F1 Visa Interview Experiences

Student Visa to USA – Approved for MBA

Happy Schools Blog has really helped me a lot while preparing for the US Student Visa Interview and since I got my F-1 Visa approved.

Here is my F1 visa interview experience so that it might help other students like me who are preparing for their F-1 visa interview.


  • MBA, Oklahoma State University
  • GMAT- 530
  • TOEFL-104
  • GRADUATION- B.Sc (HONS) Biotechnology, 70 %
  • Currently pursuing 1-Year PG Diploma in Marketing Management, Sem-1 67%

Weaknesses– low GMAT score, relatives in USA and the major block- immigration petition to USA

Strengths– Good TOEFL, Tourist Visa from last 10 years and again a valid tourist visa upto 2018.

Student Visa Interview Experience

VO- (I haven’t even reached his window yet on the mid way he looking at me and saying) Good morning, how are you doing?
Me- smiling I am good what about you?

VO- So where are you going in USA?
ME- Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University

VO- Where in Oklahoma
Me- Stillwater

VO- What is your visa category?
Me- F-1

VO- Why Oklahoma State University?
Me- It is nationally rankes and spears school of business….I was just speaking he changed the question

Vo- Did you applied to some other colleges?
Me- Yes, Carnegie Mellon..VO interrupts me and asks did you make it there and I said no I could not and then I continued with my answer…Texas state University. Texas A&M. corpus christi and University of Tampa.

VO- so what about them?
Me- Application is still in review for texas A&M and Texas State University and got into University of tampa.

(I guess he dint heard my got into university of tampa so he said)
VO- that means only one admit
Me- No. I have the I-20 from University of Tampa also.

VO- What does your father do?
Me- he is into liquor business

VO- What is your GMAT
Me- 530 ,on hearing this he was giving me very weird looks so I just said abruptly but I have a good TOEFL and then he said TOEFL is not gonna help you in business and on hearing this I had no options left apart from giving him a weak smile!!!

VO- how many times have you been to USA before?
Me- once

VO- ok, tell me your career plan like what will you be doing in 5 years?
Me- See, first of all I am doing this MBA in HR, after that I am gonna join a nice biotech company and work there for few years then I.ll come up with my own venture.
( I had a far far more better answer prepared for this but I dont know why you tend to forget things there?)

VO- That means you had biotech in your undergrad?
Me- I said yes

VO-Do you have any relatives staying there?
Me- No, not any immediate but my mothers sister and her family is there.

VO- Where did you went in usa earlier?
Me- orlando

VO- why?
Me- summer holidays

VO- ok have anyone applied for your immigration petition?
Me- Yes, my grand mom must have applied may be in 2000 or 2002

VO- He said the name of my grandmother
Me- I said yes she is my mother.s mother and I am not thinking on those terms and gave away the reasons.
(at this instant I was like ok m not getting visa now)

VO- Where is your grand mom living in USA?
Me- She has come back to India and living with us from last 2 years.

VO-No, where she use to live in usa?
Me- Orlando

VO-Your visa has been approved and you.ll get it in 4 days.
Me- I dont remember I thanked him or not as I was numb for few seconds

During the whole time during the interview he was busy checking out my profile on the computer there were only few instances when he looked at me either while asking a question or while listening to my answer.

To all the HSB followers I.ll just say stay calm and confident just answer them what they are asking for honestly.
All the best to all!!

Congrats to Swati for sharing her Student Visa interview to USA experience.

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  1. Hi, I’m currently interested on pursuing my MBA program in Okstate and currently a student in OSU for Mechanical Engineering degree. I would like to know that do they consider more on GMAT score or undergraduate GPA? Because my undergraduate GPA is only 2.922, do u think I will get a good chance of getting into the program? Thank you!

  2. @ Swat: Congrats!!!

    Can you tell me How much money do I need to show in bank statement? And in CA statement. I am asking this for MBA.

    Congrats once again.!!!

  3. congrats on your visa. Good u spoke the truth, even im in the same line. your VI is definitely a guide for me.

    All the best for your future.

    1. They ask this question to make sure that the person wont be a potential immigrant…..according to them if you apply to one that means the person has not done good research on universities just applied to one as he simply wants to enter US.

  4. Hey Swati, congrats a lot.. Really lucky to get thru wit such a background. Hope God gives such opportunity to all…

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