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5 Best GRE Prep Books and Reviews

What is the Best GRE Prep books and study materials that are available? I will be appearing for GRE this year, 

New Revised GRE will be offered by ETS starting August 1, 2011

There are several GRE test preparation books and study guides available in the market. In the post, I’m have listed the best of the best GRE prep books.

All the reviews are posted after reading through the test prep strategies and practice tests.

Best GRE Prep Books

Lets looks at Best GRE Prep books for general strategies.

Core GRE Prep Books

  1. Official Guide to GRE revised General Test [Must Have]

Buy 1 or 2 depending on time available from the following list for learning test taking strategies for GRE and practice tests.

  1. Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide
  2. Barrons New GRE Book
  3. Kaplan New GRE Premier
  4. Cracking the New GRE – Princeton Review

Best GRE Prep Book – Sections

No New GRE Section Book Why Buy
1 Manhattan GRE – Reading Comprehension & Essays Comprehensive Strategies for RC and Essays
2 Manhattan GRE – Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence Comprehensive Strategies
4 Word Problems New GRE Strategy Guide – Manhattan GRE New GRE Math – Word Problems

In addition to above books, you may look at Kaplan Verbal Workout and Math Workbook.

Now, you know the best GRE prep materials available in the market.

Use the core book to learn about strategies and take diagnostic test to understand  your current skill level

Additionl Notes about GRE Prep Materials

  • Not all GRE Prep books will appeal to all test takers.
  • GRE prep books have different strategies and approach
  • Estimate your prep time and create a study plan.

For additional practice tests, consider buying GRE Big Book, McGraw Hill GRE test prep books. Also, take ETS Power Prep practice tests several times. Always get started with Official Guide to GRE revised General Test.

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