F1 Visa Approved for UTA in Second Attempt – Chennai – Fall 2012

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Read Luther’s First time F1 visa rejection for UTA under 214b.

Thank GOD!!

My F1 visa got approved after the first attempt rejection under section 214b .

Thanks to HSB and all others for the help and useful tips for the visa interview.

F1 Interview details :

  • Place : Chennai consulate
  • Time : 8.30 AM

This time another young VO took my interview and he asked MANY questions , here is how it went :

Me : Good morning sir
VO : Good morning , how are you doing ?

Me : I am doing fine sir ,thank you . How about you.
VO : I am doing Great!!

He started staring at the monitor for atleast a minute and was reading the previous VO’s comments .

VO : what was your Undergrad specialization?
Me : Information/computer science

VO : whats the percentage?
Me: 70%

VO : any backlogs?
Me : NO sir

VO : May I see the individual marksheets?
Me : sure ( passed it to him and he checked all the marksheets carefully)

VO : When did you graduate?
Me : 2009

VO : What have you been doing since then?
Me : I have been working Sir

VO : which company ?
Me : Wipro Technologies

VO : whats your designation?
Me : software Engineer

VO : What is that you work on?
ME : Sir , we develop multi vendor pluggins for network analyzer.

VO : ok , who is your client?
Me : Alcatel Lucent

VO : why do you want to quit your job?
Me: Sir , I am not quiting my job

He gave a surprised look !!

VO : are you going on leave?
Me : yes sir , sabbatical leave

VO : Do you have any documents?
Me : yes sir , ( gave him the leave request letter provided by my HR, he started reading it and checked the leave and course duration etc.. )
He was half convinced by now.

VO :will they pay you higher salary when you get back?
Me : yes sir,I was told that I will hired back for higher deisgnation and compensation based on my educational qualification.

VO :any idea how much you might get? ( with a smile)
Me : Sir I don know the exact hike , right now I earn XXX /month , when I get back I might get around YYY/month.

He raised his eyebrows and gave a convinced nod and smile

VO : OK , so why UT Arlington?
Me : Sir , the courses offered in the field of networks and databases are excellent in UTA .
There are dedicated labs in the fields of security and performance management which are my area of interest.Studying these courses under well renowned professors like XYZ will definitely add a lot of value to my education.

VO : Ok , which other university accepted you?
Me : Illinois inst of tech

VO : why did u choose UTA over IIT?
Me : sir , like I said they offer specialization in my area of interest.

VO : if you knew these courses are not offered in IIT , then why did u apply to IIT in the first place ( with a Sarcastic smile and looks ).
Me : sir , even though they do not offer courses particularly in security management ,but still there were other areas of specialization in networks which is offered in IIT , so I applied.

Vo : Ok sir , I am approving your visa , you will get it with in seven days.
Me : Thank you sir ( with a smile )

I noticed many ppl were being rejected that day ,mainly under section 214b.

Felt like telling everyone to prepare well and apply again 🙂

After that I left the consulate and went to the near by Saravana bavan ordered two pomegranate juice , and he charged a whooping 183 bucks for just two juice .

Didn’t get such a shock even when my visa was rejected in the first attempt !!:D


Congrats Luther.

Do you know you have to pay for Fresh Juice in USA?

You will be glad they charged only $3.75.

Good luck. You will definitely have fun in UTA.