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Coming to USA was the Best Decision of My Life

Posted by Kiran at Infographics Students Lifestyle – India vs USA.

Not to be rude or anything….. high paying Job India?…what load of BS.

You work for peanuts to a US boss who sometimes is clueless about the project he is managing.

Be satisfied with the 2 wheeler bought on EMI and someday hope to step into the US…..this is what most of the engineers in India do..especially the software ones.

The 4 year UG education in India is a bitter joke..and only in the US do u understand how tough engineering can be…..all those good things you said about the US ,that we imagine while in India

Engineering in India
Source – Facebook Share

I have done it all….that to without even spending a single cent from my dad’d pocket….and there is no shame in doing ur laundry or cooking .

If there was one good decision I made in my life,it is coming to the US…which made me look at life differently and also realize what I can do with my potential….

If I were to stay in India…I am pretty sure my life wouldn’t have turned out to be this interesting.

Yes, USA!

Kiran is not the first person to feel satisfied about coming to USA.

Just like Kiran, few others have similar views

Quality of education in USA is far superior to what you  get in India.

Students getting Bachelors degree in USA will be much more talented skilled compared to students with Bachelors degree in India.

Indian students have to complete Masters in USA to compete with students with Bachelors from US Universities.

Is there anyone who is going to disagree to above views?

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  1. Hi everyone..
    i am a student currently studying in 12th..i had this dream of perusing abroad got clearer in 10th…i found out about SAT and TOEFL back has always been my dream to study in USA knowing that it is the only thing i need to grow in life..its entirely my mother believes that a undergrad B.E from India and masters from us is always better than Undergrad+masters engineering in entire family ridicules me when i tell them the plans of me going at undergrad level to USA..i need help..somebody please clarify this is serious as i need to take the decision this year itself..and btw i am not a total bookworm type person who would sit for 10-12 hrs i dnt study that much..but i do when its necessary..plz reply asap people …

  2. hi all!
    i am presently studying 12th class in India and my parents have decided to send me to US for undergraduate it easy to pass the course with distinction?on enquiry,many people suggested that indian students wont be able to compete with other normal students and they often fail!
    i am interested to do computer sciences..please suggest

    1. Hello, Many Indian students pursue their higher education in US Universities. In fact there are many who get admitted to the topmost Universities and are performing par excellence. As you already know you wish to pursue a undergrad program in CS, start preparing for SAT. You will definitely succeed in the admissions process as well as in academics thereafter.

  3. hi all!
    i am presently studying 12th class in India and parents have decided to send me to US for undergraduate it easy to pass the course with distinction?on enquiry,many people suggested that indian students wont be able to compete with other normal students and they often fail!
    i am interested to do computer sciences..please suggest

  4. The writer is true and this is what all people in india dreams. Nothing wrong in that, provided that those who don’t go to USA just because it is not in their FATE, must not bitch about those who have gone to USA and made it big, because deep inside the heart of every single person in india, they crave during their entire life time that they would land in USA. And yes, when author says that only in USA, it becomes clear that how tough engineering can be, he is right. But then, the problem is not of talent but mismanagement of policies and also, people not having proper knowledge. In india, I have hardly read any engineering book written by an engineer of an india who has done engineering. The indian authors mostly write the rote applications of the formula, concepts. I have hardly met any engineer in india who fix his own machine/television etc. Then how come indians would understand engineering. But it goes well with indian psyche as in india, earning money means talented. The IT chop shops would hire grad and would give them a designation of ENGINEER, indian soul is satisfied.

  5. I love the comment. being in USA for study is a prestige. keep on doing what u know. believe in your talent and don’t under rate your self and the country you are.I BELIEVE IN CHRIST

  6. I’ve been a part of an online forum since I was on 11th standard. (It was purely a forum for fun, and writing which is a hobby of mine). I am now in my prefinal year of B.Tech.

    (My points may be a slight bit biased, since I am one of those who actually like the process of studying/learning)

    There, I noticed that at the school level, our science and math *was* advanced. Of course, they get a more wholesome education, but there is no doubt that the syllabus is indeed very competitive here. Take integration. There’s just a certain amount of practical approach you can use to define it. Too much, and it becomes too complex. And yet, with all those crazy formulae, it made understanding in college easier.

    And there, I met a person who studied (she just graduated) Biochem engg, which is similar to B.Tech Biotech from UC-Davis. When I started my core courses I started discussing topics with her and share info with each other. And that was when I noticed a *huge* difference between their standards and ours. We have learning -by-rote, as do they. But their studies is not limited to that. They have grown transgenic plants, started a winery at the house and even inoculated their family pig to get some antibodies. This level is not possible here. And besides, mostly, in labs, they give us lab-partners. It’s never individual work. The record is to be written as is, no modifications etc.
    Besides practicals, their learning has a whole new dimension. It’s not one thing or two, but something completely different.
    Here, I know each theory perfectly well. There, they have actually done those.

    And I guess talking to her strengthened my resolve on applying abroad.

  7. Hi all

    I completely agree with the above things. I have a similar experience I came from a small town to Delhi to do Chartered Accountancy. And there were a whole lot of teachers teaching here who had actually written the books which were a part of our syllabus at the graduation level/masters level.

    Maybe this is the same thing which we see when comparing US to India. So many concepts which got originated there are being taught here from books written by professors teachiing in the US universities.

    I guess its got to do with respecting and encouraging originality of thought and not encouraging rote learning

  8. I partly agree and disagree with what is said. Truth be said, how many people will really study after enrolling into bachelors degree in India? The money involved is very less so most of them spend time enjoying those 4 years. How many movies do we cover, how many classes we bunk? Most of them join engineering here just because people says engineers get better jobs. And after those 4 years, how many talented students really want to get Ph.D and settle as professors? 1%? or even less? That’s why we have professors in colleges with a mere or even – blame it on the pay they get ( at least in the beginning stages, their pay is very less) or the complex university regulation system in India.
    1. We get taught under substandard professors
    2. We simply don’t care enough.
    Almost 90% of us travel to US because either our friends go or we dream of settling in US for prestige or money or whatever reasons. As someone pointed out easiest way is to get admission and go. We spend lots of money on that and start feeling responsible because you realize you’re on your own. You get your groceries, cook your food, do your laundry, not to mention sorting out things on your own(no parents to help out or take care of)… things you never ever dreamed of doing. That’s the start of living independently – that’s the best achievement.

    One biggest + there is that you get technical exposure which you don;t get here. And finally, the education in US might be superior but it depends only on you. If your behavior is same as in that of India, no school/university can make difference. Refer to people who said that they forgot what they studied.. It’s not study, it’s mugging up – before exams.

  9. Dear US aspirants please don’t equate both systems of education. Majority of Indian Universities rate their students with absolute GPA where as it is relative GPA in US. Gold medallist from Indian rated University getting bombarded from our own Indian Prof. teaching in US.
    Students who could not pass all subjects in every semester clears all arrear papers in one go.(16 plus).
    Each univ. in India has predefined pass %. Only very few students remember what they have studied.Employability is based on their 10th and 12th schooling and their skills.(Aptitude and Communication). Us has huge potential for employment and because of non-availability of employable US citizens we Indians (not all) are welcomed.
    Even very good students who have performed well in India finds the Graduate course (MS) very tough and teasing in US. With all these our students perform well with shear hard work.
    If only they had put this much of efforts in India we could have overtaken all including China.
    Chinese students wander in groups and they discuss only subjects they learn in their own language whereas we Indian students talk about Aish, Kiaf,Bebo etc and fantasize. This is based on facts and experience and no offences.

  10. Hello Friends,

    Believe it or not……

    It’s simple – bonding with US makes people to praise the education system there. Of-course the quality of life and education is much much better when compared to Indian living conditions and Indian education system.

    Fact 1 – US students are not experts in Mathematics they barrow knowledge from Indian students which is the reason why US schools are encouraging Indian students.

    Fact 2 – Those are Indians who made US economy so strong today. If Indian govt call back the cream of US (NRIs) from all the portfolios (Doctors, Engineers, Bankers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs etc), the US Economy can not survive any more if it happens.

    Fact 3 – So we go there, make their economy strong and habituate to comfortable life and no idea when we come back to home and just praise their system comparing with ours.


      1. @ Sam

        Is English your mother language? If Vamsi had posted that in french and it had errors you wouldn’t point that out. Accept man, English is not the mother tongue, for any state, in India.

          1. it’s true. english languge is not some other country mother language but in some extence will’ve to learn how to speak it. what would made the footballer to know how to speak different languages in any country they found their self. they need it. some people can speak different eigth languages . in some south america country you have to learn your colonnel language before you can communicate with the citizen. Thanks

      2. Hey Sam….

        Hope you’re doing well!

        If I don’t use simple English people like you do not understand what I’m saying… just kidding!!!
        Thanks for your concern about my communication skills… Since I’m from equities (Investment Baking) background I’m poor at delivering long lectures. I always prefer to be upfront.


  11. Yep!! Students who will complete their BS degree in US will be more skilled than any other students of the world. Although it also depends on that US University .

  12. I absolutely agree with the post and its not because I am infatuated with life in the US. I was lucky enough to have visited the university I am studying in now, while I was completing my B.Tech. The quality of research work and the pedigree of the professors here was the main reason I wanted to pursue my masters. I just knew that I had to come here to ‘complete’ my education. The very formulae/correlations that we are asked to ‘rote-learn’ in India were developed by the professors/alumni here.
    Life isn’t easy here in the US like most people imagine. But the sheer experience is worth its weight in gold. And yes, my life wouldn’t be half as interesting as it is now. Peace.

  13. RIGHT. Every other things,okay up to some extent.But the last part?
    ”Students getting Bachelors degree in USA will be much more talented compared to students with Bachelors degree in India.

    Indian students have to complete Masters in USA to compete with students with Bachelors from US Universities.”

    Just same your words.”What load of BS”

    For a single example to start with. One of my friend who wasn’t even a 4 year BTech grad;A simple BCA from one of the less reputable college from West Bengal.Worked 3 years with Accenture in India.Straight to USA for a project.And yes,not Software Engineer either,a Firewall Engineer.He worked that good in his 1 year project that he got a transfer to Accenture US and every aspects of his staying in US is done by Company.

    And before you disagree to say,’Exception proves the law’ , there are many candidates in India like my friend I mentioned just now,but hear great success stories.People tends to leave job and study MS just because that’s the easiest route to get an entry to US now-a-days.Overall education of USA is world’s best and nowhere to be compared to India’s,but the comment Indian students have to complete MS to complete US peoples completing BS is utter disrespect to mass Indian students.

    You miss one important point.US is US people’s country,so they will be given preference always. To be able to compete with them,you need something better, i.e MS/higher degree to your name.I believe 500% that many BS completed Americans will never able to crack IIT BE entrance exam,given the opportunity.

    1. Yes, many BS graduates American students cannot crack IIT and its the same IIT is not even ranked in Top 300 of world Schools Rankings.

      You would have to study in US to understand what I’m talking about. Its not matter of respect, its the about the quality of education. How many of your lecturers in UG in India had PhD from USA?

      Here is one simple example. When I did BE, entire university (40 to 50 Engineering Colleges) used the same book for Database Management Systems.

      I took Database Management System during Masters and used the same book. But the course was taught by the Professor who wrote the book. That’s the level of Education you will get in USA.

      In BE, I was taught how to write SQL queries for Oracle database. Here, I was taught how to deign and implement a Database.

      1. hi hsb,(Yes, many BS graduates American students cannot crack IIT and its the same IIT is not even ranked in Top 300 of world Schools Rankings.)
        Rankings wont tell facts.see the competition to get through IIT,and other factors.
        (How many of your lecturers in UG in India had PhD from USA?)
        In our college we have one professor he completed M.Tech in bomby IIT(gold medalist) and P.hd in US.He recommended us for MS in US,but never told Indian students have to complete Masters in USA to compete with students with Bachelors from US Universities.

        1. 1 Professor completed IIT and PhD from USA, which is good and you highlighted the difference (1 professor per college vs all the professors with PhD from USA).

          You can compete with students from USA with Bachelors, but skill levels are not going to be the same. I work *daily* with students who are doing Bachelors (and working as interns).

      2. pls dnt misinterpret the ranking of IITs and other US Univs. If u r really interested in knowng that pls go in depth.All the ranking are based on cumulative ie humanities,science,commerce and technology and this is wr IITs lag. if u compare technology wise many Indian un ilike IISC and all would be much higher…and not to mention, MBA colleges as well…

  14. i always feel going to us should be part of a bigger plan. sure going to us is rewarding but after being in US for sometime we have to come back and implement our knowledge or help in something, by coming back here. At least the next generation should not feel like going to US for higher education.

      1. People going back will have variety of reasons. I haven’t seen anyone personally who is going back saying “I’m going to improve the country”. Those who lived in US will take several good habits from here, even if that influences one person, its a success.

        Why people go back..
        – No Job/Laid Off in US
        – Family commitments
        – Taking care of parents
        – Visa issues
        – etc.

        1. I decided to come back to India after working in US for approx. 2 years. My reason – Living away from my parents and Indian culture just didn’t seem worth the so called comforts of USA. Also, While I passed out in comp. sc. from IIT’s, In US i felt that the majority of Indian population in was Kiran types(the author of this post). mostly passed out from grade 2 and grade 3 colleges of India and would of course have had tough time getting a decent salary in India.

          1. well said ashish,it is these kiran type of people who bring up this type of nonsensual conclusions regarding India and it’s culture,religion,tradition and here in this case the educational system.

          2. perception of success varies from people to people. I have seen people from IIT/NIT working in multinational companies on high salaries and coming to USA to work without the need of masters/Ph.D. from US universities. nowadays foreign degrees appeal to mediocre students who will not be able to get decent jobs/salaries in india. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. many indian students in USA, UK, Australia are happy working at gas station, waiter, taxi driver. sharing a room with 3-4 people and happy that you have an iphone is a measure of success for some people and such people are very happy in USA. for non software people, think again before deciding to come to USA.

        2. Hi HSB,

          Majority of us do not plan to come back unless we have a strong reason as you said above.

          – Laid Off in US – No probs (most of us survive) somehow we can manage by our hard-work by cutting down our leaves, stretching back in office for long hours and proves we are typical to process so we are safe.

          – Family commitments – we are saving every penny in US for our immediate family and we can plan our parents visit to our place once in a year.

          – Taking care of parents – Sending dollars to parents compensating this factor and anyways they’ll come to US once in a year if we save some small amounts.

          – Visa issues – we have very strong consultants to advise and help us in getting through visa issues.

          So we can happily stay back in US and lead comfortable life since any these can’t be a major reason to come back………

          Though every G14 bank (like Barclays, BOFA, UBS, Soc-Gen, Nomura etc) and every fortune 500 company today trying to establish in India we still prefer to work at US (step-mother land). Unfortunately many of the world’s top companies are already started their operations in India which are minimizing our chances to fly…..

          But we have some other sources to reach our dream place………..

          I’m clueless how to conclude these lines because I’m surprised after seeing your post above… nice post!!!


          1. I have seen personally several friends go back to for all the above reasons.

            If you get laid off after completing 6 years in H1B, you pretty much left with no choice.

            Labor getting query and you are in 6th year of your H1B.

            Parents can come if they are healthy enough. But, if they cannot travel, there is only so much relatives can do.

            I have seen friends who got got married, but spouses cannot get visa. Recently, H1B Visa denials.

          2. What most of you will realize after you graduate and actually start making that money is that the IRS will start taking more and more of it – about 50% if you are successful. Further, if you have more than 2 mil in assets, you have to pay an exit tax just to leave the country. It is better to have a lower salary and be free.

          3. @vamsi: ha ha, media writes crap and people like you really get suck in. USA allowed indians thats why indians got an opportunity to work there. If indians were so amazing talent, then why after britishers left the nation, we did not develop our own nation? true, the mismanagement and policy makers are to be blamed, but that’s half the truth, even indian citizen have to be blamed. The problem is indian mindset of doing slavery, barring VIJAYNAGAR and PESHWA rule, INDIANS have been slaves in their history when other nations and civilizations were making empires and ruling the world. And not to forget BANIYAWADI mindset of indians in present times, which also is labelled as CONSUMERISM. Capitalism is not what is termed as CONSUMERISM in india. It is much more than that. And also, if USA people would have been stupid, then how come they innovate? what, working like a LABOR is the only thing which indians term as HARD WORKING? I am not surprised as I have already said, hindus were slaves for a period of 500 years in last 1000 years.

          4. no, the real reason to come back is that suddenly USA culture starts looking bad, but if it was bad, why did people go there? stay here only. But no, people from india are not able to shun their indianess and would start saying indian culture and all, even though, the original BHARTIYA SANSKRITI is no more.

  15. Agree completely about UG education in India being a waste. I’m in my final semester now and have just been thinking recently about how little studying and learning I’ve actually done in the last 4 years. This is not what I thought engineering would be like. People go ooh aah when I tell them what course I’m doing, but it’s very rarely that I’ve genuinely thought what I’m doing is difficult. This is partly my fault but when I can do well in exams by just mugging up a handful of badly written books one week before an exam, then why not? The way the curriculum is implemented rarely ever calls for any more effort. If you have good professors then they will encourage you to do something different but for the most part it’s just copy-pasting in various forms. There’s no way I could get a software engineering job that was worthwhile just on this education. I’m quite looking forward to studying computer science in the US even though I know it’s going to be very difficult.

    1. Exactly same situation, Exactly the same thoughts… Im in Biotech, people hear that and go *ooh! Biotech, you are the future!!* yet what we learn is just a load of nonsense that we mug up from xeroxed materials the night before and puke out on the paper the next day… I dont even remember my 3rd or 4th sem subjects!! Its pathetic!

    2. because you have only read books, the concept and theories, but have not seen their pracitcal application. The rote learning of concept is actually the work which technicians do. Long time back, GOI had opened ITI institue for these things, now in present times, engineering colleges are doing this task. How many people in india actually try to apply a concept or theory in real life too, not in engineering, but also, when it comes to apply the theory of sociology, virtually everyone mugs them, but failure in applying. This is the problem. But then, indian education system have been developed only to churn slaves and clerks.

  16. HSB, I partially disagree. I believe that a brilliant student will excel irrespective of the country where he studies, be it India or the US. Yes, the quality of education is better in the US and also the standard of living is and that is one of the things that attracts people to the idea of going abroad for higher education.

  17. “Students getting Bachelors degree in USA will be much more talented compared to students with Bachelors degree in India.”

    I would have used the word ‘skilled’ instead of ‘talented’ . . 🙂

  18. Strongly disagree with the opinion. Could be for few but not for everyone. Well, the only major difference people would see is wealth which inturn seems a bit huge compared to Indian currency. How much ever we are spending in pennies and dollars our mindset always goes back calculating in rupees and ofcourse one would feel awesome only after cracking a job and prior to that all is like heck of a pain in various aspects atleast for those who belong to lower middle class, upper middle class and the rich are always the same be it anywhere, not offending but they have a bit smooth life compared to others. “If I were to stay in India…I am pretty sure my life wouldn’t have turned out to be this interesting.” this statements is only because you have not seen the after life if been rejected for a VISA to enter into US, I’m not telling that it would be interesting but it is only that not to go with assumptions as it would’ve not been interesting. Its all in one’s will whether to make his/her life interesting and how you wanted to mould it. Few have also screwed up after coming to US be it whatever reason it could be, its all the time that would answer such things. Statements like this may impact on few followers of HSB who has got a reject on VISA and may push them to over power their greed to step into US which may also lead to rejections later time. Nothing personal but it my opinion. Agree/Disagree 🙂

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