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This is How I Convinced My Reluctant Dad to Study in USA – Yamuna Lagadapati

I sat down with Yamuna Sri Lagadapati from University of  Texas at Tyler. We had an honest and open conversation about her experience. As you watch the video, you can see why her dad wasn’t ready to send her to Study in USA. Yamuna, then convinced her dad and what happened since then.

Watch the Full Program (Audio and Video)

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Here is a summary of the topics discussed in the interview

  • Why the University of Texas at Tyler
  • First-semester experience
  • Typical student’s schedule
  • Why I wanted to study in USA after 2 years work experience in India
  • Dad’s opposition for my higher studies in USA
  • How I convinced my dad to let me study abroad
  • This is my dad’s current reaction
  • Teaching Assistant Experience: Taking undergrad courses for online students.
  • Research work
  • Visa Interview Prep tips
  • My 15 seconds F1 Visa interview experience
  • Campus safety
  • Cyber Security Conference ( 3rd place)
  • Fun Side: Black Friday Shopping
  • Cost of Living (very cheap)

What do you think about this interview?  DOn’t you agree that her dad made the right decision to send her to study in USA.

Not many school provide an opportunity to let a Master’s Degree student teach Under Grad Students. But, that’s the kind of opportunity awaits you at University of Texas t Tyler.

Do you have any questions for Yamuna? If you don’t have questions, you can say “Thanks” to her if you  found this interview helpful.









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  1. Hi, this is Niro, I’m a Sri Lankan, I’ve completed my undergrad in India.. now I’ve got an offer at Montana State University for my masters in Industrial Engineering for spring intake… the tuition fee per academic year seems very high!! 🙁 I just want to know possible ways of extending my F1 visa after 2 years (after completing the course) and the honest chances of being employed in the US… please advice!!! Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. Raghu, the video chat are you using…the quality is very good.. I try to skype with my parent but the video quality is very poor. Can you please tell what video software you’re using…. Thanks

  3. Hey Raghu, She doesn’t mention when exactly she got to know about TA. Did she get TA after joining the clg or before joining(Along with the admit). She said scholarship was a major factor which pulled her to this clg…By scholarship does she mean the fee waiver because of TA(which clarifies that she got TA before joining the clg) or some other scholarship ?

  4. I want to apply for passport under tatkal scheme. I have all proper documents except the birth certificate which is not having my last name . Is it a problem ? If yes then please provide me the solution.
    Is affidavit accepted for name change?

  5. Hi yamuna,
    Hope you doing great, I like the way you looking into life, every student if planning to come to study in US must have this josh of achieving something.
    Nice video raghu, Sometime When I am in low profile I look at your website to get energy and inspiration.

  6. Raghu, thank you for making this video and uploading it, and congrats to yamuna …. Yamuna, after your bachelor’s in electrical engineering, you have worked for TCS, so it might be in to software field, if so , you switched back to core for your MS, so does it made any difficult to get yourself attained back to core subjects. and also does your software field work experience got counted in the processes, and does it worth taking up core subject in MS after being into software.

    Good Luck Yamuna &
    Raghu ..Thanks again .!!
    you are doing amazing work..

  7. Hi…. thank you….. and it was a very useful talk…. but….. one thing is disturbing me a lot….. i heard people say that it is very safer to be in US…. but as she says……..will it take u to be very cautious in living there……or will it be easier for us…..

  8. really good speech about the university. I felt it would be really helpful for the students coming here in the upcoming semesters….

  9. Good job Yamuna..!!
    And Hey, I am Ravi Teja Potluri in Industrial Managemnet department. I was not expecting much about the university at the very begining but gradually I started liking everything about it. I found a amicable and welcoming environment here at UT Tyler and from all my seniors too. People I met were always ready to help me out at my hardships. The faculty of my department are really helpful. As I got great help from my seniors ISA ( Indian Student Association of UT Tyler ) , in my second semester I felt that it’s my time to repay and show gratitude to my University and so decided to take up the responsibility, and happened to be the Current Vice President of ISA and started to continue the flow of supporting the upcoming students. I suppose we did our best till date, and I am proud to be a part of ISA and especially UT TYLER.

  10. Hi, this is saivardhan currently doing Master’s in computer science….at University of texas at Tyler.I am really excited to be here..University is very good at infrastructure and curriculum…there are lot of happenings at univeristy to hang on.. Also I would like to thank ISA. They are helpful for new comers in every aspect.

  11. Hi , I am Kishen Someshwar pursuing my Graduate studies in Electrical engineering in UT Tyler. There could not be a place which balances beautiful enviornment and Quality education as well as UT Tyler. Right from the Lecturers to the Office staff and fellow students, all are very Helpful, Cooperative and Friendly. Most of all they are very encouraging. Its only been 2-3 months me living here and I am already Lovin it. Glad to be a Patriot.

  12. This video was very worthful and inspirational. Really, Higher education in the university of Texas at Tyler is like a great oppurtunity.

  13. Hi this is Gowtham, Ms. Student in electrical engineering. This is my first semester here I feel really exited by the education system it help me a lot of things to learn along with academics. Professors here are very helpful and friendly. More over Tyler is a good city to live and the university atmosphere is really good

    1. Agree DEV.. She looks tired. Of-course 5 to 6 hours of sleep a day makes one tired. Just my suggestion Yamuna, don’t loose sleep . Sleeping less than 8 hours is bad.

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