University Transcripts – Single or Cumulative Mark Sheets?

I have seen as a general requirement for Universities in US asking for Transcript of Undergraduate studies with no further specification.

I have done my graduation in Pharmacy which is a 4 year course in India. Now as I am preparing my GRE and simultaneously gathering information about the application package. I contacted my parent university to know the procedure to obtain the transcript.

They informed me that I can get the transcript for which ever certificate I want i.e. if I submit them individual marksheets for all four years they will provide the transcript for that or else they can provide a single transcript for my degree certificate.

Now my question is whether I need to get all my mark sheets converted into Transcript or only degree certificate’s transcript is sufficient for application in a US university?

I am not very much clear whether the purpose of transcript from parent university is to determine its authenticity or for GPA.

If it is for GPA I will be anyways submitting my GPA via Education perspective or ECE or similar organization.


Transcripts from Indian Universities

  • Procedures you have listed is typical followed in India to get transcripts.
  • I recommend to get individual marksheets and degree certificate if available.
  • If degree certificate is not available (if applying before graduation) then individual mark sheets would be sufficient.

Here is link to previous blog posts that talks about transcripts

I have seen few instances where university is used to seeing individual marksheets, and when a students sent single cumulative transcripts, they asked for individual mark sheets.

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  1. joe • a few seconds ago
    I am from India. I am planning to apply for Canada PR for work. I am not having individual mark sheets for my bachelor degree but in the mean time I am having consolidated mark sheet. Do I need to apply for duplicate individual mark sheets for applying transcript ? please advice . see more 0 You must sign in to down-vote this post.

  2. I am from India. I am planning to apply for Canada PR for work. I am not having individual mark sheets for my bachelor degree but in the mean time I am having consolidated mark sheet. Do I need to apply for duplicate individual mark sheet for transcript ? please advice .

  3. Hello HSB & all HSB users…….
    I have done B.E. from University of Pune & Wanted to get Official Transcripts for Admission to M.S. to USA colleges. Are official transcripts are different from college or university transcripts??
    What is the procedure to get B.E. Official Transcripts??
    Any one from Pune University OR someone passed through the same process, please reply urgently.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. HI,

    How to upload transcript while applying online? Some university don’t want the hard copies.They will ask for it if admission is granted. Then how to upload the transcripts.
    From my university(WBUT), I will get the transcript in a envelope so I can’t scan them. Please help me I am bit confused about this.

  5. Hi,

    Did anyone try WES self GPA calculator? I got 3.42/4. I would like to know how much it would differ when I send my documents for official evaluation? Has anybody experienced it?


  6. IN my case, i had received only consolidated mark sheet as transcript frm my univ. n whn i sent tht to univ fr admission, thy asked me to send individual mark sheets transcripts. so i had to again apply fr individual mark sheets transcripts. So in my view apply fr individual marks transcripts only!!!

  7. verbal 600
    quants 800
    can anyone please tell me which universities i can apply to
    i am staying in banaras and we dont have good counselors here
    i am studying in IT-BHU and i would like to pursue phd in control systems

    1. chem engg?
      you have scored well in GRE and your university is also good, but GRE is not the sole criteria considered for admission. If you have a good CGPA and experience you can try for any good university from the best chemical engineering university list posted by HSB. But, in case of PhD it’s always better to be clear as to what sort of research you are interested in and match your interest with the kind of research taking place in different universities, their funding, international student acceptance ratio. No one can help you in this coz only you can decide what kind of research you want to do.
      Go check the websites of different universities to get a clearer picture. I know it’s an arduous task and needs a lot of patience but it is the only way, also it will act as a precursor to your PhD program researching for the right university.
      I am aware that University of Texas at Austin has a great control system engg research program in place and also University of Minnesota. Check these out.

    2. check out sites like or u will find lot of ppl with similar profiles and seniors who will evaluate ur profile and suggest universities

    3. Washington University in St.Louis
      University of Houston
      Arizona State University
      University of Pittsburgh

  8. What about backlogs? Do we also need to convert our backlogs’ marksheet to Transcript?


  9. Huzefa & Others,

    A transcript is a document from your university/college that lists all the courses that you have taken during the course of your degree program (in ascending chronological order ofcourse from the first semester to the last), the maximum marks, the marks that you have obtained, and all other details that usually go on a detailed marks card. Your university/college should give you a transcript that is on an official letterhead, signed with date, and stamped. The envelope containing the transcript should be sealed i.e. stamped and signed across the flap as well.

    In some universities/colleges it’ll be easier for the concerned department/office to process your request if you give them a xerox copy of your detailed marks cards – saves them time and effort to look your information up!

    – aman

    1. ThanksHSB admin & Aman,

      Now I am clear that individual marksheets needs to be transcribed but I reiterate my concern for the backlog marksheets, do I need to convert them too into transcrips? ECE/Edu perspective asks for all the marksheets including back logs. Please calrify.


    1. Umank,

      VI on 7th?

      If your 8th semester’s result is out, but only the detailed marks card is awaited, try to convince your university/college to provide you a complete transcript. Otherwise, get the transcript for as many semesters that you have attended till now, and mention the same in your application to the universities that you apply to – tell them that you’ll turn in the complete transcript as soon as it is available.

      – aman

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