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Recently there have been interest among students to study in joint programs for MBA.  University from India and USA create a joint partnership, where first year will be in India and second year will be in USA. MBA degree awarded will be from US University.

Jyothi Asks

Hello, I’m from life sciences background. In fact, I’m in my first  year of M.Sc. Recently, I came to know about a course in JNTU, Hyderabad, that’s offering MBA in collaboration with Central Michigan University, the last 2 semesters at CMU.Do you think these kind of courses are good? Is it a good idea to shift to MBA from my background? What would be the job opportunities if i did so?

When I responded to above question from Jyothi, I thought it was good idea to study 2 semesters in USA and get degree from US university. You don’t have to pay huge among of money as fees for first 2 semesters. Then I spent few minutes while driving home about pros and cons of such approach.

Here are some facts about the program

  • Complete 2 Semesters in India (10 Credits)
  • Take GMAT and score atleast 450
  • Minimum 79 in TOEFL
  • Get Student Visa to study 20 credits in Central Michigan University
  • If Visa is denied, students gets PG Diploma
  • Rs 50,000 per semester + $766 per credit for 20 credits

Cost per credit is $766 and you will be completing 10 credits in India ($7660 = 3.6 Lakhs).  Which is about 2.5 lakhs savings.

Finding job after completing MBA without work experience will be tough. If your aim is to study MBA in USA through easy route, then you can go with above choice, since you can get admission without spending money applying to many universities. But you  have same probability to get F1 visa to US.

Also, MBA is all about exposure. I would be willing to spend 2.5 lakhs more to get that exposure by directly applying to US for MBA. Also, CMU is not top ranked university.

Would like to know if you were given a similar choice for MS and MBA would you go for it?


  1. Can you help me regarding this is there any colleges in mumbai those let me study 1st year in India and 2nd year mba studies in US ???

  2. Hello sir, I want to register my self in your interesting MBA I want to know that in wich universities we study MBA in India and USA. Thanks

  3. To HSB and my fellow puys…

    Can you please provide me the list of universities and colleges(In India) which have a student transfer program Specially to USA……..

  4. Just to clarify that this is a very good way to study in usa for people who dream but cant pay that much…..also my friend did the same thing and went to usa in an average but good she is working there and planning for green card( its been many years she is there)….

    I myself wanted to study in us but its too expensive ….better i take admission in india in a univ’s which has tied up with US univ’s….

  5. Dear Sir, am prashanth from hyderabad. I have few questions to ask you regarding my F-1 Visa. I am doing my Executive MBA at ITM-Hyderbad and working as well since 3 years. This college has a tie-up with US University i.e SNHU(Southern New Hampshire University). we have an option to transfer to this University and complete our 2nd year of MBA and get full time degree. Accordingly i have applied and got the I20. This university doesn’t require any GMAT or TOEFL scores as i have qualified in the 1st year by maintaining 3.5 GPA on an average, on this basis they have issued me I20. But still i have given TOEFL got 77 and no GMAT. Also they have sent me an official letter stating the partnership between ITM and SNHU and GMAT and TOEFL waiver..could you please tell me my visa chances. am yet to book my slot on August 1 week. please reply to my comment. Thank you

    1. Hai Prasanth,

      Iam also applied SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University),I got I-20,but i didnt applied for Visa Date.

  6. sir this is jithendra babu completed b tech computer science i want 2 study in usa for ms…. i applied for f1 visa but it rejected for 4 times so now i want to do mba so on that time i got this web site 1year india and another year usa….

    and sir i got 100 in toefl . and if i joind in this college to study mba is it sure that i will get f1 visa to do second year mba in us with out gmat .and i want more details about this coll so sir pleace send as soon as possible because i wana start 2 take right path . (i am from andhra pradesh , vijayawada krishna distict)

    thanking you ,

  7. kk modi group of institution (MAII) is giving degree if stratford university hae to complete only 6 course in india and rest you can carry to usa.without giving any exam of gmat or toffel.

  8. @mukesh you should invest some time yourself in finding about MBA courses in India or USA. That way you would come up with a better list of universities according to your preferences

  9. Although it seems tempting, it is not a great idea to do one year in India and the next year in US. Most of the B-schools in India have tie-ups with average level universities in the US. If yours is one of those, think whether it is worth it. MBA is all about networking and interaction. Many top US B-schools have cohorts or small batches among all the students – this small batch studies together, works on projects together etc. thereby creating a good bond and network. You won't be able to achieve this after getting in the 2nd year. In addition, let's face it: most MBA candidates want to get a good job. I am not sure of how the summer internship concept works in this scenario. Will you be eligible for internships in USA, since you are joining late? Internships help in expanding your network and getting a full-time job. Will you manage that? Also, will you get a chance to appear for on-campus interviews in India? You do not want to be stuck up in the middle. Since you do not seem to have a lot of work experience, chances of you getting a job independently reduce significantly. I would prefer following one simple path – either MBA in India or entirely in US.

  10. Sir,
    I had such a dilemma,when joining BE , one deemed university in chennai,offered such type of course Two years in india and two years in US, later i inquired about both university, then i changed my idea.


  11. Hello
    Syed Saqib Hussain

    i want to ask about the MBA .. is this admission offer only for Indian Students or anyone from anywhere is eligible to apply?

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