Universities accepting GRE Scores 310 to 320

Looking for universities accepting GRE scores of 310 to 320 or the old GRE score of 1,340?

Here are a few universities for you to consider when applying for a grad school.

Sample Applicant’s Profile:

  • GRE Score: 1,340 (Q770, V570 awaiting AWA).
  • Degree: M.S. in CS (Embedded Subjects).
  • TOEFL: Still to be taken.

List of Universities:

  • University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Iowa State University
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Virginia Common Wealth University
  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Florida
  • NCSU
  • USC
  • UC Davis
  • UC @ Irvine
  • University of Washington – Seattle
  • Oregon State University
  • University of California- Santa Barbara
  • University of California – River Side
  • University of Kentucky
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Indiana University Bloomington
  • Indiana University – South Bend
  • Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis
  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  • UTA
  • UTD

Graduate School Admission Process

Admission to universities listed above depends on other academic credentials, such as TOEFL score, recommendation letter, Statement of Purpose and resumés without errors.

Above all, if students know how graduate school applications are reviewed and accepted, it will give them a good idea on how to prepare the documents and arrange them before sending the application packet.

I have put together two articles explaining how college application packets travel from the graduate school to a department, and how they are reviewed and given acceptance for admission.

  • Part 1: How Departments Accept Graduate Students

Some universities in the list might not worry much about other credentials since the GRE score is 1,340, which is much more than the minimum requirements.

For instance, the University of Texas at Arlington requires 1,100 as minimum GRE score for admission. But that will not be the case with Virginia Tech or other schools from the list above.

University Selection

The following 12-Step University Selection process will help you select universities in a much informed way.

I have said many times in previous articles that the process involved in university selection is not an easy one. There is no magic button when clicked will automatically display universities based on a student’s profile.

Enough time must be spent with each university website to understand the course structure and program requirements available. We all know NCSU is very good school, but it’s very hard to get approval from that university to go into internship.

I plan to write in detail about how easy is it to get an internship, but how hard is it to get permission from a university to go into an internship.

Next : Guide to Study in the USA.

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  1. hi

    i took the revised gre and got an average score of 1360 ( 750-800 in math) my toefl score is 115/120. my cg stands around a 9.1 and i have done internships at biocon and another company. any chance of me gettin into purdue for biochem eng?

  2. I have completed my M.Sc in Molecular Biology in 2011. I wish to do my Ph.D in a U.S. University. Kindly let me know that between GRE and TOEFL, which is a better optionl to get into a U.S. University with fellowship.

  3. hello my name is nikunj. I have completed my B.E(Computer science) in June 2011. I am preparing for the Gre and planing to give it in september.I dont know about the universities and school that provide M.S in computer science so please suggest me some of them. Also let me know how could i get scholarships.

    please reply urgently it would be helpful for me.

    waiting for your answer and suggestions.

  4. I have scored 1270 in GRE= 790 in QUANT + 480 in VERBAL
    with 3.5 in AWA, and 107 in TOEFL.
    My all over B.tech Percentage is 86.6%.
    I have scored 97% Mathematics in Class XII Board Exams.
    University of Michigan, ANN ARBOR?

  5. Hiii…..

    I am presently a 3rd yr B.Tech student in ECE stream. I will take GRE test in January 2011. Can you suggest me how much should I score in GRE to get scholarship in US.

  6. Hi,

    i have been following this blog since one year.

    now , i am applying for ms program in us. my field of study is electronics and communication.

    i want to specialize in microelectronics.

    please suggest me few universities suitable for my profile.


    toefl-90, BE aggregate-67%

    average lor and sop . no paper presentations and such stuffs.

    also,as i am unaware of courses to choose from , please give me a list of courses available in microelectronics, and those combining microel and vlsi.

  7. hii..!!

    i scored 1350 in gre..m a pharmacy graduate can anyone please regarding good universities. i want to pursue ms in pharmaceutics. other options can also be considered. n i also wnt scholership.so wat r d chances of gettin scholership??

  8. Hello!

    Can you please suggest me the universities in USA for M.S. in communication engineering.

    My GRE score is: 980 (quant-680, verbal-300)

    I am in fourth year(7th semester) of engineering in E.C.

    My CPI-7.4 till now.

    Please i need it as soon as possible.

  9. hi!!!

    i got year down after 2nd year how much score do i need to get good university for MS…….but my average percentage in 58%..in BE

  10. hi!!!

    i got year down after 2nd year how much score do i need to get good university for MS…….but my average percentage in 58%..ubBE

  11. hi!!!

    i got year down after 2nd year how much score do i need to get good university for MS…….but my average percentage in 58%..

  12. Is there any way where we can put our all results (of B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, TOEFL, IELTS,GRE, GMAT) and, according to our profile, get to know what all universities we can apply to???

  13. I got my GRE score 1340 (Quant- 770, Verb- 570, awaiting AWA), TOEFL- 100 (R-25, L-24, S-23, W-28).

    I have done B.Tech in Biotech n got 80% overall. I have also done Post Graduate Diploma in Management n got 7.53 GPA.

    I want to do PhD in Molecular Biology. Please send tell me which Universities I can apply to???

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kaveri,

      Your question is little naive. You can of course apply to any university you wish too, but i think what you are looking for – is a bit of profile evaluation.

      Firstly, find out all the univs that offer PhD in molecular biology, then go to US NEWS rankings website and find out which are the best places in US for PhD in molecular biology. Then write mails to professors whom you would like to work with.

      You will recieve 1 reply to every 50 mails you send.

      Your selection of universities should depend on a number of factors. In most cases GRE and TOEFL scores act as a minimum eligibility criterion(Unless your score is exceptional – ie. – in the vicinity of 1500). What i mean to say is that if there are two candidates with scores 1340 and 1380, the one with 1380 will not get more weightage. The selection among them will depend on a lot of other factors stated below. But if someone has 1150 and you have 1340 then you will have an upper hand. As long as scores are in the vicinity of 1300 – all are equal. Thats what i realized when i applied last year and got admitted into some vry very good univs.

      The factors should be for selection of universities(Putting highest priority first):

      1) Do you have any journal publications or conference presentations and how good is your research experience?

      2) SOP you write – strong SOP nullifies lesser marks(I have first hand experience of this)

      3) The responses you recieve to the mails you write to professors.

      4) Marks obtained in Bachelors and masters. (Your masters in management has no relation to Mol. Biology and so it my not count as a relevant masters degree for your phd application. So you may have to apply for integrated masters and phd, also in your SOP you have to justify why you went into management and why you again want to return to Mol. Bio).

      5) Recommendations.

      6) GRE score ( for PhD application GRE scores are really that much uniportant – the above stated 5 factors are the most decisive)

      7) TOEFL score

      8) How much you can spend for doing applications. (For a rough estimate – i applied to 10 universities last year – and that cost me Rs. 75000 approx. That includes everything – GRE, TOEFL test fees, University application fees, Fees for sending GRE and TOEFL scorecards to universities, Courier fees)

      X factor – if you have done any organizational jobs(not job as such, any kind of extracurricular activities – example – College techfest co-ordinator) or held any leadership positions, or if you are really really good in music, drama, sports – then mention it in your CV, also try to convince one of your recommenders to reccommend such activities of yours. then you will have distinct advantage over others.

      Your GRE scores are good, not great though. Quants score is little low. 780 and above is expected of a science graduate. TOEFL score are better than requirement of most universities other than Princeton, Stanford and Cornell. But nobody really cares for TOEFL scores. that comes to the picture only when you have got admitted – then if you have good speaking and writing scores – getting an RA or TA will become easier.

      How good are your BTech marks? – 80% actually doesnt mean anything. what was your class rank? that is more important.

      At this point of time you have 2 monts time in your hand. Make a very good detailed CV – writing all your research activities and projects you have worked on. Send that to profs of different uniersities and ask them whether they have positions and funds available for next fall. Sometimes it so happens – that you are a perfect match for admission but the group you want to join does not have any open PhD positions. That you can only know when you write to the profs. Also – from the responses you can also do a aself assessment of where you stand among the pool of applicants that generally aplies to that university.

      So, you have a lot of work to do and only by the end of october can you exactly decide on which are those chosen few universities who will be lucky to get an application from Ms. Kaveri. 🙂 🙂

      And anyhow – complete all kinds of application formalities by end of november. Early application does increase your chances of getting admitted with funding.

      And, Finally, the gyan giving session ends. 🙂

      1. Thank you very much.. I think I have some Research experience, as I worked in Dr. Reddy's, for one year.. According to your reply, it is quite possible for me to apply in universities like John Hopkins… wOw!!!

      2. please can u guide which books should i follow to crack subjective gre in biochemistry .i am doin my masters in plant breeding and genetics

  14. hello

    My GRE score is 1410 with 780 in quants and 630 in verbal TOEFL 112 ..now the main area of concern is my UG (engg comp science) score its only 58.5% am a student of mumbai university … does having other certifications matter ..like awards in all india engg quiz … CSI YITP , ROBOCON IIT ,INNOVATION TECHFEST IIT mumbai ,and many more… i have strong recos from my HOD and the head of CSI (computer society of india ) ..whats my scope of getting into a decent university

  15. hey ! can anyone suggest top universities for electrical engg. ? which all univs should i apply for, to get research assistance in embedded? i am doing some projects in it.

  16. My profile:

    GRE : 1320 (quantz – 750 and verbal – 570)

    TOEFL: 96

    CGPA : 68.8% (commputer science)

    GPA will come around 3.5

    Work exp : two years in IT industry as software developer

    Decent SOP and LOR's

    Help me sort out the universties in the list

    syracuse univ

    univ of florida

    sunny buffalo

    uc irvine

    university of illonis chicago.

    arizona state univ.

    rutgers univ

  17. Hi Guys,
    I have taken my gre and got a score of 1360(770 in quants and 590 in verbal). I would like to do MS in electrical and computer engineering this spring. Can someone suggest some of the good colleges in this area. Is my score good enough??? Thanks in advance

  18. Hey Hi!!

    I am a future aspirant of studying(MS) in a good university in the US.I came across this site and i am delighted at excellent standard and help that this site is providing to students.

    Cheers to the admin and the users!!

  19. Hi,
    Thanks for giving me such information.I have a query regarding my marks.I am going to give GRE in the month of november,my electrical engg avg is 58%,so can i get good university on good GRE score. Plz help me.

  20. Hi Raghu,

    I have already taken GRE and gt 1340 (V – 540, Q – 800) in Oct 08. I had also taken it 2 yrs back in Nov 2006 and had gt 1170 (V – 380, Q – 790). I got 111 in Toefl that i took in Nov 08. I completed my BE in Materials and Metallurgical Engg. in 2007 from Jadavpur University (Kolkata) and I have 1.5 year experience as a Software Engineer in Infosys. I would like to know if it is too late to apply for Fall 09 to get financial assistance. Should i directly apply for Spring 10. For Fall 09, I have selected the following universities for pursuing MS in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering:

    1. U of Utah

    2. U of Houston

    3. U of TX (Dallas)

    4. Texas A&M

    5. U of Southern California

    6. North Carolina State Uni

    7. U of Cincinnati

    8. U of Missourie – Rolla

    Will it be better to apply for a PhD as in the future I would like to do a PhD. However, right now I doubt my chances of getting an admit as I do not have any research papers.

    Thanks and Regards,


    1. Hi tanushree;

      Hope, that u have made it to some very good US university with funding. I am possibly standing at the same juncture where you were a year ago. I have dome my B.E from Shibpur 2006 in Metallurgy & Materials and thereafter worked in INFY for 2 years. Currently i am in MTech IIT Bombay, and i too have no research papers and even then aspire for PhD in some good US Univ. Not much of help is available on the net for Materials science. So, can you help me in the university short listing process? My GRE score is 1390 ( V- 600, Maths – 790). TOEFL – 108. MTech CPI in IIT – 8.61. BE – 69%.

      Thanks & Regards;


      1. Hey Avradeep,

        I will try my best to help you. I have joined the MS program in Materials Engineering in University of Houston. I have got financial aid in the form of RA. Here is a list of universities with their ranking in Materials Engineering program:

        Top Ranked Universities offering Materials Science
        Rank University Name City State More Info
        1. Massachusetts Inst Of Technology
        CAMBRIDGE MA More Info…

        2. Northwestern University
        EVANSTON IL More Info…

        3. Cornell University
        ITHACA NY More Info…

        4. University Of California-Berkeley
        BERKELEY CA More Info…

        5. Univ Of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign
        URBANA IL More Info…

        6. Stanford University
        STANFORD CA More Info…

        7. Univ Of Massachusetts At Amherst
        AMHERST MA More Info…

        8. Univ Of California-Santa Barbara
        Santa Barbara CA More Info…

        9. Pennsylvania State University
        University Park PA More Info…

        10. University Of Pennsylvania
        PHILADELPHIA PA More Info…

        11. Carnegie Mellon University
        PITTSBURGH PA More Info…

        12. California Institute Technology
        PASADENA CA More Info…

        13. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst
        TROY NY More Info…

        14. University Of Wisconsin-Madison
        MADISON WI More Info…

        15. University Of Michigan
        Ann Arbor MI More Info…

        16. University Of Florida
        GAINESVILLE FL More Info…

        17. University Of Minnesota
        MINNEAPOLIS MN More Info…

        18. Case Western Reserve Univ
        CLEVELAND OH More Info…

        19. University Of Wisconsin-Madison
        MADISON WI More Info…

        20. University Of Texas At Austin
        AUSTIN TX More Info…

        21. Ohio State University
        COLUMBUS OH More Info…

        22. University Of Virginia

        23. Lehigh University
        BETHLEHEM PA More Info…

        24. North Carolina State University
        RALEIGH NC More Info…

        25. Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick
        New Brunswick NJ More Info…

        26. Univ Of California-Los Angeles
        Los Angeles CA More Info…

        27. Arizona State University
        TEMPE AZ More Info…

        28. University Of Arizona
        TUCSON AZ More Info…

        29. Columbia University
        New York NY More Info…

        30. Brown University
        PROVIDENCE RI More Info…

        31. University Of Akron
        AKRON OH More Info…

        32. Purdue University
        West Lafayette IN More Info…

        33. Johns Hopkins University
        BALTIMORE MD More Info…

        34. Vanderbilt University
        NASHVILLE TN More Info…

        35. Arizona State University
        TEMPE AZ More Info…

        36. University Of Utah
        Salt Lake City UT More Info…

        37. University Of Rochester
        ROCHESTER NY More Info…

        38. Virginia Polytech Inst & State U
        BLACKSBURG VA More Info…

        39. Drexel University
        PHILADELPHIA PA More Info…

        40. Rutgers State Univ-New Brunswick
        New Brunswick NJ More Info…

        41. State Univ Of New York-Stony Brook
        Stony Brook NY More Info…

        42. University Of Washington
        SEATTLE WA More Info…

        43. University Of Mass-Lowell
        LOWELL MA More Info…

        44. Georgia Institute Of Technology
        ATLANTA GA More Info…

        45. University Of Pittsburgh
        PITTSBURGH PA More Info…

        46. University Of Missouri-Rolla
        ROLLA MO More Info…

        47. University Of Delaware
        NEWARK DE More Info…

        48. University Of Southern California
        Los Angeles CA More Info…

        49. Colorado School Of Mines
        GOLDEN CO More Info…

        50. Michigan State University
        East Lansing MI More Info…

        51. University Of Maryland College Park
        College Park MD More Info…

        52. Stevens Inst Of Technology
        Hudson Hoboken NJ More Info…

        53. Duke University
        DURHAM NC More Info…

        54. University Of Cincinnati
        CINCINNATI OH More Info…

        55. University Of Alabama-Birmingham
        BIRMINGHAM AL More Info…

        56. South Dakota Sch Of Mines & Tech
        Rapid City SD More Info…

        57. Illinois Institute Of Technology
        CHICAGO IL More Info…

        58. Oregon Graduate Inst Sci & Tech
        BEAVERTON OR More Info…

        59. University Of Houston
        HOUSTON TX More Info…

        60. University Of Notre Dame
        Notre Dame IN More Info…

        61. University Of Alabama-Huntsville
        HUNTSVILLE AL More Info…

        62. University Of Kentucky
        LEXINGTON KY More Info…

        63. University Of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
        MILWAUKEE WI More Info…

        64. Auburn University
        AUBURN AL More Info…

        65. University Of Vermont
        VIRGINIA VA More Info…

        Sorry, about the bad format. I can email you the proper file if you want and u can ask me any other details you want to know.

        Thanks and Regards,
        Tanushree Sinha

        1. Hi Tanushree;

          Thank you for such a quick reply and congratulations for getting selected with financial aid.

          Was struggling to shortlist univs for PhD application. That is when i found u in this forum.

          Since u have gone through the strenous process of apping in the same field of study as mine, i think your comments would be invaluable in shortlisting of the universities.

          I Want to work in Electronic & Magnetic MAterials.

          My profile is as follows:

          MTech IIT Bombay : 8.61/10 (Now in 3rd semester)

          B.E – Bengal Engg Science Univ Shibpur, – 69% (2006 passout)

          GRE – 1390(M-790,V-600), AWA- 5

          TOEFL – 108

          No paper publications.

          All india 49 in GATE 2008.

          2 years of Work Experience in INFOSYS bangalore from 2006 to 2008

          Lots of Extra curricular activities:

          1. Indian Classical musician and composer; learnt and have been regularly playing in concerts; the instrument SAROD for the past 22 years.

          2. Founder member of organizations like FOBECS – Forum of Bengal Engineering College students (Organization whose activities were to ensure smooth functioning of Quiz, Debate, Science clubs and launching, regularly Publishing the college magazine UNMESH).

          Founder and subsequently secretary of PRODOSH (Bengali cultural forum & Magazine) of IIT Mumbai.

          3. Awarded by INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES LTD. for regularly organizing and performing in cultural programs which were highly appreciated and applauded. Was also a very active member of the VOICE OF YOUTH team of INFOSYS.

          4. Student convener of SPICMACAY (Society for promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth) in College.

          4. Best music direction award in PAF (Performing Arts Festival) 2009 in IIT Mumbai.

          5. Writing articles on Cricket. One article “Agony of a billion and success of a few” got published in CNN IBN website.


          I have the following univ in mind:


          Northwestern, Princeton,Univ of Florida,Penn state,Cornell


          Brown, NCSU, Rutgers, RPI, Arizona state,Oregon state


          Univ of alabama tuscaloosa, Univ of Delaware

          I will apply to at most 10 univs.

          I contacted a lot of Profs. I have received very encouraging replies from NCSU, alabama.

          I also received replies like" Good CV & therefore encourage u to apply" from profs. of all other univs mentioned above.

          I would also like to know your thoughts regarding my chances in Univ of Virginia, UC San Diego, Univ. of Minnessota twin cities, Michigan state.

          Please add or remove universities from the above list according to your experience.

          I would like to complete the application process by November end.

          Hope that u can find time to go through this rather lengthy comment. 🙂 🙂 and if u eventually go through the whole comment then i would like to say "Congrats Madam – apnar dhoirjo shokti oshadharon"

          Thanks & Regards;


          1. Hey Avradeep!!

            You seem to have a very good profile and I believe your chance of making into the ambitious schools is pretty good. I had got an admit from Cornell University too but they do not offer financial aid for MS, unlike the case of Phd. So, I wasn't able to join Cornell. Anyway, for you Cornell seems to be a good choice.

            I like your choice of schools however, I am not much experienced to comment much on the choice of schools as I myself had got very late while applying due to work pressure. Hence, had applied only to five universities which still had their deadlines open, not considering the financial aid or any other factor. Other than Cornell the others weren't that high-ranked.

            I shall therefore, suggest that you ask for Raghu's advice as he would be able to guide you better.

            P.S. -> One suggestion from my end: if any of your recommenders (your professor) is an alumni of some good school, you can also include that school in your list as it can have a positive effect. Would appreciate if Raghu can confirm this.

          2. Tanushree;

            Thanks for all the suggestions and comment on my profile.

            Still then i have a few other queries to disturb you. 🙂 🙂

            Firstly, who is this "Raghu" ? and how to approach him?

            Secondly, you have suggested me Cornell, which was one of my dream destinations. But, the only reason i do not have Cornell in my list of colleges is because of my percentage in B.E – a mere 69%. I went through the site of CORNELL – where they say that a 3.3 GPA throughout is a must. My class highest was in the range of 82%.

            Hence i think that my percentage will fall below that limit. Having said that , i must also add, that, i am not sure how the % to GPA conversion rule works. I am also not sure that whether they consider undergrad GPA when i have a masters GPA in the range of 3.5 ?

            It would be great if you can comment regarding the above issue.

            In fact – i have left many univs out of my list due to low GPA consideration.

            Finally, i have another request, this is regarding SOP. writing a good SOP is hell of a job. Add to that, the problem that not much of SOP help is available for materials science on the net. Since u had got an admit to cornell, i can assume that u had written a good SOP. If you dont have any problems, can you forward that to me. If you agree, i will post my gmail id in this forum. I will not copy the SOP but it will surely serve as a good guideline.

            Thanks & Regards;


          3. Hi Tanushree/Avradeep,

            Congrats and Best Wishes from a fellow Mat Sci!

            I am an undergrad pursuing B.E. Materials Science and Engineering in College of Engg, Guindy, Anna University, Chennai.

            My GRE score is : 740 verbal, 620 Quants.
            TOEFL: 106
            CGPA: 8.3 (8th Overall in my class).

            Can u guys advice me on my shortlist?

            DREAM: MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, CalTech.
            MOD: UC Irvine, Ohio SU, U of W Madison, U of Toronto
            SAFE: NU Singapore, U of Delaware.

            My Project was awarded UGC funding and got selected for an International Conference.

            Please advice me. Thanks Much for your time!



  21. I am done with my applicationz for PhD at 8 different places and now thinking to apply for MS (just to be at safer side). I have completed my MSC in Microbiology (GPA:3.5) and bachelors in Industrial Microbiology (GPA:3.7, being a topper). My gre score is 1400 and toefl 97. I would be thankful to if you can help me to find 3-4 universities where i may get admission.

  22. hi i gave my gre.I got 1330 in it. Will be appearing for toefl on 15th nov..I have done my graduation from Pune university and have secured 60%(first class) in Electronics and telecommunications.I want to do my master's in MIS. I am having difficulty in finding out universities good in MIS. So could you suggest me some of the universities..Will be waiting for your reply..

  23. I will be arrearing for GRE in 1st week of Jan.09 . will it be O.K. to come in fall 2009 admisions. I expect my score to be @ 1200+ , considering this what university options i should give as it is asked during TOFEL registration. kindly guide.

  24. Hi , my gre score is 1240(560: v,680 Q) .Can you please let me know the chances of me getting into a CS stream in a good university with scholarship.

    Engg aggregate somes around 74%.for sec attempt i got 680 in math ,in first attempt got 600.how this will affect the chances.

    Thanks in advance.

  25. hi,
    i ve gre score of 1250 and yet to take TOEFL.M looking for wireless networking field as i ve 18 months of experience on bluetooth technology(till date).Can u suggest some colleges.M from E&C background and ve 69.3%(.7% less than distinction) without any reappears.Rit nw m working in a startup.


  26. I am just new to this whole thing. Can u just tell as to what are the key essentials needed to get into the NCSU, like the gre, toefl score needed and the procedure for applying to that Univ.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi,

    I had appeared for GRE.

    My GRE Score is 1330( Quant 780, Verbal 550).

    I have done my diploma in EEE.

    I got state 1st rank in ECET 2008.

    I did my Btech from NIT Warangal in EEE.

    I will be having 3 years of experience in Automotive embedded systems by fall 2009.

    I am planning to pursue my MS in Embedded systems or VLSI.

    What are the prospective colleges I can go for applying with the chance of getting scholarship?

  28. Hi,Iam planning to give Gre in 2nd week of nov and will give toffle before that,is it too late for coming August addmission,and how to find the deadlines for applying for the aid/scholarship .Also please give me the link for good colleges related to subjects of Electronics& telecommunication .

  29. i had my gre recently on 27th august and my was scores are(verbal-350 and quants-680) and total of 1030…im thinking to take my test again…but my parents says NO…could i able to get the aid for the MS Program in ComputerScience of any good university……please could u people suggest me any decision for this….even when it is better to take toefl (in oct or nov)….please help me

  30. well thanks for the article.i did have an idea that univ have different procedures to convet perc to gpa.Also what abt my previous query ?where do i stand a chance with 65%?

  31. To give you an idea about 65%

    I came from Bharathiyar University ( Coimbatore, TN) where calss topper was 91% in CS and 94% in ECE.

    In Masters I meet friends from Mumbai and Pune University where class topper is around 70%.

  32. well i have got a score of 1340 in my gre and a toefl score of 106.As you have mentioned that a few schools are not concerned about the credentials i hav a gpa of 3.0 . so ,do i stand a chance to make it through all the above univ?otherwise can u please suggest the univ i can make through.

  33. hi can you give me the list of universities for a score of 1300(GRE) for MS program in the field of Biology, i am doing my M.sc Biochemistry & Molecular biology and will be completing by may 2009.

  34. Can you tell me universities that i can apply to for a gre score in the range 1100-1200 and 1200-1300 for a MS degree in electronics related fields like VLSI, Communications ?

  35. thanks Raghuran.I asked this question because I found some of the universities, as for example, University of houston, have set their deadlines nov 30, for funding.

  36. @Deb: Schools will have deadline from Nov 2008 to March 2009 to apply for Fall 2009. So, you have time to apply. For aid, it depends on your credentials.

  37. I will be appearing for GRE in octobbor 2nd week, and for TOEFL by end of octobor.considering above info and my prospective application for MS in Materials Science,how good are my chances for getting admission and funding for fall, 2009 session? Am I too late for the Fall, 2009, if I send the complete application by Decemboer this year?

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