Average GRE Scores for Canadaian Universities

Why do you have to pay attention to Average GRE Scores for Canada Universities?

Few Universities in Canada list Average GRE Scores required for admission to into their graduate program.

Based on students admitted to the programs, departments would have data to calculate Average GRE Scores. Comparing that with your GRE scores will help you to estimate your admission probability.

In previous post we looked at GRE Scores required for Canadian Universities.

If your GRE Score is way below the average GRE Scores required by your target universities in Canada, then you may have to consider different schools.

Average GRE Scores Canada – Universities

Here is the list of universities Canada and their average GRE Scores.

Average GRE Scores – Concordia University (Department of Psychology)

M.A. Research Option 5
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.82 (A+ = 4.30)
Average GRE scores (percentile):
Verbal Quant. Anal. Psych.
640(91) 500(28) 5.0(77) 720(87)


M.A. Research & Clinical Training Option 9
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.95 (A+ = 4.30)
Average GRE scores (percentile):
Verbal Quant. Anal. Psych.
562(74) 622(55) 4.8(65) 710(83)


Ph.D. (Research Option + Research & Clinical Training Option) 2
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.71 (A+ = 4.30)
Average GRE scores (percentile):
Verbal Quant. Anal. Psych.
640 (91) 720 (76) 5.5 (90) 710 (84)

Average GRE Scores – University of Victoria

GRE general test scores are required, but not the subject test scores. We do not set a minimum standard for GRE scores, but higher is better. Here are some recent average Grade Point Averages and GRE scores:

GPA GRE-Verbal GRE-Quant GRE-Analytical writing
7.76 587 / 78 (%ile) 654 / 64 5.26 / 77

The GRE school code for UVic is 0989. The department code is 2016 for Psychology, or 2001 for Clinical Psychology.

Acadia University – Average GRE Scores

Over the past five years, we have averaged 40 applications per year for 4 spaces per year. Of admitted students, the average GPA was 3.6 and the average GRE percentile scores were 79th (verbal), 61st (quantitative), and 80th (analytical). For Psychology Grad program

McGill University – Average GRE Scores

A minimum GMAT score of 570 or a minimum GRE score of 1150 on the verbal and quantitative sections and at least a 4.0 out of 6.0 on the analytical writing assessment (AWA) of the GRE exam.