The best way to select the best flight to suit your needs, is to give careful attention to your own travel preferences.

Here is a question posted by a student in a FaceBook group:

Can you please let me know the best fare you offer..Hyderabad—>Boston on Aug 16th!!

This kind of question is not specific enough for a travel agent. What do you mean by best fare? You may be thinking in terms of the lowest fare, but the travel agent does not know that. The best fare should be based on a set of your own travel preferences.

When you contact a travel agent, you need to have the following information handy:

  • Travel dates
  • Airline preference
  • Cost preference
  • Baggage Options

Here are some examples of the kind of questions you should ask a travel agent:

  • I’m looking for the cheapest ticket to Dallas from Hyderabad that allows three bags on the week of August 2nd.
  • I’m looking for the shortest ticket to Dallas from Mumbai on August 4th.
  • I’m looking for the lowest fare for a direct flight to Dallas from Coimbatore that allows that three bags between August 4th and 7th.

Notice the different types of requests. Cheapest versus shortest ticket.

Are there direct flights (no connecting flights) available?

How many bags are permitted?

Understand your need and present a very specific request.

In short: Don’t Be Ignorant

The following comment was posted in the blog:

I have booked my flight. I am going to cleveland state university……. My itinerary ( hyderabed-dubai-dulles-cleveland) I have my connecting flight with united airlines in dubai……..I am in great confusion regarding the baggage allowances for both these airlines…………….i will be very thankful if u can help me with this………….as this is my first time entering in to USA kindly help me regarding this baggage…..Its urgent.

It is important that you have these questions answered before you book the flight.

In the previous article about How to Book Flight Tickets, I talked about research your travel options.

Don’t blindly book your tickets just because the travel agent promises a certain price only within a certain hour or on this day.

Take your time to understand your flight itinerary and learn about the baggage allowance.

Identify the primary airline with which you’ll be flying. Airline websites will post their baggage allowance.

If you have different connecting airlines from Hyderabad to Dubai, call that airline and ask what the baggage allowance is for your particular flight.

In Summary

  • Know your preferences
  • Make specific requests of your travel agents
  • Analyze all aspects of your flight before booking the ticket

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