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H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Results – FAQ's

Now we know H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count and USCIS H1B Visa 2014 Lottery results.

Here are some of FAQ’s on H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Results

How do I know if my H1B application is selected in H1B Visa Lottery?

USCIS will issue receipt number for H1B Visa applications selected in the lottery.

Receipt notice will me mailed to your attorney.

Typically, attorney will receive an email that looks like this

h1b receipt notice email

Will USCIS refund the filing fees for H1B Applications not selected in the lottery?

As mentioned in the USCIS official press release, filing fees will be returned if the application is not selected in the lottery, unless USCIS finds duplicate filings.

USCIS will reject and return the petition with filing fees, unless it is found to be a duplicate filing.

How to track the status of H1B petition processing?

Go to USCIS Case status online, enter your receipt number to check the status of H1B petition.

H1B Application Processing time

  • Regular Processing – 2+ months
  • Premium Processing – 15 days. Begins from April 15, 2013

For Regular H1B Cap, it can take even 3 months or longer considering the volume of H1B Visa applications USCIS have to process.

Expect to hear from USCIS before end of April, 2013 for Premium Processing.

What if my H1B application is not selected?

If you are already in USA then try other legal ways to stay in status.

If you are outside USA, then try other visa types.

What are the chances of  getting H1B for FY 2015?

It is not possible to predict what will happen next year. Comprehensive immigration reform bill can be to be introduced any this this week, there can be changes to H1B Visa rules next year.

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  1. Hi Raghu,

    I have applied for h1b through one of Indian consultancy. Today when i call to them they are telling yesterday only i got the result and you are not selected in the lottery and they are not willing to return my money.How can i come to know whether they are applied H1b for me or not as i want to apply for next year also.I would like to confirm that.

    kindly guide me how to know whether they applied or not and how to get my money back.


    1. 1. You are not supposed to pay money for H1B 2. You should know that it’s possible that you can’t get the money back.

      Many people end up not getting the money back. How much did you pay?

      1. Hi Raghu,

        Thanks for the reply.I paid Rs 1. 87,500 and they are saying they will apply for me on next year .But i am not willing for that. so they are saying now attorney only will responsible to return your package after deducting their fee .

  2. My daughter is a South African working in the USA and last year renewed her H1B visa. We are informed that see can file with a different company. Our question is, what types are jobs is she permitted to do with this visa.

  3. I received a mail stating that awaiting lottery results as lottery done in batches….
    Is there still a hope ill be getting approval?

  4. when we will cme to know about lottery results for 2015 and how?

    when should we contact our employers for it if its not online

    1. The random selection will take place on April 7th, Monday. The USCIS will send notifications to the employee representatives in batches ranging from April 8th to April 15th. The premium processing will start immediately on April 7th, even though the current USCIS webpage says that it starts on April 28th. The premium processing adjudication will be completed by May 12th at the latest. Regular processing will start thereafter, and depending on your file number, it might take anywhere between one day to five months.

    1. Is there any official announcements regarding last date of receipts ?
      i m also waiting,
      some people are telling it can take june first week also,

      is it true?

  5. Mine is Premium Processing, but I have not heard any thing so far on whether mine got selected in lottery… Do I still have a chance?

  6. Hi did anyone receive anything for PP yet? I heard April 30th is the last date for approvals or denials for PP. please post if anybody has got any answer.

  7. Hi,
    I am on L1 and my company applied L1 – H1 COS for me including my wife L2-H4. I got a reciept for my wife for H-4 with reciept number but nothing for me. Even my employer/attorney has not replied anything about my H1. Do you know if my wife’s H4 reciept number is generated what about my H1B. Does it indicate anything about my H1 petition. I am not sure if attorney has filled my and wife’s both application together or not. I will really appreciate your expert comments.
    Thank for your help.

  8. Hi,
    I am on L1 and my company applied L1 – H1 COS for me including my wife L2-H4. I got a reciept for my wife for H-4 with reciept number but nothing for me. Even my employer/attorney has not replied anything about my H1. Do you know if my wife’s H4 reciept number is generated what about my H1B. Does it indicate anything about my H1 petition. I am not sure if attorney has filled my and wife’s both application together or not. I will really appreciate your expert comments.
    Thank for help.

    1. I am also in the same- got the reciept for my wife H4 and waiting for mine H1. Do you get any update on your H1 reciept number?

  9. Did any body get their application back? Just wondering if USCIS have started sending back the applications that have not been picked in the lottery. I have filed under advance degree/ premium processing and haven’t got my receipt yet. I am starting to think that my application has not been picked in the lottery

  10. Got the H1B receipt from my attorney today. Masters, Regular and California Service Center.

    Good luck to rest of them waiting for the receipt.

  11. I got receipt number from my employer, does that mean my application was selected in lottery ?
    My case was Regular Cap, Regular Processing for California center.

  12. I received receipt number WAC-XX-XXX-XXXX from my employer, does that mean my application was selected in lottery ?
    My Application was Regular Processing for Regular quota, California center.

  13. lawyer received tracking number for my application today by mail

    Masters – Regular processing
    California service center

  14. My employer got the mail of h1b receipt notice today. I’m master quota, regular processing, in California Service Center.

    On the receipt notice, the received date is April 8th, and the notice date is April 12th.

    Good luck with those who haven’t receive the receipt notice.

    1. Hi Jayant,
      Congratulations!, you are the lucky guy
      For the benefit of the readers, could you be more specific
      1)Advance/Regular quota
      2)Premium/Regular processing
      3)Which centre
      4)How did you receive it, e-mail or postal
      5)Who got the confirmation, your attorney/employer/yourself
      6)When you say confirmation, is it receipt no of lottery result
      7)Do you know whether USCIS has processed all Premium and Regular processing or are they still processing
      8) Do you know when is the last date for USCIS to notify all the lottery winners

  15. Hi, Did anyone received receipt of acceptance/rejection of Regular h1B visa petition or any other information.


      1. Hey Chiro … Congratulations … Can you let us know if you or your employer or attorney received the receipt???

  16. I have applied for Regular Premium Processing VA and not yet received any receipt. Do I have still chances of getting?

  17. Looks like they are processing premium processing or Masters quota. Any response on General quota and regular filing?? It is SO frustrating.

        1. Hi Kumar,
          Thanks for respond.
          My lawyer told me the USCIS only emails the receipt to whom filing on premium processing.
          Mine is under regular processing, so I think I have to wait for my receipt via mail.


    1. Hi Chand,

      Couple of my friends who applied in general quota got their receipts. More people are waiting. Unable to find appropriate news till what date they will be sending emails.

    1. As my lawyer told me, the receipt of regular processing will be mailed to your company by regular mail.
      You may ask your company has check sent to USCIS been encashed or not.

  18. Anybody with Regular Processing/AD got his/her receipt from CSC? It’s really a nightmare just waiting for it.

      1. I finally got mine this morning. I checked my tracker around 10:30am and the receipt # was there! Not sure when it was received by my lawyer though. Hang in there! Lawyers may update your tracker slowly.

  19. Some of my friends have already got the receipt # for H1 B PP applied in CA center.
    I haven’t heard about mine anything.. what are the chances? and till what time should I wait??

    1. I have already got the receipt from California location.
      You should receive it ideally today or tomorrow.
      Dont panic, you will get it !

      1. Please let me know the source or any other means by which you come across this information. I am curious to know if 28,000 is authentic number.


  20. 3 of my friends have got the receipt numbers and all 3 had filed in Masters quota(Premium processing). So the folks who have applied in regular processing have to keep their fingers crossed and wait !!

    1. CSC regular PP have also received their notifications. But I think there are a lot of notifications pending. You can check out the # of applications for I-129 along with their status (pending/ completed/ notified etc.) on the USCIS’s website. Good Luck

  21. When do you think we would know if our application is accepted or not. I heard from a couple of my friends that they have received notifications that they are selected, does that means they have informed all 20,000 masters people or informing respective lawyers/companies slowly?

    1. CSC Masters Premium heard today morning 9.30ish.
      I feel they are informing slowly. So do not worry just wait.
      My company heard about regular premium cases yesterday itself.

  22. My son’s employer (in US) had applied for H1B visa in the 20k (advance degree) category. What are his chances of getting his visa thru ?

    1. Don’t lose hope just yet.. They still have a lot of notifications pending to be sent out. And the cap on USCIS’s website has not been adjusted yet. Good luck. I hope everyone who is already in working in the US, especially the ones who graduated from a US university and spent time living in the states get selected in the lottery. I feel deserve it more and it can be more devastating for then as compared to the employees working for IT companies offshore.

  23. If they are going to pass the “immigration reform” bill by next week. Why don’t they consider it from this fiscal year and raise the H1 cap to 115K ?

    That would be Gr8. Isn’t ?

    1. They are not passing the bill.They are introducing the Bill in United States Congress which consists of Senate and House of Representatives. this is the process by which Bill becomes a Law.

      Laws begin as ideas. First, a representative sponsors a bill. The bill is then assigned to a committee for study. If released by the committee, the bill is put on a calendar to be voted on, debated or amended. If the bill passes by simple majority (218 of 435), the bill moves to the Senate. In the Senate, the bill is assigned to another committee and, if released, debated and voted on. Again, a simple majority (51 of 100) passes the bill. Finally, a conference committee made of House and Senate members works out any differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The resulting bill returns to the House and Senate for final approval. The Government Printing Office prints the revised bill in a process called enrolling. The President has 10 days to sign or veto the enrolled bill.

    1. No Way to check it online. You can just track your VISA Process online. that requires yours EAC.

      Only Your lawyer/employer will be able to notify you. All the best . Fingers Crossed.

  24. I have a question , how soon do you get email confirmation .Does it depend upon the time of opening your packet or when you get randomly get selected then a email blast is sent to all the selected guys

  25. I received confirmation today afternoon… My lawyer told it depends on time they open packet.. Max by end of week

    1. which state do you live at? I am wondering when I am going to hear back.. Waiting for the uncertainty is killing me!! 🙁

    2. Which category does ur application fall in?
      20K, Advance degree

      premium or normal processing?

      california/vermont/.. service center?


  26. I just found out that I was selected on the lottery!! What a relief PHEW!. I would suggest contacting your employer’s attorney. Mine got an email saying I was selected.

    1. @Ash – Could you please let me know which service center (California or Vermont) your petition belongs to? Also did you file for premium or normal processing? Thanks!

  27. Well, all this talk of H1 lottery and creating the buzz is okay. But can anyone explain me why the USCIS needs to do lottery in the first place?
    USCIS says it received a greater number of applications than the quota through April 5. Let us assume that this limit was reached on 3rd April. So USCIS should only do a lottery selection for the applications received on 3rd, 4th and 5th of April.
    Why are people who filed on 1st and 2nd April being subject to this?

    In normal years, USCIS sets a cut off date when it receives applications equal or greater than the quota. So why not do that this time around too?
    Else, it is like saying the filing dates are open from 1st April to 30th Septmeber, send in all applications, we’ll do a lottery to decide who gets to work on 1st October

    On blogs, I see people bickering about the worth of H1 between a Google and TCS employee, a PHD and a bachelors candidate etc., but no one seems tgo think that this problem can be solved by just doing the random selection for the ‘late’ applications.
    All worthy companies have their lawyers and application ready and on time for 1st April.

    1. We all know the things you’ve pointed out. It is unfair…unfortunately, no one’s opinion really matters and USCIS will continue to do what they want anyway.

    2. @HS says
      Dude, you need to consider about Mailing Service..
      This year UPS&USPS got number of applications which are intend to be delivered on April1st, But due to heavy amount of applicaitons..they didnot deliver them on time & they apologized through emails.

      That is why USICS has extended it to April5th. You will be the first one to raise voice to consider one more day if your application is not delivered by Courier on time.
      They cant do anything if they receive a bunch more than 80,000 at once.

      1. @Pravin
        Man, the probability of one’s mail getting delayed etc. if you choose next day service is way lesser than the probability of making it through a random selection process like what’s happening this year.

    3. This is because of the ” five business day rule” . USCIS should accept all the petition for the 1st five business days which is apr1-apr5 and so all petitions are considered the same.

    4. When things could possibly go either way we all tend to blame the system (whether right or wrong) I guess it doesn’t help talking about it.

      Let’s make an attempt to share updates that keep us best informed through this H1B process

  28. Would attorneys receive such e-mail notifications also for petitions filed under regular processing?
    Do you know if USCIS has already started sending the e-mails? Any info on the time frame?

    1. I received confirmation today afternoon… My lawyer told it depends on time they open packet.. Max by end of week

      1. So it means even though lottery is out , unless and until they don’t open your packet .Uscis cannot send email to the attorneys stating successful selection

      1. @Raghuram
        Hi! Are you sure they send email for both regular and premium processing. I thought they send the notification by mail to regular ones and email for the premium.
        Look forward to hear from you.

  29. When will we come to know that we have been selected or not…like when will be the receipt number be mailed to attorney any idea??

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