How to Book Flight Tickets to USA?

How to Book Flight Tickets to USA?

After your F1 Via is approved, you can  book your flight tickets to USA.

But, before buying your flight ticket, there are few things you have to take do to make your travel as smooth as possible.


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How to Book Flight Tickets to USA

Before booking the flight tickets, you need to know the following

  1. Identify nearby major airport
  2. Find Travel Partners
  3. Find few travel agents
  4. Compare airfare, airlines, baggage options
  5. Finalize the air travel and airlines
  6. Sign-up for Frequent Flyer Miles Account
  7. Book your flight tickets

Nearby Major  Airport

Identify what is your nearby major airport. You may have to get a connecting flight within USA.

For example if your university is located near Major International Airport, you maybe able to book direct flight from India to USA.

Your port of entry and final destination will be same.

Sometimes, you may have to land in USA in major airport and then get a domestic connecting flight to your final destination.

Find Travel Partners

Find other students going for the same university from your country. If you can find someone flying from your departure city will be awesome.

If you can find someone, you should consider booking same flight tickets.

Having someone travel with you will  be really helpful than flying solo to USA for the first time.

Travel Agents

Find few travel agents.  Give them the same dates of travel and have them provide India to USA travel details.

After you get quote from travel agents, compare the travel details, baggage policy and travel times.

Cheaper fare will not be the best option. You might get a fare for $1300 with 1 free baggage and another fare for $1350 with 3 check-in bags.  airlines charge $150 for additional suitcase.

Considering that $1350 fare will be the best option.

  • Always compare fares with few travel agents
  • Try to avoid booking directly in travel agent websites for your first trip to USA

I saw someone who booked from, with 3 different airlines to fly from India to USA.  You have to check with someone to identify pitfalls with flight details.

Frequent Flyer Miles

After you have decided on the flight details, create a frequent flyer miles account with the major airlines in your trip.

For example, if you book with Emirates, you may fly with American Airlines or Jet Blue within USA to your final destination.

So, you can create frequent flyer miles account with Emirates Airlines.

Why frequent flyer miles?

If you get 25,000 miles, you can get one free round trip ticket within USA.

If you happen to fly

  • One Way – India to USA
  • Round Trip – USA to India

You will have enough miles to get a free round trip flight within USA.

Book flight Tickets

After you have gathered all the information, you can book the flight tickets. Sometime you can find cheap air fare by booking directly in Airline’s website.

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