How to Send Transcripts for Graduate School Admission

Transcript is mandatory document that has to be sent along with college/university application in additional to other documents. But, what is a transcript and how to get one in India?

According to Wiki

In United States education a transcript (Cumulative Record File, CRF, Permanent Record, or simply Record) refers to a copy of a student’s permanent academic record which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received and degrees  conferred to a student. When students are thinking about changing schools, the cumulative transcripts usually get mailed from school to school.

Question from Abhay at 11 Common College Application Mistakes

I saw in the profile of the most of the USA universities that they need official transcripts to be sent directly by the last institution to their admission office in order to apply for phd positions.
My last institute is not sending my transcripts directly but they are able to provide the sealed transcripts saying me to sent it by myself. So if am sending the sealed and packed transcripts, will they accept it or not….

Transcripts in India

  • Transcripts in India refers to Mark sheets (Cumulative or semester-wise).
  • After every semester, university will give a copy of original mark sheet to students.

For applying to universities in USA, you have to send official transcripts.  Since, you get only one copy, you have to get the mark sheets signed from University Registrar to make it official.

Process to get official transcripts changes between colleges and universities. But, following steps will give an overview of how to get transcripts.

  1. Make copies of all mark sheets (photocopy, zerox)
  2. Put them in an envelop
  3. Pay the fees at university for transcripts ( I think its around Rs 100 to Rs200 per transcript)
  4. Submit the copies to University Registrar office.
  5. Registrar will verify the mark sheets and sign each page. If you have 8 semester mark sheets, all 8 pages have to be signed (with seal)
  6. Paste the envelop and sign and seal at the envelop opening.

Signed and sealed envelop with mark sheets is now official transcript and you can send that along with application documents. Universities in India will NOT send the transcripts to US. Even though website say only transcripts from universities are accepted, it doesn’t apply to International admission.


If you have additional questions/comments about official transcripts, do leave a comment below. If the process to get transcripts is different with you school, can you leave a comment below about the procedure?

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  1. Hi,
    I am applying for a Masters program @Europe and was asked to send a scan of my high school or university diploma and report cards for the two previous academic years. My question is “can it still serve as a transcript” since they have not requested for my transcript.

  2. Should the final degree certificate remain in the official transcript envelope as well? My university ( Bangalore university ) has no option of certifying the final degree certificate as a true copy.therefore do US universities accept just a copy of the degree certificate?

  3. Our transcripts are in envelope sealed by university.can we put all other docs in same envelope or need to keep other docs in separate envelope?

    1. Only the transcripts in sealed envelope. Others go in a separate bigger envelope, so you can put the transcript within that when you ship it. It’s ok to fold the transcripts to make it fit in bigger envelop.

  4. I’m from a Deemed University in India. I have original transcripts. Do I still need to get my marksheets xeroxed and attested to submit my application or submitting the original transcript is okay?

  5. Hey Raghu,

    So I’m currently in process to get these transcripts.

    I’m applying for journalism to USA…but if I need to have transcripts they accept, do I get them stamped from college or simply approach WES?

  6. Hey Raghu,

    This seems to be the right place to solve my problem. Thank you for the info you’ve given already.

    I have graduated from a university in France which had a joint course with the Chinese university (1st year in France and the 2nd in China), so I have two different marksheets from 2 different colleges. I am in India now. I am planning to apply to multiple colleges in USA now for another course and they are asking for my official transcripts. The problem is collecting MULTIPLE copies of transcripts from these colleges, getting it here in India and then sending it to the US colleges. Could you please tell me if I could convert the original transcripts’ COPIES over here in India into original by attesting it somehow? I am in a bit of fix.

    Thank you.

    1. I feel your pain ๐Ÿ™‚

      I can think of one solution – Use WES Transcript evaluation and they will take care of this. But, you have to spend some money.

      Take the original markets to USIEF and check if they see issue transcripts. IF they do, get multiple copies. And please come back to update this thread with the solution.

      1. Do you know what is the fee for WES transcript evaluation services? I am looking to get my graduation transcripts from India done.

  7. hi,
    I am applying in US university for graduate admission. They asked for attested copy of mark sheets as well as degree certificate in a sealed envelope as transcript. However, my university gave me sealed mark sheets attested by registrar. It doesn’t contain the degree certificate. Will they consider it as transcript?

  8. Hi Raghuram,

    Firstly, I appreciate your great work in answering questions on this forum. I am in the process of applying for UT Austin CS department. What is the softcopy that i have to upload to before the Dec 15 deadline?

    1. Is it the softcopy of my Madras University Registrar attested my marksheets ( the so called transcript )
    2. Is it softcopy of the WES evaluated Transcript ?

    Can u pls. help with the details ? Because i am afraid that i might not have sufficient time to get the WES evaluation done in time.

    1. Softcopy of your marksheets. If you have it attested, then you can use that, if not you can upload the scanned copies of your transcripts. Then when you mail, then send the Transcripts with Registrar’s signature.

  9. Hi there,
    my transcript has the name ‘VISHAL JAIN’ and university Application name is ‘VISHAL VIJAY KUMAR JAIN.’ So should I send a letter stating that the above info along with the sealed transcript to the graduate office?

  10. Hi there
    My UG college name changed(ISM dhanbad-IIT(ISM) dhanbad) after i passed out from there.Now they are giving transcripts of new template.So should i upload scanned copy of new transcripts or old marksheets and what name should i use in my SOPs and Resume.
    Plese help

  11. Some universities insist on uploading the official/unofficial transcripts (they explicitly say not to mail the official transcript) during the application phase. (Requires official transcripts if and only if admitted). In such cases,
    1. Can i upload scanned copies of semester wise marklists?
    2.Do i have to apply for transcripts, get them, open the envelop and scan that to upload. (And if admitted again request the university to issue transcripts and mail them)

      1. recently i m in usa, so it is not possible for me to go to india and do attested from registrar. so please suggest me another option for attested..

  12. Hello ,
    I am planning for my MFA in US . I have a Consolidated Marksheet where all the 8 semester marks are printed. Is it Enough or I have to get a separate Transcript ?
    Please reply ASAP

  13. I am in seventh semester and haven’t appeared for seventh sem exams yet. So I have marksheets of six semesters. Can I apply with transcripts containing scores of six semesters only?
    Reply fast

  14. Do I need to submit registrar attested marksheets along with transcripts. would HoD attested marksheets suffice?

  15. While sending official transcripts to universities , do we need to send 10 th and 12 th marks sheets as well??

  16. Hi..
    My doubt is regarding the envelop for sending transcript for US colleges..
    1- size of the envelop..A4 or full size?
    2-color of envelop…brown or white?
    3-can transcript be folded?

  17. Hi,
    I am presently in US and on H4 visa and after much work I got into one of the university in USA. I got into graduate program for fall 2015. I also did my Masters from India and that university is not sending official transcript unless they see the originals. ……

  18. I’m a student of VTU and the university considers only the scores of the last 4 sems for the final result printed on my B.E. certificate. So should I send only the last 4 marks cards or all 8?

  19. hi,i have applied universities and couriered my transcripts,now i realised that i have forgot to courier one of my memo.will i have face any problem for getting admmission??

  20. Hi, I applied for transcript through my consolidation mark sheet…Is this different frm getting through individual mark sheet?

  21. Hi Raghuram..not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this but i tried the hire me section as I wanted to discuss my views and questions in private. But the section is not working. So is there anyway I can do that. Please reply…

  22. are college transcripts ok for IUB please help. It is taking a lot of time here for uni transcripts.

  23. so If you want to apply for 6 universities you need to get 6 transcripts signed? or one can be useed for others?

      1. Hi Raghuram,
        I want to ask why we need 5-6 transcripts at the time of application process? Its costing huge for extra copies here. Isn’t it that we should have two copies max, one for our records and one for the university to which we decide to get admitted to?
        Thanks in advance.

        1. You are going to apply for multiple universities. Some schools just need 1 and some need 2. So, do the math and get more. Also, think about future.
          What if you plan to study MBA after few years? Getting transcripts again while you are located in USA will be really difficult and long expensive process. So, get extra transcripts. I have like 10 extra with me now. If I choose to study again, I don’t have to go or send someone back to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu to get transcripts. do you get my point?

  24. i’ve all the semester marks and grade individual even i need to transcript for applying abroad studies .

  25. i want to apply for higher education while in final year of my BE does the university of pune provide transcripts till 3rd year of my degree?

  26. Hi, I want a transcripts of my High School results(10th & 12th) as well as my graduation.. can you tell me the procedure.. THank you..

  27. do i have to get transcripts from college i studied and which one to send to US university college or my universities?

  28. hello sir,
    i have written a single subject five times and i passed at fifth time……….is all the five attempts should be attested or passed transcript is enough……….another thing is it is one backlog or 5 backlog

  29. i live in usa and i need my mark sheet from delhi university to be send to us university . i need mark sheet for 3 years in sealed envelop, how much is the fee they are saying $100 for each mark sheet , is that mean i have to pay $300 or $100

  30. sir, i completed my BE last month, i am applying for US Universities, they are asking for transcripts , but i dint receive my 8th sem marks card yet. for issuing transcript they are asking for 8th sem marks card also. please help. Thanks in advance

  31. Hi there to all, how is all, I think every one is getting more from this web page, and your views are nice in support of new visitors.

  32. I have completed my graduation in Physics from Fergusson College, Pune, and am currently doing M.Sc from IIT Delhi. I was wondering if I am supposed to submit the transcripts from both the institutes along with the application, or do they require only the undergraduate transcripts? Also, if I am supposed to send the transcripts from IIT Delhi as well, how can I do that since my course is not yet over.

  33. Can some1 help me plz!! I hv graudated from mumbai university and now i need the transcript to be submitted to WES for evalucation for the purpose of job. How can I get it and what is the procedure. Help me plz..

  34. Hi,
    I’m currently in Chicago and trying to pursue my MBA, one of the universities needs my transcripts evaluated. I am a BSC and MSC from University of Delhi in 2007 and 2009 respectively. I have all my originals here with me. Please help me with the process to get my transcripts signed and sealed.
    Q1. Do I need to send my originals and photocopies back to India, so as to get them attested? Or do they keep students records and would pull up the mark sheets from my Enrolment
    Q2. Is transcripts all about marksheets or the degree needs to be attested to?
    Q3. How long would be entire process as my application deadline being July, 2012.
    Q4. I have lost my BSC Degree, and would need a duplicate for that. Can someone help me with the procedure for that too.
    Q5. I am probably going through the evaluation from WES, I find them very difficult to deal with. Ne previous experience and tips would be welcome.

    Will appreciate your response.
    Thanks for the thread, it’s indeed a great effort.


    1. Hi Preet,
      Just wanted to know – WES sent you your evaluation in how many days? I have paid the fee, and sent my documents.. Is their service satisfactory? Do they give equivalent GPA?

  35. Heyyyy…i was wondering if it is mandate to send indvidual marksheets of all the 8 semesters or is it okay if i send only the consolidated marklist . i had 4 arrears in my 3rd sem(which i hav cleared with really good grades) and i dont want to display that fact by sending separate marklists . Please let me know if its ok to send only my consolidated marklist. Will US Universities accept that ??? Thanks !!!

    1. Could you please tell me what ypu did later? Did u send each semester marksheet or just the consolidated marksheet?

  36. iโ€™m presently in 4-2 .want to go to US for this spring still i have a backlog log in 1 subject of the time i clear my back log and get the result it will be almost july 2nd week and my 4-2 res will cme by augest i heard that for spring applications we need to send our transcripts till 4-2 so will it be late or transcripts till 3-2 is enough

    1. I would apply after you get the results in August. Have everything ready, once you get the transcripts, submit the application.

  37. Hi All,

    As per the above post and comments… A transcript is a photocopy of the marksheets which i received from my college and university attested by Registrar or Controller of Examination of the university to which my degree is affiliated to… (please correct me if i am wrong)

    I am presently in the US and want to give my certificates for evaluation to WES.

    I have completed my B.Com (Accounting & Finance) from Mumbai University in 2010… and will be applying for this year… My question is… If i get my marksheets till attested and placed in a sealed envelope and have few more sets with me when i come back to US… wil that be considered valid after 2 yrs as well ( if i want to use it for evaluation after masters).

    Is there any specific validity for attetested an sealed marksheets given by the University of Mumbai? if Yes, How much?

    Kindly assist as i am really confused with this…

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. ya it will be valid it has no time limit…but if u r applying to wes for evaluation then go for WES ICAP sevice where u have to pay some extra fees n can use ur evaluation whenever u want . u dont need to submit ur documents again n again to wes .

      1. Thanks for reply!! I had called WES regarding the same concern… asked if i get my Bachelors Degree evaluated now under WES ICAP and later give masters degree for evaluation do i have to submit documents all over again… she said YES… I dont knw how far is she correct…. If that is the case then whts the use of WES ICAP….

        Do you have any idea abt this?? I wil be going to Mumbai in next few months so want to complete all the paper formalities required…. Kindly assist…

        Thanks again for the reply!!

        1. Hi …Just wanted to know โ€“ WES sent you your evaluation in how many days? I have paid the fee, and sent my documents.. Is their service satisfactory? Do they give equivalent GPA?

  38. Hello, I am in final year of my bachelor’s degree Delhi University. My degree will be complete next year july 2012. I am seeking admission for the September 2012 session

    So what will be the transcript for me, will it be the notarised copies of my 3 years marksheets or anything else ?

  39. HI,

    How to upload transcript while applying online? Some university donโ€™t want the hard copies.They will ask for it if admission is granted. Then how to upload the transcripts.
    From my university(WBUT), I will get the transcript in a envelope so I canโ€™t scan them. Please help me I am bit confused about this.

  40. I completed my btech from A private self financing college in kerala
    and completed my ME from IISc . Should i have to meet both college registrars or the last collage register alone to send official transcripts . PLs help

  41. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this post. I have a question; The photocopies of all semesters marksheets should be black & white or coloured or it doesn’t really matter?

    And, does the name of the university (to which the transcript is to be sent) have to be written by the Registrar or I can write it? Thanks a lot.

  42. do i have to get failure marksheets attested by the registrar while applying to the universities in USA , i did my MBBS from maulana azad medical college ,delhi university. will the university authority send the sealed envelop to the university in USA or do we have to send it ourselves.

  43. I just went to my college and got 10 attested copies of the transcript. They are signed and sealed by our college’s principal and each copy of the transcript is put in a sealed envelope, which is also signed by our college’s principal. Is it really mandatory get the copies of the transcript signed by university registrar? I didn’t know about that until now. Will US universities accept transcripts attested by our college’s principal?

    Please reply soon. I’m applying for Spring 2012.

    Thank you so much.

  44. Hi, I would like to thank HSB for taking this initiative of guiding students through the process.

    I am in a bit of a trouble. My university (IIT Guwahati) issues only consolidated marksheet, i.e. all the semester wise marks in one sheet. When I asked, they refused to issue individual semester marksheet saying that IIT G does not issue individual marksheets. I applied to SF state univ. for MBA program and sent them the consolidated marksheet. However they are asking for individual marksheets. Now where do I get these marksheets from? Shall I mail SFSU explaining them the position of IITG?

    1. Let them know your university will not provide semester-wise marksheets. If they insist that's what they need, then find different school, but let them know you are no longer considering their school.

  45. Hi,

    I gone through your explanation for Transcripts in India.

    But my university (Anna university of technology, Tiruchirappalli) is providing the transcripts in a different form. That is they are mentioning the marks (upto 6th semester) in a single paper(printed) and that one is attested by the registrar of the university. They are not attesting all the photo copies of the original mark sheets. Plz inform that this type of transcript is accepted by the US Universities?…..

    1. Hi Karthick

      Though majority of the universities do accept it but there are some universities which might raise an objection about the transcripts. I am telling you from my own experience with IIT Chicago (no offense to university :)). Even my univ (from which I graduated engg.) provided me transcripts in the same above mentioned way and was accepted at 5 schools but I received a mail from the admission dept from 6th for sending them the consolidated mark sheets attested by university official. So my advice would be, be prepared for it and talk to your university about the same. For now you can send them the transcripts and if they raise any question (which should be in 15-20 days after you send them your documents), you can always take a print out of the mail and present it before university officials.

      Good luck!

  46. hiii if you are applying to say 5 differnet colleged at the same time , and i filled out an application online and payed the fee ineach also online , how do i send each my official transcripts ???, i mean i can send copies to each then when i get accepted i send the official transcripts , i guess .

    also when i get accepted in the college i want in america do i mail my old college the adress and ask them to send my file or how does it work exactly ??

  47. Now most of the universities provide transcripts signed and
    sealed in India too. They charge 50rs per transcript. All u have to
    do is, submit a copy of consolidated mark sheet.

  48. Hi

    I am being told dat transcripts are to be kept in A 4 size brown envelope… so shud i get signature and seal on dat. Or is there ne specified envelope for dat?!! Plz lemme know. Thanks in adv… Also temme if am being told d right thing.

  49. Hello,

    My medical college has issued me transcripts but they are not in a sealed or signed envelope. Is it ok if I send those? The stupid office people are not ready to stamp the envelopes saying that they stamp only those envelopes which are being posted sdirectly by the college itself. Can you please suggest an action urgently?

    Thank you

  50. Thats great!

    My university people(the corrupt bastards) are charging 1600 bucks per transcript. Don't know what to do now.

  51. Hi HSB!
    Firstly, your pots have been invaluable in helping us in deciding our schools, preparing for gre, and also in application process. My Question is – if i apply to 8 schools, should i get 8 different transcripts(with sign and seal in all 8 envelopes) prepared or 1 transcript and its photocopies will do the job.

  52. Hi,
    So the college where i graduated from has its university in another is the case with many its very difficult to go there specially to get my transcripts signed by the registrar.

    1.Can i get the marksheets verified, signed and sealed by my college dean?
    2.Can a gazzeted officer verufy, sign and seal the package.

    Hoping to get a reply.
    thank you

  53. Hi

    I am a regular visitor of HSB. It is very nice to the entire thing of US admissions.

    I like to clarify one thing, If someone can share it, then it will be helpful for me

    Can u tell me the Universities in Europe with high standard education and the requirements of them???

    Can u tell me the universities in US which does not require GRE or which requires only TOEFL???

  54. Hello,

    I wanted to know does the envelope of transcripts need to be sealed as well as signed? I had requested for transcripts from my university and what they had sent is the attested transcripts in envelopes which are sealed with university stamp. There are ni signatures on the envelope openings. Would it be a problem?

  55. how early we can send the application for the adminssion in good university.or which time is best for sending the application for winter intake

  56. hey i have completed diploma in computer engineering & took admission for B.E. Computer Engg. Direct Second Year what transcripts i must get from the university of PUNE. Rit knw im appearing final yr of Engg. Plz do ans my query

  57. Hello, can you suggest a solution for my problem please..

    I would like to apply to the UCs but i have a doubt regarding my TOEFL scores reaching them before the deadline.

    I have taken up my GRE and the problem is that i am yet to give my TOEFL exam, the deadline for submitting the application is December 15th.

    I will send my application with all the requirements before December 15th but as i can take up TOEFL only on November 21st, I am aware that my TOEFL scores sent by ETS will reach only after the deadline.

    So, can you please tell me whether they’ll consider my application even if my TOEFL score (sent by ETS) reaches after december 15th or not?

    1. Dont worry- The toefl scores sent by ETS is official. But till then the photocopy of score card or marks specified by you in application filling will be sufficient. I am telling out of my experience that the university needs TOEFL NOT FOR SHORTLISTING but a mandatory requirement for admission which by that time you may have got it or sent. Best of luck

  58. Hello, can you suggest a solution for my problem please.. it goes this way..

    I would like to apply to the UCs but i have a doubt regarding my TOEFL scores reaching them before the deadline.

    I have taken up my GRE and the problem is that i am yet to give my TOEFL exam, the deadline for submitting the application is December 15th.

    I will send my application with all the requirements before December 15th but as i can take up TOEFL only on November 21st, I am aware that my TOEFL scores sent by ETS will reach only after the deadline.

    So, can you please tell me whether they'll consider my application even if my TOEFL score (sent by ETS) reaches after december 15th or not?

  59. You say that the transcripts will not be provided by the universities to U.S. Then how to get it if i am a student studying in India.

  60. I have completed my B.E. in Electronics and Communication and now want to do MS in Robotics, suggest me the Universities where this branch is available and i'm interested in US only. Pls reply soon as i got my GRE on 15th of Oct.

  61. right now i am in BE final yr and i m applying for fall 2011. my exams will get over till june 2011 and my results will be in aug (most probably the 3 week). so what do i need to do… i wont get transcript for my BE course….although i ll have my diploma course transcript…… wat other documents do i need to submit according to this scenario.

  62. regarding transcript…. i was failed 1 yr in my diploma course of engineering. so do i have to attach failed mark-sheets with the transcript?……as i was dropped for 1 yr.

  63. i m doing my final should i send 6 sem marksheet and then after completing ug i have to once again send 8 sem transcript or not needed

  64. Instead of sending semester wise grade sheets, can we send a single consolidated grade(containing all the semester details) sheet which is issued by the university?

    Will this qualify as a transcript?

  65. Hi,

    I am a BPharm with 8 years of experience in Pharma R&D. Will be applying for PhD in US. I am still confused whether to get the transcript from my college ( which is a governmant aided) or from the University. I have contacted my college, they are willing to give a transcript. I really don't know from where exactly I should get it from. I m from Mumbai University.

    Please help!!!


    1. You will have to get the official/certified transcripts from Registrar/Controller of Examination of your university.

      After application for certified transcripts and paying fees (as mentioned above), some universities ask for your original transcripts. They photocopy it and after certification from the Registrar, they seal it in the printed envelope.

      That's better option to go with…

  66. Hi,

    Will sending more number of documents, like consolidated transcript + individual marks sheets etc. give a negative impression about our application. Like, we are being over-cautious?

    I'll be very grateful for a reply.

    1. You need to get an official transcript form your university, for that you may have to pay some fee for each mark sheet and should be signed and sealed from your university registrar.

  67. hi.

    thanks for an informative post.

    my question is- apart from the 8 semesters mark sheets, we receive a provisional card from the university. do we have to send it along with the transcripts or is it some kinda optional. please throw some light on that matter.


  68. Please can u let me know clearly abt –>>

    Do ve have attest XEROX Copy of original Marksheet OR do v hav to make it in ms word/scan (n hence print out) of the marksheet ???

    1. Neither, you need OFFICIAL transcripts of which you can obtain multiple copies (all original) from your college. They will know what it is. A lot of universities do not accept notarized photocopies, so it is always safer to send originals. These are signed and stamped and given in a sealed envelope which is also signed and stamped.

  69. for transcript, we should get sign for individual semester mark list or if you having a consolidated marklist of all the semesters, is that enough??

      1. HSB,

        It differs from university to university; University of Kerala charges Rs 300 per individual marklist or Rs.1000 for a consolidated marklist transcript.

  70. I have a situation at hand. I need to send official transcripts to 15 universities, but the high cost of Rs.500/- at my university prevents me from obtaining such a high number of 'original' transcripts. So my question is that, do universities accepted attested copies of transcripts from notaries such as USIEF ?? Do any certain universities have any regulations to send only the original copy and do not accept notarized photocopies?

    1. Most universities do not accept photocopies and require you to send original transcripts. But, very few universities do allow you to upload a scanned copy of the original with the online application for review and ask for the original once you are accepted. You could mail the admission coordinator and ask them if the accept scanned copies.

  71. Hi,

    I have transcripts that I took last year. I tool more transcripts than i required. So some are still left with me. Can i reuse them for this year? Or do the transcripts expire and we always need the latest ones?

    Note that I graduated from college some 3 years back. So all the transcipts whether new or old will contain the same info.

  72. Not many people are aware of this fact but the attestation of xerox copies of marksheets can also be done from USEFI which is done is just rs.40 in comparison to rs.200-500 charged by most universities. This is acceptable as an official transcript in US.

    1. hi radhika! Thats interesting!! Did you submit notarized copies? I just wanted to know if it really works as most of our jobs will be quite easier. I appreciate your help!


  73. Well the above article is concerned with transcripts sending through mail. What if I need to upload online ? ? (majority of the universities recommend this)

      1. As far as my research on the university websites goes, majority of them don't require to send the hard copies. However, on the other hand i am not clear with how the consultancies work in applying. . They just borrow the photocopies of transcripts from us ( not even attested) ? ? ?

        1. yes,, very right… infact not heard of ny such prblm being faced till date on photocopies being attested by univ….

          a bit confused, as my Univ rgpv not issue more original copies.!

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