Impact of Getting Bank Statements from Agents

Here’s an interesting question from one of our members about borrowing money from agents to get a bank statement. Which can be used to get I-20 from U.S. Colleges.
I went through the articles at HSB. Since I cannot show enough liquid cash for my bank statement, I am considering approaching some “agents” who will temporarily deposit some money in our name and help us get better bank statements. Will this method be safe? I think when showing bank accounts for visa application, I can show my loan documents.

Bank Statement from Agents for I20

  • Admission: Getting bank statements by going through agents will help when sending bank statement as a financial affidavit to get an I-20. However, I don’t advise doing that.
  • Visa: During visa applications, you have to be very careful. If you were caught, then for life you cannot get a visa to the US. Numerous applications have been cancelled after issuing visas due to fake bank statements. But still, many students do that especially when students really don’t have enough money.
  • Bank Loan: A bank loan is along not enough to get a visa approved. You will be required to show at least 1 year expenses as cash in a savings account and then use the bank loan to cover for the second year’s expenses.

If you get caught, its impact is going to be expensive and costly. Most likely, you will not get a visa to enter the US. You can associate the cost of losses into that.

Decide, beforehand, if that’s a risk you are willing to take. Better yet, try to use the money you have to get bank statements and visa to be safe.

Read this article for more details on what can likely happen if you push through with your idea, F-1 Visa Canceled Due to Fake Bank Statement.

If you are following this blog for some time now, you would understand that we don’t ask any of you to take any quick fixes or shortcuts. But despite all our efforts to encourage everyone to take the long yet more effective route, most of you tend to end up doing one of the following:

  • Copying other’s statement of purpose
  • Writing your letter of recommendation and getting it signed.
  • Some cases, self-sign the LORs
  • Copied resumé (at least the template)

One way or the other, when it comes to personal benefit, everyone ends up bending the law and rules, in varying degrees, to his or her favor. I have encountered one notable comment posted by Not a Scammer.

It will be interesting to see the response to this article from our readers.

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  1. Will it be okay if the sponsor mentioned in my bank statement submitted to university for issuance of I-20 differ from the sponsor I will be showing for the Visa interview?

  2. Pls I used my brothers company statement to apply for MSC program.what name will I put as my sponsor since am not an employee of the company.

  3. Will it be okay if the sponsor mentioned in my bank statement submitted to university for issuance of I-20 differ from the sponsor I will be showing for the Visa interview?

  4. I have been given admission into a Canadian college but I am having trouble with my bank statement. Although I have a good statement but the available balance presently is very low has I have just invested in a biz. I have been given a space of 1 month to complete my visa registration/application and it is not enough time for me to recuperate my money back. What should I do?

  5. First anyone can sponsor you as long as they can show valid financial documents.

    Make sure you plan your documents well and carefully.Pay attention to all details and even before or even as you apply work on your financial document.

    an I-20 and a rejected visa dont go well together

    A person went to this Visa meeting and his document showed 27 lakh deposit on one day.His visa was rejected even though this amount in his fathers account-who was also his sponsor-was from his fathers retirement dues !!It would have been ok had this boy also carried supporting documents

  6. dear sir ,

    my parents have not the sufficient money to support my education but my uncle is agree to sponser me .

    is this safe way?

      1. Dear Amandeep & Subhash,

        If student has good educational back-ground & related scores of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT or SAT, majority universities provide scholarship for first year at-least. From next year, they will consider your grades in 1st year once you admitted to such Uni.

        If nobody is there to sponsor you, in such case, you should ask for sponsorship from uncle, aunt, brother or sister for admission to USA, NZ or Australia. Rest of the majority countries will ask parents as sponsors.

        You can think over for other country options also where bank-loan considered as part of finance. You can look for options like Germany, Finland, Georgia, Russia, Fiji, France etc.

        1. hello Mr Rajesh,

          thanks for the reply sir, which was indeed useful. but i have another doubt. i have an aunt who is ready to sponsor me( or atleast for the admission process and visa) but she is a resident and green card holder in the US. so will that in any way affect my application or visa?? coz some of my friends said that immigration authorities may find my case as a "possible immigrant" nd deny me a visa. and some others told me that student visas come with a time limit so possibility of immigrating with student visa is nill and immigration ppl know it. so der wont be a problem with the visa. what do u think??

  7. Sir, i am Ashwin .I have a doubt in preparing my Bank statement.

    It is very clear form all the blogs posted here regarding Bank statement that getting help from consultant agency is not advisable for preparing bank statement,but i need to know whether can we get the help from these agencies at the time of sending application package where the university demand a bank statement of atleast 45000 USD (as on date) and taking care of the original expense by applying loan which will be sanctioned when we show our acceptance letter and i-20 form to the bank.So that we have our money through loan which the visa demands and no more link with that consulting agent.

  8. HSb and friends who care to come to this

    great portal

    thanks for providing to know


    yes i agree with who sides with the truth

    if some one can fake and win

    it is only temporary

    truth in the end will come out

    even the person who tries all

    the back entrance

    will feel at some point of time in the life journey


    he has done some thing against himself

    even for the sake of personal gain

    one looses the charm of life

    it hurts

    you can not boast

    assuming some one fakes the financial document

    for getting admission

    or at the worst


    how he will survive

    in the land of opportunity

    in the new place

    with new relationship

    it will be certainly difficult

    is it worth


    one has to ponder


    this is for the conscious people

    who want to be fair

    life will pay back

    the way you wish and want

    if you want to be clean

    life will reward you

    if you want to be other way

    you can choose to do as you wish

    but beware

    what is the use of getting all

    at the cost of conscious


    take it as you like friends




  9. dont let india image down.Ppl like you creating so many problems like posting bullshit questions on websites which leads immigration department read and it makes them more scrutinize us

    1. @not a scammer.

      if you are not one of them y shud u be worried. be true with documents and no one has to worry. if u cant stay in homeland. ha haha..

      1. @fake US immmgtn dept

        thats what Im saying my son,be true with the documents.Now a days genuine docs are more under investigating with no proper reason than fake docs.
        Dont worry,u will be a victim in near future

        1. Just wondering under what assumption you can say "Dont worry,u will be a victim in near future" what if the person is already in US, what if the person is green card holder or citizen?

        2. @not a scammer

          i think no one should be worried if their genuine docs are under scanner. they are just making sure they have best students enter their country. thanks for heads up i will submit original docs and even if i am victim i will be happy to be scrutinized 🙂

    2. I am planning to apply for PhD program of bioinformatics in 2010 for U.S. As according to PhD program they will give stipend of around 30,000$ so what amount of money i need to show in bank statement for visa and university

      1. @ shivam

        even if u apply for phd and get full funding or stipend for your course of study you still have to show that you have enough funding for the period of study or atleast 2yrs if incase question arises what will you if u lost funding in between from VO. and it is not always the case you will get admitted for phd with full funding. usually prof will fund you partially until you complete the pre req for Phd and if he finds it satisfying he will enroll you under for full time. all the best.

          1. ATLEAST minimum of what it say in your I20 including tuition, books, cost of living factor for 1st yr if you have got ur full stipend for 1st year, but if you have got admit and without any funding you have to show funding for entire period of study irrespective of fact whether u will manage to secure stipend. hope it helps. higher is always better showing that you can manage urself with your money rather than depending on institution or prof sources.

    3. @not a scammer

      this is not a bullshit question. this blogs helps many to follow their dream. helping many not to fall for submitting fake documents and get into trouble. i hope you must read other articles and got lots of useful information. HSB is trying to help students like me and others giving lot of insight and you are trying to hide facts. do u think they dont about wat students have tried in past and few still trying to do to obtain visa.

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