B2 Visa Interview Experience – Questions, Answers for Parents

Following B2 Visa Interview Experience was shared by JK Jain.

us embassy delhiI would like to share my experience of B2 Visa interview at Delhi Consulate on 27th March 2012.

A few facts about me –

  • My one son has completed his MS from USC in 2011, on OPT now and another son doing his MS from CSULB.
  • My one Daughter-in-law & Grand son are also in US on F2 visa.
  • Me and my wife want to visit our children and applied for B2 visa.
  • We were bit apprehensive as all our family members are already in US and remaining we two were also applying for US visa.

Interview Result – B1/B2 Visa granted to both of us for 10 years.

Details of the B2 Visa interview Experience

Me – good morning sir,
VO – Good morning sir, please give me ur PP.
Me – (gave him both PP, mine as well as my wife’s. I have 4 exhausted & expired PP & one current PP). VO went thru all my PP.

VO – Why u want to go to US?
Me – Sir, we wish to visit our children.
VO – (Turning pages of my PP’s), You have travelled extensively, what do u do?

Here it is worth mentioning that I had travelled to various countries including Nigeria (16 visits), Sudan (8 visits) & Afghanistan (1 visit) for my business & this was worrying me “How it will be taken by VO”

Me – Sir I have so & so business.

VO – So u travel for your work?
Me – Yes Sir

VO – U have 2 sons & both r in US. What they do?
Me – Sir, one has completed his MS from USC and is doing his OPT

VO – (interupting me) USC, thats really great
Me – Sir, other one is doing his MS from CSULB

VO – CSULB, Thats good and what else?
Me – Sir My daughter in law & Grand son are also in US on F2 visa.

VO – Good, Sir, You have worked very hard for your children.
Me – (Just smiled) Yes sir

VO – For how long u want to go?
Me – For around 4 weeks, Sir.

VO – Have u ever been to US before?
Me – Yes sir, in the year 1992.

VO – (Went thru all my PP to see previous US Visa), (Then to my wife) Ma’m have u been to US before?
My wife – No sir, I had not been to US.

VO then spent about 2 – 3 minutes on his computor & then
VO – Sir, You should be a proud father, your visa is granted and u will get it in 3 – 4 working days.
Me – Thank u sir.

As I wrote earlier, My all family members are already in US & we too were granted B2 Visitor Visa.

This clearly indicates that VO always see genuine facts of the case & they want us to tell them all the truth without hiding any thing.

I would also like to mention here that all of the interviews of my family members got thru in first attempt, and VO never asked for any documents.

They just relied on the application & interview questions.

Sir, I have been a regular reader of HSB & would like to convey my sincere thanks to them for their self less guidance to all.


Thanks to JK Jaia forsharing his B2 Visitors Visa for USA Experience.

You are first parent to share B2 Visa interview questions and answers. Enjoy your stay in USA.

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  1. Mk on May 6, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    That was so reassuring for someone who is going to appear in a B2 .visa interview under similar circumstances. Thanks Mr. Jain and HSB.

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