Booked GRE Exam Date Without Passport; Now in Big Trouble

Don’t book your GRE Exam dates without having passport in hand. If you have applied for the passport, then wait till you receive the passport.

Some of the Indian students apply for passport with name that might be different with what you will register for GRE.

If you are going to have problems with your name (Given, Middle and Surname), then its don’t register GRE or test dates. If you still book the dates, you can run into problem similar to this reader ( potentially going to give-up the GRE fees).

I have a pressing concern about the name changes in passport, and I hope you can help me out.

As you know, in the Indian version the last name comes first and its vice-versa in the American way of doing things. Since I’m gonna apply for next fall, I want to make sure that I don’t get into trouble with the name issued in the passport.

Coming to my name, in all the certificates up and until now, it’s been A.B.CCCC, viz AAA BBB CCC  . I booked my GRE date earlier, giving my name as CCC BBB AAA (in the confirmation mail I received, the middle name was ignored and I was addressed as CCC AAA).
It is mentioned pretty clearly on the website that we have to book the slot exactly as in the name of the passport.I’ve been going around the office for a few weeks now and they insist that I can either give my first name as CCC and last name as AAA BBB (which I think will get me into trouble later on), or first name as BBB AAA and last name as AAA (which is ok I guess, but in effect will make my name BBB, which will be weird after 20 years of going by CCC)).

I can cope with losing 190 USD and book a slot with the proper name, but I’m worried about the university application process, where the issue of the name will crop up again.Is it necessary to give the middle name while applying to universities?

Is it absolutely necessary the name on my passport is exactly the same as in the booking form?Can I expect any form of lenient allowance?

Sorry for my time-consuming rant, but I’m pretty desperate, with three months for my GRE and no passport.

If you want to avoid such confusion,  get things done in following order.

  1. Get Passport with Surname [ Life is Tough without Surname in the Passport and FNU in US F1 Visa]
  2. Book GRE Dates
  3. Book TOEFL Dates
  4. Verify Name in GRE confirmation
    1. Incorrect spelling can be corrected at exam center
  5. Verify Name in TOEFL confirmation
    1. Incorrect spelling can be corrected at exam center
  6. Complete exams
  7. Apply for admission with right names
    1. Mention that names in certificate will be A.B. CCCC
  8. Get Visa
  9. Book air tickets (not book tickets and get visa)
  10. Fly to US.

If you have a solution to above confusion/problem, please add your comment below. I gave couple of options, but lets see if anyone comes up with different solution.