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When H-1B Quota Cap was Reached, 2005 to 2010

We all have some ideas about the H-1B visa lotteries for the last few years, but did you know when did the H-1B cap had been reached a few years back?

Here’s a table that shows when H-1B visa cap had been reached in the last few years, particularly from 2005 to 2009.

Dates when H-1B Cap Reached:

Here is the list starting from FY 2005 for which H-1B applications had been filed beginning April 1, 2004.

There are a total of 65,000 General Quota H-1B slots and 20,000 for students with Advanced Degrees (master’s, PhD) from U.S. Universities.

H-1B Fiscal Year H-1B Filing Date Date H-1B Quota Cap Reached
2005 April 1, 2004 October 1, 2004
2006 April 1, 2005 August 10, 2005
2007 April 1, 2006 May 26, 2006
2008 April 1, 2007 April 2, 2007
2009 April 1, 2008 April 7, 2008
2010 April 1, 2009 December 21, 2009

Will Companies File H-1B this Year?

With less than a month to go, there are not many jobs available out there and with the New H-1B Rules, it will be difficult for big banks to hire workers with H-1B visas.

So if you are applying for H-1B visa for FY 2010 in 2009, what is the probability to get a job in this economy? Some consulting firms are paying fines and salary for not paying employees in bench.

This means that those consulting companies in particular are definitely not going to file H-1B visa applications for this year.

Likewise, the number of H-1B petitions to be submitted will likely be lesser, so the chances of getting visa approved is higher if there is a lottery.

But if there are no jobs available, what is the use of just having an H-1B visa?

If companies applying for H-1B visas for its employees currently working for them will have no issues, what about consulting firms that are planning to apply? Will they apply at all?

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  1. Do you guys know when we are going to be informed about whether this year’s quota is reached? and also is there a certain date that the lottery is going to take place?

    1. @Raju, iam reading ur coments about the number of applications you are filling this yr, well u relx buddy, u hv filled 4 application still u r not been able to sleep??? wts rong wid u? u will definately get through as this H1 is now becum a visiting visa for ppl like u, and those who have worked hard and pay hell lot of fees to universities for MS and BS, seems like idiots now! i wish i would be like you living in my home watching cricket nad just wait for my H1 approved thousdand miles in VERMONT or California service centrs;)..

  2. We all have similar stories..but people like Raju – and these consultants..i get soo pissed at them when i see them

    1. you suck my friend. Get a real name! I am sure you are Albert Einstein and everyone else is stupid.


  3. You think 3 years is a lot? I’ve studied 14 years! I am currently a medical doctor with a specialty certification from CANADA! We have to go through the same process and are in the same boat as “consultants” who have significantly less training.

    The whole process stinks. I have been offered excellent high-paying positions and cannot accept them because of the H1B Visa issue.

  4. Consulting firms better not apply…

    This is ridiculous….They simply apply telling they are much more talented than local, and raise the no. of H1’s every year, and because of this really talented H1 aspirants have to keep their fingers crossed after having a job.,

    already 3 yrs of stress studying hard in universities and finding a job

    along with it., another 5 months of depression and stress of thinking i would get thro’ lottery if there is(despite having a job in this economy)

    all because of consultants.!!!…consultants down down!!

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