Change Name After Taking The GRE Test

How to Change Name in Passport After Taking the GRE Test? (Solution)

In the series of article about the how to register for GRE, What names to use while registering for GRE and how to change the name after registering for GRE, the next question is how to handle the name change after taking the GRE Test?

Question: I have read all your posts and I am happy to see that information on this crucial topic is available. But still my problem is little different. I have my name on the passport as Meenu and no surname. My father’s name is PXXXX RXX. I have already given GRE and TOEFL with the name MEENU MEENU. All my degree certificates my name, only MEENU is listed without surname or initials. If I get a new passport with surname, like MEENU MEENU or MEENU PXXXX RXX, would it be problematic? And what is the best solution to avoid further problems. I have already applied to 3 universities with name MEENU LNU and I got to know that I must provide a last name.

First, you made the mistake by using the Meenu Meenu to register for the GRE. Now it’s time to face problems, but there is always a solution.

Applying without Name Change in Passport

  • Since you took GRE, it is not possible to change your name in GRE score report.
  • You cannot apply to university with Meenu Meenu, because your I-20 will be issued with the Meenu Meenu.
  • If the name in I-20 differs from Name in the passport, you can’t attend the student visa interview.

Now, do you see the impact of not reading the instructions about not using the name in the right wat while registering for the GRE?

The problems of a single and simple mistake are now amplified.

Even if you were allowed to attend the Visa Interview and get the Visa, your Visa stamp will have FNU

  • First Name – FNU
  • Last Name – Meenu

In this case, your I-20, the passport will have different names, which means you will run into problems while applying for Drivers License, SSN, rental, credit cards application, etc.

Solution – Change the Name in The Passport

And you have to deal with other consequence of requesting the university to match your name from GRE report to your old name.

To Universities Applied:

  1. Contact the University and inform them about your name change in the Passport.
  2. Send copies of old and new passport
  3. Write a letter explaining what happened and why you got a new passport
  4. Send them a copy of GRE Score Report (with the old name)
  5. Ask them to match your GRE score with the old name, but process the application using the new name.
  6. Ask them to update your name on the Application Portal.
  7. Check the I-20 if the name matches the new passport.

To Universities Yet to Apply

  1. Submit the application with the new name
  2. Send copies of old and new passport
  3. Send them a copy of GRE Score Report (with the old name)
  4. Write a letter explaining what happened and why you got a new passport
  5. Ask them to match your GRE score with the old name, but process the application using the new name.
  6. Check the I-20 if the name matches the new passport.

What to Include in the Letter:


I’m writing to you in regards to my name on the application and how to match my GRE Score report. The reason I had to change the name on the passport is that I did not have a Surname and I heard life would be complicated without a surname in the US.

Old Passport Name:

  • First Name: Meenu
  • Last Number: blank

Name on the College Application

  • First Name: Meenu
  • Last Name: LNU

New Passport

  • First Name: Meenu
  • Last Name: PXX RXX

Name on the GRE Score Report

  • First Name: Meenu
  • Last Name: Meenu

Here are the two requests:

  1. Request 1: Please update my name on the application to match the name from my new passport.
  2. Request 2: Please match my GRE Score with Meenu Meenu (attaching the GRE Score Report)

Please let me know if you need any other documentation from me.

Use the above letter and make edits as required to communicate with the Grad School.

This is the only option you have and I doubt you want to retake GRE with your new name just for the sake of getting the name corrected in the report. Maybe if you want to improve the scores, then you can try that as well.

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  1. my current passport has no surname and I used that to register for my IELTS, so now I have no surname on my IELTS report as well. I have decided to register for the SAT with a new passport that has a surname for applying abroad purposes.
    will it be a problem during university applications if there is a surname on my SAT report but none on IELTS?

  2. I never wrote my surname in any document an passport too and now i want to apply for germany visa.
    Can i get visa without writing my surname??

  3. Hello,

    I gone through the posts regarding name change in the passport. My passport has the following name :

    First Name : Manav, Last Name :

    I am going to register for GRE soon (by Oct end).

    Also I have booked an appointment for re-issue of passport with new name, basically addition of surname. The new online system of scheduling an appointment at the passport office has booked a slot in November.
    So which name should I use to register the GRE exam.

    Also do you know of a way if I can have an early appointment with passport office so that I can submit the reissue of passport request ASAP.

    Please help

  4. my problem is exactly same as Meenu’s problem. I would like to ask what if I apply to passport office with an application to add my first name itself in the last name section ? Is it possible to do so ???

    1. Hi ana,

      I’m facing same problem. I would like to know if you got any solution as this comment was posted long ago. Please help me out with this issue.


  5. i havae a small problem in my passport.the problem is actually my name is CHANDRA SEKHAR .this is continued from the all my certificates. but in my passport it was appearing as CHANDRASEKHAR.there is a space is missing in my name on the creates any problem on taking GRE,TOEFL,I-20,and in VISA stamping.please give me reply to my problem.

  6. I took my gre test on 10 of Dec. and had 430 in verbal and 590 in the quantitative section. is this a good enough to get admission.

    However i can't view my scores online. Could there have been a mistake on my part during the test/

  7. Hey i have the same problem. My name is NAVEEN CHOWDRY MALEPATI… But my score card says NAVEENCHOWDRY MALEPATI.. will this be a problem??

  8. yeah that would be problematic but if u have to change the name on the passport it takes a lot of time you better change the GRE name and request them showing or sending a copy of yours . ok . byeeeeeee

  9. Hey HSB. i have a minor problem in my passport just wantedd to ask does it matter.

    well my name is same correct in passport the problem is very small but don’t know it matter or not.

    My passport name is VINAY GANESH SINGH CHAVAN
    and GRE & TOEFL scorecard name is VINAY GANESHSINGH CHAVAN.
    did you notice.
    The space between my dads name. ya its GANESHSINGH instead of



  10. I got a low marks in TOEFL.So can I apply in United State with that low marks.Is that marks of no use.Do I need to give TOEFL exam again.

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