University Transcripts – Single or Cumulative Mark Sheets?

I have seen as a general requirement for Universities in US asking for Transcript of Undergraduate studies with no further specification.

I have done my graduation in Pharmacy which is a 4 year course in India. Now as I am preparing my GRE and simultaneously gathering information about the application package. I contacted my parent university to know the procedure to obtain the transcript.

They informed me that I can get the transcript for which ever certificate I want i.e. if I submit them individual marksheets for all four years they will provide the transcript for that or else they can provide a single transcript for my degree certificate.

Now my question is whether I need to get all my mark sheets converted into Transcript or only degree certificate’s transcript is sufficient for application in a US university?

I am not very much clear whether the purpose of transcript from parent university is to determine its authenticity or for GPA.

If it is for GPA I will be anyways submitting my GPA via Education perspective or ECE or similar organization.


Transcripts from Indian Universities

  • Procedures you have listed is typical followed in India to get transcripts.
  • I recommend to get individual marksheets and degree certificate if available.
  • If degree certificate is not available (if applying before graduation) then individual mark sheets would be sufficient.

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I have seen few instances where university is used to seeing individual marksheets, and when a students sent single cumulative transcripts, they asked for individual mark sheets.