F1 Visa Interview Experiences

2 Minute F1 Visa Interview at Chennai Consulate

My F1 visa interview at Chennai Consulate was very simple and lasted only for 2 min

I had my visa appointment today at 7.30 (May 27, 2011)

While submitting my documents they told my passport photo was not of good quality so i had to take one more, this only took time for me.

F1 Visa at Chennai

Me : Good Morning
VO : Good Morning, How are u doing.

Me : Fine
VO : Show me your documents

Me : (gave it to him)
VO : What are u going to do at Clemson University

Me : I am going to do my masters in electronics
VO : From which university have you undergraduated from

Me : (Could not understand was he asked me….) Sir I am not able to get you
VO : you undergraduate university

Me : Pondicherry Central University
VO : What is your oveall percentage

Me : I have not got my 8th sem results, upto seventh sem I have a CGPA 0f 8.64/10
VO : Do you have any backlogs.

Me : No
VO : How are u going to pay for your education.

Me : (Could not understand was he asked me….) Sir I am not able to get you
VO : Repated the question again

Me : My father’s savings
VO : What is your father doing

Me : he is a prof. in Physics and Head of Center for Nanoacience and Technology in Pondicherry Central University
VO : your visa has been approved and u will get in a weeks time, All the best for your studies in U.S. (gives me a pamplet),attend our pre-departure orientation.

Me : thank you sir

That it I have got my visa, I came out by 8.50, only because of my photo it got late otherwise would have come more early.

My interview was only for 2min the officer was patient to repeat the question for me as i was not able to get his slang, He was really very cool.

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  1. VO’s don’t even ask what your future plans are or if you’re coming back if he’s already convinced your a legit student.

  2. hey congrats for your visa…i also aspire to get to usa for ms-electrical/electronics. in which field are you doing your specialisation at clemson and how is it there?

    1. There is no tips. Tell why will you come back? You have a good future in INDIA. It will be your answer.

  3. hi friends i got my f 1 visa approved at mumbai consulate.
    I want to post my visa experience to HSB.
    How to do this.
    please guide.

  4. Congratulations on your visa!!
    But, I was under that impression that you need to have provisional certificate, with all the eight semester’s marks for your VISA. Is this correct?
    Also HSB or the person who underwent this interview, please post the list of documents that are required for VISA as it would be helpful for all the readers who are attending the VISA.
    Thanks in advance.

        1. if u have u can bring ur 8th sem mark sheets or seven sem mark sheets and ur course completion certificate

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