So, you have applied for Graduate School Admission in USA and waiting to hear admission decision from Universities. If you follow Fall 2011 Admissions, then you can see following results

  • Applied (or waiting)
  • Rejected
  • Admitted

There are  3 possible outcomes for your graduate school application

  1. Admitted
  2. Wait listed
  3. Rejected


You will be notified by acceptance letter. Here is a sample college admission letter with $16,347 scholarship. For foreign students, universities will send Form I-20.

If university gives you an option to pay for express service to mail I-20 then pay that extra money to get I-20 ASAP. By regular mail, it can take 3 to 4 weeks to reach India (from USA).

Some schools, inform admission decision by email or in online application status page. Then acceptance letter and I-20 will be sent together.

Wait Listed

This is tough, if this was your dream school. If all the students accept their admission, then you will not get admission for the semester. You will get rejection letter.

Due to economy, many students are going back to graduate school. So, graduate school that you considered to be safe bet might be rejecting applications.


Most of the graduate schools will send rejected letter too, but there are few schools where you never anything back. First try sending email, if you dont hear anything, then call graduate school to learn about Grad school application status.

Always remember that people working in graduate school are humans like you and I. If they don’t respond, then assume they are busy. So, have little patience and try calling them. Someone will answer the phone when you call graduate school admission office.

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