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Interview with Guilliana from University of Texas Permian Basin – Graduate Student

I want to introduce Guilliana from Peru.

She’s studying MBA at the University of Texas at Permian Basin with Graduate Studies Scholarship. 

Graduate Studies Scholarship gave her an In-State Tuition Fee.

I: “You guys should study at this university; you will have an amazing experience.”

Student: “I’m having an amazing experience in this university. You should come here.”

There is a difference between an experience shared directly by a student than a 3rd person. You will learn from her experience in this interview.

Watch the Interview Below:

Here’s a Quick Summary of her Interview:

  • Guilliana is from Peru (Machu Picchu is in Peru)
  • She worked in the Retail Industry for 8 years before starting Business School at The University of Texas at Permian Basin (UTPS)
  • She explains why she picked MBS over other degrees. 
  • She started her MBA in Jan 2020, then COVI-19 happened.
  • She explains the reasons for selecting UPTB for her Graduate School.
  • Tuition Fees before Scholarship and After Scholarship (major difference)
  • Campus Life for International Students
  • What it means to be living in Odessa, Texas
  • Campus Safety and how she spends her time studying at mid-night in Library
  • Cost of Living
    • Apartment Rent for Single Bedroom or Renting a room
  • She’s currently employed in Graduate School.
    • Works as Student Worker
    • She explains how the application is processed and the timeline for admissions into Graduate School.

Are you interested in Applying to UTPB?

Check out additional details about UTPB.

Applications are accepted for Summer and Fall 2021 in-take.


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