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No Surname in Passport; FNU in US Visa; Life in USA is Can’t Get Any Tougher

Here is a comment from a reader. His passport doesn’t have a Surname ( or Family Name). Got FNU in US Visa.

I understand that last name is very important in the U.S.A. I don’t have a surname in my passport. Surname field is blank. My given name is Nived XXXXX. So wherever I had to submit my last name, I printed it as XXXXXX.

I received an I-20 from UTD. I had mailed them a copy of my passport. Understanding that I don’t have a surname, they printed Nived XXXXX as my surname and left my first name field blank.

International Office at UTD explained that this is the procedure they follow for candidates without surname in passport. They claim no problems have been reported yet from previous students.

I understand that VISA application form, I-94, US custom’s form etc asks for Family name and First(given) name. Please advise me on how to fill these.

If you apply for U.S. Visa without Surname in the Passport, they will issue U.S. Visa, but your first name will be used for the Last Name field in the Visa. Your U.S. Visa would look like this.

fnu usa visa stamp

The solution for FNU in US Visa

If you have read the related articles here in the blog, you will know by now that you can get U.S, Visa without last name in your passport. But, you will run into several of problems without Surname in your Visa and the Passport.

Everything, including SSN to Drivers License, will be difficult to get. Read the following experience posted by a reader:

blank surname fnu visa dmv ssn
Comment posted by a Reader.


The time and effort you have to put to change your passport changed to include the Surname could save you lot of hassle in the future.

Warning: Changing your last name after coming to the U.S. will be more troublesome and expensive process. 

Read the steps to change the name in the Indian Passport here in the USA.

Blank Surname in the Passport

I have posted several articles explaining the importance of having Surname in your passport even before take GRE Exam.

I came across the following experience posted by someone in a forum who had FNU in US visa and this process he had to go through to get it fixed. If you are a student, going through this process will be time-consuming and costly.

Steps to change the Name in Passport in US

Rules are strictly followed here. Only thing we need to wait for a long time.. This is what I did to correct my name everywhere

  1. April 2005 – FNU – Passport, Visa
  2. July 2005 – because of this SSN got delayed for 4 months and received with FNU
  3. July 2005 – DMV refused to give license, because they cannot give license with FNU.
  4. July 2005 – Enquired local newspapers in Philly – They told that I need to get court order number
  5. July 2005 – Went to court, they said that I need to show proof of my residence for 6 months, and should contact attorney for name change.
  6. August 2005 – Talked to attorneys – they said I need to give 100 $ consultation + actual charges of name change
  7. August 2005 – I have decided to give up, but at last try, I have enquired with Desi newspapers in NJ for name change advertisement. They agreed to advertise( $40)
  8. September 2005 – I gave the ad in NJ, and in Chennai India.
  9. September 2005 – Went to Indian Embassy NYC, they said, I need to wait for 1 month time after the advertisement date (because somebody could object to this name change. I don’t know how they will come to know, if somebody objects)
  10. October 2005 – I applied for Passport Name change
  11. October 2005 – Received with proper lastname, firstname in passport after 3 weeks time
  12. November 2005 – With this I went to SSN office for name change
  13. December 2005 – I got the SSN with changed name
  14. In the meantime, everywhere my name went as FNU Siva (Insurance, Bank Acct, Utility bills, Pay Check, etc..)
  15. December 2005 – Initiated everywhere to change my name
  16. December 2005 – Applied for Driving License –
  17. January 2006 – Failed 2 times in road test – (I need to unlearn my aggressive car driving habit learned over 2 years in India.
  18. February 2006 – Today I have passed my road test and received my license, W2 forms, Insurance card and other documents with new name. It was such a relief. No more FNU.

The whole process took about Ten months time (purchased the car in December 2005 only after correcting my name in all the documents).

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t give up with your Name Change
  • Follow the system.
  • Don’t have to break the rules to get your things done

Question: What will happen to U.S. Visa Stamping in the Passport after legally changing the name?

You can continue to use the visa stamping with FNU in your canceled Passport. The name in your USA Visa stamp can only be changed in a U.S. Consulate or Embassy. When you travel next time, you can get a new Visa stamping in your passport. You don’t have to attend a Visa Interview for requesting this name change.

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  1. I had this issue. I fixed my name in the passport but when i went to the USCIS field office they mentioned that they cannot change the name in the system. I have to exit and reenter the country to get this corrected. Please help.

  2. I came to US in H1 visa sponsored by my company.After reaching I got stuck in the FNU crisis.
    My Visa is going to expire on Dec 2017 and I don’t have SSN till due to this FNU issue.Because of Non-Availability of SSN payroll is also not getting processed. My case went too USCIS for correction,it’s already 1 month over I haven’t heard anything from USCIS. Please sugest me what should I do to fasten the process???How can I do H1 extension??? Is there any thing my company can do to help????

  3. After you get your new passport, did you have to get your i94 and visa updated to get the ssn updated ? Also should you get your EAD card updated ?

  4. I have Valid L2 visa with
    Give Name: FNU
    Surename :XXX

    i applied for passport renewal in USA with name split, do i need to update the VISA?

    1. Hi,my name is Tannima Akter. My uncle has been living in USA for thirty years. He applied to take us to USA some about 13/14 years ago. A few days ago we got the “Notice of Visa Case Creation “. For some mistakes only first name of my name was given their, and now so my first name has become my last name(Tannima) in the application and first name is FNU. Now if I make the passport with two names either in correct pairs, Tannima Akter ( in which my first name shall be first name and will miss match the last name of passport with the name in visa application Akter >Tannima) or I put a different name as first name what would be the consequences? Besides all my certificates has the name Tannima Akter. There’s also a mistake on the date of birth of the application, again my certificates have a different date,will this be a problem if I want to get admission in any college there. What should I do?

  5. Hello,

    My name is Chaithanya in passport and hence Chaithanya FNU in my visa and i-94.
    I am in US now and changed my name from maiden to married. Chaithanya Abhilash.
    I tried contacting CBP and they are not ready to update the i-94.
    Is there a way i can get Drivers License with new name ?
    Also i need to go SSN office and get the “You are not eligible for SSN” letter.
    Not going yet as i am not able to update FNU in i-94. Please advise.

  6. hey does it matter if I just split the name on my passport and do not have a middle name or should I just change my name all together.

  7. Hi, I’ve gone through similar situation for my father and will share our experience in detail. This should help.

    OFC Appointment = Sunday, 05Feb2017,
    Consular Appointment = Monday, 06Feb2017,
    Location – New Delhi, India

    o My Father had First Name = XXXX but no last name in his Indian Passport and applied for USA B2 Visa.
    o His DS160 Form had First Name = XXXX, Last Name = LNU and booked the appointment. This was incorrect.
    o On the day of OFC Appointment (Finger printing/Photo), Officer did not accept it because we filled up ‘LNU’ in the last name.
    o They confirmed that correct way is to fill up First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX on the DS160. He asked to correct it and then come back.
    o My Father came out of OFC center and I immediately filled up new DS160 form (since was not able to edit existing DS160 once its submitted) as suggested i.e. First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX. I submitted it online and then took the print out of this new DS160 confirmation page from an internet café outside.
    o After 2 hours around, my father again went inside OFC office with new DS160 confirmation page and asked officer to replace the old DS160 number from the new DS160 number. He did the same and then OFC was completed successfully.
    o Next day was Actual Visa interview in New Delhi Consulate, and it went successfully and Visa was approved and we received passport in 3 days.
    o Issued Visa had First Name = FNU, Last Name = XXXX.

    Therefore, for people who have last name blank in their Passport – put your First Name in the Last name while filling DS160 and In the first name just put FNU. Later we also found it on USTraveldocs site http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-gen-faq.asp#qlistgen18

    Additionally, There seems to be just one visa category ‘B1/B2’ given regardless you choose B1 or B2 or B1/B2 while filling DS160. We selected Visa Category = ‘B2’ while filling up DS160, But were given “B1/B2” Visa on the passport.

    Hope this helps, All the best!

    – Ansh

    1. Can we make name changes in passport and then fill new DS-160 for visa stamping? As my visa isexpired and am on extension ,when visiting India?

    2. Hi will it be problem if I don’t have a surname in my passport ..given name is only there in my passport ..I want to travel in tourist visa only.pls clarify..

    3. Hi Ansh,
      I went through the same process. Now my father has a visa with Given name as FNU. My question to you is that if your father faced any difficulty in booking the air ticket, undergoing immigration and while entering the US border and customs control.

      1. When there is FNU, try to deal directly with the Airlines to book tickets. Going through agent, could mess things up. IF there is any problem, you will encounter at the airport during check-in. So, dealing with airline can avoid this.

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am working for an US based Software MNC.
    I planning to apply for Canadian/Us Visa for my official projects. I have few queries please help me.

    Is there a problem to get Visa if my All government document does not have a surname?

    In detail,All my school and graduation certificate, passport, Adhar card, PAN card, Driving License, voter ID,birth certificate,residential proof, cast certificate etc just has the initials name in document.
    Example: “Deepak”
    Also there is not mention surname with my father’s name in my all the document.
    Will I face any problem in future to get Visa of Canadian/US country for long and short time.

    Your suggestion/reply is really appreciate!

  9. Hi,
    I have similar concern. I am trying to split my name. Here is my situation:

    My passport is expiring in Mar, 2017 and I am applying for renewal through https://passport.in.ckgs.us site. It has a split name option. Since in my current passport my SURNAME is blank and GIVEN NAMES is , so along with renewal of passport I am trying to split my name to SURNAME : KUMAR and GIVEN NAME : KUNAL.

    I am on L1B VISA and the VISA has GIVEN NAME : FNU and SURNAME : KUNAL KUMAR.

    Question :
    1. Could you please suggest, if I change(split) my name in new passport, what impact will it have on existing VISA?
    2. Will there be any impact if I go to India and reenter US after vacation?
    3. What kind of supporting document I need to carrying to justify my name change on new passport and VISA on old passport to support my identity?
    4. I am planning to update my I-94 , SSN info and driving license after getting the new passport with split name. What else other than the said docs needs to be updated?

    I would be great if you could provide me answer to my questions.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Kunal,
      is your issue fixed i have same problem , please let me know if its fixed

  10. Hi Sir,

    My Name on Passport is FirstName LastName –> Spell mistake
    My Name on Visa is FirstName LastName –> Spell mistake
    My Name on I94 is FirstName LastName –> Spell mistake
    Note all above 3 documents contains same first and last name.
    But on all other Indian proof like PAN, Aadhar, Election and education certificate name is correct without any spell mistake. Now i have applied for SSN will it be a problem for me.

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing your problems.

    I have a similar situation. I changed my passport but how do I change my Visa or have the authorities update their records with my changed name??

    I enquired with USCIS and they say they cannot do it. I cannot go back to India.

    Please guide me if you know how to deal with this issue.

    Thanks and Best

    1. Hey Raghu,
      I am exactly in the same situation as you are. But the thing is i have already applied for GRE and taken my toefl tests. Will it be an issue if i reissue my passport now ? There are fields in ETS account where we can update our passport info. So if i reissue my passport, i can very well update my info.
      The other thing is.. what are we supposed to do get a surname in our passport ? As thru all my documents i never had a surname. In my given name it has been mentioned as “Akash Ravindra”
      and surname is left blank.
      Any help ?

  12. Hi Raghuram,

    Like many others I don’t have a surname in my passport (my given name includes my surname) and my F-1 visa has FNU in it. MY passport will be expiring in Feb and I’m looking at renewing it in NY shortly. Should I ask to split the name at this point? Will it affect the status of the visa, if I do? Or should I apply to renew my passport without splitting my name on it and continue with the a blank surname on it?

    Any advice will be much appreciated. I’ve tried contacting the Indian embassy as well as USCIS but it been a tough road getting any coherent information.

    Thank you.

  13. Hi,

    I have also the same situation. I have got FNU as my first name and Vishal Ranjan as my last name. I got my SSN and everything easily (off-course with FNU as my first name), they didn’t even ask any questions. My be they knew about the FNU situation.

    I have now got my new passport in San Francisco with the name split correctly. My question is – do I need to get updated Visa stamped for getting the SSN records updated or can I go ahead and ask them to update the records without the new stamping?


    1. hey vishal rajan ,
      I too have the same problem actually can you please say the process to split name??? do i have to take a new passport with name split?

  14. My name is Richa. In my Birth certificate/passport surname shown that Richa NXXX. My all educational documents surname is Richa DXXXX. And i am married. So now my surname is Richa SXXX. and My passport also is with Richa SXXX. Will it be create problem when i apply for WES? Because three different surname shown.

    1. My problem is same as Richa. My dad changed our surname from XXX to YYY, now this new surname is changed everywhere except my birth certificate, now I need birth certificate for US green card which have my old surname XXX, what should I do now?

  15. Hi
    I’m facing same problem as yours
    I’m on f-1 student visa and just got to U.S i wanted to ask if i change my name will i have to get a new visa?

      1. Hello,
        My I-94 form has an incomplete first name of mine.
        It shows ‘Altam’ instead of ‘Altamash’.
        My port of entry was Dallas while my university is in Greenville. What is the process that I need to follow?

        1. Short Answer – Talk to CBP office. For step by step answer, please join Happy Labs. I have step by step process.

      2. Hi Raghu,

        I have only Given name in my indian passport as well as got US visa with FNU,
        if i bifurcated my name in passport here in USA then do i need to reissue the L2 visa, or if carry both passport there wont be any issue.

          1. Hi Raghu, Thanks for information.

            Do I also need to inform USCIS for there database update OR Just carry old passport with L2 visa (FNU Give name) and new passport with names bifurcated and it will not cause issues at immigration.

  16. Hello
    The issue in splitting is that i have never used my middle name that is priya as my last name in the previous documents so i dont have any proof to show the passport authorities that my last name is priya

  17. Hello
    I am also having same problem no surname on my passport. And i want to go to canada and i will marry my fiance in canada and my PR file will be applied. So should i split my name on the passport nw or should i change after getting married. The problem in changing the surname now is that i am short of time

  18. Helllo sir
    I have blank surname blank in my passport. But have a valid b1/b2 visa . Should i bidurcate my name in my passport or not as i am just starting my process of applying for gre.
    My only concern is will bifurcation affect my chances of F1 visa because I already have b1/b2 visa….

      1. I recently got my name split on my passport.how can i get it updated on my visa or my i-94?i spoke to the USCIS and the CBP and they said that i might have to travel outside India to that when i come back the immigration ppl can update my name as per my new passport.will that we an issue as the CBP is also not helping me.

        1. Hi . I am also facing the same issue. They asked me to exit and reenter. Were you able to resolve this problem

  19. My Indian Passport has my entire name in Given Name. As a result my US visa was prepared with FNU as my first name and entire name as my last name. I have ensured that my SSN, Insurance, W2 have all mantained the same consistency of having FNU as my first name.

    My question is that at the time of my child’s birth, should i still mention Father’s First Name as FNU? Please suggest with respect to the repercussions it may have while applying for my child’s US passport and his SSN.

    1. Why? Why?

      You should have corrected the name in the passport and removed FNU.

      Now you want that to follow your child as well?

  20. I am on a F1 visa and I have the FNU on my visa page. I heard that some students were able to apply for an SSN despite having the FNU on their visa. Will that be possible now ? I will definitely get my name splitted but I am need for an SSN now. My i94 and i20 match my visa name.

    1. You have to go to SSN office, submit the application for SSN. Can you come back to share your experience?

      1. I already went to the SSN office. They were confused with the FNU on my visa. But if I explain what the FNU means will that help? In short, can you get a SSN having a FNU on your visa?

  21. My father name in school certificate and my mother name in voter card so is there any problem to apply passport please advice me

  22. Hello,
    Thankyou so much for this detailed post. I have been going back n forth with the BLS passport service for addition of surname in the passport. Your post helps a lot. Could you tell me which newspapers in NJ you contacted. And do we not require a court order for placing an ad in them?

  23. Hi,

    I am from Myanmar and my whole name (AA BB CC DD) is my first name and I don’t have the last name. So, in my I20, my name is FNU (first name) AA BB CC DD (last name). In my visa, the US embassy simply splits it into AA BB CC as first name and DD as last name. I tried to change it but I still cannot change it. Please help me out and give me suggestions!

      1. So, do I contact attorneys later to put advertisement as my name change after getting a name change in my passport?
        Where shall I do name change in my passport? in my country or embassy in USA? thanks!

  24. hi,
    this is jubeda , I too have same problem that no surname in my passport. how can I apply to visiting visa , there may be any problem, but without surname the application form is not showing the next step

  25. Hi,
    First of all great blog to help people appreciate it !!
    My Case is:
    Surname: Blank
    First Name : XXX YYY
    Surname: YYY
    First Name: XXX
    Surname: YYY
    First Name: XXX
    I am going to apply for SSN soon, will this cause a problem? Though FNU is not mentioned any where
    Appreciate the reply !

  26. Hi
    I have FNU (first name ) and Manish Kumar (last name ) on Visa, I-94, SSN and driving licence. As first step I corrected name in passport (split name Kumar (last) Manish (First). Now how easy it will be correct in other places like SSN and DL. ? because these 2 offices go by I94 . do I have to fill I120 form and pay 340$ fee for chnage in I94. I have no plan to travel India but soon change the status. Please advice..

    1. passport officer refused “kumar” as surname

      in my passport, i had manish kumar in first name column, and surname column is blank. i went to passport office for correction, but they refused to accept it as they said “kumar” is not a proper surname , rather it is a middle name. so they refused to accept my application for “kumar” surname.
      i need urgent help in this matter

      1. Manish, which consulate did you go?Kumar is accepted as last name. oneof my friend has kumar as last name.

        1. i went to jaipur psk. they refused and asked me to contact rpo jaipur. and showed against my ARN as absent.

        2. also if u can mail me a copy of his passport , so that i can convince officials and solve my problem

      2. Take appointment with USCIS office and go with both passports, they will correct the SAVE system and give you new I-94 free of cost.
        Then wait for 2 weeks and go to SSN and update it

  27. i want to apply for citizenship i have already 5 years in U.S.A but inmy greencard they put my last name as my first name and first name as my last name what should i do.

  28. Hi HSB,
    I was going through your blogs and it was good and helpful. I have a different doubt , plz clear me in this sense.
    I named my Kid as Eshaan. And i wanted his name to be appear as “Eshaan MS” ( MS – is my husband name and my Name initials) . Is it possible to get a Passport with
    I have read through the application procedure , it was written as initials should be expanded.
    I dont want my Kid name to be too long… as well as i wanted to get all his certificate and passport to be alike.
    What can be done to make this….Kindly suggest me…

  29. Hi HSB,
    I have received my work permit H1B(I-797B form) with correct surname ‘DHANAPAL’ but in passport its ‘DHANABAL’ which is actually not correct.
    For Work permit approval verification have submitted docs to UCIS for VISA stamping.

    Please advice ,what should I do know..

    Whether , can I correct the surname in passport. if so i will be getting new passport number.. will it be ok to do this as i have submitted docs to UCIS???
    Can I send request letter to US CIS consulate to change my surname whatever present in Passport?


  30. Is it ok if i have my surname mentioned on passport and other legal documents(birth certificate,aadhar card.license),but no surname on my educational certificates while applying for visa and also for applying for higher education.

  31. i have no surname. and by reading this article i wish to add a surname since i am planning to travel to US. can anyone please suggest what to do?
    thank you.

  32. No surame in Passport:
    I have received my work permit (H1B) without surname. Now if i change my name in passport before going for stamping, will it help me or it creates more trouble due to change in name in work permit and passport?
    Please advise.

    1. Hi Thouseef,

      I have the similar problem I have got the petition approval Notice. But has Surname as “No Name Given”.
      If I fix the passport then go for Stamping, will this create trouble for stamping ?
      Please advice how your experience.

  33. Hi HSB,
    I have the same problem-I removed my surname since childhood as I dnt like it and In my passport the given name is printed as Axxx Sxxx and surname is blank while in visa..i have my name as FNU Axx Sxxx (given)(surname). I am on F1 visa and my name on ssn is spelt as unknown axxx sxxx and I was rejected when I filed for the fedral tax returns as the names did not match in the Tax form and SSN. My SSC, BIRTH certificate and also the degree certificates, they all have the name as Axxx Sxxx. Is there any way I can rectify this? Can u please explain me the procedure in detail. Can I split and keep axx as first name and sxxx as last name? If yes, kindly tell me the procedure. Please reply me asap. Thank You.

  34. Hello HSB,

    I don’t have surname in my passport and applying for US B1 visa, whether it creates any problem to issue the B1 Visa or any chances to reject B1 visa ? Please let me know asap to proceed further ?

  35. Dear HSB,

    As I am continuing my pursuit to change my name in Indian Passport and US visa.
    In indian passport I have to rearrange my name to get a surname.
    In US visa get rid off FNU from first name.

    However,the above procedure does not work.Going to Indian passport office here in US will only change the name in passport not in VISA.
    I need to get my name changed in VISA too ..
    How would i do that..

    1. In Reply to Srinivasan Lakshmi,

      I also faced the same problem as the DMV office is refusing me a driving license even though i corrected my name in passport, SSN and H1b and I94. They are saying the names are not matching in my SSN and Visa. I went to the Immigration Office and asked them how to get my Visa updated with my corrected name ( did name split due to FNU problem), but they replied saying VISA cant be updated and I have to leave USA and come back where I would be issued a new VISA with the corrected name. Now the only option for me to get a driving license is to go to another office which does not look into my passport/Visa.

  36. hello all, My Indian passport printed my surname blank and they printed my surname along with my given name and I applied H4 visa without correcting the issue and I went to stamping at HYD, The US embassy issued H4 Visa with my First name FNU and Last name entire my Given name from my Indian passport. I got H1 approval in 2012 and I approached SSN office to apply SSN, They told that they will issue my SSN as it appear on my I-94. They asked me whether you have Driving License in US, I said yes, and asked do you hold ITIN ? I said yes and they asked do you have bank account?? I said yes. then she issued a letter saying that your SSN will be issued only we after verifying with Immigration services, if they not authorize we cant issue your SSN. This process will take 4 to 6 weeks to get final results.

    I am really tensed I am sitting in US on H4 visa for more than 2.5 years now GOD bless I got H1 but they SSN application is making me tensed. I dont know whether I get my SSN or not???

    Please help me in case any one faced same similar problems in getting SSN.



    1. Hi SVNM,

      I am also facing some problem like you .

      Did you get your SSN Card?

      If yes… how many weeks they have taken to issue your SSN Card?


  37. Oh ok.
    But that did not answer my question.

    Whether I will have my visa with my new name.

  38. I have same FNU problem in my VISA.
    I am in a process to get it sorted.

    I needed some clarity.
    Did the person get it resolved by publishing his name change here in US desi newspaper and in INDIA
    or did he get a state order issued.

    Thank you for this blog.It is was great relief to find it.

    1. One more question.

      Do the India embassy issue a new passport with name change in both visa and passport.

      I am not sure if they do both.
      HSB :Can you provide me some information please.

      1. With Name Change I know they issue new passport. My guess is that they give the old passport (like how you renew) with cancelled stamped on it.

        1. I got a new passport for name change( name split actually) with the previous passport cancelled but it also said that the VISA’s in my cancelled passport are still valid.

          1. Chris
            How could you correct name in SSN , I-94 or DL after split name in passport.. Based on your comments I understand you removed FNU from your name .. thanks

  39. Hi,
    I don’t have any surname in my educational documents. Should I give same name in my passport or will I have to provide a surname in it. won’t it make any problem if my passport contains my surname but my qualification documents don’t have it?
    your soonest possible reply will highly appreciated.


  40. Hi HSB,

    All the while , I was thinking my situation was one of a kind till I came across this blog.
    I read the post & my one question for you would be.,
    were you asked to submit any documents while requesting for name change advertisements by the news paper agencies back in India as well as in US. if so, what did you submit…
    My problem is , I want to get my surname added to the passport but none my educational certificates has surname on it.. Your suggestion is much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  41. Hey,
    I read all posts but i still have one query, In passport my surname is blank, and given name is Manoj Kumar, Now my H1-B is under process without surname. So definitly I will Get FNU in Visa .
    Now what i think:-
    1,What if I re-Issue my passport with correct details after getting the Visa, coz I will be having some time between getting visa and travaling to US. It means I will have FNU on visa, and a new passport with correct details.Will that work??

    I might sound stupid but just out of curiosity I asked it. Else will have to follow the solutions given above.


    1. Manoj, Did went ahead by getting new passport with correct details in India itself before traveling to US?

      I have same problem and I am still in India and will be traveling by next month. So i still have time to get it changed in India but not sure if this will create any issue?

      Let me know if you got it corrected before you traveled. I have never traveled to US and this will be my first time…

  42. Hi

    I recently received my Visa for US for B1-B2 category.

    My GIVEN name in the passport is ANJALI and my SURNAME is BLANK

    My VISA is stamped as: FIRST NAME : FNU

    My TICKETs are book as ANJALI ANJALI as I have travelled to other countries like this.

    Will there be a problem in entry in US .

    I need your help urgently as I have to travel in 2 days.

    Many thanks.


    1. Hi Anjali my situation is similar to you,

      In passport Surname is Blank and Given Name is Manoj

      While in VISA: Surname Manoj and Given Name : FNU

      1. Hi Manoj and Anjali,

        Even I have the plz let me know, if we have some procedure to change or if there is going to be some problem if we continue with the same

    2. I had the same issue,

      I reached US with no hassels,but was stopped at when boading a domestic flight in the US. Luckily managed through by showing the last name on my credit card (you may not be lucky always).

      Have the ticket booked without a last name, if the online system doesnt allow you to do so talk to the flight carrier , they can defintly issue you a ticket with out a last name ..


  43. Hi HSB,
    Spelling mistake
    In my Passport my surname is misspelled to DEWANGAN but all my other documents (Transcripts, degree, PAN, GRE, TOEFL etc ) with spelling DEVANGAN
    V has become W in passport.
    Please let me know what kind of the problem I may face. ?
    What should I do to avoid the problem ?

    I have received no reply from this website. I have gone through all the articles but no one has discussed about the spelling mistake in surname.
    As I understand Surname is Very IMP. I have my surname misspelled as DEWANGAN in passport but all other documents DEVANGAN.
    Which Spelling should I use while filling forms for US University.
    HSB Please reply I am stucked it here. Should correct my spelling name by visiting passport office or what . do to?


  44. sir i m waiting for ur immediate response……so just asking the Q.
    sir my name is Chand Mayank Prakash on 10th and 12th certificates…..and on Driving licence it is Mayank Chand….
    Chand is my surname
    Mayank is my name
    Prakash is my father’s name

    sir i haven’t yet applied for PASSPORT…..but now want to apply as soon as possible……..

    so my Q. is dat ——>>>>can i declare name:- Mayank and surname:- Chand on my passport….and no Prakash declaration on PASSPORT?????

    1. plz do reply sir…….. i cannot wait too long as my GMAT dates are very near…..plz plz do sujjest me the best possible option….

  45. Hi

    I dont have surname in my passport.
    Passport name is Nishanth XXXX, which is same as my name in my educational documents.

    And my H1B visa processing is just started, and I’m worried, that no surname would create problem in future.

    Could you please tell me if I get my name changed (i.e, adding surname, along with a supporting affidavit) would help me ?? (This way, my name in educational documents would be different from my name on passport)

    Please help me out

    Thanks much..

    1. Get your last name on your passport..

      It would be very difficult in the US else.

      As far as your certificate goes , i doubt it would be an issue as you would have an affidavit that mentions the name change and proves that the certificate belongs to you.

  46. Hi,

    I have the same issue. I came to USA on a F1 Visa and I just got my H1 approved recently. If I change my name in the passport –

    1. Do I need to leave the country and come back?
    2. How does this affect my H1 approval ?

    Please let me know as I am looking at getting my name changed in the next 2 months. Thanks a lot!!

        1. Changing name in passport is in your control. Follow the lengthy process. Once you change that, then you can change DL, SSN and other places. But, H1B approval is one that I’m not sue how your name change will be affected. Attorney should answer that.

    1. hey PI, i am also under same situation, i am on F1 visa now, and i have changed my name (i.e added surname) here in usa, on my passport, do i need to update my name on the ssc and 12th certificates for H1-B approval? or can i keep my educational documents as it is with an affidavit.


      1. Hey, I have a similar situation where my entire name is printed in given name field and surname field is empty on passport. As a result, I have FNU in my i20 and visa as first name. Can you let me know, how did you get it changed in US.

  47. Hello everyone!
          Really Informative Blog,
           The articles that i have read here so far are really very impressive , detailed and upto the point.
          But i have a question ( If HSB is checking this then do please give it a reading, and your help would really be appreciated! )
          I guess no one here has mentioned the procedure to get their names on the passport corrected if they ARE IN INDIA. (or at least i haven’t found any comments/questions on that?)
            My name is Harsh Warikoo and my old passport expired quite some time ago. It was issued to me when i was a kid.         In the old passport (this passport was issued in 1994) the format was like this:                         Name : Harsh Warikoo         And now when i’ve gotten my passport renewed (quite some years ago) I’ve noticed the format as this:                       Surname : __________________________                       Given Names : Harsh Warikoo       Now i want to get it corrected to this way:                        Surname : Warikoo                        Given Name : Harsh                       (This is the way it is supposed to be right? 🙂 )Does anyone know the procedure required in getting this corrected IN INDIA? Before reading this article i never thought that this would be such a problem. Now i’ve realized this folly and need to get this corrected right here in india before it gets too late.
            Does anyone know or can explain the procedure and the follow ups required in getting this correction done here IN INDIA?
            Your help would really be appreciated! (and i’m sure there are many others too who are in a similar situation like mine, they too would like to know this)
                Thank you in advance!

  48. Hello HSB,

    I am vineet vijayan.
    My first name is passport is vineet vijayan and sur name section is left blank, to be frank thts correct i dont have a surname(vijayan is my fathers name). But i must have kept vijayan as my surname(i was nt aware of dis prob while filling passport applic)
    And my names as per Visa n I20 are:
    SurName:vineet vijayan(US ppl issued like this as surname is mandatory in US)

    From the articles i came to know that it will be a prob.
    Pls tell me wt can i do nw…. I am flyin to US on 10th Aug….I dont have time to change name in passpoprt.Can i change passport name in us???… or can i change name after comin bac to ind(like if i come for break during vacation)… Pls tel me wt are the probs Im going to face in US(and how to overcome those)…..
    Thanks in advance…

  49. Hey the names in my documents is confusing.
    Firstly my passport does not have surname, only a given name which is my first name and last name together.
    My I20 form has FNU written in Given name and my full name written in Surname.
    I got my visa but in that My surname and given name are written separately.
    Will this be a problem??

    1. as long as you got your visa, you should be good to go. You must get your name in I20 rectified once you reach your university (they wont mind changing it). Get your I20 name aligned to the name which appears on your VISA (not your passport). And make sure you get all your documents (SSN, bank accounts, Driver’s license, literally everything) as it appears on your VISA.
      Frankly, your VISA will matter the most from now on and since you have the ‘correct’ order in your visa(First name and last name separately) you dont have to worry.
      I have been thru this and my case was even more complicated and everything went fine.
      Good luck

  50. Dear Sir,

    My name has appeared as Pavan G S in all my marks sheets and my name has been printed on the passport as, Given Name: Pavan Gandlur Srinivas Surname: Blank
    I gave my GRE two months earlier and the name appearing on the GRE score card is
    First Name Pavangandlursrinivas
    Surname Pavan_gandlur_Sr
    I am yet to apply to any of the universities and have around 4 months to begin my application process. Please suggest me on how to clear this mess.

    If i need to get a new passport, wat should be the Given name and First name be ?

  51. Hi HSB,

    What if some one has the whole academic record with the first name only and there is no surname in all previous mark sheets, and there is surname in one's passport, can he get his admission in US as per his previous marksheets, I mean… without having a surname in college admission????

    1. SAM
      Yes you can get admission based on that. But the problem might arrive when you apply for visa and I20. So read this blog properly coz thats what it says about visa and your name.
      Good luck.

  52. This is a common problem in India that there is no importance given for seperate first name and Sirname. Even my son had a similar problem and we realize this only at the time for applying his visa & no time was left to get passport corrected.

    Its always better if one get his passport corrected before applying for US Visa. Thats much easier.

    But in case if someone cannot get his passport corrected before getting US Visa, there is a procedure with CGI (Councillor General of India) in USA. One can go through their website and follow the procedure for change of name (Splitting).

    Its not very complicated, one can download all the forms to be submitted (from the CGI website), fill the form, get them attested by some attorney in US, get a draft for requisite fee from the bank and mail all the documents, alongwith all original passports (old & new) to CGI.

    See that you comply with the checklist provided at the CGI website. My son, who is studying in Los Angeles, did the same and got a new correct Passport from CGI, Sanfrancisco through mail within less than a fortnight.

    Later on, one can continue on his old valid visa in previous passport, provided both the passports are stapled together and get the new visa on new passport whenever he comes to India.

    Please note that one can get a new visa from the same embassy which issued first visa.

    This change in name must be done at the earliest possible so that getting SSN, DL etc are done with proper name only.

    1. thank you very much sir because i am also going to usa with fnu…………but after reading your article i am feeling relaxed………

    2. hi Mr Jain

      I have a similar problem with my name in the passport, does not have my surname.
      My visa is FNU Diksha…
      I need to get this rectified as I am facing a lot of problems.. i need to add my surname.. Diksha Arora..
      I on a student visa in the state of Utah.

      the process for name change on Indian embassy website asks for 2 advertisements: one in USA newspaper and one in Indian newspaper.
      and an affidavit duly notarized.

      I am not sure about the newspaper process. If you have any idea about it, would you please guide me.

      for affidavit, I have asked a my university notary to attest it.
      I can get a newspaper advert in my city in Utah. But not sure how do I get a newspaper advert in India?? My mother can do that for me.. But will that be valid and acceptable..

      looking forward to hear from you..

      1. Dear Diksha, You have not mentioned whether your sirname is there in the Passport / Visa, may be under given name. In case, if it is there under given name, there shouldn’t be any issue and you have to apply for a new corrected passport under “Change of Name – by Splitting”. In such a case you dont need to advertise in news papers. Same was the case with my son and he got a new corrected passport without any advertisement in news paper.
        But in case if your sirname does not appear at all in your passport / visa, I donot have any experience on this and it will be better to enquire directly with CGI in your area. Every CGI has a PRO and you can call directly on his / her telephone at the given time. You will get this information on CGI website.
        Wish you all the best in getting your new corrected passport soon. In case of any further assistance, you may write me through HSB or directly at With regards – J K JAIN

      2. Yes you would need a advetisement, as your case is a “Name Change” (like mine) and not a “Name Split”.

  53. Dear Sir,

    My name is KUMAR GOURAV in all marksheets and my fathers name is


    Should I use KUMAR as my First name and GOURAV as surname ?

    My doubt is

    1. Should the surname of my father and me be the same ?

    2. Can one use a space in between his first name ?

    i.e. can I use whole "KUMAR GOURAV" as my first name ?

    Plz reply as soon as possible.. I have got a internship call from Germany and I have to apply for passport.

  54. hi friends i am having problem regarding blank surname in passport…….

    i have booked my gre date with given name as:nitin

    last name as:kumar


    in my passport given name is :nitin kumar

    and surname field is blank.

    what shd i do?

    i am having gre exma on 9th sep…

    shd i go for changing my mane in passport..


    given name:nitin


    how much time is required for this process bcz at time of test i must be having my passport with me…

    plzzzzzzzzz give me solution HSB sir….thanx in advance……

  55. Hi HSB..
    I'm kishore. My full name is Kishore Anand N. while filling the passport form those guys asked me to expand me the initials so i gave my given name as Kishore Anand Narayana and in my passport my given name appears as Kishore Anand Narayana and while bookin GRE dates i've given my first name as Kishore, middle name as Anand and last name as Narayana as i dint know how exactly to put that in. Now in my GRE confirmation letter my name appears as Kishore Narayana only and Anand is missing out. I want to know
    1.whether i'd be addressed by the same name as Kishore Narayana in my GRE score sheet??
    2. will it cause a problem when i apply for US universities?
    3. I"m planning to get my particulars in passport changed, where i'm going to give my given name as Kishore Anand and surname as Narayana, which is my father's name. is it ok if i expand my initial and give it as my surname??
    4. and finally how do i get the changes done in the GRE confirmation letter from prometric before i take up the exam?? is it ok if i appear with my name as Kishore Narayana on confirmation letter and Kishore Anand Narayana on my passport.

    Plz answer my queries and help me out as my GRE exam is on Jul 30th, which is 12 days from now on. please help me out.

      1. If you really wanted info all you should know is how to use the search option or read related posts above. By now you should have the answer. Instead of sitting around for someone to reply, go do some search (work) to find the answer.

        1. hey sorry mate.. i think i was a bit rude cos my gre date is nearin… i've got amswers for everythin except that wat wud my name read in GRE official score report??? plz help me out by answerin?????

        2. Hey HSB,everything on your website has been a great help but i just want to add that I also had a similar problem of name and now I am in US.My SSN was delayed for just 1 week than the normal and I have a state id too now.So it isnt that difficult to sustain in US without surname.After reading your article ,I was tensed but the experience in US isnt that bad and people are very cooperative.


          1. Hey…so if i go with my name FNU Priyanka on visa and i20, i wont have a problem with SSN right?

  56. i booked the date for GRE with given name: natya and surname: (left blank)
    and have the same name in my passport as well.
    will there be problems regarding the application procedure or after reaching US?
    please suggest

    1. Get your surname properly in everything. In some US consulates, they won't accept application without surname in the passport.

  57. Hi HSB,

    I am also in a same situation. but one doubt I am having now is, Do we need to change the name only in passport.. We need to change the name in Visa also.. rt? Whats the proceure for that?

  58. i've my name in the passport as well as in all documents without the suname. now i'm planning to apply for postdoc in US in another one month. would a passport without surmane create problem , if yes, wht were they and how much time required for the name being changed in the passport. kinldly give ur suggestion ASAP

  59. Hi hsb,
    I want to take GRE exam next year and After reading this section, i afraid that in future i have to face these kind of problems. I also is not having surname in all my mark sheets and papers. will it be a problem? how i can i solve this problem. Please suggest me.
    Thank you

  60. hi HSB..




    1. I'm not sure why you have to write in ALL CAPS. You have to read the procedure about adding name change after marriage in passport.

    1. what Aapjit is suggesting is right. I know of a friend who did this and got his SSN and driver's license based on that. But I would also add that it depends a lot on how cooperative your university is. Like my university is not cooperative enough to do that. Though, its always better to get name changed before coming to US. Saves lot of trouble.

  61. Hi HSB,
    I have a query. I have been issued a passport in 2005. But mistakenly the passport officials issued it without my father's and mother's name on last inner cover page. Then I canceled this passport and reissued another one. Now in 2nd passport they have printed my father's and mother's name but my name on front inner cover page appears as
    Surname XXXX
    Given Name(s) XXXXXX
    My middle name ie my father's name is not printed on front inner cover page.
    and on the third page i.e. blank page for visa they have given a stamping stating an observation that
    "Holders name on inner cover page may be read as
    Surname XXXX
    Given Name XXXXXX XXXXXX"
    with sign and seal of passport officer.
    Will this cause any complication or trouble? I am worried because of strict and stringent conditions of US Visa office. What should I supposed to do now? Should I reissue another fresh passport?
    Please kindly guide me in this matter.

  62. heyy…HSB, this post is regarding name in the passport.. i think my problem falls in this post! plzzzzzzz suggest me.

  63. serious problem here…plzz help me ..HSB!

    iam a 3rd yr btech student n my name is “G V L N SAI KUMAR”..i.e; GANJI VENKATA LAXMI NARASIMMHA SAI KUMAR. (GANJI IS MY SURNAME) i hav this full name in my passport..by my Btech transcripts are under the name of “G V L N SAI KUMAR”.
    yesterday, i tried to register for GRE through online…n there in the registration form..there are three name fields ‘FIRST NAME,MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME’..i tried to fill the FIRST NAME field with ‘VENKATA LAXMI NARASIMHA SAI KUMAR’ but..it is not allowing me to fill…d character limit is 23 but my first name is of 33 character. how to fill it!????

    nd if i fill it as according to my passport…will it create me any problem during the admission process as my name in my btech transcripts is G V L N SAI KUMAR…?
    plzzzz help brother!
    plzzzz help brother!

  64. serious problem here…plzz help me ..HSB!

    iam a 3rd yr btech student n my name is “G V L N SAI KUMAR”..i.e; GANJI VENKATA LAXMI NARASIMMHA SAI KUMAR. (GANJI IS MY SURNAME) i hav this full name in my passport..but my Btech transcripts are under the name of “G V L N SAI KUMAR”.
    yesterday, i tried to register for GRE through online…n there in the registration form..there are three name fields ‘FIRST NAME,MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME’..i tried to fill the FIRST NAME field with ‘VENKATA LAXMI NARASIMHA SAI KUMAR’ but..it is not allowing me to fill…d character limit is 23 but my first name is of 33 character. how to fill it!????

    nd if i fill it as according to my passport…will it create me any problem during the admission process as my name in my btech transcripts is G V L N SAI KUMAR…?
    plzzzz help brother!
    plzzzz help brother!

    1. Fill up your name till the accepted characters only.

      Have your surname, middle name and given name correctly.

      Middle name is the part of your full name which is neither your given name nor surname. In my case my middle name is my father's name. And middle name is not mandatory. But given name and surname are more important.

      So next time onwards put your name as in passport. (And get it in the right order in the passport. Name = Given Name Middle Name. Surname = Surname.)

  65. Hello! I have a question. If planning on going to school in United States, learning English, getting grants and financial aid from United States, and then living and working in United States – is it expensive or difficult to add a surname either from your national country or in the United States? Has anyone ever done this?

    It is an opportunity to name yourself as you choose. Also, to have pride in your family's name or occupation or home town. People in England and other countries did to choose a sur name. They would choose a name by occupation: John Baker who's job was to be a baker. Or they chose a color. Or the name ofa town. Some Americans use the sur name of the mother as a first or middle name of a child. You could also use the name of an ancestor. Good luck!

  66. Hi HSB.

    I have faced a similar situation with surname. Even I have got an I-20 from UTD with a single name printed in the surname field and first name field being blank.

    So, after changing our names (Nived’s and mine), we need to get a new I-20 from UTD right?

    Kindly reply on the above at the earliest.

    And I thank HSB to have warned on the consequences if no surname is included in the passport. Moving further, I had split my single name into first and last names while registering for GRE and TOEFL. So now, I’ll go for a change in the name in my passport accordingly and will inform the University on the same. I hope, this should work fine. I request HSB to kindly confirm and suggest any changes if reqd.

    Thanks in advance.


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