F1 Visa Interview Experiences

F1 Visa Cancelled Due to Fake Bank Statement and Banned from the US

You would be amazed to see that US Embassy Cancel f1 Visa after it was issued because of Fake Bank Statements.

Consider this F1 Visa interview as a learning experience and beware of working with an F1 Visa Consultant.

I came across this experience from one of the forums and engaged with the student.

I have applied for an F1 visa.

And I got the visa. But after I got the visa with stamping, I got a call from the US Embassy asking me to come back to Embassy once again with the visa and documents.

I went to the US Embassy and I gave my passport, visa, my certificates, my fixed deposits, my parents pay slips and bank statements.

They did verification for four hours and told me that all my documents were original except the bank statement. The bank statement was given to me by a consultant.

He took large amount of money saying that he would deposit in bank but he cheated me by giving a fake bank statement.

Due to this reason, my F1 visa was canceled. They gave me one form in which Section 212(a)(6)(c)(i) was ticked.

It said that due to producing fake bank statement for the F1 visa. The waiver is permanent even though a waiver may be given in future under certain circumstances. It’s written to refer to form DSL-851a for further details.

Then the conversation with the student went as follows:

Reply 1: 

It sounds like you were caught trying to enter the country dubiously and it was concluded that you were attempting to gain entry on the basis of fraud, resulting in your being permanently banned from the United States.

(Their skepticism probably comes from thoughts like these: How much money was supposed to be in the bank account? Why didn’t you know the balance of your own bank account? Why didn’t you get the statement from your own bank rather than through a forger?)

What type of visa were you seeking?

If you indeed wish to get a waiver, I would suggest working with an immigration lawyer.

Reply 2:

I was seeking for F1 visa i.e student visa for studying MS in the USA.

I have done nothing wrong. I have done the same documentation which every student who wants to study in the USA does.

Almost 80 students got visas from the documentation of the same consultancy from where I got my bank statements.

And, where can I find an Immigration Attorney? I would prefer to try H1B Visa in future than F1 Visa again.

F1 Visa and Fake Bank Statement

It may be that 80 other people have committed the same fraud and that you were the only one caught, but that doesn’t change the facts that it was fraud and you were caught.

For those who are not sure what’s going on. Here is a quick lesson.

Some Indian students’ can’t afford to Study in the USA. As part of the F1 Visa interview process, the student’s are required to show proof of sufficient funds for the Education and Living Expenses in the USA.

What would one do, when they don’t have $50,000 in bank balance?

That’s where consultants come into the picture.

They would charge the student like $1000. And they have Banks and Bank Managers who would give a Bank Statement for $50,000.

The student, in turn, would take that statement for the F1 Visa interview.

What if 80 students were showing up with the bank statement from the same bank with different account name?

US Consulate would have found the pattern and they asked this student to come back to the F1 Interview and Canceled the F1 Visa.


If you can’t afford the expenses in the US, then look for cheaper options to study abroad. 80 students may have gotten away, but one person is now facing a ban from the US for a long time.

Simple Answer: Don’t do it. Follow the Rules!


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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have applied for F1 Visa 5 times following all the advice and information I can find on the internet concerning how to get an F1 Visa, but I was rejected until I was able to acquaint myself with what I was doing wrong. There a few very important things that all F1 Visa applicants must know about F1 Visa application, once you know this, you will be hardly rejected. This book, f1 visa solutions, can really help you. It’s a very simply written ebook with precise facts all applicants must know before application. You can download a copy at f1visasolutions-com, but it’s not free, mind you. You’ll never get valuable information for free. But it’s worth it.

  2. Listen to the cry baby who claimed he did nothing wrong, yet this visa cheat paid a consultant to deposit money that did not belong to the applicant to create the illusion he had the funds for school, but then he got caught in his fraud….he is toast…T…O…A…S…T …forever, and no immigration attorney on the planet can change that because this clown’s credibility is zero.

  3. Did you guys notice this line under ‘Reply from Sandeep’ “sir i dont want to go for F1. i want to know whether i can go to USA through H1B visa.”

  4. dear sir,
    in 2006 i had applied for UK student visa and my visa was denied due to fraudulent document. i am thinking of applying for student visa for UK. will there be any problem if i apply again. please help me to find a solution for the same. thank you.

  5. "i have done the same documentation which every student who wants to study in USA does."

    No. You are an idiot and don't deserve to do your masters. A good number of honest hard working students actually fill out their own forms instead of paying a "consultant". These "consultants" are frauds and if you had brains you wouldn't be swindled.

  6. i got an admission in two universities,i am planning for MBA in us. i have already booked my visa date, i havent taken Gmat, i wrote my toefl on 9th dec, but due to wrong handling of administration by toefl test center,my score got cancelled that too came to know after i booked my visa , i got my admission with an english not proficient on conditional basis,my background is very well in all other aspects, dng a job frm past 9mnths, how should i manage if he asks abt my toefl, gmat, i have already booked my date for ielts, i.e after my visa slot, how much % of chance due i have of getting visa, wt shuld i do then?

  7. Hah..!! Wiseguy, you are not wise enough I should say.. Cant you see what kind of oppurtunities are available for an average Indian.. This country is good only for those students who are excellent with their scores.. The only way to get admission in good universities in India specificly MBA, is 99 percentile score.. What about those people who want to get recognised world-wide and do not have sufficient money in their bank account..!! Even they have a dream to visit USA and experience corporate lifestyle.. Neways, everybody would have understood the message which I wanted to give.. Good-Luck everyone.. I am sure that nobody is terrorist out here who is trying to get into US with fake documents.. Everybody over here want to live a better standard life which they cant expect from this country.. 🙂

    1. I bet no one can have a dumber point of view about immigration than you. Just because a "below average student" with "no money" wants to experience "corporate lifestyle", it does not justify the use of crooked means to enter another country. The people doing Visa stamping are not idiots, it is there job, and it is for a reason. There are students out there without 99 %ile and without the Pirate's Treasure in their closet making it to good Universities in USA. And I know more than a plenty who have done their homework on admissions rather than paying some consultancy to do their work while they sit back home on their fat-asses.
      I am amused how so many Indians have grown this tendency of taking things for granted. Everything that we do is supposedly justified someway or the other.
      And DUDE, if you can't encourage people do the right thing, at least don't justify the wrongs they do. PERIOD

  8. I am surprised as to how ignorant we Indians can be. One person commits fraud and says its not his fault. It is because of people like you who give business to consultants that they are thriving. I'm glad Sandeep that you were taught a good lesson. Do not have any hope. People who tried to enter the US on fraudulent ways will NEVER EVER be allowed to enter the US on ANY Visa. The wording on the consulate website is very clear. How dare you blame others for your mistakes?

    Another is suggesting fraud by claiming he/she never got Visa application denied. Do you even stop and think for one second? You expect to do everything illegal and then not get caught. How can u believe that US Consulate does not have a record of all previous applications? Do you think that if you say you never applied before they will not check their computer? Did your name, date of birth, TEN FINGER PRINTS and father's name, address, etc change after you passport expired? Really?

    If you guys were that desperate to go to the US you would never be taking risks. You would have made sure that everything is legally and morally right. It's a good thing the Visa Officers are Americans otherwise people like you would have bribed your way through.

    It is because of people like you who try to cheat their way into everything that genuine applicants face a lot of trouble. Wake up people. The world is not like that. There are laws and rules that must be followed and people do follow them. If people like you do manage to go there, you will only embarrass Indians. Shame on you for suggesting fraud and committing fraud. You people have screwed up our country and our society over 60 years and now your trying to do the same abroad. And you call yourself "educated" and "civilized". At the drop of a hat you talk of our rich culture and heritage of 2000 years. Is this our culture? Is this what our sacred books say? Is this India?

  9. I did apply for Visa and got rejected .My dad and my husband were my sponser cause the fee was quiet high.But my visa was rejected showing that there is no change in job from my current job to future.Again I want to apply for Visa to next college with 60% less fee.But the problem is that my husband is the only sponser for second college.For this I did add amount to my husband account from my dad.So the total amount is maintaied till 15 days back but the transction is not that of six months.Therefore I want to make a dublicate transction with the amount maintained in the bank.Will that hamper during my interview?

  10. Hi!

    I have a unique case:

    A friend of mine, was denied f1 visa twice in 2006 under 214 (b)

    Fortunately, that passport has expired now (the passport in which there are two "application received" stamps.

    Now, he has a new passport, and is planning to go for visa next month. Can he say that he was never denied a visa in the DS forms?

    As the visa denial was in old passport, you think there is no chance of VO knowing?

    Also from 2007, they have stopped using "application recieved" stamp. They are entering denial and approval data into their CCD (Consular Consolidated Database) So is it possible that before 2007 they dint have database and that is why they used stamps.

    Please let me know.

      1. I am wondering whether this blog is for helping people pursuing M.S or to criticize the people for using broken or wrong language.
        Worse of all the site administrator himself keeps criticizing .Initially i used to have a very good opinion on this blog and so do many perspective students planning for abroad study but now it inst up to the mark .Either the administrator should either mind his language or this blog would soon be a debacle .

  11. i have two sons and they want to come to USA for studies after there engg. in year 2010. Can one bank statement be used for two applications or i have to show two different bank statements…please let me know as such bank statement will be valid



  12. The same situation happend to me as sandeep

    i am worrying a lot ,by seeing all these replies will i able to get the H1 B visa or not

    as of now am working with a software company may b in one year they are planning for H1 b visa at that time the problem will b resolved or not please help me out guys/gals

  13. What is wrong with us Indians? I was the only person in my bachelors engineering course who did not take tutorial classes. Everyone else took twice the number of hours of coaching classes as college. And I still got the same grades. In the third year everyone took GRE/TOEFL classes. People, wake up! The language and math testing in the GRE is designed to gauge skills developed over the years. You can't learn them in 4 months. Stop being fools and handing over your parents hard earned money to a fraudulent GRE coach. And it doesn't end there. After that there is Admission counselors. I am yet to see an admission counselor that has gotten a degree from a US university. Maybe the owner of the agency, but not the person that handles cases. There is not one thing they tell you that is not available on the university admission websites or the USCIS website. If you are not intelligent enough to read a website and fill out an admission form, please don't waste your time doing a graduate level course in the US. It's not meant for you. Re-doing elementary school is frankly a better idea for you. These counselors cut deals with the lower universities and make sure that they are on your "safe" list. and why apply to 14 universities? Extra money? Donate it. Applying to 6-8 is good enough. Almost every counselor will advice you to fake bank statements, IT returns, property papers and so on. This is akin to asking you to steal or commit insurance fraud. And most of the gullible people that go to them, readily do it. From my personal experience I can say that the consulate officers are not out to get you. If you show confidence and have the correct answers, they will give you your visa. Finances are a must, because they don't want anyone who can't afford it, but faking to be a millionaire is absolutely not required. Hopefully people will read this, and learn to do things for yourself instead of being herded like a bunch of goats.


  15. Dear SIr,

    i jus wana knw that ………..

    IS there any provision that my massi( my mothers step sister) fathers same ………..

    or my nani ( grand mother ) can sponsor me ………………….

    1. @raman – Yes, relatives can be your sponsors. They have to provide affidavit of support and other bank statements.

  16. I am sad to see our country people suggesting more fradulant actions like intentionally losing passport etc. Its because of this, many honest Indian citizens applying for visa are also doubted. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

  17. How can you say you didn't do anything wrong. Just because everyone does fraud doesn't mean you are not responsible for your actions. If you didn't have enough money, it always works best to say you are taking loan than going through consultancy with the intention of doing fraud. why did you even go to consultancy for help with gettin bank statement when you didn't have enough money. It clearly shows that you had intentions of commiting fraud. This is what that section means:C) Misrepresentation.-

    (i) In general.-Any alien who, by fraud or willfully misrepresenting a material fact, seeks to procure (or has sought to procure or has procured) a visa, other documentation, or admission into the United States or other benefit provided under this Act is inadmissible.

    this is applicable I think for all visa types. Its always best to be honest.

  18. @ Kripakaran

    You quoted that if you declare a lost passport and get a new one, apply again for a US visa, will solve the problem of permanent rejection. To elaborate this, first if you are permanently denied entry into the US, then they will enter your details in their permanent denial database, which will not allow you get a visa with another passport also, or with a different citizenship all together since they now take finger prints of all the applicants. Another case is, if you are denied a visa, but not permanently, then they will keep your data for 3 years from the date of rejection and then delete it from their temporary database. So you can go with a new passport, or even the same old passport with a denial stamp on it, and urge for a fresh application. In this case, you need to prove that your case has matured over the time and you are now a legitimate contender for an entrance.

    I was denied F1 visa in december 2002 as I could explain the consular officer "how I am going to provide continued financial support for my duration of stay". Then she said that I could go back and learn some banking from my dad so that I can explain it better. (To be quoted that I was just 17 then, and I was going for my BS.) I was so pissed off with that remark, that I decided that I will never go to the US (a nation of arrogant people, as I thought then). I continued studying in India and I obtained my engineering degree here. A year back, I was working for an American giant and I was to go to the US for project related work, the company sent my application to the consulate and in the meantime I decided not to go again and I pulled back my application without going for an interview (so there was no second stamp on my passport). Earlier this year, my new company, a very respected Indian MNC, sent my application again to the US consulate and my interview was scheduled. This time I had no choice but to go the States as I had no back up for the new project I was supposed to head. I went to the US consular office, they asked simple questions, though meaningful in determining my genuineness, like since when you are working with this company (as they had the data of my previous application a year back). Finally I was granted visa without any problems. So my final verdict is that each case varies and it depends on how you tackle each situation.

  19. hi sandeep,the same thing happened to me but some different changes,i havent issued a visa,but first the lady who was interview asked me about my parents and i said my father does moulding products businees and mother as a lecturer ,and next went to my scores and next asked my finanical assets and she has seen the first one the SBI bank statement and next gone through the transactions of SBI there she has seen the transaction in lakhs he deposited 10 laks at a time and removed 3 laks like that ,she said is this transations ur father transactions ,i said yes mam,then she asked r u sure and she underlined those transactions,nex step she said it looks like a fake bank statement and asked r u sure these transactions r ur father i said yes,yes said ,please be seated sir,i will check the statement and call u back in few minutes,then i took my place ,next she called me and said,sir it has been proved that this is a fake bank statement sir,why did u do this ,who gave this to u ,there r so many qestions not only her and another visa officer who looks like indian came and asked who provided this tell me his name how did u know and how much did he charged and said there r 2 options at these moments one is i will mark u permanent rejection or else tell me the person from which u took the fake documents,i made slight story becasue if the consultant gets caught again it will be a problem,but their misterious questions made me say the name of consultacny i said spencers consultants which is runned by madhava reddy he asked how many reddy r there like that so and so i doono sir,i covered so many qestion and talast they rejected me and gave passport by rejecting this happened on november 7th 2006 and again i made my original bank statement by my fathers account and some fiexed deposirs total of 34 laks 100 percent geunines by taking a lot of risk but next time also lady visa officer rejected saying u have been rejected financailly how can u get now original i dont belive ur sir this happened on novemebr27th of 2006 and again went on decmeber 13th i kept last expectatinon that i will get and other thing the date to go to univ has come to 4 days but i was rjected again,so in frustration i kept to uk for northumbria university with the same documents bank statement of my father and got visa ,i am doing masters in uk now,any way dont worry sandeep u can get h1b visa or someother thing actually if u try after 1yr u will get visa they think ur finacial status has changed that is my best suggestion

  20. hi folk…

    Its not an exceptional case first of all.. The same rule applies every other country, they ask u the financial statement because they want to be sure if u can support living urself.. It means that u have to show ur bank account statement or ur dad or mom's account (if it is accepted).. U said he promised u to deposit the money required to obtain visa, but he didn't.. Instead he faked the bank statement.. dude! u are in a trap.. U cant say this to american embassy, cos they never asked u to go to a consultant.. Even if u tell the migration board, they will consider that u have given a forged document with the help of a 3rd party (consultant).. It doesn't do any good.. So i think even if u seek a immigration lawyer to sue the consultant, he might tell the same.. Those 80 students were lucky, but u were unlucky in that instant.. thats what i can say.. bad luck… Its a pretty clear situation… I hope u wont have any problems when u apply for H1 or J1 or other visas.. otherwise try to find some loop holes, if u loose ur passport???? got my point?? good luck..

      1. i have a question ~ i dont know much about visa and bank account. i want to do phd in biomedical engineering. i am a biotech student. so searched many colleges and mostly found phd is self funded. what this "self funded" means and will i have to keep lakhs in the account ???

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