Which is Better: MS as a Fresher or With Job Experience?

Im an engineering (CS) 4th year student. My plan has always been to go for master after completion of engineering as i wasn’t sure if id get placed or not as my btech aggregate is a low (68%).

I gave my gre and i have scored 1340 (740+600+3.5) and expecting a toefl score of 100+.

Here is an interesting story for you guys. I had Toefl on the same day as Placements. So i thought of skipping placements and writing toefl ( as there are no dates any time soon to postpone it).

But it so happened that i got a call from Ets saying my test center is being renovated ( The main PROMETRIC center in hyderabad). So they gave me an option to reschedule it free of cost.

This kinda freaked me out. I dint know what to do as there no dates anytime soon. Neways due to postponement of my toefl i could attend placements and i got placed in Mphasis, a HP company.

I was really really excited and happy. It was like god planned all this , postponing my toefl so that i could attend the placements and get selected.

And the best part was i luckily got a toefl slot the very next week in chennai! (probably due to some cancellation). I had a problem with the headset in the middle of the exam and i couldn’t do it as well as i thought i could 🙁 . anyways still expecting a score of 100.

Well the thing is Now that i have job in hand, i dont want to let go for a waste. So im planning to work for an year and go for masters next year ie fall 2013.
Am i doing the right thing? Does experience help in anyway? Or is it better to go for masters directly after completion of btech?

Im a regular reader of happyschools and im even a member of forums. Im subscribed to HSB even in facebook and i did comment a few times. So i hope i get back a reply.

Thank you

Study Abroad but When?

I’m inclined to say Yes to both the options.

Answer to the question completely depends on your personal, professional  and career goals.

Ask the following questions to decide an answer

  • What drives to you go Masters?
    • Large Pay Check
    • Entry to USA
    • Plans to settle down in USA?
  • Would you have interest after 1 or 2 years to apply for Masters?
  • Would you be willing to return to India after MS?
  • How would you feel about returning to India without finding a job in US after MS?
  • Would you be willing to work in different country after degree from USA?
  • Are you considering other countries for higher education?

Ask tough questions and answer them in all honesty.

You will be expecting Yes or No reply for your question. But, I’m not the kind of person who is going to decide your future just based on facts you presented about you.

I’m asking you to think and ask questions about your future.

It’s not an easy choice, but only by making tough decisions you get stronger and learn new things in life.

US Economy vs Graduate School

Finding job in this US economy is not an easy task, but not an impossible one.

Thats the reason I added the question – Are you willing to work in another country after degree from US.

You can start your job search process in Canada while attending school in USA.

You can even apply for internship in Canada if you are finding it tough to get internship in USA.

It all comes down to effort and options you have at your disposal.

For a middle class family to spend 25 lakhs to send a student USA is not an easy task. Parents and students expect to a find and recover the investment.

So, think about the options and questions I have given to you.


Lets see what other students in situations like you, have to say about studying abroad in US as fresher vs experienced professionals.


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  1. Sir,

    Is it true that the universities in U.S.A consider internships valid,only if the duration is of 3 months or more? I have done my internship with a leading electronics company.But the period of my internship was only 2 weeks. How does this affect my chance of getting a scholarship?


    1. There’s not a lot you can learn from 2 weeks internship. But, when it comes to admission, having 2 weeks is better than not having any experience at all. Now, it’s upto you on how you express your experience in your SOP.

  2. Hi,
    I am doing my it 2nd year.i desired to go with the job first.but i thought that i could get some time till my i planned to go for the gre coaching class and attend the many times can i reappear for this exam?what is the eligibility?

  3. I am a final year (Electronics Engg.) student wanting to apply for Fall 14.
    (I could apply for Fall-13 but my univ. exams are in oct-nov so most of the deadlines will be gone if I take exams after that. So goin for 1yr work exp.).

    Now i’ve planned to take GRE, TOEFL in July 13 and submit applications by Aug 13.
    What should I do in this duration (Aug 13 to the date of departure)- a research job or a short term course. How advantageous will this 9-10 months of work exp. be?

    What questions can be posed by Visa Officer?

    Also I am concerned over the fact that I’ll not be able to show this work exp. to applied universities as i’ll have to apply for admissions before joining a Job or Course.

    Above all is there any serious disadvantage of takin a drop and taking up a relevant job for about a year before going for MS in US.

  4. @HSB,

    Hey! I am in one of the most “let’s say” crucial dilemmas of my life. I have a gre score of 1420 and a TOEFL score of 112. My essay score was a 5 and my cumulative GPA is around 7.4% but I have a lot of international projects.

    The reason for my post is the fact that I am quite concerned about my job. I have an offer from one of the most prominent MNC’s in the world and I have an offer from a start up which is gaining pace quite fast.

    I just wanted to know, which would benefit me the most for my MS admission/application process in 2014 (Fall).

    2 Years Work Exp will definitely help me figure out my specialization but which is better, a Startup work ex or an MNC work ex?

    My gut feeling is the start up because I feel there will be definitely more exposure with the latest trends in the world rather than sticking to one field in any normal MNC job?

    Earnestly waiting for a reply. 🙂

    Befuddledboi! =]

  5. hello,
    I have the same dilemma as you. I am B.Tech(EC) student from Dharmsinh Desai University Nadiad. I am a 3rd year student. my counter question is.. should I opt job first than to do MS to strengthen my financial capability…?? Because I am from a middle class family I may not be able to get money needed directly after completing my B.Tech.. still I can manage the money if it is viable to go for MS directly instead of a JOB. so o comment for my question. thanks.

  6. hi all , i appreciate HSB for clearing the fuzziness of many people ,

    i graduated from an premier institute in Electrical Engineering in India and currently working as an ” Graduate engineer Trainee” in a very reputed hi profile organization in India , the nature of my job is “captive power plant” maintenance.

    My query is ,does an experience of 2 yrs in this job role as an maintenance engineer boost up my chances in securing a good job in electronics field after completion of MS in VLSI

    HSB always plays the role of an umpire 🙂 anticipating the reply


  7. Thanks a lot …
    I was in the same dilemma but now that I got placed in a company which specializes in Embedded systems and that I want pursue my masters in the same field .
    It’s a added advantage to have done MS in the field and a well worth 2yrs experience to get a job in United States Of A
    With all the points mentioned by pawan I can take my step boldly after 2yrs

  8. Hi …
    I am in final year B.E.(EC) under vtu.I ve given my GRE and yet to give TOEFL.I got placed in HCL and Wipro in campus placements.
    Even i was in same dilemma.But now have decided to work for two years in core field ,gain experience and then go 🙂 But that fire doesnt dilute as few have mentioned. Its a dream to do MS so ,if nt after 2 yrs or may be 5 yrs it remains the same 🙂 😀
    I ve heard that few companies do sponsor for MS .From granting leave for 2 years to providing funds in the university they are collaborated with or may be asking to join them back after masters,in several ways.So try ur luck 🙂

  9. Hi,

    I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering from VTU(Karnataka).I have an aggregate of 75% from 1st -8th Semester in my Engineering.I had never failed in any subject,but unfortunately I was not able to clear only one subject in 8th Semester.I will be writing that subject again in 1st Week of December 2011 and will obtain its result by 2nd week of January 2012.
    I have a very good GRE score (1480) and I will be applying for admissions for Fall 2012 for MS programs in USA.Most of the deadlines for applying to the universities in USA close by 2nd week of December 2011.While applying for admissions to the universities,should I disclose my marks only until my 7th semester of Engineering or should I explicitly tell them that I have failed in one subject in 8th Semester and awaiting my results ?What should I do ?Please guide me.

    Yours Faithfully

  10. A very excellent discussion, some very valid points put forward by those who have gone through the grind.

    I too am in my final year of under-grad, and have done my bit of research. From what I know, it depends on two factors:
    1) Whether or not you get a respectable enough university
    2) How technically challenging is the field you want to work in

    If you do get through a good university immediately after under-grad, I believe one should go forward with it. Simply because, I am told that your drive for studies “reduces” once you start earning (again that depends on your motivation levels).

    For the second question, let me exemplify. Say I want to get into a certain field in aerospace (like avionics, or maybe aerostructures). A under-grad will not be able to get into the field, so it only makes sense to go ahead with your Master’s.

    The above 2 views are what I have been advised by various people I have met regarding the same. Best of luck making the decision.


  11. I’d say go for the program! It really depends on where you get it. Especially in CS the chances of you getting a job is much higher as long as you do well. Banks, hedge funds and other small startups all want computer science students. Microsoft and Google also hire throughout the year but they really look for exceptional students. And regarding applications make sure you apply early. A book that helped me (which I bought from was On Writing the College Application Essay. Great read and great tips. Start as early as you can and most colleges do take Master’s students. ALL THE BEST Rohith in whatever decision you make.

  12. @ HSB
    Thanks a lot for posting my questions..
    Well, to be very frank the main reason im planning to go to US is for a bigger pay check and if possible to settle down there.
    My goal has always been to do masters, so im pretty sure i’d still want to go for masters even after 1-2 years. And yes i dont mind working in other countries ( like canada)
    Hmm i wasnt exactly looking for a yes/no answer. I was hoping to hear the pros/cons of taking up a job or going for masters directly as a fresher. The discussion and the many advices have really helped me solve some of my doubts.
    I have considered all the factors, and most probably il take up the job offer and will work for one-two years and then will go for masters. Will try my best to find a job in US but if i dont get one i will try out in canada, In the worst scenario if i dont get that too then il return back to india and try getting a good job here ( hopefully my exp and masters degree will help me get a decent job).

    Thanks a lot HSB. Your questions helped me get a clearer view of things

  13. Hello HSB,

    I have a similar doubt..MY engineering percentage is a bit low..and I had a few backlogs(10).I have a GRE score of 1410…..I am willing to work for an year….am I eligible to do M.S in a decent university?

  14. Even myself was looking into this kind of article, As i’ve 1.,5 yr exp in IT company and decide to go for Higher studies. But anyone here could help me in answering the question of mines.

    I would like to go for MBA as it has diverse oppurtunities rather than MS as there are narrow chances and should be expert in Techie side for long perspective.

    If MBA, whether to opt for Canada? than US as getting PR and Other issues are easier than US.

    If MBA in Canada, then please suggest the best univ for MBA in canada.

    Expecting some answers for the above questions.

    With Best Regards.

  15. Hi rohith,
    Even i to was in same confusion when i completed my Btech. I suggest u to go for job, get good experience , u can do M.S later , But u won’t get opportunity to work every time.

  16. Hi All,

    I was in a similar situation 2 years back and wanted to share my thoughts on this topic.
    Like everyone else, I had offer letters from 2 software giants of India and a dream to go for my MS.
    I chose the first option and I don’t regret my decision whatsoever. The reason being, I had the opportunity to learn a lot in life. It made me more confident than what I was two years back.
    Here are few of the virtues which I learnt from the corporate world.
    1. Adaptability.
    2. Patience.
    3. Improvement in writing & Communication skills
    4. Development of Interpersonal skills
    5. Business etiquettes
    6. Application of knowledge, etc

    Along with these, we get to interact with people from diverse cultures.
    Also, you will have enough time to do thorough research of which university you want to study at and build up your profile by taking up necessary courses.
    I have now completed my two years at corporate world and flying to US this Jan to pursue my dream with not just the same enthusiasm like I had 2 years back but also with a confidence to face the world.


    1. Thanks a lot pawan..I will most probably work for an year or two and then will go for masters..Hopefully il learn something too which might help me later while doing masters.
      And all the best to you!

  17. i think its better if you go for masters because u may not b interested after doing job….u may think doing job is better than going for higher studies….so go for masters

  18. If u r applying for MBA, more exp u hv better it is, bt for MS its not that important, getting an intership or RA/TA is ur luck. also 1 yr of exp is of no good, u should hv exp of atleast of 2yrs to be considered in any univ.
    Its all ur call, i choose to wrk for 3 yrs to hv exp n earn some money, i m applying for fall 2012, by the time i will complete MS i will b 26 ( Now i feeling it was not a good decision as my frnds who did MS after coll are now placed n settled and i m still not). The point it will take more yrs to settle properly if go for JOB instead. I advice u to apply in some good/ambi unvi., if u gets the admit go for it.

    1. for international MBA ,how many years of experience is better ??? my interest is to do MBA abroad … so should i attempt GMAT now and apply now or shall i work for 2yrs?? right now i am in my final year, have a job offer(tcs) and i also wrote GRE and got 1150 my acads are 79 % ….please can anyone clear my confusion … thanks in advance

  19. Hi,

    I would say go for the job for 1 or 2 years; in these years work with a target to analyse the following:
    1. Yourself as in capabilities, skills, ambitions and career goals
    2. Interest: This is especially important when you are considering MS because universities in US offers diversified courses and after an year of experience you would be in a better situation to choose a course for yourself.
    3. Plan your budget: Save as much money as possible so that you can support a part of your fee by yourself
    4. Training: Attend as many trainings your company offers and be proactive in suggesting them to get you trained in your area of interest. In that way you will be knowing much more before going to MS which will help you fetch good grades.

    This experience will help you getting assistanship/scholarship/internship and definitely a good Job at the end of the day.

    But while doing this you should be extremely focused on your goal; pursuing MS. As you start having money in your pocket mind plays dirty games and you are prone to become complacent. Dont let it happen, if you have a goal achieve it

    All the best

    1. Thanks you huzefa.
      Yes im planning to work for an year or two. And well my goal has always been to go for masters..So i’l go for masters for sure..
      Will try not to get side tracked from my goal..!

  20. I would rather say go with a good IT Industry experience of 3 years. That makes you stand apart with other students when you will be pursuing ur MS after some time.

    Abt ,,, scholarship’s, funding it depends on ur University & US economoy..

  21. I suggest go for the job , get good experience for atleast 2 years. That way you learn alot practically and are ahead of peers when you plan to study. Also dont worry about any gap that take places between your undergrad and grad. This gap wont effect your ability to study.

    Good Luck 🙂

  22. presently,Im at UW Madison and attended a career fair here .
    All the companies look for job experience of some sort like internships,co-ops.
    If you do your MS in a good university here and do it well after 2 years of job experience,you have a high chance of getting a job here but if you come as a fresher,your job prospects here narrow .

  23. Go Wid the job for 1-2 years and if you dont satisfy wid your work then plan for MS…..After all your scores valid for atleast 3years…All The bEsT..

  24. Hey

    You should have work ex as this will have you to get interns and job faster, then to a fresher.
    Wish u all the best


  25. no you should not go for a job right now…go for MS and then for job.the one year experience will be of no use after getting MS…
    I would not be living a gap between studies as the link in it may get closed…

  26. thank u for asking… even i too am in same confusion. because i am planning for this fall admission and many of my friends who have gone abroad for further studied (not MS) are mentioning that have atleast 2 years exp. before coming because with experience it is easy to find job.

  27. Most engineering graduates in India are clueless when they get out of college.A job will help you make the right decision as you will get to interact with the right people.But the job exp as such will not give you any particular advantage in admissions.

    1. Right….We know the education system in India…When we get degree from college actually we don’t have any idea about practical thing neither about field of interest. What kind of research you can expect from us.So go for job at least for 2 yrs

    2. Yes im planning to work for an year or two..
      The exp might not help me in admission process but i hope it will help me in getting a better understanding of things. ‘
      thanks you!

  28. Hello everybody,
    I am in my final year(B-tech Biomedical Engg). I had just got placed in Accenture but i am seriously considering further studies ( sat for the on-campus placements just for a backup job). Now when people talk about work experience ,do they mean your work experience in a field relevant to my area of study, or would my tenure as a Accenture employee qualify ?

  29. Hai Rohit!

    Thats nice of you man.
    I would give my experience and think about it.
    I thought it will be helpful.
    Just think this way, as I did.
    Suppose, unfortunately u applied for Masters and got I-20 and the main hurdle to do masters is to get F1 visa. Right?
    If just assume, it is rejected? what is your plan?
    “Think before act” Dont forget.
    Because I was unable to secure my student VISA in my two attempts. But I have the work exp. and now I am continue with this one.
    So, never try to loose any opportunity.
    I think it may be useful.

  30. Rohit,

    I did not go through the comments below, but from the original post from you: please dont care for the offer(pay check) at your hand now. Because, what these companies pay you is just 20-30% of what they bill to the client showing your profile. Also, please dont expect that you will get Rs. CTC/12 monthly. There are good amount of deductions.
    Your 1 year experience(if you go for 2013 Fall) is going to help you only if you get to work in some pretty good domain in XX company. Given the fact that, most companies put freshers into different domains randomly, you cant be assured of your work profile now. Now, if you have some work ex at your hand, you might be able to find an internship in US a bit easier. I would see this situation as, go ahead and apply for universities of your choice, join XX company when the joining date is up. If you get admission in the university of your choice, resign from XX company and pursue your Masters!!..

    Remember, its my personal suggestion for you!!..Good Luck..

    1. +10000…. dats really a nyc suggestion…. even i am doing the same thing… i m joining the X company now…simultaneously will b applying for MS …wen i get admit i will resign some months b4 from X company & will go for my Masters.. good luck !!! all d best… take ri8 decision …

    2. @shiju
      I’m not planning to work for the pay ( i know its kinda low ..3.5/pa). I wanted to work for the experince. I’m hoping it will help in some way!
      But i’m not sure about the domain of work..:( My offer letter says “trainee software engineer”

      And also im a 4th year student..meaning i will graduate by april 2012. and my Date of joining will be june/july 2012. I will have to inform the company about my decision by jan-feb 2012 by which time i might not get admits/rejects from all the universities im apply too. ( we get i20’s in march-april right?)
      So theres no choice of me taking up the job and quiting depending on the universities i get into. I have to decide on one thing.

      I’m thinking of taking up the offer..will work for an year or two and then will go for masters..i dont have anything to lose by working right??

      1. Rohit,
        You go ahead and confirm by Jan-Feb to XX company. Jun-July comes after 3-4 months. Theres nothing like you cant reverse your decision[given the fact that one cant be sure of the happenings in life, in advance]. Afterall, if you get an admission, then you dont need to be worried about XX company. If you dont get an admission, go ahead and join XX.
        The risk you are going to take is, if you work for 1 year, you may not have the same intensity in your mind to do MS. Because, You might be earning pretty well, you might get an onsite[:)] etc.. Anyways, All the Best!..

        Just FYI: whatever pay package mentioned might be the best pay your training batch is going to get. Once you join and undergo training, they might conduct tests etc, divide you guys into 2 or 3 bins, and the best_bin salary would be the amount thats told to you now..I understand that you are not worried about money, stull I just thought of telling you this.

        1. I have always said, do MS first then think about jobs. Opportunity to do MS doesn’t come knocking at one doors everytime. Working for 1 or 2 years will look good in resume, but technology skills that you gain from MS will be 100 times more that what you will learn while workign for 2 years in India.

  31. I am amused by the amount of credit that “God” receives here from people for events happening in their lives. Stop deluding yourself and looking for a hand of god in everything that happens. Moving on form tangents to the main issue here – Everyone seems to be suggesting that you must go for the job. I reckon go for the job only if it is in a field of your interest. Or it has some relevance with the field in which you would like to do your Masters in.

    Ask yourself this question – What are my interests right now, what field I would like to pursue research in, does my current job profile adds value to the field of my interest.
    Also remember one thing that your research interests can also change once you start working, with a particular field seeming more interesting to you that it was earlier. Also once you arrive at a decision never let the outcome of it affect you. Once you take a decision, stick by it and you ll come good.
    All the best.

    1. hello avinash,
      WELL actually i’m not a very religious, But when something like this happen it makes you believe in god! 😀
      Im planning to do masters in CS..and “trainee software engineer” has been give as my position in my offer letter..And im not sure about the nature of work il be given..
      But ive pretty much decided to work for an year or two before going for masters.

  32. hey,
    ur lucky dat ur placed evn wid low grades..gre is valid for 5 better work..earn money..get experience.. work for a year or two and den go US.. a +point will be dat ul hve experience certificate nd after MS ur job experience will cover ur grades.. 🙂

  33. Experience (provided it is relevant) would matter depending upon what area in CS you would want to specialize in during your masters. Work Experience skills do come in handy, it also gives you an exposure to more of a real world scenario after undergrad which would help you when you come to the US for the first time. However, this is just my own opinion that one year of work experience is not going to make a huge impact. As for me, when I came to the US for the first time, I was a fresher and had a job offer from an IT company in India which I declined. Most of my masters classmates had work experiences, yet I was the first one to be placed (in a big-4 firm) in my class. So it completely depends on your priorities. Giving up this job is not the end of the world and so is postponing you application process to next year.

    1. I’m not sure about the nature of work il be given yet. The offer letter said “Trainee software engineer”. So im not really sure if it would be relevant to my field of study at masters.
      But im willing to take a chance and will most probably work for an year coz ive got nothing to lose by working.

  34. well, guess if so many people say so, then experience indeed does matter. I was faced with the same question, I got placed in a very good core company with a good package this year after my BTech, but ultimately I didnt join that…..and here are my reasons:
    1) after getting into a job, seldom does an individual retain the desire or the momentum to aspire for further studies..the “fire” simply poofs out in MOST cases. I wasnt so sure I wouldnt be tempted to continue with the job after a couple of years.
    2) Major reason: U must have read that Pr. Obama has cut off the amount of endowments to univs. It means that after some years, PROJECTS WILL BE FEWER and that too in A+ univs which are extremely selective anyway, hence lesser admits with financial aid. If I go now, I can still hope to be aided throughout my education,since profs that already have a project, obviously wont have that money taken away!!! Aid chance will be pretty slim in a few years….how do I know this? Lets say, right from ‘the horse’s mouth”. Plus, with the inflation there, univ rates will keep on increasing each year. You wouldnt want to be burdened with a hefty education loan without the assurance of a good job! Consider these 2 long-term factors before you take a decision

  35. Rohit,
    If your personal goal is to pursue M.S., and you are able to do it, you should.
    If it’s for a job, I’d say your bachelor’s degree is good enough. I’m a software professional in usa – here it doesn’t matter a lot, as long as you know your stuff, get the job done and have great presentation & communication skills.
    Again, weigh your professional goals against personal goals. If you need to think about finances, you should first work and save up, then pursue your MS. Starting salaries here will get you through month to month in some cases- not high enough to pay off parents/student loans within a short period, unless you work two jobs.

    1. Thanks lavanya..I dint totally understand one thing..Do u mean a person with bachelor’s degree and someone with masters are given equal amount of preference?
      Well, my plan was to do masters in US and then hopefully to get a job over the pay will be higher than that of bachelor’s degree holder in india

    2. hi lavanya , this is ajit . i will complete my engineering in april 2012 … i wrote gre and got 1150 and my acads are 79% and also have a job offer(tcs)…. i want do MBA in us but seeing the admission fees there i am getting disappointed … what if i do MIS(management information systems) there and work of few years and earn some money and go for the b-schools …. it would be very helpful if you suggest me sumthing …… any one please give your suggestions as well… thanks in advance

  36. Hi Rohith,
    Go to USA.. There are lots of opportunities waiting for you..
    The World is big.. Dream big, Don’t settle for less.
    All the best for your future 🙂

  37. Hi HSB,

    At the end of the article You asked have few questions. Below are my replies and I do believe that these replies represent several students across the country.

    > What drives to you go Masters?
    Large Pay Check – YES
    Entry to USA – YES
    Plans to settle down in USA? – Maybe!

    > Would you have interest after 1 or 2 years to apply for Masters? YES
    Would you be willing to return to India after MS?=> NO, wish to work in US and (atleast)recover the amount invested for MS.

    > How would you feel about returning to India without finding a job in US after MS? Bad!

    > Would you be willing to work in different country after degree from USA? Maybe

    > Are you considering other countries for higher education? Yes, But US is first priority

    I was looking forward to an article like this for a long time. Like Rohith, I am a Final Year student and also have been placed through campus placements. My GRE score is 1130(880Q +330V) and 102 in Tofel.

    What is the answer to You suggest?


    1. Student outside USA – Think only upto getting admit (and visa)
      Student in USA – Think only upto getting job + H1B
      Workers in H1B – Think about how to get higher salary and green card.
      When Green Card Process starts – They realize it takes several years (EB3 is over 20 years) to get green card. Till then they cannot change jobs or get promotion. then they realize, man I should have gone to different country.

      We are brought up and raised to do a job or find something that will make things secure for certain amount of time, then think about next step. Someone reading this and thinking fastest way to settle in foreign country might not be possible with USA, so why not get get degree in US and find a job in Canada. You get permanent residency in 2 yrs in Canada. With current state of US economy, its difficult to predict what will happen after 2 or 3 years. So, go for higher education, but have backup plans.

      1. Hi HSB,

        One point I would like to add about your views about choosing other countries for higher education.

        When it comes to US, there are so many friends and relatives in US, which helps us get valuable feedback. I personally have around 10 friends and relatives in US, and NONE in Canada. Naturally, US will be my first option.

          1. I was determined to do MS after BE. No matter what happens, I was goign to MS. Opportunity to do MS doesn’t come everyday and to everyone.

        1. US is a big country. But unlike India, don’t expect same level of support from them. They can provide moral support, but you are on your own when it comes to US. I’m saying if you are running out of options to find a job in US (which is certainly a possibility) then there is noting much your friends and family can do. Instead of thinking about another country for job when situation is desparate, have Canad as backup option and make some effort to learn about the job options there.

      2. I totally accept with HSB what he has presented the views & ideas.

        In USA to get Green card or EB3 it will go up to 20 years & more, we want our life to be secured. But where as he has given comparison with canada after completing MS & with 2 years of work experience we will get Permanent Residence. we can come to India as per wish but not in case of USA.
        There are good univ.. in canada also which requires high GRE & Toefl scores……. & also chances of getting funding….

        Students tend to go to USA b’coz of their relatives, friends, parents frnds & etc…….

      3. @Anand bora
        Yes i agree with you anand..your answer are pretty much the same as mine..
        True , i dint give much thought to working in canada..but yes its a good option too..Most probably il work for an year or two and depending on the condition of US economy , il decide on what to do..

  38. Hi all,
    I also find myself in a similar situation although I am currently working and graduated this year. For me, the real drive to go to US is to get some quality education and the paycheck is only relevant in terms of repaying the loan and . The only reason I am delaying an MS is that my grade points are low and I’m working on building a good profile.
    My question is the following: In India most well paying companies segregate prospective hires based on their college. Does that also happen in US? If yes, then I will probably opt out.

  39. Hi Rohith,

    First of all congratulations on your new job offer,and thanks for sharing the amazing story behind it.

    I am not well versed to answer questions about MS from US,but I can say something about MS as a fresher vs MS after some years of experience situation.

    I have done my MS in Information Security from a Tier 1 University of UK,and often amazed to realize that all the European guys in my class had like average 10 years of work experiences under their belt.95% of the Asian guys,on the other hand (India/Pakistan/China) just came after their Bachelor’s degree and among these mass people,many completed their Bachelor’s just previous year before entering MS,and a small portion (me included) had worked in industry for 5-6 months after completing Bachelor’s but before entering Master’s.

    Now,I had opportunities to give interviews just before the exams (in May) but rejected due to visa issues and experience issues.Yes,that’s right,Experience Issues.I gave around 6 interviews (after online tests and numerical tests) in UK and all got rejected. I decided to go back to India (despite having 1 milion Inr as loan) to start working from June.I got offers from all around companies in India (including Accenture/Wipro ) but the salary offered doesn’t reflected that I have a MS degree from UK,more drastically,all my salary will be gone just to pay back the loan amount if I join in India.
    In this situation I decided to go back to UK in July,and again desperately start searching for jobs.In August I gave an interview and finally I landed up in an internship for six months,with a possibility to permanent after March ’12 if visa issues are sorted.I didn’t expect to e selected in this role either,cause for an internship position it demanded ‘relevant work experiences.’ Although,I got selected,may be I gave F2F interviews too well.

    So please,do consult HSB’s questions,but do remember a fact,why would a company will even bother to select a foreign student without any experience,who comes with several issues like Visa checks,Security checks when there are several fellow country people is just graduated and available to take the post? the answer is simple,only min.2 years of work experience on the same field will give you a boost.

    (Of course,there are examples like me who got something,but,not boosting myself here,that’s a rare concern,at least in UK).

    Wish you a bright future,

    1. AB – Can you answer few more questions for me?
      1) How many contacts do you have in your linkedIn profile?
      2) How many of those conacts are hiring managers and HRs?
      3) Do you use Twitter/Faebook/LinkedIn for job search?
      4) When did you start looking for jobs in UK?

      1. Dear HSB,

        Do you think that a person with more contacts (industrial) in LinkedIn (most of ’em as HRs) have an advantage factor compared to other aliens? Can you explain?

        Also, this can be a new post and can help many Indian aliens abroad! But how do you think that an ‘Indian alien’ can contact the HRs for employment just because of mere acquaintances (in Social Websites) happened through a friend??


        Vijay Sankar V

      2. HI HSB,

        Gladly I can do.There it goes,

        1) 71 contacts,and I connect only with them whom I personally met on a professional capacity (interviews,career talks at University, Job fairs)
        2) 12 persons with direct hiring capability
        3)I do use Twitter and LinkedIn,not Facebook for job search,but I do ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ company pages
        4) I start from Day 1 I landed in UK for looking jobs.My first interview was in my 3rd term, in March 2011.

        Hope these answers do justice to your questions.Please shoot if you have any more queries.


    2. Thanks for the advice AB
      Yes im planning to take up the job offer..wil work for an year or two and then based on how things are il decide on my next course of action!

  40. I would suggest you take up the job, going to school with couple of years of experience is always a big plus. With this you can always go to school after a year or 2, or even u can take up the exams another time, if they don’t count after couple of years. I believe that you would score better after 2 years, than what u wud get now. So, not catch 22…take up the job, maybe God scheduled it for you inspite of his schedule…

    1. yes, im planning to work for atleast an year or two..i just wanted to make sure im doing the right thing! I’ve got nothing to lose by working for couple of years..So il go ahead and take up the job offer and wil go for masters in couple of years! thanks

  41. Its good to learn that you have got an opportunity. I would suggest gain some work experience for a period of 6 months to 1 year. This would not only help your profile but also you can outrank others by showing your work experience while attending visa interview. I would recommend you give a try after 3-4 months to apply for an F1-visa as you are already holding GRE scores.

  42. Right now In USA there are no Jobs at present after also … So please students don’t go to USA for Higher studies and spending lot of money … Worthless !
    After 2-3years in USA no one will be indians ,In USA All indian people will come back to India .

      1. i dont think Obama meant that there would be no indians after couple years. Of course there would be millions here since many are already settled. One thing is for sure that lots of indians are now returning back home after their degree. What used to be a trickle 5 years ago is not turning as a flood…

  43. Hi HSB,
    I was also confused choosing between these two options. But later I asked myself very honestly and got the answer!

    Best wishes for everyone.

    1. What was your decision?
      give me the points that made you clear your confusion.. Coz I am in the same situation now

      1. Its your life and career. Why are you concerned about someone’s choice? Know the facts, know what you want in your life and decide.

        1. Dear HSB
          Thanks a lot for creating this blog.
          I know it is about my life and career.. I guess this blog is made for discussions.. and that is what we are here for ..
          i just want to gather points in both views.

          1. Hi everyone thanks for ur valuable suggestions and sharing experiences; so that many students who are checking in this post are benefited a lot. I too had the same confusion after graduation but atlast i felt i took the right decision by getting in to the core placement which i got from my University.
            I prefer MS with Job. Exp is better than Ms after Grad.

    2. Well I choose to find a job first. I told myself if I got good credentials, I always have the opportunity open for going to MS or Phd. But It’s you who have to decide for your own. Never get influenced by anyone else’s decision.

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