im planning to apply for NPU… Its better we get in touch and share any updates regarding the univs.

  22. Hi my gre score is 1260, my toefl score is 102. I have three years of IT work experience and i am university rank holder with a gpa of 9.5. Can you please suggest me some universities to apply. I am interested in applying for Masters in computer science

  23. hello,
    i'm doing my chemical engg … with a cgpa of 8.5 out of 10….
    wat should i do to get into a good US university for MS(Chemical Engg)…. should i improve cgpa? wat GRE score should i get ….
    IS it right on my part to aim for California Institute of Technology????

  24. Hi i received my GRE score today and scored (v=420 q=520 AW=3.0).i want to do my masters in computer science.do you think i might have any chance of getting scholarship with aid?
    i have a computer science degree with GPA 3.0 and another degree in computer Engineering with GPA 2.2 .
    thank you in advance.

  25. Hi,

    I am from Pakistan following is my profile:

    – Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Physics) – 2 years program.
    – Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science – 1 year program.
    – Masters in Computer Science (conversion program)- 6 semester (2.3-3 years) program.

    CS teaching 3 years
    Software Development 10+ years (Currently in a senior position in a Pakistan office of a USA based software product company)

    PHD in CS from a reputable USA university.

    Yet to take GRE and TOEFL

    1- Am I eligible for MS leading to PHD programs?
    2- Does relevant experience plays any role in PHD admission?
    3- Is age (near 40) a bar in admission?

  26. I got a 720 math 360 verbal. My M.S. GPA is close to a 4.0.

    I got into Georgia Tech. Why? Because I had over 7 published papers.

    Research experience >>> standardized test scores.

    In fact, Illinois, Purdue, and MIT don't require (and don't consider) GRE scores in the application process. That's what they say on their websites.

    Do research, not standardized test scores.

  27. i got a gre score of 1090..and i am having an aggregate of 80% in 10th and 12th and i am persuing b.pharmacy 3rd year.
    can u list colleges for the score i got in gre……
    i know its a low score.will say the aid given based on gre scores in us pharma colleges

  28. hey i am planning to start GRE from this year .So please suggest me the score to get admission into good university…Reply fast

  29. I am doing MS(Software Engineering) which is a Five years Integrated Programme in India.I would like to know whether we can directly apply for Ph.D or not, if so in which universities can i apply .. i hav 88% in 12 th,86% in 10 th and 8.2 (CGPA) in my MS. Please give a informative reply.

  30. Hi. Im takin the GRE this Dec. My Undergrad CGPA is 2.85 (our grading scale was tough) If I get a score of 1200 will it be enough to get me in US universities. Im lookin to apply to MS in Software Engineering. Please suggest some universities which match my profile. Thanks a lot.

    1. there is still hope for 2.85..

      above 2.5 is considered the end of the spectrum.
      it still depends on resume, gre, etc.

      but don't expect to get into top programs. U can count on the programs that rank 30th or above. Below that it is a slim chance..

      which school did you go to if I may know ??

      best of luck

  31. hello sir,
    im preparing for my GRE to do my MS in computer sci.
    i have done B.Tech with percentage 65%.

    i have certain query.
    what is minimum score needed in gre to get in University of minnesotta,twin cities.

    and how much minimum score do i need in GRE to get scholarship or Aid…

    plz help me sir i'll be highly grateful to you..


  32. Hello Sir,

    I have done BE mechanical engg with 88% and GRE 1050 (700 A + 300 V) and TOEFL 96 IBT. My GPA is 3.96 and can I apply for compute science in Masters. Please advise.

    1. hi Karuppuswamy

      greetings, welcome to this blog which contains acres of diamonds

      yes you can opt to pursue your computer science

      it is the beauty of American eduction system

      even after you completed your .B.E Mechanical

      but my nagging question is why you want to pursue your M.S in computer not in your mechanical engineering

      what makes you to switch my friend

      i am curious to know

      you are most welcome to pour thoughts



  33. Hello Sir, i want to know what is your source of this ranking? usnews.com have just 72 ranks and also they are giving many universities same ranks. How do you got this CS ranking?

  34. I am doing MS(Software Engineering) which is a Five years Integrated Programme in India.I would like to know whether we can directly apply for Ph.D or not.Please give a informative reply.

    1. I'm no expert in this, but that sounds like enough. It sounds like the equivalent to a MS in the US. I know there are people who go straight from BS to PhD…

  35. hi i hv gre score of 1150(720 q + 430 v)with 84% in BE from computers.I need admission in Computer Science in good ranking US university.Please suggest.urgent.

  36. I'm planning to write my GRE by this november.

    How much should i score to get a good or may be the best university in texas with a good aid?

    and i'm plannin to do MS in computer sciences.

    Reply me with the list of universities with the required marks in GRE please

  37. i got 1040 in gre and i got 66 in toeefl and my acads are 72% in jntu hyd….plz in which colleges will iget and am planning to go for spring 2010…..plz help me out…..

    1. @mounika reddy

      join the paid premium club member

      and fly to the usa easily

      and effortlessly

      try it out, you will cherish it




      member of premium club


  38. Sir, i got a GRE score 1110. 780 quants and 330 verbal.. I am pursuing my fianl year of M.S in software Engineering (a five year integrated course)at Vellore Institute of Technology and my CGPA is 9.77. What are the chances of getting into Rochester Institute of TEchnology for PhD in computer Science….My 10th percentage is 85.83 and +2 percentage is 97.1….

    1. hai,
      to my surprise i got the same score of 1110 with quant 780 and verbal 330 . i gave the exam today. can u tell which college r u in right now??
      and wht all college that i can apply for

  39. hello….i have GRE 1110..(750-360)…GPA is 3.4…ielts 7 bands…can anybody suggest me five reputed universities where i may get admission??…i did B.E in mechatronics…applying in mechanical engg

  40. i scored 72% in 12th , 74% Batchelor of Technology in computer science(with honours) and scored 1150 in GRE with TOEFL score 85.can i go for Arizona state university.pls also tell me some universities for MS in computers near arizona.


  41. I have got a score of 1150 but my Acadmics upto fifth sem avg.is 60% . i had 1 backlog when i was in 1yr.I have cleared it immediately. Does it affect my admission into any of the us school?? I want to know that will i be able to get the funding and admission to an university where my placement is sure and i could get part time job.

    Plz do reply i m very much tense.I m from computer Science stream.

    1. hai i think ur gre score is enough to get admission in us colleges but if u wish to go through a famous university it will be harder thing for you,but there are some modern universities who offer aid

      for marks above 1100 ,try them once but they may not assure u a placement

  42. I am planning to give the GRE xm in Oct 2009 and have confidence that i will be able to get the score of 1150 around but my Acadmics upto Sixth sem avg.is 56% with one sub carry. I want to know that will i be able to get the funding and admission to an avg.grade university where my placement is sure and i could get part time job.

    Plz do reply i m very much tense.I m from computer Science stream.

  43. now im doing my 3rd year engineering..i like to study gre..but my engg percentage is very low……..so i want to know whether i can gre or not?

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  45. Hi,

    I am a Computer Science PhD applicant for Fall 2010. My aggregate is 85 and GRE – 1240 (730 quant + 510 verbal). Please help me with the list of schools I could apply for where I could expect to be funded. Do let me know if it would be helpful to give GRE one more time.

    Kindly Advice.


    1. Hi ,R Srinivas i need some help from you.First of all congrats for your good score.I am going to writing GRE on Oct 5 2009.can u plz tell me how did u prepare for GRE.I have completed my B.Tech (E.C.E) with 75 % aggregate and want to apply for jan 2010

  46. thank you so much for such a valuable information,especially for a naive beginner like me i find most of the information required from your blog although i am a new user to your blog i appreciate a lot about what you are doing ,now for me could you please assist me with the probable universities that i could opt for pursuing my m.s in c.s in fall`10 i have a total aggregate of 80%in BE(c.s.e)and GRE score is 1175(v-459+q-716) ,TOEFL expected score 90+ and my requirements would be a secure and financially affordable university with good funding options, i would be grateful to you for doing so ,thanks in advance.

  47. I got a GRE score of 1100 (780 Q & 320 V).Now i m doing my B.E 4th year.I m planning to do M.S in 2010.May i get good university with financial aid with this score, or i should take my GRE once again. I forget to tell u that i got AWA 2.5.I think it is ver low… Plz Reply…. I m confused now whether to take GRE or Toefl….

    1. Admission with Aid for GRE Score 1100 is tough. There are many factors that are taken into account during admission. If you are confident enough that you can improve your score above 1300, go for it.

  48. i got a gre score of 1050..cud u tel me which universities in texas can i get..also i am a permanent resident in united states

  49. Kindly advise on Universities which offer courses on Database Mangament
    (CS) interms of good faculty and placements.

    1. hai harsah rajat i am yaswanth and i need some help from u that me to seaching for universities good for database managements ,please send me some information that u know ,note that tis communication helps us both i too will send u information which i come to know

      if i have your email

      Email Removed – Admin [my email id is ]

  50. i had got 940 in GRE(v-290,qua-650) toefl waiting .i m computer sci. BE student. for my score list the uni. where would i get admission . second most first preference to california state. reply

  51. I have scored 88% in BE (Mechanical Engineering Dept) 2002 passout in India. I have 6 years of exp in banking and finance. I have written GRE and my score is 1050 (Verb 350 and Quanti 700) I have to take up toefl. I am looking for Bioinformatics from renowned university in US with scholarship. Please throw some light on how to proceed. Many thanks

    1. Admission with scholarship for 1050 is not possible. You might have have to come to the university and try for scholarship.

    2. MY GRE score is 1100 computer engineering with 75% I want good university for financial aid, scholarship, part time employment, security and placement facility to my academics

    3. Hi thanks for the guidance and I am planning to start my MS by Fall 2009 from Wright State University. As I am on H4 I am eligible for admission without financial statement of 25000 USD. But for getting job opportunities in US i need to convert my status to F1 and with the present OPT extended by 17 months its good news.

  52. i m doing engineering in electronics in 3rd yr!!!

    i m planning to go for gre!!!

    plzzzzzz tell mee the procedure,pattern n colleges list..

    i m an average student!!!

  53. I got 920 in GRE and 64 in TOEFL. I am confused whether i will get admission in Illinois Institute of Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology. Please tell me would i be able to get admission in this university or not.

  54. sir i have got a GRE score of 1050(730+320)… my aggregate is 81% in electrical engineering and i didnt undergone tofel examination soon i will take the exam . can you please suggest me some universities for MS in power electronics…..please do reply as soon as possible…. thanks in advance

  55. I got 970 in gre(240v+730q) and toefl 64 . I have written IELTS and got 6.5. I am trying for st.cloud university, new jersy institute of technology, university of central florida. Can I get admission in these universities for fall 2009. Please suggest some more universities for computer science

  56. Thanks so much for providing such useful information all at one place!. I know with such pieces of valuable information the expectations from your blog only keep on increasing! And to support this statement here, i have this expectation from you now! Just like this post for Computer Science engg., can you provide us with University Rankings for MS in information technology. ??!

  57. Thanks so much for providing such useful information all at one place!. I know with such pieces of valuable information the expectations from your blog only keep on increasing! And to support this statement here, i have this expectation from you now! Just like this post for Computer Science engg., can you provide us with University Rankings for MS in Mechanical Engg. ??! I’m a student for Fall ’10 so its alright if you take time to gather info for this large task i’m asked for. I keep visiting your blog so often and i’ve even put it up for Feeds in Opera as well as iGoogle. So, i’m hooked. Thanks.

  58. It would be fine if you could direct me to a page where i can see the current standing of universities in MS in Mech. Engg. stream. I haven't been able to find it anywhere so far. The info on USNews& Rankings, after refining the search to Mechanical engg. isn't believable. Maybe i'm going wrong somewhere in refining the search.Thanks for the incoming help!!

    1. i gave my gre and got 1200

      q-660 v-540

      my engineering percentage is 64% and am currently in the final year

      do i stand a chance to get into a gud univ dis fall 2010.

      am yet 2 apply for univs

      1. i gave my gre and got 1200

        q-660 v-540

        my engineering percentage is 64% and am currently in the final year

        do i stand a chance to get into a gud univ dis fall 2011.

        am yet 2 apply for univs

        am takin toefl in de month of jan

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