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F1 Visa Interview M.Arch – 2 Years, 5 Interviews – Visa Approved With Administrative Processing

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the guidance you have been providing to a large number of students who are planning to study in the US through F1 Visa Interview and F1 Visa Interview Experiences analysis.

I started my journey to apply to US universities in 2010 and am still awaiting the green signal from the visa authorities.

F1 Visa Interview M.Arch

I have done my B.Arch. From India and applying to a Master of Architecture (M.Arch) in the US. I completed all the required formalities including TOEFL, GRE and for M.Arch.

I got admitted to one university of the seven universities  I applied and waitlisted on two others. My I-20 arrived, and I was as happy that I am going to the US, as I had not heard from anyone about the so-called ‘F1 visa rejection’.

As luck would have it, my visa was rejected three times over a period of 2 months July and August 2011 (Mumbai Consulate and once in Gulf).

This was a nightmare as all my friends who applied to got F1 Visa, and I was left out.

I was also the topper of my class and have an excellent academic profile.

Even though utterly dejected at first, I did not give up.

It was on a Google search that I found HSB and saw how big this issue is.

Nonetheless, I went through the whole application process again, including a painful remake of the portfolio for my college admission and F1 Visa interview for M.Arch. And applied for Fall 2012 semester. I got admission to all the universities I applied to – three in total.

I gave my visa interview overseas, as my family was living in the Gulf. In June was my first interview where I was rejected, and the VO told me that I can reapply (No white slip of 214(b) given to me). I reapplied in 10 days time and this time got through!

The VO told me “Your visa is approved,  but It requires additional processing, I am giving you a case no. and you can check back on the website”.

This administrative processing is based on common names in the passport and he said, “should be over well before your travel date on I-20.”

I asked him specifically that I would like to go to the USA in August first week.

I’m waiting for more than five weeks, and still nothing has been updated on the consulate website.
I promised myself to share my experiences in detail when I get the visa, but it’s taking time and I thought of sharing with others in the same situation.

I will be writing in detail about my visa interviews, experiences in the different consulates and few mistakes that I rectified thanks to HSB once I get the visa.

Please advise me what you think of my case and my options.

There’s a graduate introduction program that starts from 30th July, which I have registered for, and my course starts on 20th Aug.

I am beginning to get anxious. It’s been a lot of hard work and patience, and I want it to work this time. I have even got offers from colleges in UK and Canada which will be the last resort this year, as in architecture there are no deferrals.

I hope it works out. Is there any other way to check what’s holding up the admin process?

F1 Visa Interview Analysis – M.Arch

I think your visa interview is one of the best examples to show the power of perseverance, patience and hope.

Start reading here – What is 221(g) Administrative Processing?

As you can see, there’s no time limit on when they can approve your F1 Visa to go to U.S.A. under 221g administrative processing.

U.S. Consulate wants make sure there’s no security risk before letting anyone into the USA.

I have seen people wait for 5 weeks to get visa after Administrative Processing and some H1B Visa applicant waited for 2 years.

Read this experience – F1 Visa Approved After 5 Weeks in Administrative Processing 221(g) Time

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  1. Hello Anon,

    Hope you are fine? even I’m sailing in the same boat. When & where did you had your Visa intrview? Pls be in touch, and always post your status. Thanks in advance.

    Mohamed Shaoaib Khan.

  2. Administrative process could really be a pain in the ass. Here in Dhaka consulate, they suggest us to apply before 90 days of the “intended date of travel” as mentioned in DS-160. And it really takes much time for people with common names. For my case, it took exactly 70 days of waiting. I know longer cases too. For example, for the first boy of my batch, it took 87 days of waiting!!!
    So, don’t worry. Sooner or later, they will give you VISA. So, please just wait and hopefully you will get it in time.

  3. Hey,

    Which consulate in the gulf did you apply for a visa? I have applied from Abu Dhabi and it’s been almost 8 weeks and the visa is still under administrative processing.

  4. Please answer me, will the embassy say my gmat score is low, I’ve 530 and my interview is next wk. Tnx to this site.

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