Coming to USA was the Best Decision of My Life

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Not to be rude or anything….. high paying Job India?…what load of BS.

You work for peanuts to a US boss who sometimes is clueless about the project he is managing.

Be satisfied with the 2 wheeler bought on EMI and someday hope to step into the US…..this is what most of the engineers in India do..especially the software ones.

The 4 year UG education in India is a bitter joke..and only in the US do u understand how tough engineering can be…..all those good things you said about the US ,that we imagine while in India

Engineering in India

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I have done it all….that to without even spending a single cent from my dad’d pocket….and there is no shame in doing ur laundry or cooking .

If there was one good decision I made in my life,it is coming to the US…which made me look at life differently and also realize what I can do with my potential….

If I were to stay in India…I am pretty sure my life wouldn’t have turned out to be this interesting.

Yes, USA!

Kiran is not the first person to feel satisfied about coming to USA.

Just like Kiran, few others have similar views

Quality of education in USA is far superior to what you  get in India.

Students getting Bachelors degree in USA will be much more talented skilled compared to students with Bachelors degree in India.

Indian students have to complete Masters in USA to compete with students with Bachelors from US Universities.

Is there anyone who is going to disagree to above views?