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Campus Safety and Weather in Various States in The USA

I am a regular follower of your blog to keep myself informed of the various aspects and factors that one has to know as an aspirant of USA studies.

Though very informative and helpful, I think your blog should also include stuff like the safety and weather of the various states in US as it is one of the most important aspects for a student in choosing the right university.

In my case, I would like to be informed of the weather and safety of the state Kentucky of the US.

I wish to appeal to the students who are currently pursuing their studies in each specific state in USA to give a guest post so that the other aspirants can have a rough viewpoint of the scenario that s/he could face.

If more students wrote about the university they are studying in and the credibility of their university it would be of great help for a student like me who plans to attend a specific university.
I, therefore, take this opportunity to plead the student followers of this blog to post their experiences of the university they are studying in USA.

In my specific case, I would request followers of this blog who are connected to the “University of Kentucky” to write about their experience and knowledge of the said University As I intend to attend this university in FALL2012.

I understand that one should do thorough research before applying to any university, but there are several other things that a student cannot know unless they live in the university.

Though the information regarding the credibility of a university could be found out on other websites which are specifically tailor-made for such stuff, I think the addition of a “Drop coloumn” titled ‘UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCES ‘alongside HOME, GRE, TOEFL…. wouldn’t harm the blog.

Thank you for this opportunity for letting me present before you my point of view.

By Sheetal Dacha

Sharing University Experiences

We already have Travel and Living section to talk about living in USA.

Checkout the Archives to find the list of Categories.

You have suggested very good idea, but making students contribute is not an easy task.

I have make it appealing for them to share the contents by providing incentive.

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  1. Hi,
    I have an offer from Iowa state University. Can any one tell me about the safety of the campus, the weather of Ames, and the reputation of the university?
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Hello Sheetal,

    First up, Kentucky being a very rural and conservative and the university being in a small city like Lexington, the surroundings in the university are 100% safe for International Students. The University has a special wing of Police called the UKPD who are on patrol 24*7. There have been no occurrences like mugging, harassing or any such stray incidents in the 1 year I have lived and my seniors are of the same opinion. The University has laid down special routes for students called the Cat’s path which have lamp posts with emergency buttons for use in case of an emergency. Everyone is notified immediately via text, e-mail ,word of mouth called the UK Alert in case of a report of any criminal activity in the nearby roads an avoid such routes. The University has a campus transit system during the wee hours called SafeCATS if a situation arises that you have to go home alone free of charge.
    Coming to the weather, Kentucky normally has a mild weather and not very hostile. The winters are rather cold and the temperatures have gone below 32F(0C) only for a few days. The usual temperature on an average days is in the 60’s and in the summer it is touching 70 F as of now. It doesn’t snow much here but it stays chilly on most days. There have also been unpredictable days with the mornings being bright and sunny and the nights ,cold and chilly. We had a Tornado announcement once during Feb but except for a heavy downpour ,it wasn’t too destructive or anything here. In my experience, I have seen sudden bursts of rain during sunny days ,which is quite unusual. Weather will be a concern only if you plant to live off campus because of route blockades during heavy snow.
    Overall, on the safety aspect, the campus is perfectly safe especially at nights and the climate is also liveable.
    Congratulations on your admission. I hope you have a wonderful time here at UK.

    Karthik Vijapurapu.

  3. Can anyone let me know about the temperatures of Carnegie Mellon University and University of Illinois ?? Waiting for the reply. . .

    1. Well Iam the U of I so I can tell you about that…
      Weather: We have long winters although it was pretty subdued this time around,not much of snow, we do have couple of Tornadoes but not to worry since we have tornado shelters throughout the campus and there’s a central warning system with wailing sirens and sms’s and emails sent out automatically….Summer is warm. IMO, I love the weather here
      Safety: I must say one of the safest campuses, excellent Police dept in both Champaign and Urbana, UIUC police force is good too! Most of the crimes are trespassing university properties etc although we did have a murder last fall which was the result of a drunken fight…

  4. i want to know the names of those us states where minimum temp doesn’t fall below 1 ) 10c ie weather is comparable to kolkata and 2 ) where minimum temp doesn’t fall below 0c ie weather is comparable to delhi. in other words, which are the states where a person with cold allergy / bronchitis would be able to survive?

    1. Southern States in USA are less colder. But, its still code compared to weather in India. I live in NC and its gets cold in Winter 30’s (F) and summer its around 90’s (F). If you really don’t want to wear any jacket, then Florida is your bets bet.

      1. Hi
        Can anybody tell me under what conditions the admission to an university for spring season get cancelled.
        what if one gets acceptance from an university for spring season and during his last semester of last year one eventually get a backlog! what would happen ?
        As in this case the person is going for spring season he has time to appear for papers but the results may be out till feb end.
        So in this case would he be able to attend the University for the spring season and submit his degree documents in feb .
        Please reply on this comment.

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