Surname Problems: Passport vs Certificates, Marksheets and Documents

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A couple of more questions about missing surname in Indian passport or surname not matching with name in certificates and documents.

I have posted several articles in the same topic, but I keep getting email related to the same problem. Most people panic after reading a single blog post about potential problem they can face when names mismatch (or empty surname) in the passport. And  send an email or post a comment right away.  I received couple questions this week

Read the following blog post on How to Change Name in Passport while in US (and how life gets complicated) before proceeding below. It will give an idea of the problems you will face while in US with the empty surname in the passport.

Arun Asks

My name is Arun M V. I came to know that last name is important in US. So, did Indian passport will be issued in name format Arun M VXXX. Because the full name Arun MXXX VXXX is too much long. I have all the records as Arun M V. Is the name in GRE,TOEFL should be same as in the University application.

I have seen many people, University Faculty in US of Indian origin have their names in format Arun M VXXX. If the Indian Passport does’nt allow this,how it can be possible?
Or can I give my name as Arun VXXX eliminating my Middle name.

Pankil Asks

I have a problem/confusion. My name is mentioned as

Given Names: Pankil DXXX
Last Name: SXXX in passport.

My degrees have it as SXXX Pankil DXXX. I am already in US and working on H1B. So I have SSN which has my first name Last name. Should I be worried about having different names on these documents? I plan to take GMAT by end of 2010. Any information you can provide will be very helpful.

Surname – Passport vs Certificates

In India, we are used to have names with initials, instead of using Full Name. When applying for a passport, well those dang travel agents mess up the things, don’t they? Most of us unaware of potential problems that one can run into while applying for GRE Exam, TOEFL, F1 Visa, SSN, Driving License, etc.

Possible Name Combination’s

  • Certificates – Arun MV
  • Birth Certificate – MV Arun
  • College Marksheets – MV Arun
  • Documents – Arun V (or MXXX Arun VXXX)

You have to remember this – Name mismatch between a passport and certificates not a major problem at all. That’s something that can be will fix. Don’t worry about changing names in your certificates and documents.

Names in Passport

Having cleared one problem above, let’s talk about name’s in the passport. I can think of possible variations

Combination 1:

  • Given Name – Arun
  • Middle Name – MXXX
  • Surname – VXXX

Combination 2:

  • Given Name – Arun MXXX
  • Middle Name – Empty
  • Surname – VXXX

Combination 3:

  • Given Name – Arun M V
  • Middle Name – Empty
  • Surname – Empty

Of all the above 3 possibilities, the last one is the most problematic. As long as you have Surname in your passport, you will not have MAJOR problems. If there is no surname in your passport, stop right here and get your name changes in your passport first before going forward with any application or study abroad process.

Empty (or blank) Surname in Passport equals TROUBLE.

If you already applied (or received) passport without a surname, get that fixed. Talk to the local passport office to find out passport name change procedure and get it done. NOW. You may have additional if’s and buts like

I already booked dates for GRE Exam? What shall I do?

The answer is the same, change the name in passport, rebuke GRE again. If you try to save GRE exam fees, you have bigger problems awaiting you.

GRE, TOEFL and College Application

Now, we have cleared 2 issues related to names (documents and passport). Now, let’s assume you have a passport with a surname that doesn’t match with the names on your documents.

  • GRE, TOEFL, GMAT (or other exams) – Book dates based on name in passport, not documents. Use the name as provided in the passport.
  • College Application – Use the name as per passport. Remember that name in your passport will be your identity.

Going forward to use the name “as-is” from your passport. It’s absolutely ok to have different names from your degree certificates. Only university is going to use your certificates, but every other department is going to use your passport. That’s one of the reason, you have to include a copy of the passport front page with your application documents.

While filling out college application, you will see a question (or similar)

  • List other names used in your application documents.

You would have to enter various names used in your documents. If there is no such question, attach additional page to list the various names in different documents. That document must clearly state that documents submitted along with the application will have the following names, which will be different from the name in the passport.

Make sure you read  how Praveen added surname in passport after getting his I-20 due to name mismatch.

The bottom line is this

  • Your passport MUST contain surname (last name)
  • Name in GRE (TOEFL or IELTS or GMAT) score report should match with name in passport.


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  1. hi…. this is pruthvi……

    i m done wid my gre and i m planning to apply for the universities…………

    my name in my college marks sheet n birth certificates is PRUTHVI A

    n in my passport it is PRUTHVI Axxxxxx….

    will this create aany problem for me in my admission process…..actually i didnt know abt this…. by seeing these posts i just got a small doubt……:-P

    pls reply me through mail…..

    1. I was hoping not to answer your question, but you made me. I have to ask you only one question – Can you read and understand English? If so you shouldn't have posted this question after reading this article.

      1. Hi
        HSB and Rahul,

        My name is A.S. Shravan…. in all my academic records.
        Axxx: is my family name
        Sxxxx: Is my father name
        Shravan: Is my name

        However in the passport its printed as
        Sir Name: Axxxx
        Given Name: Sxxx Shravan

        in passport it is changing my given name. Instead of my name as given name…. it has added my father name and my name.

        Please help me do I have to put it for correction in the passport office or is it ok to continue. I'm worried becz I hve to apply for my masters in US..

        Thank you for your help

        1. i dont think u will have any problem with that…

          Surname is correct

          and ur given name is also correct

          Some people use family name as surname and some use father name as surname

          In your case, it is ok to have ur father name in ur given name as u have surname as ur family name.The problem arises only if u dont have a surname in ur passport.

          1. Thank you so much Lakshman Sandeep, for addressing my issue I was worried big time. I am now breathing easily after reading your reply….. I will certainly take your words and not putting my passport for any correction.

          2. Hey Thanks for the reply.

            In my case,

            My name is AXXXX

            Father's name is BXXXX

            Family name is CXXXX


            Given name: AXXX BXXXX

            Surname : CXXXX

            All other certificates: AXXXX B.C. [initials]

            GRE : AXXX B.C

            TOEFL: same as passport i.e., initials expanded.

            I understand from the above replies in this post that it is fine because i have a surname even though my dad's name is joined in my given name.I'll go ahead to apply for MS in USA.

            Thank you!!!

          3. Hi HSB,

            i have a doubt here.. my name is vivek.v.k.

            in my passport

            given name: vivek

            surname: vxxxx kxxxx

            now while registering in ets if i enter the surname it shows an error that we should not use a space between the two names. its asking me to put a it ok?

          4. my name in 1oth certificate is “manish billung” and in 12th certificate it is “manish bilung”

            can i face problems in future regarding this ??

  2. my name on passport is Raj kumar,in my name i had given it as Raj(space)kumar,but i had booked my slot for GRE as Rajkumar (with out) space does it gonna create any problem please suggest me………….i am having my exam in the next week…..please suggest me……..

    1. hi HSB,sorry to trouble u actually my doubt is

      1.Raj kumar Deshetti

      2.Rajkumar Deshetti

      u just observe the both names,the name in the first line have a space between two words Raj and kumar,which i had given it as in my passport.

      and i had booked my gre slot with no space between the two words Raj and kumar,this will not create the problem na………….please suggest me…….

  3. Hi HSB

    I too have a blank surname in my passport. My Given Name in Passport is mentioned as ThiXXXX VijayaXXXXX. I do not think the blank surname "necessarily" creates a problem. You have mentioned that one will not get SSN or driving license in US without a surname. I completely disagree and I have my brother as an example to support this. He has the same name format as me in his passport with no surname. He went to US for his MS in 2003 and is now working for the past 5years. He has SSN, driving license. He even owns a house. So I am assuming he must have filled out every kind of form you need to live in the US.

    I myself have resided and studied in France for 6months with social security. I faced absolutely no problems there. I am just mentioning as such procedures might be similar in the Western countries.

    1. Vijay – Did you go through the link within the post? You have to understand the rules differ between states. Above all you are going to a country that call you using Surname.

    2. Today he might not be having problem, but in future he may have problem. Then he has to face consequences and it will be troublesome. It is better to get name corrected in the passport. Our identity is our passport, not certificates and other documents when we are going out of our country. I had blank surname in my passport and I corrected it. Now I am very happy without having to undergo hassles, otherwise I might have had a big problem. Surname is must. Only I can say that you and your brother are lucky. But you people may not be lucky all the time.

      1. @Rahul & HSB…..Thank you for your comments. I understand that I may get into trouble later. But I have my GRE in 5 days and TOEFL couple of weeks later. Its too much of a trouble to reschedule, change my name in passport. There are other problems. I don't live in the city where I got my passport. I work in Bangalore and my passport was made in Delhi where my parents reside. I am not sure if I will be able to make time to come to Delhi for the procedure and then prepare again for GRE given the work pressure at my workplace. There are too many wheels in motion here. I think I will take my chances and go ahead without a surname on my passport.

        I have another query. I understand from the previous posts that not having a surname will result in FNU being mentioned in my US Visa and then subsequently in my SSN. And that will cause problems for my driving license and other documents like bank account. But what if there is no FNU on my US visa? The thing is, I already have a US B1/B2 tourist visa and there my surname is mentioned as VIJAYARAGHAVAN and Given Name as THIRUVENGADAM. My passport has a blank surname field and Given Name as THIRUVENGADAM VIJAYARAGHAVAN. So, I assume when I apply for student Visa, I will get the same name format as in the tourist visa. In that case, I will not have an FNU on my visa. I suppose I need to show both my passport and visa for SSN. So, I will not have any problems. Please provide your comments.

        1. B2 Visa stamping aside – If you are not ready to spend time to get things fixed while in India then get ready to face more problems. Thats what I have mentioned in article – I already have booked GRE dates and answers would be the same. What if you get visa this time with FNU and another visa with surname (more troubles right). My job here is to show you the problems you will face, its upto you to make the decision. If everyting works out good, then you will not run into problems. For some reason (your bad time) you get FNU in F1 Visa, then things will go south!

  4. hi…..i am planning to take my GRE n TOEFL in coming september….my question is that….actually my name in all academic mark sheets n birth certificate it has format like " KISHORE P " but where as in passport i'v " KISHORE PXXXX "…….

    here my surname is " PXXXX ".The difference is, in my mark sheets and birth certificate the surname is not expanded only the initial is presented where as in Passport the surname is expanded……..would this difference will make any problem during the time of admission in US schools……awaiting……thanks

  5. HSB,

    55% in,computer science,GRE–1250,TOEFL–95

    i want to know the top universities in USA in the field of Computer science with low cost of living and with some financial aid,please suggest me some universities…………

  6. HSB,

    In my passport

    given name: SHREYAS

    surname: Txxxx Sxxxx

    I have finished my GRE on july 28th ( 1520, awa 4)

    But in my GRE score report first name: SHREYASTxxxx

    last name: Sxxxx

    Will this be a problem during the application process??

    what should i do??

    1. hiee HSB,

      i read the whole content but still i am in a dilemma

      please help me out

      in SSC:niveditha cxxxx

      in HSSC,DEGREE,PG:niveditha cxxxx reddy

      i am applying for my passport,so which name should i mention in it.

      wil i face any problems while pursuing my masters there

      i ought to leave in 2 months

      waiting for your reply

      thank you

  7. heya hi.

    I hav a query, i hav made a mistake in my surname spelling during filling my 10th CBSE forms, so same has been carried upon in 12th n throughout my engg. degree, as-well-as my passport. so can it b a matter of concern ???..

  8. will u plz help me on this!!!!

    i made a mistake during registration of my toefl exam i,e while reg my xam date

    instead od registring mt name as

    firstname secondname lastname

    kiran kumar gandla

    i registered as

    firstname secondname lastname

    gandla kiran kumar

    in my toefl score card my name came as kumar, gandla kiran

    instead of

    gandla , kiran kumar

    is that gonna be a problem in university…

    plz reply to my mail!!!!!!!

  9. hi,

    While registering for gre , I have given my name as apurva t.s , but in my passport it is apurva TXXX SXXXX … so will I face any problem in verifying identity on d day of my exam?

    1. No. Even i used initials only.I gave the GRE successfully.But i dont know if it is going to be a problem while applying for Unis.

  10. Hi HSB,

    The newsletters you send weekly is great.I appreciate the service you have been giving to MS-aspirants like me.And I would be more grateful if you could take time out to answer my question.

    I am a south indian, and I don't have a surname.All my school and college I have always been V.Viswanathan, without a surname.Will that be a problem ? I mean, Americans have a habit of addressing one by their surname, so in my case, they will call me by my father's name.So should I add a surname ? And if I do, would the VO question me of name change ? I ask this because one of my relatives just told me Americans are all against name changes in the wake of terrorism.I am still to make my passport, and apply for GRE, so sir your advice would set me on the right path.

    Thanking you

    V.Viswanathan (until you answer)

    1. In the passport mention it as :

      Given Name : Viswanathan

      Surname : Vxxxxxxxxxx (ur father's name right?)

      So be consistent with this name where ever you go. Write ur name according to ur passport in all ur applications going further. Don't worry about the name in college certificates and passport. No one will ask or check that in particular.

      Sometimes people may address you by ur lastname, but it should be fine. If it is from strangers that is fine. If it is from ur colleagues, friends, etc, u can ask them to refer u as Viswanathan rather than by ur lastname.

      Note that u stick to ur name as in passport. Also surname is must in the passport.

  11. I thank u, these days i have been in great confusion about names. i also mailed u about this issue. This article is very useful for and also cleared all my doudts. I once again thank u.

  12. my name is Gxxxx.Nxxx.Vxxxxxx.Sxxxx.Lxxxxxx.SIRISHA…. i now just wanted to apply for both GRE and passport… tell me how to specify my name in GRE application and as well as in passport application…

  13. hi,

    In my passport my name is

    given name-GANESH

    surname-GXXXXXXX RXXXX

    but while filling gre online application i filled it as

    First name-GANESH

    middle name-GANESH

    last name-GXXXXX RXXXXX

    So filling ganesh twice as asbove ,cause any problem..?

  14. hi,

    In my passport my name is

    given name-GANESH

    surname-GXXXXXXX RXXXX

    but while filling gre online application i filled it as

    First name-GANESH

    middle name-GANESH

    last name-GXXXXX RXXXXX

    So filling ganesh twice as as above ,cause any problem..?

      1. Thank u for the reply….

        One of my frnd told to do so,and i did that stupid mistake. I called up prometric center where he told me to cancel the appointment and take a fresh one with corrections.. So do u also suggest the same…?

  15. hi hsb…

    i am "jaymin pxxxxxxx" from india. i have given my toefl and gre exams. but my problem is in both of these exams i have written my name as "jaymin pxxxxxxx" whereas in my name in passport is "jayminkumar"(name) "pxxxxxxx"(surname).also all of my academic mark-sheets have same name as "jaymin pancholi." will there be any problem in applying for universities? also i am gonna apply for universities, so should i write jayminkumar or jaymin in applying form online. also there is no mistake in my surname. please help quickly me as deadlines for applying are coming near…

  16. please help i have a problem with my surname

    my name in 10 is like

    Ram Kiran K*******p********

    but in passport i have written as

    Ram Kiran K******* P*******

    i have given a space in between my surname

    and i use to sign in every document as Ram kiran k.p.

    actuvally iam from chennai in tamil the name k****** has different meaning

    and p****** has different meaning so i use to sign as Ram kiran k.p

    can i have any proble in visa prossess……..please answer me clearly.thank u

    1. In passport what is ur Given Name and Surname?

      It is better to have One surname rather than having a space between two surnames. Do not give space between the surnames.

      Many applications do not accept a space in between surname.

  17. i have another problem i,e; in my degree it is like Ram kiran.K

    and in my pg it is like Ram kiran K******* p*******

    having space in between them in surname is space indicates Ram Kiran.K.P

  18. hi,

    I had given GRE in May, 2009.. I m plannin to apply for MS for winter/fall 2011.

    My name on passport is Gouthami Senthamaraikkannan

    & on GRE score it is Gouthami SenthamaraiKannan

    If you notice; on my passport, my surname has 2 k's… Senthamarai"kk"annan, and my GRE score has only one k

    The 2 k's had come by mistake and I did not notice it when I made my passport 4 years back.

    I ve already checked with the passport office, that my school certificates are with one 'k'. And they have told me the spelling wont really matter..

    But is it ok, with the GRE score having different spelling.

    Please Help


  19. Thank u for the reply….

    One of my frnd told to do so,and i did that stupid mistake. I called up prometric center where he told me to cancel the appointment and take a fresh one with corrections.. So do u also suggest the same…?

  20. Hi

    This is Sudheesh.

    My problem doesn’t seem to be covered anywhere above.

    My name in the PASSPORT is as below :

    (under the Surname ) : Vxxxxx

    (under the Given names) : Sudheesh Lxxxxxxx

    But while applying for the GRE i filled the form as below :

    (First name or Given name) : Sudheesh

    (Middle name) : (left empty)

    (Surname) : Vxxxxxx

    Here i left the Lxxxxxxxx part of my Given name from the Passport.

    One of the reason to leave it was that the GRE online form does not allow Spaces.

    It may feel to them that i have changed my Given name itself.
    Will this create any problem on the day of exam?

    Will they allow correcting the names in the test center, in such cases too??

    I am fearing about this every day and found this site.
    Can you please answer, if it is going to create any problems what should i do?

    Will they allow me to write the exam?

    Waiting for the reply…

      1. Hey Rahul

        I really appreciate your reply.

        I had called up prometric and they told that i had filled my middle name too.

        Also they confirmed that we can separate the 2 words from given name in the Passport as First name and the Middle name.

        So they confirmed that it is the proper way to do.

        Thanks for your reply.

        And for those who are in a similar soup, Please note :

        If you have a Surname : AXXXXXX

        and Given name : BXXXXXX CXXXXXX

        While applying for GRE :

        Apply as First Name : BXXXXXX

        Middle Name : CXXXXXX

        and Last Name : AXXXXXX

        If you want BXXXXXX CXXXXXX to appear in the First Name itself, call up Prometric, they will help you.

        I guess this one will need a Hyphen between the two words, the GRE form does not accept the "Space" in between the words.



        1. Hi Sudheesh,

          Does your Appointment Summary generated at the time of Registration doesn't have Full Name though you had filled?

          Candidate's Name: Sudheesh Vxxxxx.

          Is that what made you believe you missed the middle name?

          I am also in same doubt. My candidate's name is missing middle name.

          If so, how did you confirm?

          Please help!!!



      2. Hi Rahul, I had the same problem as Sudheesh.

        My passport name is :

        Given Name : Om Pxxxxxx

        Last Name: Patri

        Now in GRE form, we were not allowed spaces, and also only Middle Name Initial was asked. So I entered :

        First Name: Om

        Middle Initial: P

        Last Name: Patri

        So, in my GRE score report it appears as Om P Patri instead of Om Pxxxxx Patri.

        From reading these posts, I think it won't be a problem for me, but I would really appreciate some reassurance.



          1. Thanks a lot for your reply. Do I need to mention "Om P Patri" as alternate name in the online application ?

          2. Yes, you have to say that in application or attach a separate sheet of document and list all different names used in various certificates and documents you will be submitting.

  21. which name i should follow in filling the passport application if i have 'c' instead of 'Chandra' in my ssc marklists &other subsequent certificates.And in my date of birth it is registered as 'Chandra'also it is same in residence certificate..

  22. Hi, I'm Hershita.

    I'm very worried about possible clashes in names that appear on my passport and on all my certificates while applying for universities abroad.

    My name, as it appears on all my marksheets and certificates, is:

    1st name: Hershita

    Middle Name: -empty-

    Last name: SXXXX

    Now the trouble is that my name on my passport appears as:

    1st Name: Hershita

    Middle Name: RXXXXXX

    Last Name: XXXXX

    I didn't fill up the application to include any middle name, but as is the custom in Gujarat, people tend to put their father's 1st name as their middle names. So the consultancy put in a middle name as granted.

    I've already given my GMAT and TOEFL exams, but I haven't faced any trouble so far, but then again, both times my test centre was in Gujarat only, so they considered both the names as same.

    I'm concerned that this difference in names might create a problem for me. Do I have to get my name changed on my passport? Or would an affidavit stating that Hershita RXXXXXX SXXXX is the same person as Hershita SXXXX suffice?

    Please, help me out.

  23. So, hey everyone..

    Can anyone help me out with this or atleast provide some ideas.. I will appreciate it if anyone can.. I have problem only with my fistname, the last name as well as the middle name ae fine.

    So, My first name on Passport is : Jigar.

    where as, my first name on all the colleges and schools documents including marksheets and cerificate is : Jeegar.

    Now, I am moving to US, and I was wonderng if I will face hard time taking admission in US college or univerity regarding my first name? If anyone here have any idea about this than please post a helpful comment.

    Thank You.

  24. I have a problem with my marks card…on both the 10th and 12th marks card my mother's name is given as PUSPA instead of PUSHPA….will this get me into trouble for my MS in US or visa??

  25. hello
    my uncle is the citizen of US and he applied for the green card for my mother,father and me 9 years ago, now the immigration approved our case and we have to go for interview, the problem is that my surname in my passport is different from my father. i mean my farther’s family is written ABCDEFG and mine is ABC DEFG. there is one space between my surname, i wanna know should I change my surname or it wont make any problem.
    thank you

  26. hello..

    i hav a prob regarding gre registration..

    the name in my passport is as follows..

    First Name : ARHANT

    Surname : Axxxx Cxxxxxxxxx PANDA

    but wen i registered for gre i entered Axxxx Cxxxxxxxxx as the middle name..

    the confirmation report showed..

    First Name : ARHANT

    Last Name : PANDA

    Wil i hav any problem at the exam centre…????

  27. i have registered for gre exam
    with first name as:Mohamad
    middle name:sameer
    last name:S V
    asper my passport my name is mohamad sameer shaik vali
    and the conformation mail from the ETS shows the name as :Mohamad S V
    can i have any problem with this at the test center and for applying to the universities
    and i have registered for toefl with the name as per my passport
    name:mohamad sameer shaik vali
    pls suggest me what i have to do

  28. hello,
    My last name is Surahio. On my ielts result my last name is Surahia. Because4 of that last letter A i m getting hard time getting admission in College. How can i get this problem solved please help me .

  29. Sir,
    My name in Degree and other educational certificates is Muni Sankar but in my passport I purposefully made my name as Muni Shankar. Only extra 'h' is there in passport. I want to use my passport name throughout.
    I got an employment in Saudi Arabia. I am applying for VISA. First I need to get my degree certificate attested. Will there be any problem because of small mismatch in name? Am I able to get VISA without any problem.
    Please answer my Query.

    Muni Shankar

  30. I am from Pakistan nd going to apply for UK student VISA for a postgraduate program… My name on my passport is different than that of my name on my Educational Docs..




    and on PASSPORT: its Muhammad Yasir JVXX MAXX

    I have gone through the whole topic but still i am confused.. I wonder what will happen when i get my Masters degree… becuz in UK they normally print the same name on your degree that you have on your passport… and I want only YASIR JVXX to be printed on my degree..

    What am I supposed to do?? If I change my passport name It will take time and I will probably lose my chance to get admission in this session… Can I change my passport name after going to UK??


  31. my name is deepak.s.p i dont have any specific surname but my dad has a to get my passport done as i saw a student having same probloem. a other person replied that he may have problem in getting ssn in usa after getting there… can any one please help me out.

  32. Hello HSB ,

    I have a valid case here . I have taken GRE test . While registering for GRE i mentioned my Given name as Arvind and Lastname as Hxxxxxxxxxxxx .

    But in my passport my given name is Arvind Hxxxxxxxxxxxx and

    Surname is blank and yet i was allowed to take test .

    Now if i want to change surname in my passport to Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and given name to Arvind . Will there be any peoblem ? Can i still use same GRE score .

    Please help me on this , based on your comments will proceed for changing passport details .

    I just want to know whether i can still use same GRE score .

      1. Hello HSB ,
        Thanks a lot for the reply .
        One more question regarding this …
        Can i still use the same GRE score that i had taken based on my present passport(without Surname) and gre score card would reflect the correct name i.e My first name as Arvind and last name as Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .
        as of now do you see any problem , if i update the surname ?
        by any chance if i would loose this score ?
        Planning to take Toefl , shall i register after Updating Passport or shall i do same as what i did for GRE and then can i update my passport before sending applications to universities .
        Please provide your guidance .
        Please Help , thanks for the support .


        1. Hello HSB ,

          I too have the same question . Let me know what to do in this case .

          If you have got an answer to this , please post it .

          Kavitha .

          1. Hello HSB ,

            Please provide your suggestion .

            I have applied for change in passport , but just want to confirm if there will be any problem .

  33. Let me explain you my problem with the certificate name and passport name.On my certificates my name is mentioned as Kuchan Ravishankar Pradeep.Pradeep is my father name and on my password it has Kuchan Ravishankar so will I face any problem with it ..well recently In my police verification the police man told that both the names in certificate and passport are diferent ….can you help me with this

  34. hello HSB

    Let me explain you my problem with the certificate name and passport name.On my certificates my name is mentioned as Kuchan Ravishankar Pradeep.Pradeep is my father name and on my password it has Kuchan Ravishankar so will I face any problem with it ..well recently In my police verification the police man told that both the names in certificate and passport are diferent ….can you help me with this

  35. The problem i am facing that,

    I have only one name naimee in my passport and all other it possible to register for gre with this one name?if it is possible the versitie

    s to

    which i will aply,will they accept my only one name?in our Bangladeshi passport sy

    stem,there is no provision of writting surname,only one name at a time. Now what can i do!

  36. I face a strange problem.

    My First name is Vivekanand

    Last name is Vxxx.

    All of my documents except passport has the name Vivekanand V.

    While registering for my GRE exam,My friend Who registered for me gave the details as follows ,First name : V and Last name: Vivekanand.

    Now my GRE score report has First name as V and last name as Vivekanand .

    Will this create problem in MS admissions?

    1. hey Vivekanand,

      is it possible to register online gre with only initial (like "V") as last name?!

      I have not been able to register in the ets gre registration site with "S", which is my last name as my passports and certificates .They ask for two letters atleast.

      How can i get registered for gre with only "S" as my last name ?

      Pls , reply early as possible.

      1. No it is not possible to register with a single character last name.Give your last name as in your passport.

        1. Hi,

          I have contacted GRE support personnel .They said they are unable to swap my name because their system didnt allow single character Last name.So I asked them to change my name to Vivekanand Vxxxx from Vivekanand V . They said as per their policy they will not change the name.

          They asked me to contact the score recipients about my name in GRE records.

  37. my actual name is K. MANIKANDAN now i am changed of my name

    R.K MANIKANDA SABARIS havings proof tamilnadu gadzet but my given name on my passport is MANIKANDA SABARIS i am not included my surname and last name. please guide me what i have to do

  38. Hi. My passorport name is Sanghavi Natarajan and Surname is Iyer.
    However when I booked for toefl and gre, Natarajan(which is my middle name) is hidden. Will I face any problems? what is the name format in the score cards of both gre and toefl? Thanks.Waiting for a quick response.

  39. hi i hav a few question about passport form. actually my name in birth certificate misspells with college and school certificates .In birth it goes as PINCHO and however in other identities such as voter id, college degree and ration cards it spells as PINTSO. so im little afraid that may be my passport form will get reject… is that so???

  40. I actually have a doubt reg dis.. All my transcripts have Prasanthi S as my name and my passport has Prashanti S. will it be a prob??!!

    1. i too have the same problem.

      my name in 10th certificate is madhu sudana rao and in inter and degree certificates as madhu sudhana rao

      in passport as madhu sudana rao as it is in 10th certificate ..

      plese help in this regard

      thanks in advance

  41. Hello Sir

    My passport carries as follows:

    First name: Jaskamal Singh

    Surname: Saimbi

    I have given GRE 2 times

    I registered 1st GRE as follows

    First name: Jaskamal

    Surname: Singh

    (At the exam center i had to show multiple IDs to Give the Exam)

    I registered 2nd GRE as follows

    First name: Jaskamal

    Middle name: S

    Surname: Saimbi

    (Had no problem in giving the Exam)

    Now i have 2 questions ?

    1: When i forward the scores to Universities, will i have problem in the application procedure ? Will they be able to match my name with my application? (Since both the scores will be sent )

    2: Will an affidavit be enough to convince the universities that both the names are one and the same.

    Plz help ???

    Im scared as hell

  42. My full name is S. M. Rajib ,as passport and all other documents/certificates. It is also possible to register in different sites/programs with "S." as last name except gre/toefl.

    QUES :

    Is it possible to register gre with " SM "as last name ?!(Although full name is " S. M. Rajib "as in passport )

    Again, it is possible to apply at universities with only " S " as last name.

    QUES :

    Is there any possibilty of having trouble if my my last name is "SM" in gre and toefl reports, but only "S" as last name in admission applications ??

    I am very much confused and willing to use my name as in my documents if it is possible. Please, suggest me regarding these specific problems.

  43. Hi HSB,

    I desperately need your comments on my two problems here.

    In all documents other than my passport my name is as Sxxxxx Kxxxxx K.K. where K.K. is my initials.

    In Passport,

    Given Name : Sxxxxx Kxxxxx

    Surname : Kxxxxx Kxxxxx

    I have registered for GRE (without space separating the two words) as

    First Name : SxxxxxKxxxxx

    Last Name : KxxxxxKxxxxx

    In TOEFL i had used name exactly as in passport (with the separating space)

    Will this cause any problem? Also i have another problem with my passport.

    The address in the passport is my old college hostel address instead of my permanent house address. They had printed the temporary address instead of the permanent address. But I have given my permanent address in registering for GRE and TOEFL.


    1. I am facing the same problem (The issue with no blanks while entering my first name) too and have written to ETS about it. Waiting for their reply…

    2. I am now facing the same problem as yours about space in surname… how did u solve it/.. kindly help me

  44. hi friends please helpme

    i do have a confusion regarding correcting my name and my dad name in all my certificates.

    in all my certificates my name is mentioned as M SUNIL KUMAR and my dad name as M SUDARSHAN.

    now i want apply for passport, pan card and license

    can i expand my surname and add chary at the end to my dad given name in passport, pan card and license etc

    will their be any problem in future?

    or shall i start correcting it from school certificates onwards? if so, what is the procedure

  45. I exactly dont have a name problem..I have an ECR stamped on my passport.Would this pose a problem for my application for GRE or TOEFL or a problem at either of the test centres of the exams.Should i change it to ECNR asap?

  46. Hi,

    I am not able to find out what is the right format of parent's name in the passport: or ? Please clarify.

    I have to submit a copy of my passport for visa processing. I found that mother's name is printed as "Meena Muruganandam" in my passport but for a few friends it is printed like "Deepak Chellamma" instead of "Chellamma Deepak". Yours is also in format.

    Which one is right? Please clarify.

    1. Hi ,

      I am not able to find out what is the right format of parent's name in the passport: [first name] [last name] or [last name] [first name] ? Please clarify.

      I have to submit a copy of my passport for visa processing. I found that mother's name is printed as "Meena Muruganandam" in my passport but for a few friends it is printed like "Deepak Chellamma" instead of "Chellamma Deepak".

      Which one is right? Please clarify.

  47. mine name is shaik khwaja in degree but in 10 it is sheik kwaja which is wrongly printed so i changed it myself as shaik khwaja is there any problem for me.

  48. my actual name is Harikrishna.Madeti in my passport and whatever documents i posses.But unfortunately my last name had been written as Nadeti instead of Madeti, i.e kept N in place of M in my toefl ibt account. Now i even got my score report for toefl as Harikrishna..Nadeti. So, what shall i do to get rid from this trouble.
    would it effect my i20 or visa sanctions.Please suggest me the remedy for this problem

  49. I have my name as Moiz Motor Wala in my college marksheets but as Moiz Motorwala in my passport and it is correct. And this time i saw my surname “Motorwala” considered as middle name “Motor” and surname “Wala” in my college registration form. Does it matters when i write GRE and apply for visa etc…and what should i do to correct this name discrepancy…pls help me out…thanx in advance..

  50. hai,

    I am bharathi. my name in my marks registers is M.C.BHARATHI. but for appplying passport name should not be in initials and with documentary proof. Actually my name is M.chaitanya bharathi. In documents it is M.C.bharathi. how can i fill my name in passport application. Please inform me to my mail

  51. hi…

    today i registered for gre test.

    My name: Bargavi

    My Father's name: krishnamoorthy

    My Family name: chinni

    i typed my last name as krishnamoorthy instead of chinni krishnamoorthy. will it be a problem? and how can i change my name now?

    pls reply me..

    thanks in advance…

  52. Hello,

    Your blog Answers all the Haunting Ghostly Doubts that leads to stress.Its wonderful to know as an Indian with no Surname,[in our case denotes the caste order in society which has been barred in my daughters name,]Passport application will be done following your advice.First name and Surname as in Venkat for my girl.Her academic records have the name as AAAA Venkat.

  53. Hello
    I applied for my gre on 1st june 2011
    In the name column of the application i typed
    first name: sowmya ramya
    middle name : vyjayanthi
    surname : vemuganti

    The confirmation mail i got from the prometric site states my name as
    sowmya ramya vemuganti

    where as in my passport and birth certificate it is written as sowmya ramya vyjayanthi vemuganti
    How can i resolve the above problem?
    REPLY ASAP plz!

    1. hey ramya i am also having the same problem ,,, i am having my test date on 22feb. please do help me if u had any replies …. please

  54. hii HSB

    this is Naveen

    i want to change the candidate address which was given during GRE registration

    how can i change that address .. please give me reply

    thanks in advance…….

  55. my wife name is R.SHOPANA RUDHRAJU (in bank,all certificates) WHERE

    R-stands for RAMALINGARAJU (fathername)

    SHOPANA-her name (firstname)

    RUDHRAJU-actually her family name.

    So in passport i am going to fill like this.just guide me please.

    first name-SHOPANA

    middle name-RUDHRAJU

    last name-RAMALINGARAJU

    my doubt is in US they call with last name but here my wife's last name is RAMALINGARAJU.

  56. Hii,

    My passport name: Kambalia Nancy K

    and my other documents, certificates, marksheets even TOEFL scores have name as: Kambaliya Nancy K

    In surname of passport there is missing letter "y" in kambalia, so would there be problem in future, because it is just matter of one missing letter in surname?

    Do i need to change my passport name?

    thank you in advance

    1. Most likely yes. Your I-20 will have Kambalia Nancy K which will be different in passport. So, you might run into problems.

  57. Sir,

    I have applied for passport with my name Abhishek srujan it seems that my passport will be arriving bit late in march hence i request you to suggest if i can register for gre straight away for i fear i may not be able to take gre in the current format . I greatly need your assistance.kindly oblige.

  58. Sir, still i am in little bit confusion,the problem is
    that……my name in : 10th certificate=Vishnu 12th
    certificate=Vishnu Birth certificate=Vishnu voters Identity=Vishnu
    so my question is whether it will create some kinda problem while i
    apply for a passport naming Vishnu Pankajakshan… Most of ém say
    that in US universities they will accept only names given in birth
    certificate…and also we must submit birth certificates in
    respective university.

  59. Hello Friends

    First of all I just want to appreciate you for your work.Thank you so much for the work you people are doing.

    I have done one mistake while signing in passport application form i have signed it like this

    my name : A.Santhi

    but i have signed it as A.santhi(here i have given " s " as cursive "s" )and in all my certificates ,pan card every where i have capital "s" only ,will that become problem to me for my higher studies or joining a job .If you can help me out it will be great relief for me .

  60. Hi HSB, I went through the above article. It was helpful.
    Let me just summarize the above article so as to make sure I got it
    right. You said, "Last Name missing in the passport accounts for
    trouble" Thats true..because when you register for TOEFL or GRE or
    anyother exam, you got to enter your surname. It is not an optional
    field, if you register online. I have been worried about that.
    Since, I did not use my last name in my passport. So, when I
    registered for TOEFL I had to enter my last name. Another thing,
    When I went on to fill an application form in any university, I had
    to enter the last name there too. That is the US system, as you
    mentioned. In US, last names are important. All my documents from
    school or bith certificates etc. DO NOT have last name. But now, My
    TOEFL score card and Application form HAVE last name. When I filled
    my application form, there was a field: Other names my records may
    be listed: In this field I entered my first name only. To avoid
    problem during visa, I must change my name in the passport, that
    means include my last name too. So, To sum it up: ->You must
    have a last name in your passport. ->TOEFL and University
    Application forms ask for your last name. ->Don’t worry
    about changing names in your certificates and documents. If they do
    not have your last name, it is not a problem.

    1. You hot it right. Make sure when you change the name, it has same surname that you used for application, gre and toefl.

  61. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for article. I have my name in passport as Surname=Origanti and Given names="Damodar Rakesh". I applied for higher studies in Australia and received a letter from Australian Higher commission in that the Surname=Origanti and Given names="Rakesh Damodar". This letter I need to submit for visa application. So, will this be a problem in applying for a visa?

  62. Dear HSB Admin,

    I went through all the posts related to the above 'surname issue' in Indian passports.But still I have got this strange issue.

    In my passport,

    First Name: Mohan

    Surname: -BLANK-

    I have given GRE with the name Mohan Mohan. As the score was not satisfactory, I am planning to give it once again. Should I have to add the surname in my passport and book the dates for the second attempt? (All my documents till date just has Mohan, without the surname.) Will this create issue as I have taken GRE once, as Mohan Mohan?

    Also I had been to US , during B.Tech for my internship. I was issued VISA with the name: FNU Mohan. The university documents had the entry as: Mohan Mohan. I have the SSN with the name: FNU Mohan (There, they have also mentioned the other combination, Mohan Mohan ). I am planning to apply for other universities also.

    I am puzzled. Please give me inputs in this regard.


  63. Dear HSB

    I went through the posts related to the above ‘surname issue’ .But my query is that I have registered Gre as First name: Mahesh and last name:N . but in the passport it is Mahesh with surname:Natarajan (i'e while registering for Gre i have given only the initial). Will there be any problem while applying for universities and if that is the case what is the remedy

    waiting for your reply


  64. hi

    my name in the passport is garikapati uma bhavani

    but in my ger registration i gav uma as first bhavani as middle and garikapati as last name do i hav any problem?

  65. Hello

    I applied for my gre on 1st june 2011

    In the name column of the application i typed

    first name: sowmya ramya

    middle name : vyjayanthi

    surname : vemuganti

    The confirmation mail i got from the prometric site states my name as

    sowmya ramya vemuganti

    where as in my passport and birth certificate it is written as sowmya ramya vyjayanthi vemuganti

    How can i resolve the above problem?

    REPLY ASAP plz!

  66. I have issue of surname.

    My first name and middle name is same in my passport and academic certificates.

    My surname is different in passport and certificates,as follows:

    In passport S***

    In certificates M*****

    Is this difference a problem?If yes how could one make it proper

  67. Hi ,

    I have an issue with My Passport and Visa Surname and Given Name .

    My Old Passport : Surname : ABC Last Name : XYZ ( Which is correct )

    New passport : Surname : XYZ and Last Name : ABC .

    Got My new visa with surnames and lastnames as it is in New passport.

    Can you let me know what can be done .

    Any Comments is truley appreciated.

  68. Hi,

    This is Anil applied for graduate studies for Fall 2011 to US. In my GRE and TOEFL accounts I have my Surname: Rxxxxx and First name: Pxxxxx. But, I have applied for the universities as Surname: Pxxxxx and First name: Rxxxxx. And even my certificates are having my name as P. Rxxxxx. Even though, I have applied for the universities and send all the official documents to the universities well before the deadlines, my online status still shows "the application is incomplete". When I mailed the graduate officials about my application status, they informed that due to the reverse of the name and surname they were unable to match my scorecards with my application. Now, what should I do? Should I inform all the University graduate officials which I have applied about my situation and ask them to match my GRE, TOEFL scores to my application properly. I am waiting for the best replies…..

  69. Sir,

    I am applying to study in UK this year. My name is Prabhushankar H.A where 'H' stands for 'Hadya' which is my native place & 'A' stands for 'Ananda' which is my father's name. Hence my passport is showing my surname as 'HADYA ANANDA' & my given name as ' Prabhushankar'. But I want to use only 'Hadya' as my surname instead of 'Hadya Ananda' . Can I do it without applying for a change of name in passport at this stage?

    1. I don't understand your question. But, how can you use different name without official changing the name in the passport.

  70. I have applied for the passport at Pune office. My name in school certificates is PARESHKUMAR while in other documents driving license, bank etc it is PARESH. With this reason my application is not being processed. This is very common thing in India that the person's name is being suffixed by BHAI, KUMAR, RAO etc. Please advise me what needs to be done in this case? Should I change my name PARESHKUMAR in all the documents?

    1. Paresh – I afraid I can't advise with respect to name in passport and supporting documents.

  71. Dear HSB

    I am still awaiting your response to my query dated 23rd Feb 2011. I have already checked all the listed queries and there is no relevant query similar to mine. Hence your reply is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  72. Dear HSB,

    My passport name is MD. AXXXX-AX-BXXXX

    in my gre registration, i have used like this MDAXXXXAX BXXXX. Due to difficulties with "." and "-" i couldn't register my name according to my passport.Will it be a problem? How can i resolve this?I have already given GRE Exam.

  73. Dear HSB

    I had put a question on 23rd and a reminder on 24th. THANKS FOR NOT BOTHERING TO REPLY TO MY QUERY…

    1. Dear HSB

      Sorry….I just saw your reply…Thanks…I have replied to your doubt just now…

  74. Dear HSB

    It is actually not a different name…In my passport, in the place of surname it is mentioned as "Hadya Ananda" which is actually the expansion of my Initials ..H.A. My query is, instead of using both "Hadya" & "Ananda" as my surname, is it possible to use only "Hadya" as my surname which sounds more meaningful.

  75. Hi,

    I am planning to pursue MS in FALL 2012 session.But i have some queries regarding my name mismatch in marksheets and Passport.All my school certificates,marksheets as well as my college certificates and marksheets have my name as S Txxxxxxxxx Singh where 'S' stands for Sardar but in my passport the name is Txxxxxxxxx Singh,'S' is not a part of my name but some sikhs write it and it is similar to Mr that other people write.Actually i was told to expand the initial 'S' as 'Sardar' while filling the passport form.But they did not consider it and hence the problem.

    Somebody suggested me to get an affidavit to signify that S Txxxxxxxxx Singh & Txxxxxxxx Singh are the same people.What do you suggest.


  76. hi hsb team,

    as always you provide a wonderful and valuable information regarding every issue

    i have a query plez plez help me

    In PASSPORT my surname: pasupuletti, firstname: anushka


    In 10th &12th board it is pasupuletti anushka

    In B.TECH certificates it is anushka pasupuletti

    i'm applying as pasupuletti anushka for my final certificate, plez reply me is it compulsory to change in certificates and birth certificate plez plez answer me

    in toefl & gre i have given as in passport and it is anushka pasupuletti

  77. my name in passprt is mxxxx kranti lxxxxx. but i have booked my gre slot with name kranti mxxxxx where mxxxxx is my surname . witout including middle name . is it ok ? my gre score report also vl hv kranti mxxxxx. will it be a prob while applyng to univ ?

  78. my name in passprt is mxxxx kranti lxxxxx. but i have booked my gre slot with name kranti mxxxxx where mxxxxx is my surname . witout including middle name . is it ok ? my gre score report also vl hv kranti mxxxxx. my name in other certftcs is M. KRANTI LXXXX.will it be a prob while applyng to univ ?

  79. pls help me out

    I each and evry certificate of mine

    like 1oth, Intermediate and B.Tech , my name is given as C PAVAN KUMAR

    never used my full surname where C is CHINNAKOTLA

    So how to go with passport and Gre.

  80. Dear HSB

    i know u will again smile with my same question but i will ask for my satisfaction

    my name in all academic documents (University) is Waqas AXX MXXXX and father name is MXXXX AXX

    and my name in NIC, driving license, birth certificate is Waqas AXX and father name is MXXXX AXX

    now i am going to apply for Passport…

    if they put my name Waqas AXX then there will b any issue for student visa or Engineer Visa?

    plz reply

    1. Use Waqas AXXX and when you submit application and other documents, mention that you have used different names in the certificates.

  81. my name in passprt is mxxxx kranti lxxxxx. but i have booked my gre slot with name kranti mxxxxx where mxxxxx is my surname . witout including middle name . is it ok ? my gre score report also vl hv kranti mxxxxx. my name in other certftcs is M. KRANTI LXXXX.will it be a prob while applyng to univ ?

  82. Hello, By reading this whole story I understand the whole story, I am also phasing the same problem, Sur name missing in my passport.

    Please suggest me by reading the below details:

    My sur name is bansal. so if I have to write my full name it is Rajesh kumar bansal. but in all of my documents my name is mentioned as Rajesh kumar. Because in my all the docs name is mentioned as Rajesh kumar, so while filling the passport form by giving the given name as Rajesh kumar and blank as a sur name, so now my sur name is blank. Now I am applying for H1B US visa Please suggest me what name I have to mention in the sur name field ? Is it Rajesh in the given name and kumar in the sur name is fine ? or Rajesh kumar in the given name and Bansal in the sir name, In this case my name will vary from the documents. Also my father's name is mentioned as Garish Bansal ? Please suggest me asap.

  83. sir what to do with date of birth on slot booking i gave 2-01-1990

    but in passport it is 22-1-1990 so what can i do now pls





    help me;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  84. Dear Sir,

    In GRE registration, I've given following information:

    First Name: Sunny

    Middle Name: Kumar

    Surname: Singh

    But in Passport, I've written the following:

    Surname: Singh

    Given Name: Sunny Kumar

    Please tell me whether I'm write or wronng.

  85. Hi

    I have applied for MS for Fall 2011. I have got an admit from NCSU.

    The address given to all the universities, GRE, TOEFL everything else is the current address where I live. Name matches exactly everywhere including the passport. But my concern is that my passport has my old address (The building doesn't exist anymore. Destroyed due to metro construction). Now the question I have is, whether I need to get the address changed in the passport. (Current passport valid till 2019)

    Thanks in Advance,


  86. Hello Sir,

    I am a b tech grad trying to register for gre for aug 2011. The main prob is my name which is a very long one as per my passport. the passport name is given as Last name: Munagala. First name: Sri Venkata Manikya Lakshmi Sai Priya. As the whole name doesnt get entered while registration process, pls assist me as how to fill up my name. I'm really worried as i face problems everytime coz of my name. Pls help!

  87. Sir, my surname is there in my passport but my academic records are without my surname, and i tried to add my surname on my degree but i failed to do that as because of my 10th and 12th class certificate(without surname) now as i need to validate my degree in consulate what should and do and how should i proceed and yes my working visa has been approved with my surname on it and i am bit scared what will be my future abroad because of surname missing in my academics records.

  88. Hi my name in all my educational certificates are written as K Venkata Naga Swetha where the letter 'K' is kodela which is my surname. Now iam going to apply for passport.In passport application rules are placed as to mention full surname as 'kodela' instead of 'K' because initials are not permitted in passport application. Now if i get passport with my full name 'Kodela Venkata Naga Swetha' does it create any problem because in my all educational certificates my name is written as K Venkata Naga swetha where'K' is my surname. Do i need to change my name in certificates from 'K' to kodela. Please reply to my query and your valuable suggestion for me to proceed in future..

  89. hi, my name is kanwar vickram singh, my surname is BUTTAR . i don't have surname in my passport and in my ielts mark sheet. if i have to change my surname , do i need to to reappear for ielts ?

  90. Hi HSB,
    I have a DOB mismatch in my I-20. I received my I-20 from Oklahoma state university. In that month and date are interchanged. Kindly provide any suggestion to solve this

    1. Do not worry Ashwin. I beleive it is correct. In US, they follow the MM/DD/YYYY format. That is why you find both of them interchanged.

  91. Sir, i want to apply for passport but i have surname missing on each and every document including Nationality certificate,leaving as well as on marksheets what should i do? Plz suggest i am in great depression

  92. Hi HSB!

    I would not only appreciate but highly indebted to you for my entire life if you could just tell me the solution of the problem i’m facing right now..

    My Name and father’s name in my Educational Certificates, Engineering Council’s Licence is:

    Name : YASIR JAVED
    Father’s Name: JAVED AHMAD

    Whereas in my Passport and NIC, its written as:

    Name: Mxxxx YASIR JAVED Rxxxx
    Father;s Name : Mxxxx JAVED AHMAD Rxxxx

    If I shorten my name and my father;s name on my passport, will it create any problem for getting student VISA.

  93. Hi,

    Need some information on the “alias” name

    Example. : My name in Birth & educational certificates in “J.Loganath alias sudhagar”. But in passport my name is “Loganath Jagadeesan”. Is it a problem?

    Do we need to add the alias name in Passport ?

  94. Hi,
    I want to know that in my GRE score report my name has been printed as AjayKumar Singh and in passport it is Ajay Kumar Singh……Space is missing …

    Can you please let me know if it can pose any problem ?

    1. I am facing the same problem. But my consultant said there is no problem. Incase you get to know something else …let me know

  95. My Daughter’s name is AISWARRIYA as entered in the birth certificate records.
    As for passport I wanted to register my childs name as Aiswarriya and surname as Manikandan which is my name.
    The passport officials deny saying that fathers name can not be given as surname as the same in not registered in birth certificate
    Is it possible to accept the Fathers name as Surname ?
    Kindly help me

    1. Strange. Pretty much all my family members have fathers name as surname in passport.

  96. My name is Neelu. Yes, just “Neelu”. So I have got the passport with first name as “Neelu” and surname is empty/blank. H1B or L1 visa will be provided by US consulate as “FNU Neelu”. Is this fine? Will we still face problem in US to get SSN or Driving License or etc? Should we add surname to my name by undergoing name change procedure?

    You have not spoken about this scenario in your blog. Please reply with your valuable information.

  97. My name in passport is Venkatesh Rajaratnam. My father’s name is spelt in passport as just Ramachandran, whereas his given name is Rajaratnam Ramaachandran. Instead they have made a clerical error by entering as just Ramachandran. Will i have problem while applying for visa? Should i correct it or leave it as such?

  98. Hello HSB,
    Thanks for your replies. But I have somewhat a unique problem. My first and middle name are combined as one in the passport, toefl, gre score cards and also in I-20.. But my first and middle name in my 10th, 12th and UG mark sheets are separate. Donno how much trouble this cud cause..
    Name in mark sheets – SAI KRISHNA
    First name in passport – SAIKRISHNA
    Kindly let me know if this cud land me in trouble

  99. Apurva, I have the same problem as yours.were you allowed to write Gre?
    I understand what you told.but regarding Gre,will I be allowed write the exam if my surname is in initials in confirmation and is full name is my passport?leaving the probs in applying to colleges aside,will I be able to attend Gre?please respond asap as I have it this week!

    1. Yes, you will be able to attend GRE if your name on confirmation matches you name in passport.

      1. Thank you so much. i got freaked out when ets said you’ll not be allowed to write it ! I think they thought my name itself was not given properly !! i saw a lot of forums and posts where people spoke about how they were not allowed to write due to discrepancies. Thanks for the clarification ! 🙂

  100. Hi , i have a small problem in my gre test registration.these are my indian passport details
    Given name: vathul saran
    surname : m*************

    while registering i used
    first name : vathul
    middle initial : m
    last name : saran

    Will i get into trouble?
    while registering for gre , there should be no spaces , so can i use a hypen between names?

    1. No problem brother, You can login into ETS website and you can update your details.

  101. dear sir, can i register for my gre(book a date) before getting my passport bcoz it is going to take around 3 months time…plz help me out of this…i wil be really thankful to u.

  102. in passport my name is like “Ippe(surname) Vamsi Sai Rajeev” but in my gre appointment confirmation mail name is lke “Vamsi Sai Rajeev” & my test date is 01/07/2011 can i get any problem with it plzz helpp iam soo fear with issuee

  103. hi, my name is manne prasad. i have the same name in all my certificates. i got my pan card recently, bearing the name “m. prasad”. i need to apply for a fresh passport. will it be a problem??
    please, clarify my doubt.
    thanking you!!!!

  104. Dear sir,
    i am planning for gre exam by oct … register for ets we should provide atleast two digits of surname…….i have applyed for tatkal passport and in all the documents i have given only ranjith s…………..

  105. my name is Kumar Amrit …..

    In passport : Surname : __________________(empty)
    Given name (s) : Kumar Amrit

    If i will face ny problem with this ……what is the solution as i have same name in all
    my certificates.

  106. my name is Kumar Amrit …..

    In passport : Surname : __________________(empty)
    Given name (s) : Kumar Amrit

    If i will face ny problem with this ……what is the solution as i have same name in all
    my certificates.
    reply soon…

    1. Change your name in the passport to
      Surname – Amrit
      Given Name – Kumar

    2. Helo Kumar Amrit!
         My name is Harsh Warikoo and even i have the same problem with my passport
      Surname: _________________
      Given names:  Harsh Warikoo
         So i guess We’ll have to change that format right?
      Have you found out the procedure about changing that in the passport?
      Can you please let me know about the procedure required in getting that format corrected? And the follow up’s required.
                              Really would  Appreciate your help.
                                 Thanks in advance!

  107. Hi,
    I foolishly made a mistake while registration of GRE and TOEFL exam. According to passport and certificate my name is Agni Bina (Agni first name and Bina last name). But in GRE and TOEFL account my name is Bina Agni (Bina first name and Agni last name). Will this create a problem? If so then what should I do?

  108. Hi,

    My baby name is “Mirna Manoji” in her birth certificate and planning to apply for the passport.Could you please tell us how to give the “given name” and “surname”.

  109. Hi,
    my name is Chand Mayank Prakash (surname my name father’s name)according to my 10th marksheet….
    so will this matter create any problem???? as my name comes after my surname..
    and is there any other method for changing my name before applying for visa?????????

  110. Hi,

    I have given these details while doing the registering for the test.

    Name : Niranjan
    Middle Name / Initial : N
    Surname: M**********

    But the details in the passport are like this….

    Name: Niranjan
    Surname: M********** N**************

    will this be a problem ????

  111. Hi
    I have given these details while doing the registering for test.
    Name : Sudhan
    Middle name : Ramkumar
    Surname :G****K*****
    but in my passport details are
    Name: Sudhan
    Middle name: Ramkumar
    surname: Ko****** G****K*****

  112. i have prb with my date of birth in passport.already i have taken gre once without noticing correction in passport.once again i wanted to write the exam in october so do i need to have changes before taking of exam or can apply for the exam and then correct it plz suggest me

  113. Hello HSB!
    My name is abraham dev prasad and in all my documents(even passport) i have the same name but the problem came when i read ur article having a surname is a must since in my passport my surname is left as blannk….. what should i do???

    1. one solution i thought of was adding my surname:xxxxx to my passport. so that my given name: abraham dev prasad nd surname:xxxx ….. but in all other documents there is no surname will it create a problem in writing gre nd toefel nd in i-20 app?

    2. secondly i thought why to add a surname just change my given name abraham dev prasad AS
    surname: dev prasad
    given name:abraham

    i would be very grateful if u can help me out asap.

  114. hi, my name is virendra kumar. i have the same name in my school certificates. i got my Election card&Rations Cards recently, bearing the name “Virender”. i need to apply for a fresh passport. will it be a problem??
    please, clarify my doubt.
    thanking you!!!!

  115. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    hi, my name is virendra kumar. i have the same name in my school certificates. i got my Election card&Rations Cards recently, bearing the name “Virender”. i need to apply for a fresh passport. will it be a problem??
    please, clarify my doubt.
    thanking you!!!!

  116. my name in ssc memo is agrawal payal and intermediate memo payal agrawal.will this be problamatic for passport and visa application
    please reply .

  117. hi my name is  s.v.k.s.a.pramodh tej   as  in   my  certificate  but  i have my name   in   birth certificate fully but they is no problem  if   i apply my  passport and  gre  with surname  if   when i   get i-20  and   submit my  certificate  my name is in  intials then what  ?

  118. Hello HSB,

    My name is Arun Jyothi Prakash Boominathan as in my passport and other certificates. I had no problems while registering for TOEFL(nov 20th), but for GRE(planning on taking it in november), the system doesn’t allow me to use spaces in the first or last names. Should I enter them without any spaces? i heard there is a provision for changing the name at the exam centre. I am confused.

    Arun Jyothi Prakash is my first/given name, and Boominathan is my surname. Kindly help. 


  119. hi,
    my name in some of my marksheets and certificates is ” firstname lastname ” and in some its like “lastname firstname middlename”. Will this create any problems while applying for my student visa for uk .
    The name in my passport is like “firstname lastname”.

  120. my full name is sandeep kumar verma
    but in my passport my name is sandeep verma ..this is problematic for me should  i go for name change in passport ..please reply

  121. Hi sir,
         My name is Abhishek in all certificates ,those are ssc,inter and engineering also. so my names continuous in all my education without surname… 

    so my question is am planning to go abroad for further studies.. is there any problematic for passport without surname?

    i didnt written GRE,TOEFL,..etc Yet. My actual name is VXXXXX Abhishek… Is it possible to include my surname in passport.

  122. Hello HSB,

    Thank you for the article. It throws light on various possibilities.
    In my case, the spellings of my name and surname are different in my passport and academic marksheets.
    I have taken GRE and TOEFL and am in the process of application.
    Will this be a problem at the universities end.
    Passport: Shubhangg Tripaathi
    Marksheets: Shubhang Tripathi


    1. It will not be a problem but u will have to start using the name mentioned in the passport so, my suggestion is correct it… to be on the safer side

  123. Hi HSB,

    Wonderful Wonderful work you are doing here ! Thanks for posting this article.

    I have a doubt. PLEASE PLEASE clartify this at the earliest.

    First name; Meghana
    Last name: GA

    GRE and TOEFL:
    First name: Meghana
    Last Name: GA

    Given name: Govindarao Appurao Meghana

    Now, I got that I have to get my name changed on the passport to :
    Given name: Meghana
    Surname: Govindarao Appurao

    Giving initials “GA” as surname on my passport will not do.

    My doubt is, should I regive my GRE and Toefl in the name of “Meghana Govindarao Appurao” ? I got around 1400 in the NEW GRE.
    What about my certificates? All my markssheets say that my name is”Meghana GA”

    Please Please Reply at the earliest.

  124. hello sir! my problem is that.. my name in all my educational certificates is as MADDILA K CHAKRAVARTHY.
    now,while applying to passport ,i heard that they are asking to write full name..
    so, is it better to stretch my first name k as kalyan..? i mean can i write my name in passport as KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY surname:MADDILA
    plz help me..give me a sol. for this as early as i have to submit my passport appl. tommorow…

  125. Sir iam in class 12,sir my name is B RAJA SATYA NANDA but it written as B RAJA SATYANANDA in my class 10 and 12 marksheet how it will create issue during collage admision and applying for passport

  126. Hi HSB,

    My name is Saivivek Ramkrishna Mohanrao Valluru.

    In SSC
    Surname: Valluru
    Name : Saivivek Ramkrishna Mohanrao

    In HSC
    Surname: Valluru
    Name : Saivivek Ramkrishna Mohanrao

    In Passport
    Surname: Valluru
    Name : Saivivek Ramkrishna Mohanrao

    SSC, HSC and passport has same name but in degree mom’s name has been added.

    But in Degree
    Surname: Valluru
    Name : Saivivek Mohanrao
    and added Mom’s name Sunanda.

    Is this a problem….bcoz as per Mumbai University they do add Mom’s name and its common with all students.

  127. Hello HSB,
    My problem is that my name(amandeep godara
    ) on the passport includes my surname but all my certificates and degrees have only my initial name (amandeep)on that a problem??will it create a problem??or its fine..

  128. dear sir,i am having a problem for applying my netherland visa that my name in birth certificate is abcd K abcdand my passport is with the abbrevation of this having any problem?

  129. Hello HSB,

    Thank you for giving information about these details. You have given information on surname mismatch on GRE and TOEFL and passport etc.. Could you also please give some information on the surname mismatch on Passport and I-20? When I came to the US, i didnt get the name on my passport changed (last name) so it reads, Ra**** Ki*** Med***, but when applying for a drivers license in the US (on H4 Visa) we had to get married here again, and now the name reads Raj*** K Mud*****. So, the name on the drivers license stayed and i used the same on my college application.
    Any idea what I need to do now that I am applying for a status change from H4 to F1?

  130. HI
    My name is Seerat (on all marksheets including my pan card, passport, DL and otherdocuments too).
    Do i need to include my surname if planning for abroad travels.??Is no surname a TROUBLE??
    Plz help me and guide me what should i do??

  131. My daughters passport has her mothers name as Nisha Sallath while my wifes passport her name is Nisha Kumari Sallath. Kumari is her middle name. While requesting the birth certificate for my child the hospital authorities did not give the middle name ‘Kumari’ and so in my childs birth certificate her mothers name is only Nisha Sallath without the Kumari. Because of this the childs passport her mothers name is Nisha Sallath instead of Nisha Kumari Sallath. Iam planning to bring my child and wife to US. Wife has already been in US and child is comming for the first time. Please let me know if u can let me knwo if that is an issue and if so what to do ?

  132. Dear HSB,
    Thanks so much for a wonderful article. Requesting you to reply of my query.
    My marksheet has my name indicated as (first name) bhupendra (last name) xxxxxx but in my passport my name is indicated as (given name) bhupendra singh (last name) xxxxxx. Will it be problem when i would apply for visa?

  133. Hello!

    I was born in the Philippines and came to America when I was 2 years old. I receive U.S Citizenship through my mother.I am now 25 years old.
    I am trying to get a U.S passport and my birth certificate has a different last name from what I have in America

    i.e )
    Name used in America:
    First : Rosalyn
    Middle: T*****
    Last: Gi***

    On my birth certificate in the Philippines:
    First: Rosalyn
    Middle: Gi***
    Last: L*****

    My mother and I are not on good terms, and had no idea about the issue with my citizenship til I recently was offered a job working for the asking her for any advise is completely out of the question..

    What should I do at this point?
    I’m sorry if my question is irrelevant to your website…

  134. Hi,
    My name is sai omkar sharma. In all my documents my name is sai omkar only, I never used sharma. Even in my passport my name is sai omkar with no surname. Thats sure that i need to have surname. But which option will be Good.
    1. If i use omkar as my surneme…?
    2. Or i need to use sharma. But in my all documents i never used sharma.

    Pls suggest i will be very thankful to you. Thanks in advance.


  135. My Name in Passport:
    Given Name: Mohammed
    Surname: Kalam
    But in all certificates, my name is written as Md Kalam (First name Mohammed is written initially as Md with full surname)
    Is it a problem for me? What do you suggest – Should I change my name in passport to Kalam Mohammed (First Name is Kalam and Surname is Mohammed)?

  136. hi, my name is naraharisetti rakesh.In 10th it is as naraharisetty rakesh and in remaining inter ,btech as naraharisetti rakesh .does it create any problem for passport

  137. Dear HSB,

    The order of my name on Leaving Certificate (Last Name + First Name + Middle Name) is different from that on Matriculation & Other Certificates (First Name + Middle Name + Last Name).

    Will it cause me any problem while seeking admission in US?
    If Yes, What is the solution over this??



  138. Hi HSB!

    My name in Passport and all other documents is as Nittoor Prashant Rao
    But while registering for GRE I filled it the form as Prashant Nittoor.
    I have already given my GRE and have already received my scores.
    Will this be a potential problem??


  139. sir,
    i am persuing
    in all my certificates my name was mentioned as t.rakesh.
    i heard that it is mandatory to add full name in passport. i want to go for higher studies.
    so when i apply for passport does it create any problem.
    or i have to add full name in my certificates.
    please give me a solution

  140. sir i m waiting for ur immediate response……so just asking the Q.
    sir my name is Chand Mayank Prakash on 10th and 12th certificates…..and on Driving licence it is Mayank Chand….
    Chand is my surname
    Mayank is my name
    Prakash is my father’s name

    sir i haven’t yet applied for PASSPORT…..but now want to apply as soon as possible……..

    so my Q. is dat ——>>>>can i declare name:- Mayank and surname:- Chand on my passport….and no Prakash declaration on PASSPORT?????

  141. Sir my name is praveen kumar m
    how to fill my Given name and Sirname
    Plese help me in ma puc my name is praveen kumar m
    Fathers name is Mohan
    Should i fill :
    Given name: praveen kumar
    Sirname: Mohan

  142. Have problems. My birth certificate place name is bhavanagar. and my leving certificate place name is ahmedabad.write now what i am doing now. passport document birth certificate copalsary to join. or not pl give me reply soon.

    thanking you,
    daxesh fadia.

  143. Hi HSB,
    I am rajasekhar. I have an issue in applying for a passport as my surname was mis-spelt in Birthe Certificate:

    Other Certiticates : VADREU VENKATA RAJA SEKHAR

    So, kindly suggest me hoe to change the surname in birth certificate

  144. hi HSB,
    my name is Navjot Singh
    on the passport my given name is Navjot Singh
    and there is no surname on the passport
    on every educational certificate,DL…… name is same as passport name Navjot Singh
    i am going to apply in some canadian universities…….will there be any problem without
    waiting for ur reply…

    1. Hey.. did u get any solution for this?/ even i’m facing the same problem..
      Planning for a name change i.e. putting last name as ‘singh’ but then also people say tht we cannot put ‘singh’ as last name.???

      thnks in advance!!!

  145. Hey, my names Ghassan jason mouchaileh. Im currently doing a security course and just wanted to clarify that if i dont have my second given name jason on the certificate will i still be able to apply for a licence even though all my identiy documents (passport,birth certificate) have jason and the form applications have jason as being filled as my second given name? It would be gratefull if you can get back to me on this.thankyou

  146. Hi…Pls help me urgently…My Name on all certificates is Sapna R Jain ….Where Sapna is my name , r stands for Rajesh Kumar which is my Dad’s Name and Jain is my Surname.But in Passport , Given Name : Swathi and Surname : Rajesh Kumar Jain… My Father name(middle name ) is mentioned in the surname instead of Given Name…Will this create a Problem as i am applying for Australian Spouse Visa

  147. Hi. I have a major problem. I have used 5 different surnames in my certificates.The name in my high school certificate is different from that in my birth certificate and they are both different from the name I’m using now.Although I’ve done an affidavit and have put it in the news paper, my fear is will this affect me later in life? I’m in my final year in the university now I’m really worried.

  148. Hi,
    I dont have a surname in my passport. How should i fill the application forms ? What should i write in the family/surname? Should i enter a dot (.) or repeat my first name there?

  149. hi hsb,
    my name in the marksheets are 10th certificates are NARAYANA REDDY N J
    and in passport i got it as
    surname: NALLMEKALA
    will it become a problem in universites as i got gre score as the name in passport
    pls reply

  150. I have a problem…My name in the passport and and all my degree certificates is XY, i.e, first name and middle name…But on the registration I gave it as XYZ. I gave my GRE exam. But now I am considering giving it again with the name as XY. Do you think it’s the right thing to do?

  151. I have a problem…My name in the passport and and all my degree certificates is XY, i.e, first name and middle name…But on the registration I gave it as XYZ. first name, middle name and last name..However, I gave my GRE exam. But now, I am considering giving it again with the name as XY, since this could be a problem in applying to universities. I cant change the name in my passport because thats the name on all my degree certificates..Do you think it’s the right thing to do?

  152. I have a problem…My name in the passport and and all my degree certificates is XY, i.e, first name and middle name…But on the registration I gave it as XYZ. first name, middle name and last name..However, I gave my GRE exam. But now, I am considering giving it again with the name as XY, since this could be a problem in applying to universities. I cant change the name in my passport because thats the name on all my degree certificates..Do you think it’s the right thing to do?Please help!!

  153. Hi,

    I have a serious problem..My name is XYZ. My first name has 2 parts. In my passport, I only have a first name which is XY, and no last name. This is also the name on all my degree certificates.

    Now, when i registered for GRE i gave my name as First name: XY and Last name: Z.
    But this last name which is Z, is not on my passport or on any certificate.
    However, they let me write the exam and I gave it.

    Now, I am concerned about what I must do… As per what I have heard, last name is important, which is not there on my passport or certificates. So, if I change the name on the passport it wont match with my other documents.

    If I don’t change, I will not have a last name on the passport.
    I am now thinking of retaking the exam, giving my First name as X, Middle Name as Y and Last Name as Z and also getting a new passport with the same. The only thing then would be that on all my degree certificates I will be only having My First and Middle Name without the Last name.
    Will that make things okay?
    It’s URGENNTTT !! Pleeaasseee HELP!!

  154. sir ihave problum with my birth certificate in my bith certificate adress is changed then my present residence certificate what i will do

  155. I have a problem. My name was mentioned as KARUNAHARAN in my passport. Except my M.Tech degree certificate in all other certificates the spelling was mentioned as the same. How ever in M.Tech certificate it was mentioned as KARUNAKARAN.

    Now I got a job with a Saudi company and my visa is getting ready. I want to know whether this spelling will make an issue/.

  156. Hello Sir,
    My name is Chiranjivi Murala, Here Chiranjivi is my First name and Murala is my Family Name of my Mother side.

    Now i would like to use Father side family name for my kids which is Korkela.

    Is it ok if any of the name not matches b/w father and child.

    My Name: Chiranjivi Murala
    Child name: Korkela XXXXX.?

    Please suggest

  157. Hi,

    I have a query..I have taken the toefl exam..while registering my surname was misspelt as ramalingim
    instead of ramalingom….i informed this at the test center before taking the test…they said that they had raised a request for the name correction…i was asked to call and confirm my idendity to get the correction done. But when i called the toefl center,they said that i could not change the name and that i had to send them a xerox of passport and a cover letter to get the correction done for future…my question is that is there any way to get the name changed in the current score card i get??!! will this affect my chances of getting into universities???!! please reply

  158. I do have a indian passport my surname on the birth certificate is Barros Gonsalves but i dont know how they messaed it up on my passport they wrote it as Gonsalves barros ive already travelled the US and the uk with this passport but now i do want to get portuguese passport so what do i need tto do as i hve like 3 us visas and a uk visa on it please help me
    Hoping for a quick response

  159. Hi HSB,
    Spelling mistake
    In my Passport my surname is misspelled to DEWANGAN but all my other documents (Transcripts, degree, PAN, GRE, TOEFL etc ) with spelling DEVANGAN

    V has become W in passport.
    Please let me know what kind of the problem I may face. ?
    What should I do to avoid the problem ?


    1. Please reply as it is urgent.
      Which surname I should use while applying for Phd.
      My passport surname Dewangan or
      All other document Devangan

      Anyone please????

  160. I applied for my passport recently, all my identity proof contains my name correctly but the prob is that my father’s name is misspelled in my passport. what should i do?
    guide me Plz.

  161. sir, my name is SUVEC.A.S.A..
    how should i fill in my passport application???????
    is it like this
    name- SUVEC

  162. Hi HSB

    In my passport my Last name is blank so my company is proecessing work permit visa for australia .can you please let me know what are the problems i may face in australia coutry if last name is missed.

    thanks for your reply



  164. sir i m waiting for ur immediate response……so just asking the Q.
    sir my name is TANGELLA SANDEEP REDDY on 10th and B.Tech certificates…..and on 12th certificate it is ….TANRELLA SANDEEP REDDY
    TANGELLA is my surname
    SANDEEP REDDY is my name

    sir i haven’t yet applied for PASSPORT…..but now want to apply as soon as possible…… what shall I do? please reply quickly

  165. HI SIR,
    MY NAME IS T.GUNASEKARAN and my father name is M.THIRUMALAI..but in my passport they asked like this.

    Applicant’s Given Name (Given Name means First Name followed by middle Name (if any)) *:

    HOW can i write in this two

  166. My Name is : Venkata Samba Siva Vara Prasada Rao
    and my Sir Name is : Pasupuleti

    But in passport it came as

    SirName : Pasupuleti Venkata
    Name as : Samba Siva Vara Prasada Rao

    will it be a problem, i am planning to write GRE
    can someone pls respond

  167. sir, my problem is in my date of birth certificate my Dad’s name is Anil Shah and in my 12 class mark sheet which am giving as proof , my Dad’s name is Anil N Shah, do u this this will create problems, if so how can i change his name in DOB certificate, am really tensed please help me how to go about it, if can i give affidavit what shall be written to prove my father’s name the same…

  168. sir i have one query.

    i was complete my i was completed my ug in tamilnadu open university..nw iam going to do my m.b.a…shall i apply passport…please ,mention the documents need…

  169. Hello

    I have problem please help.

    In my passport my surname is =harikantra and given name is=Sandeep Devaray but my degree cetificate is Sandeep Devaraya harikantra , now i am applying for UK visa . it will make any problem or my visa will be rejected.

    Please reply.

  170. HI,


  171. Hello,

    I have a problem in making the passport of my son. Me & my husband does not use our surname & we want our son who is 5 yrs old to use his surname. Is it possible for us to make his passport with his name & Surname.


  172. hi,
    My employer is going to apply H1 visa for myself.My name is in my 10,12, my previous employer documents and passport is ABCD kumar XYZ while in my degree certificate is ABCD kuamr XYZ.
    will it create issue and if so please help me out what should i need to do to resolve this issue.


  173. hi ,

    In my passport my surname is Nahata but in my other documents it Nahta. so it will be create any problem.

  174. Hi ,

    I am having my name in Certificates and all legal documents as ‘A’. I want to apply passport now, there I want to give my father’s surname ‘S’ as my surname .
    I have a Notary Affidavit which says , I am using both ‘A’ and ‘A S’ as my name.

    So can I apply passport using name ‘A s’ ??? Will it create any problem , as except that notary document , I do not have any other document s my change name proof ???

  175. Dear Sir

    In my marks sheet of TOEFIL my Gender printed as F instead of M.
    In other GRE scores it is correctly printed as Male. Is it going to affect me in VISA or Admission
    in to colleges. If its likely to affect, how to change in TOEFIL Mark sheet. Pl advise.

    Regards & Advance thanks

  176. In my TOEFIL marks sheet Gender came as F( Female ) instead of M( Male ).
    Is it going to affect me in any way in my VISA or admissions.

    If yes how to change, pl help me.
    regards & Thanks


  177. Hi, My Name mentioned in all documents is C.S. Venkataramana (where the initial ‘C’ stands for ‘Chengalpet’ and ‘S’ stands for ‘Srikumar’. In my Passport, my name is printed as Venkataramana Srikumar.

    Initial ‘C’ or its abbreviation ‘Chengalpet’ is missing in my passport. Will there be a name problem if I apply for US visa. Please help me…

  178. Hi,

    I had a problem with my name in passport. My actual name is koganti venkata satya karthik
    Surename: koganti
    first name: karthik
    Second/Middle name: venkata satya.

    But in mu passport name karthik is printed as ” kart hik”. As gap is added. So how can i change my name i.e work ” kart hik” as karthik.

    Please any one advice on this.

  179. My fathers nane in birth certificare is ramesh kumar and also in election card. But in my 10th certificate it is ramesh luthra..what shud i do now to get tatkaal it s problem ?

  180. hi sir
    I am Divyajyoti Jain . I am interested in pursuing higher education in US.
    I wrote a paper with the help of my teacher which is to be published soon. But because of some mistake they wrote” Divyajoti Jain” ( y is missing) wrongly spelt.. I contacted them to edit the name but its not possible now. what do i do now? can i take a letter from the same teacher mentioning that i am the same person or the universities will overlook the mistake? Plz help me out as research interest shown will be of great help in my acceptance . Thanks in advance..


  181. Hi myself meena frm india.i apply for greencard in usa through f2a category.In my birth certificates and schooling certificate my name is meenaben .and in marrige certi n passport is meena plz help to correct to correct? What is the procedure?

  182. Hi, i face this problem durig H4 visa interview:

    In my passport my husbands name is Satish jakhar but in all his documents and even is passport his name is satish Kumar.I showed them the marrige cerificate wher it is mentioned that Satish Kumar s/o Ramphal Jakhar, but they kept me on hold for 5 days and also keep my passport .
    can anybody please tell me that my visa got approved or rejects. plz ans…

  183. Hi,

    My name as per passport is “venkata samba siva vara prasada rao” surname: “pasupuleti”
    In all my education certificates it is “P V S S V PRASADA RAO”
    While registering for GRE it is not allowing all cahraters in my given name as it allows limited number of characters. How should i proceed?
    Will i face any problems with these name conflicts?
    If i change my name legally and get a new passport with a smaller name (venkat pasupuleti) will it be ok?

  184. hi , my name is Raj Sekhar. In my graduate certificate my name is written as Rajsekhar and in my passport it is Raj Sekhar, the space is missing in my certificate. so will that be a problem for my visa approval.

    1. I also have same problem like u..if u found solution email me plz..

  185. HELLO






  186. hi i am applying for my first adult passport but am having trouble! my mother used her ex partners name on my birth certificate (not my fathers) which is the name she used but her last name is different on her birth certificate!! she is now married to my step dad and goes by his last name on her passport .. the passport office need evidence of my mothers name change from my birth certificate to her passport which she doesn’t have so they said i had to go to the solicitor to write a letter to confirm this i was just wondering if any one knew how much this would cost or had knew any other ay i could go about it
    hope u understand what im trying to ask thanks x

  187. Hi

    I have a query with my name in the passport

    My name in all my certificates till date is ‘Mohammed Sohail Ahmed’. I had applied ‘Mohammed’ as my surname and ‘Sohail Ahmed’ as my first name for Passport. However the given particulars in my passport are:
    Surname: Sohail Ahmed
    Given Name : Mohammed

    Please help me answer these questions :

    1. Will this be a problem for me in future, I am planning to write GRE/TOEFL. What should I fill in the application form for GRE/TOEFL
    2. Now according to my passport, my surname has two words ‘Sohail Ahmed’. Will that also pose any problem, Is it acceptable to have two words in a surname ?
    3. Later in future, when I would call my parents on dependent visa, Is it necessary that my fathers surname and my surname should be the same. Because, in that case my fathers surname would be ‘Mohammed’ and mine is given as ‘Sohail Ahmed’. Will this be any problem

    Kindly help me with these queries. I really appreciate the support

    Many Thanks !!

  188. Hi HSB,

    In passport, given name is ‘Preethi’ and surname is blank. While registering for GRE exam (online), I was not sure of what need to be filled in last name and bought the issue to ETS notice. They have advised me (through email) to indicate the name listed under First/Given Name from my primary identification (i.e. passport) in both the First and Last Name fields while completing GRE registration. I followed the same and I received score card with name ‘Preethi Preethi’.

    I would like to know if that creates any problem while seeking admissions for MS. I have just followed what ETS advised and I hope it is acceptable.

    Secondly, Today I found out how life would be tough in US without surname. Now i would like to go ahead and change the name in passport to ‘Preethi XXXX’. But I think after re issuing new passport and cancelling the old one, we can still keep the old and new passports intact and carry both as a proof. I would like to know if I’m wrong.

    If that’s true, then can I apply to university with the same score card (name – ‘Preethi Preethi’ ) as the name on old passport is ‘Preethi’. Or do I have to retake test with the new name? I feel it is not required when I’m allowed to carry old passport as proof. Please let me know if I’m wrong and do let me know the process they follow.

    Thanks & Regards,

  189. Hi

    My name in school certificate and passport is Sharat Chandra. My graduation certificate was supposedly written by a Tamilian who misspelt it as Sharad Chandra (d instead of t). Basing on that, even my postgradaution certificate also has d. Will my visa application be denied based on this? Thanks.

  190. Sir my name 10th marks is ummala Raja sekar reddy..but in intermediate and degree it is ummala Rajasekarreddy that is with out spaces..will it create problem…in future…plz reply me..plz..

  191. Sir,
    My name is only Arshad. My passport write it in the sure name space while my first/given name is left blank. Now I am applying for UK visa, please help me whether I should change it or I can get visa on this passport.

  192. Hi,

    I have only first name in my all documents including educational documents, Passport, PAN Card.

    Is there any problem in getting US Visa without last name in passport.
    If yes, what I have to do.

    Dewendra Adhikari

    1. You can get USA visa, but you could run into problem without having surname. suggestion – Get your surname added in the passport before going for visa.

      1. Sir my name 10th marks is ummala Raja sekar reddy..but in DATE OF BIRTH , intermediate and degree it is ummala Rajasekarreddy that is with out i want to apply for pass port …..will it be a problem for passport and visa…..

      2. Hi,

        Do I need to add last name in passport only or in all educational documents also for getting US Visa.

        1. Surname can be added in passport, I don’t think changing names in educational documents is possible? Would this also cause any TROUBLE? Please let me know how to take care of the potential issues in such a case.

  193. Hello sir,
    my problem is i have my name in the passport like
    Given name: Vishnuvardhan xxxxx
    SurnameLast name: yyyyy
    but i have registered in GRE like
    Given name: vishnuvardhan
    Middle name: EMPTY
    Surname: yyyyy
    i did not fill given name as it is in my passport …… does it make any problem in future……………..plzzzzz help sir,,,,,,,, i am really confused……

  194. sir I have got my I-20 in which my name is given as first name -Texxx middle- sayyy and surname or last name -Jozz
    my passport has in the colum name texxx sayyy jozz
    surname – –

    will this have a problem when i go for visa

  195. Sir,
    In my passport I have my first name as Axxxx Bxxx Cxxx Dxxx Exxx XYZ and Surname as Gxxxxxx.In my other certificates it is written as A .B .C .D .E .XYZ . G where I am called by XYZ.When I register my name for GRE account,I couldn’t enter it completely as it is like that in my passport as it exceeds no. of characters. I need to book the date very urgently.Please help me solve this issue.

  196. Sir,

    My name (from passport) is too long to fit in the GRE registration form(online).

    Kindly let me know if I can use name from any other documents other than passport.

    I don’t have any issues with my surname and it is separate.

    Please help me

  197. my father name is sxxxx rao but in my 10th memo my father name is sxxx .is it a problem for appling passport..???
    please reply me as early as possible

  198. my father name is sxxxx rao but in all my memos(from 10th to memo) my father name is sxxx .is it a problem for appling passport..???
    please reply me as early as possible

  199. my name is MUSTAFA but in my passport it printed as to correct it plz.reply

  200. sir, my name is Md Mahrajul islam …so is there any problem about md……i have heard that it makes a problem to get visa…… i need to use mohammad instead of md ……plz answer

  201. Hi,
    I have reistered with the surname “Saiganesh” whereas in my passport, the surname is “Sai Ganesh”. Please reckon what will be the issue and the solutions too.

  202. hi,
    I have my name as PRAMITHA R in all my educational certificates and birth certificate. But in election card as PRAMITHA RAYABANDI. Will there be any problem while applying for passport?? What should I fill in place of firt name and surname in passport application.Please give reply as soon as possible.

  203. I having my name as [email protected] in my documents….but while applying for passport they ask to keep any 1 name…..there will be any prob if i leep any one name….kindly suggest

  204. hi,
    according to my passport
    given name is: nagesh
    surname : dali venugopal
    in my gre form while filling i gave my
    first name: nagesh
    middle name : d
    last name : venugopal

    and my gre confirmation letter shows as : nagesh venugopal

    is it okay or i should change it

  205. Please Help me… My name as in Passport Ganesh KXXXX HXXXX (First_name Middle-name Last_name).. But while registering for GRE it asks for given name without space,it will not allow me for space between my first and middle_name. Now I have to register for GRE with Given name as Ganesh-KXXX or GaneshKXXXX. Please reply ASAP. Its Urgent!

    Note:It will only allow to add hyphen between name.

  206. hi my certificates have my father name with SANKAR and in my passport it has been given as SANKARA do i need to change the name?? will there be any problem??do i need to reissue the passport or can i directly go and change.I am planning to us in aug and giving my gre in oct will there be any problem pls suggest me.

      1. Hi i have a similar problem.. do drop a reply here in case you come to know if it is a problem or not..

  207. sir,
    my name is naramsetty.srikanth,but in my birth certificate it is printed as Naramsetti.srikanth instead of Naramsetty.Srikanth..will it be a problem in issueing passport,please could you mail me sir about this problem,please sir,please…please

  208. My name is “Manisha Kumari” in all documents and i never used any surname ever. But can i use my father’s surname (his legal name is Sukhpal Singh )while applying for passport entering my name as “Manisha Kumari” in First and middle name while “Singh” in surname

  209. hallo , actually my surname in ma passport is gopalakrishnan and my name is vicky
    but in my 10th igcse certificates it is as vicky gopal .Now am applying for uk student visa will this create a problem for me??

  210. hallo,actually my surname in my passport is gopalakrishnan and my name in my passport is vicky. But in my 10th (igcse) certificates its vicky am applying for uk student visa,so will the difference in surname become a problem for me??

  211. Hi Sir,
    My problem is that in class X and XII i had submitted my father name to be Monish instead of Manish. I didn’t think it was a problem then as in bengali Manish is pronounced as Monish. My passport and pan card has the name as Manish. Will this prove to be a problem? If yes what step shall I take? I am a final year engg student. Kindly help.

  212. Hi Sir,

    In all my Academic Educational Certificates from 10th standard to Post Graduation my name is printed as : J D BALARAM RAJU VADDI
    in the above Vaddi is my sur name.

    In My Passport my name printed as : surname: VADDI

    whether this will create any problem If I’m applying for any work permit/business Visa or any other GRE etc.?

  213. One more thing.. in my Pan Card .. my name is printed as :


  214. sir i have registered in gre as vivek dxxxaxxx but in my passport my name is vivek
    dxxx axxx.this space will affect in writing gre exam sir please give me suggestion

  215. In all my certificates my name was printed as R suman..
    but., in rest of all certificates like 10th, 10+2, passport, licence my name is Ramini Suman…
    der will be any problem at the tinme of visa…
    Can u please respond to this ???

  216. Hi HSB,
    In all my Education certificates and Pan Card my name was printed as Parvathaneni L Chowdary..
    but., in rest of all certificates like passport, licence,Ration Card,Election Card my name is Parvathaneni Lakshman Chowdary…
    der will be any problem at the tinme of visa…
    Can u please respond to this ???

  217. i have used Kumar as middle name in my passport application.

    Dinesh Kumar marwaha

    all my Educational certificates have name: Dinesh marwaha(midlle name not included)

    and voter card have : Dinesh Kumar

    any problem for me ?????

  218. my name is sirisha sannayala. i hav completed my ssc in 2004 . in the certifates of 10th and inter my surname is written wrong by our school staff like this sirisha sanaayala only one letter . is there any problem in getting the passport. any possibility to change my surname in the certificates and how much money is needed to change it.plz mail me as soon as possible

  219. my name is abu safyan in passport but in document my name is abusafyan.. there is no space btween first and surname so is there will be a problem in visa approval or admission in foriegn universities??

  220. my name is Masood Ahmed in all my documents. In the passport the Given name is Masood Ahmed and the surname section is blank. In GRE score card my name Masood Ahmed and in TOEFL score card my name is Ahmed,Masood. what do you suggest me to do? should i change my name in passport as given name Masood and surname as Ahmed?.

  221. hi my name according to 10th,inter,btech certificates is Botuka Deepak.But in my pg i enrolled as Deepak Botuka. Is der any problem or all the educational certificates have the same name?

  222. hi HSB sir,

    I have my name as Sakthi P S in my school certificates,pan card,community certificate,ration card and in my college marksheets it was entered as Sakthi PS is there any prob in applying passport.Kindly help me sir. Thank u sir

  223. HI, I gave GRE last october , The ETS registered name is “Aditya Akula” , the nem in the passport is “Sridutta Aditya Akula” (akula being surname). Will this be a problem now that am applying to colleges.

    Eagrly awaiting your reply .
    Thanks !!

  224. Hi,

    Good work by HSB in clearing the doubts of prospective students regarding given name & surname. But isn’t all this advice specific to the US system of immigration, SSN, driving license etc. How about other countries like UK, Canada, Germany, Australia ? Do they follow the same system of shoving everything on the passport into surname ? Please explain this aspect as there are many who are also interested in countries other than the USA .

  225. Hey
    I have a small issue regarding my surname.
    In my passport, The details are as follows
    Surname :-
    Given Name: Vxxx Axxxx Nxxxxx

    I finished my IELTS and then realised that Surname is very important and hence Added Surname NXXXXX in my passport

    But in my IELTS TRF, The surname column is blank and it is included with the given name
    Will this create a problem while applying and during visa?

  226. Hey My name in all the certificate is CXXXX Jithin JXXXXXX.

    JXXXX being my fathers name and CXXXXX my middle name and Jithin my actual name
    School messed it up and made CXXXX as my surname in all certificates.

    Now I want to apply for passport .What should I use and put in Given name and in Surname .Please help I don’t want any problems in future plus i don’t care which one is taken as surname .

  227. name in passport and gre score card is same i.e venkata siva teja jeedigunta
    but for teofl my dad has registered it as teja jeedigunta.will it be a problem during admits. i havn;t send my packets is it better to send my toefl scroe card along woith the documents?

  228. yes brother you can do that, bec mohammed is the family name or the surname, as per the Name Rule, First name is the person name may be kalam or any thing, but the family name comes last, as per naming rule , your name should be Kalam Mohammed or Kalma Md

  229. Hi

    This post is regarding doubts of NO SURNAME in my passport.
    My situation is like this:

    My Passport:
    Last Name: blank
    First Name: ROHIT KUMAR

    Last name: Kumar
    First Name: Rohit

    My universities where I had applied:
    Last name: Rohit Kumar
    First name: Rohit Kumar

    Its a big conundrum .
    Please suggest me what should I do in this case.

    1) Should I add my surname(XXX) in my passport.
    Eg. Surname: XXX
    First name: Rohit Kumar

    2) Bifurcate my name in passport
    eg Surname: Kumar
    First name: Rohit

    Please revert as I am in big problem now.
    Thanks in Advance.

  230. plz help out with my problem…. i have my surname empty in my passport… given name is sri teejaswa bharathi…….. I wrote my gre and toefl withh the same name as in passport. But now while applying to universities i have a problem . They say that surname is compulsory… so i have given bharathi as my last name….but it does not match with the passport …..what to do now..???

  231. Amandeep , i have the same problem too…Is that a big problem? if u have applied for some Ms degree etc…By now have u faced any problem???

  232. hello life….my problem s the same… i have just the first name in all my educational degrees but my passport has my surname as well…i want to apply for MSC in abroad after 3 yrs will this create any problem…Btw did u face any problem??

  233. Please help me! Im Sakthi Ranjana and i have a problem with my surname. My dad’s name was Dhavamani and i got my graduation certificate, driver’s license, bank account, everything except passport as SAKTHI RANJANA D. But when i applied for passport my dad changed his name to Mohan and he also got gazette approval for the change of his name. So my passport alone came as SAKTHI RANJANA MOHAN. Having this problem i excluded both of my surnames while applying for the GRE exam. I have scheduled my test on 31/01/2013. When i read about the accepted ID documents i came to know that my name in the application should exactly match with the name in the ID document. On the other case i will be prohibited from writing the examination. Please help me. I still have 16 days for my examination. Is it possible to change my name from SAKTHI RANJANA to SAKTHI RANJANA MOHAN. I actually tried to cancel my registration and then re-apply it but all the dates till March, 2013 are booked already. Please help me! I have to complete my GRE before February, 2013 as the application deadlines for preferred universities are on the threshold. Please help me! If i am not allowed to write the exam before February, then i cannot enter my Graduate studies this year. Please help me! Its my future! I prepared for GRE for 4 full months, spent days and nights practicing GRE topics. Please i am pleading you! Help me!

  234. hello sir,i have passed my 10th class in father name printed mistake from 10th onwards to my to change my father name in all my certificates.plz reply me

  235. my passport name is mohammad ashaduzzaman and my gre score report name is same.however,my certificate name is md.ashaduzzaman.
    would it cause any problem during application to universities and visa or i have to change my name in certificates.

    In all my certificates of School and college my name is shortened as J.N.V.S.H.VINOD…
    But in Voter ID and PAN Card it is my full name……..Now, is there any trouble in getting passport with my full name…….Should I Correct my school certificates?

    1. Hi Vinod, There shouldn’t be any problem in getting a passport in your full name. You can file your application with the name you wish to be there in your passport. You can produce your birth certificate and other documents with your full name on them.

  237. Hi ,
    I am currently in the US on a H4 with name as FNU,XXX YYY on my visa and I797 since my passport did not have a surname . Recently I got my passport updated here and now my new passport has my name as YYY , XXX . I am planning to apply for a H1B this year and wanted to know if the name has to be updated on the old I797 or it could be taken care when I apply for H1B.


  238. Hello sir i want to apply for passport as i have a big trouble of surname is spell oneword mistake so by viewing above comments i am in unconscious . Actually in my certificates my surname is sreeram? and father surname is sreerama so in pancard also it is different how should i face this problem please suggest solution ago email or here itself.

  239. Hi Sakthi Ranjana,

    Did you write the gre test?Did you face any problem.I am also facing similar problem.I dont know what to do?

    Which country are you targeting for higher studies.Will it be aproblem for college admission also

  240. Hey
    I have a small issue regarding my surname.
    In my passport, The details are as follows
    Surname : –
    Given Name: arun

    I finished my IELTS and then realised that Surname is very important to register for gre. I have decided to add surname in my passport , but now that i have written my ielts exam , will change in the in the passport create problem in my ielts report . what shall i do now ? i am in serious confusion and would need help from someone who is facing the same issue as mine.

  241. Hi,
    My name in degree certificate in MOHD AAMIR KHAN, but in my passport, its MOHAMMAD AAMIR KHAN. ( MOHD is expanded in full). I have appeared for H1B interview and for form 221G, stating additional administrative processing required, though reason not told.
    Is it because of this MOHD in degree certificate in short form ?
    Please suggest the solution for the issue.

    1. Hi Aamir,
      You may have been asked to submit some additional documents for the administrative processing. Need not worry about the processing. You may get your passport after stamping soon.
      All the best!

    2. Hi Aamir
      My case is same. Mohammad Amir in passport and Mohd Amir in degree etc. Have you faced any difficulty while applying for visa ? Please keep posted here about your status it would be helpful. Wishing you to get the visa soon.

  242. Hi boss, i have a problem in my (10th & degree) certificate my name mentioned as MUSTAFA SHEIK , my fathers as KASIM SAHEB, in my father name initial(SHEIK) is missing in my certificates.But in my passport my FATHER name appearing as “SHEIK KASIM SAHEB”.For this year i am going to apply for H1B. Is it make any issues.(means mismatching in father name KASIM SAHEB & SHEIK KASIM SAHEB).my name is appering as per my certificates.

    1. Hi Mustafa,
      Well it should not be a problem as your father’s name in full appears in your passport. You can go ahead with your H1b visa interview.
      All the best!

  243. my name was pappuraj sharma and nw i changed my name into Raj sharma. bt i didn’t changed my document name. i have passport on the name of Raj i have dought tht in future there is any prblm in visa for any country? plzzzz help me.



  245. Hi ,

    Sorry for remaining ignorant, even after an excellent post, however I have a problem which is kind of inverse of what is mentioned, and I hope you will smile & answer 🙂

    My passport and birth certificate shows my name as only ABED in given name, rest name fields (middle & surname) are blank. Apart from this all my X, XII, graduation, PG certificates, bank details, employment docs mention name as ABED XXX YYYY where XXX YYYY is incidentally also my dad’s name, as it was customary to append dad’s name to your own name. I have got visas to gulf without any issues.
    Should there be any problem if applying B1 to US ? Or should an affidavit mentioning that both names belong to the same person ? I am trying to avoid passport name change.


  246. Hi,
    I have a different problem. My name in Passport is Kiran Kumar(Given Name)and panduri(Last Name)
    My GRE registerd name is Kiran (First Name) P(Middle Name) Kumar (Last Name)
    Will this be a problem, I was not allowed write GRE initially, then they made possible changes and filled my Middle name as Panduri … which is actually not.

    Will i face any problem in future.


    1. Hi, Ideally you need to register for the standardized tests with the name which appears on your passport. Now as you have already been able to take GRE, you should not face problem.
      Be careful for the college applications and I20. You would be submitting a copy of your passport along with the applications to avoid any discrepancy. Carry proper identity proofs for any issues that may surface.

  247. I also have a problem because my middle name was misspelled in my HND actually only a one letter is missing and i get a CAS letter from a UK university but other names and the family name is correct what should i do and now i cant change the name of edexel certificates too

  248. sir got my passport with intermediate certificates during my 3rd year of my graduation now im in final year im planing to abrod for my masters , for passport i dint gave any details about my graduation so please tel me is ther any prblm occurs during visa and immigration pls help me…

  249. Hello Guys i have small issue….I graduated last year and On passport My name is written Ahmed Muhammad Zawar but on My degree certificate wriiten Ahmed Muhammad zawr …will it creat any problem if i wana apply for abroad…or any where..??? kindly reply mee..Plzz

  250. I want to apply for a doctorate study, my full name in the M.Sc. cerificate and transcript is Balak Mahmed A., and in my passport and BSc. certificate and transcript is Ballag Mohammad A., do it will be problem for admission?.

  251. Hi,

    I am having a spelling mistake in Father’s name in passport. My full name is Tanay Pradeep Lakhani, and in passport it is printed as Tanay Pradip Lakhani (as my dad has changed ‘i’ to ‘ee’ in his name). Will it create a problem?

  252. Hi,
    I’m going to apply for passport but there is a spelling mistake in my 10th Certificate. Instead of ‘Karthik’ it was mentioned ‘Karthick’, I went to my old school for change of name but they said it is not possible. Will i get a problem with this? I have the AADHAAR Card with ‘Karthik’ so will it suffice?

  253. Dear Sir,
    My name in all the documents is M P Shrinivas. When expanded it becomes Malebennur Purohit Shrinivas. NOw my question how do I put my name in passport application as..? Because, the order has to remain same right..? What do I put in my “Given Name” & “Surname” as..?

  254. Hi,

    My name in all documents is Tirath lal ,and my surname is Namdeo which is not there is all the documents as last name.My problem is I have to apply for a passport and in passport i want my surname to be reflected.Please help me out with this problem.

    Tirath Namdeo

  255. Hello Sir,
    My name on all documents and passport is SYED MAZHAR HUSSANI, in passport it is in GIVEN NAME field and SURNAME field is blank.
    Now as University asks me to get a SURNAME I want to apply for my name bifurcation and I am worried a little. If I give GIVEN NAME as SYED MAZHAR and SURNAME as HUSSANI how it will be read together:

    And BTW on my GRE it is given as MAZHAR HUSSANI SYED
    My head is bursting out plz help….
    Thanx in advance

  256. Sir
    My Name is Rakesh Kumar
    but in all my Certifictes from 10th to Graduation there is Rakesh only.
    but in my Voter Id its Rakesh Kumar.
    i am planning to apply for a Passport. I want my name with my surname
    Can it create any problem at passport office …??

    1. I think you will not have any issue. Make sure you have surname in the passport.

  257. Hi, my first name is Christopher and last name is Naveen. I don’t have a middle name, neither do I have a surname cos my parents dint include one. So in all my docs, certificates, etc, my name is just Christopher Naveen.
    When I applied for a passport, the officer sort of confused me and suggested to put my first name Christopher in the surname column and Naveen in given name column. But now I want to apply for a job in Australia and not sure which name I should use. Should I use the name in the passport or from my certificates? Please advice, thanks.

  258. sir, my name is PRADEEP in all my documents ,instead of PRADEEP GARG, can i face any type of problems in future or should i change my name from pradeep to pradeep garg

  259. sie my name is ajit kumar and in my college document name is ajeet kumar so i want to application on change my name spelling

  260. My name in 10th & 12th marksheet is Aditya Singh Bhadoria but in my university marksheet it is Aditya Singh Bhadoriya.Will it be a problem during issue of passport?

  261. Hai,
    I hav a problem with my father’s name as it is sooo big.According to my 10th and inter certificates his name was
    but his actual name is
    DODDAPANENI VENKATA NAGA BASAVA SIVA KUMAR. His actual name was printed in my passport as per my birth certificate.But my issue is will it be a problem for VISA if there is a space difference or abbreviation. As per my enquiry consultancy people are saying that it will lead to VISA rejection. Could u please help me out.

    1. Author

      Wow. that’s the longest name I have seen.
      When are you going for Visa? Ditch the consultancy. Did you pay them? I have a better solution for you.

  262. My name in Passport is Gajjar Rishit Bipinkumar, but in my all graduate document (includeing 10th and 12th and LC) contain name as Gajjar Rishit Bipinchandra. so I want to apply for MS in US. Is there any problem occur while applying for admission and taking GRE and TOEFL exam.

  263. My name is Md. Nayeem in all of my certificates and docoments.Will it make problem to get my passport and visa while I am interested to go in Canada for my higher degree.

  264. My name on my Birth Certificate is Himanshu while on my passport and SSC certificates the name is ‘Himanshu Aggarwal’ . I have to apply for Passport and i need to submit my birth certificate. So, how to get the my surname added on my Birth Certificate? Please advise.

    1. Author

      I don’t think your name of the birth certificate have to match passport application name. Double check that.

  265. my name is sharanabasavaraja b in all the documents and certificates but in the passport i have given sharanabasavaraja bheemareddy ,as passport people only asked to given the full name of the initial. i am planing to do “MS” so is there any problem.there is no surname or middle name

  266. sir in my 10 and inter certificates my name is ajay bharat reddy were as in my btech certificate ajay bharath reddy will be there any problem for 1 letter h plz let me know

  267. Hi i’m applying for marriage visa to enter USA but i just got married and havent changed my name yet. Should I use my current name on the forms needed which is on my passport or I can use my husband’s name? I need answer please thank you!

  268. Sir ,
    Iam serious problem that I’ve following names in following documents
    10th ,12th marksheet :- “ISMAIL”
    Driving license, PAN Card & Birth Certificate :- “Mohd. ISMAIL”

    ADHAR CARD , Bank acounts , Graduation Degree & Graduation marksheets :- “ISMAIL KHAN ”
    What should I do to make it all same. N get saved by hudles in future..
    I want to keep my name as “ISMAIL KHAN”
    plz suggest me any appropriate n easy way to fix this problem plzz

  269. Dr. Magbu is really the best i have ever seen since my husband left me and my kids i have been trying different online spell caster and i did not see any result until a friend of mine gave me his contact Email address that i should contact him that he will be able to help me. The first time he told me what i have to do i thought he was the same as the other so called spell caster but i just have to give it a try which i did and after he did the casting of the spell i started seeing changes my husband send gift to my kids and also wrote a letter that he was going to come back home very soon i was so surprise and now we are back together again thank you My husband came back home after 4days with so much love and care. Here is his contact [email protected] . if you wish to seek help from him.

    Ann Taurus

  270. sir my name in all my documents is DEVRADI MANOJ, Devradi is my surname.
    how should it be in the passport?

  271. I am a 10th IGCSE student. My exams are still going on and my results are awaited still august I don’t want to waaste 1 year staying at home so for my further studies I want to shift to PU karnataka board is it possible for me to get admission in colleges without my results

  272. My son’s name in birth certificate has only his first name. My name in passport has given name Divya and surname fernando However my husband doest not use surname. His passport has the surname field blank and all his other certificates have it as R Louie Allan.
    We are planning to apply for my son’s passport and give the surname as fernando. Will we have any issues in this ? If yes what is the way forward .

  273. My name as per 10th and 12th certificates is Vxxxx Sxx Nxx Naxxx.
    Naxxx is my last name and Sxx Nxx is my middle name. But as per all my engineering certificates it is Virinchi Sainath
    Nalluri. There is a difference of a “space”. So on what name should
    I apply my Passport so that I will not face a problem anywhere either in my university or airport.

    1. dont worry – its no major issue in india.
      Everithing will be fine.

      1. thank you for the help
        will it be problem while applying for an us university?
        if not in which way should i apply, i mean according to school certificates or engg. certificates?

  274. hi sir

    i am devi and my son name is sri krithik but we got birth certficate as K.Sri krithik (his intial in front). I want to know that intial infront of name will create problem for getting passport.

  275. Hi, My name is Rahul. And on passport is also first name. I have a chance to go USA. I am going to apply Tourist visa so let me know my single name will create any problem ?

  276. Sir is wrong education details in passport will effect in future. .in issuing visa

  277. Hello all, guys we have been trying a lot to get my brother’s passport done but his name is different in the birth certificate, that was the name given to him as a child n my grandfather gave that name to the people working on the birth certificates, so that name is on the birth certificate but in all his academic record there is a completely different name, So if u get to observe, he is compelled to have those 2 different names n we are having really a lot of trouble getting his passport making procedure even getting to start. We also managed it through legal procedures to place those names together with a “/” in between, like “name on birth cert./name on academic record” but now they r saying it won’t work either. He’s about to get a job out somewhere and we have already got a lot of time wasted in doing all these solutions but still it’s not working. If anybody of U know how to fix this, plzz plzz suggest me, the earliest U can, that’ll be really a great help.

  278. Sir,

    My father name is Mr. R……. Kumar Arora in Passport but In Pan Card R…… Arora is they create any problem in visa

  279. greetings sir ,
    i dont have my surname in degree certificates but in all my documents pan card adhaar card i have my surname . so can i apply for my passport based on my documents . will it be a problem for me while taking admission in universities as my surname is missing in certificates
    thanking you ,
    with regards

  280. Hi ya,
    I don’t require any assistance regarding the above matter but it’s similar to them, I have lost my marriage certificate and I do not remember my registeration number, it will be a great help if you could sort my problem, I am a non residence Indian, and married in India.

  281. my surname in my passport is TXXX and My surname name as per 10th and 12th & degree certificates is DXXXXXXX, so there is difference in my surname. Is there will be a issue in applying in uk study visa??

    1. It might be it might not be, the name on your passport is going to be the paper work

      1. ok thx but if thy ask any evidence so wht document will be required ??

  282. sir, my name is priyanka only first name) in all my documents then how can i apply for a passport with name “priyanka kXXXXX”. is it possible?

    1. I am also in exactly the same situation. I want to add my family name as my last name in the passport. Please share the steps that you followed for the same. I also dont have my last name in any of the documents.

  283. Hello….I have a problem
    I have taken the appointment for inquiry i.e verification of docs and gave address of my new residence. But i dont have enough docs to give as proof for my new residence so i changed the plan and decided to go with old residence address as i have plenty of docs as proof of residence. What will happen if I cancel the appointment and take a new appointment and put my old address? Please someone help me.

  284. Hello sir,
    I have a doubt with surname in passport application. My name is Jitheesh . My fathers name – Krishnan. My family name _ Pulinkunnath.I have all my certificates with the name – Jitheesh P. While applying for the passport, what do i fill in the surname column ?

      1. How Sir….?
        I. My surname is My house name or can I add my father name….? Plz help me sir

        Thanks& Regards

          1. Sir, That mean Jitheesh P Krishnan…?

            Is it ok sir….?

            Thanks & Regards

  285. Hello i have a problem with my first name. My first name is Sxx Lxxxxxx Bxxxx Pxxxx Pxxxxxxxxx . As it was so long it doesnt fit in the first name column provided. The identification document i.e., the passport also consists of the first name. I don’t have any middle name . As there should be no name mismatch. How can i fill the first name column ? Can anyone please help me with this issue ?

    1. Simple – You have 2 options.

      Get new passport with small name.
      Fill as much as you can and leave the other letters.

      Looking at your name, I would get a new passport with short name.

  286. Dear Sir, My name on my Passport as well as all GRE Scores and I20 is SXXXXX Dwibhasi where as my 12 class certificates and Graduation different names as SXXXXX Dwibhashi. will it create problems in VISA process for US?

  287. hi sir please help me: i booked gre exam with the following details:
    name veeraredy and last name is :ghanti
    but now in my passport my name is like
    first name :veera and last name is : reddy…but in my father name that ghanti is there… like ghanti sudharshan reddy … is it a problem

  288. Hello sir,
    I have a)plied for masters in australia.
    My fathers name is Surinder Partap Singh , same is on my passport, birth certificate and all indian identity cards.
    But only my educational certificates from 10th to my bachelors degree has his name as Surinder Pratap Singh.
    Will i be facing problems during my university enrolmemt process? Please help im concerned about this.

  289. Sir
    My name in birth certificate is entirely different from my actual name.. (ie. in birth certificate name is archana murali and my actual name is aarathi murali) I want to apply for an Indian passport… can any one tell me about the procedure for applying… Is one and same certificate issued by the local govt body is enough for applying

  290. Hi My name is ABC Kaur as given name on password with no surname.all my certis and ids are under same name. Should i procedd with the same passport for us visa or change it, but the problem with change is that i cant pick kaur as a surname.. please help

  291. Hi, my name is ABC Das..i m having my passport along with my father’s surname, but would be getting married within 1 month. Along with my present surname i would like to use my husband’s surname even. Is it mandatory to change my passport surname to get the us visa (renewal of passport). Or else i can apply for us visa with my previous passport and can submit the marriage registration certificate along with my new surname..?? What should i do ?? I am having less period of time..
    Please suggest..

  292. I have voter card and ration card but problem is that some of missing info in my ration card not exactly voter card is there any problem while verification. please help

  293. Sir,
    My Educational certificate name is S.M. FAISAL
    But my Passport name is Shah Mohammed Faisal

    can they create any problem in abroad to enroll myself
    at university or getting job.

    1. Yes ofcourse it might cause a problem because the name is abbreviated rather than spelled out in full so you will need a Reidentification for the passport . just contact ( [email protected]) they might be able to help you .

    2. i am having same issue.could you please help me put in this if you find some solution

  294. Hi All,

    I have my passport ready with valid first name and surname. But While registering the GRE exam , I have not expanded my last name and have just given initials . one of my friend told it will not be a problem as he also given like that only and in all other places he has given the name with initials expanded. He has already got admission and the Visa. But my question is should re register the GRE exam by creating one more account with last name expanded instead of initials or go ahead write with the same same name.

  295. Dear Sir,
    My name is Vikram kamaljith.
    In passport it is in the following format.
    Surname: Blank [the space is empty]
    Given Name(s): Vikram Kamaljith

    Will this be an issue?

      1. Hi Raghuram,

        In the above case..

        My name is Vineet Kumar.

        there is no sure name in my name.

        My sure name is SinXX but is is not mentioned in any certificate.

        can I write in below format…

        Given Name(s): Vineet

        Surname: Kumar
        pls reply me.

        Thanks in advanced.

        1. hey vineet i m facing the same problem, what u did?
          as much i know there will not be any problem if you write kumar as ur surname because in all the document ur name is vineet kumar so no one will kno whether kumar is ur surname or not, the only doubt i hav is my fathers surname is singh nd i will write kumar so will they ask that my fathers surname is singh nd mine is kumar. this is the only doubt i have plse tell me how u resolved this.

          1. i want to use kumar as my surname is it ok because everywhere my name is written as vivek kumar so generally it seems as vivek is my first name and kumar is my surname.

  296. what if i have slight spelling variation in degree and 10 and 12 certificate and want to apply for MS in usa?what procedures should i follow to solve this problem?

  297. Hi, I have a small query. In my birth certificate , matriculation certificate – i was given my grandfather’s assumed middle name. In all subsequent documents – pan, aadhar, bank account, my name is without the middle name. I have applied in tatkaal without the middle name. Will my application be rejected? Please let me know.


  298. Yes ofcourse it might cause a problem because the name is abbreviated
    rather than spelled out in full so you will need an identification orientation . Just contact ( [email protected]) they might be able
    to help you .

  299. I am not able to register my name with ETS.ORG as there is a gap between words in GIVEN NAME . please help

  300. I hv applied for passportI in my marks card my name is sana.r.c.n in the adhar card my name is sana.r.c. Does they ask any question abt wat is R n wat Is C n all. C is my fathrs name. R is my grandpa name. Bt in my marks card my father has given his name as pradeep. He not mentioned his surname. Does it ll cteat any peoblem

  301. hello sir,
    my name is m.mamatha in all my certificates. but in my votercard and pan card mXXXXX mamatha is there. i want to apply for passport. this will become issue? with which name i have to apply for passport? pls help me.

  302. hello sir

    I pajjuri venkanna
    has passed my ssc in 2002 and completed my graduation and post graduation
    normally, but now the problem is with the name presented in my certificates
    that except in my ssc all my certificates the name is like PAJJURI VENKANNA S/o
    PAJJURI PENTAIAH, but in my SSC the name is like P VENKANNA S/o PENTAIAH. Will
    there be any problem of this type of names present in certificates while
    verifying them while appearing for the govt jobs.

    pls give me a solution or any advice to my email pls

    my email is : [email protected]

    thank u

  303. i have a problem
    my First name:ANIL
    MIddle Name/Fathers name:Ashok
    Surname/Last name:Singh
    But my passport says
    Given name: ANIL ASHOK
    so how should i register for TOFEL, fill given name as my name only or with my fathers name ?
    (i filled GRE with only my name)

  304. for example if our Education documents,pan card,adharcard,rationcard,voterid contains P kumar reddy ganji and passport and in gre, ielts application contains pavan kumar reddy ganji is it a problem for applying to U.S for M.s for VISA stamping.
    Please help me out i am planning for Spring 2015.

  305. Hi,
    I don’t have a surname in passport and I am already done with my GRE and Toefel.What can be done now ?

    1. I too have a similar situation. I dont have a surname and already done with GRE. Now i am applying to get my surname added, which in itself is a time taking process. Please do share your experience and the steps u r taking to fix this.

  306. Hi Need your guidance please…
    My Passport Name is Pooja
    My university certificates carry Pooja Kamath
    I got married and applying for the name change with spouse name Pooja Ramesh.(Spouse Name) Kamath (Surname of spouse)…
    Planning to peruse my MS in US..
    Will the different name i,e in University certificate and the change of name to maiden to married will create any problem in American Universities to get the admission..

    May be its a repeated question, but the combination is totally different, Seeking your immedt help as I am waiting in que to submit my PP for change of name….

    Thanking you in advance for the timely assistance..



  307. Hi Need your guidance please…
    Sorry!! There was error! Hence reposted

    My Passport Name is Pooja
    My university certificates carry Pooja Kamath
    I got married and applying for the name change with spouse name Pooja Ramesh.(Spouse Name) Rao (Surname of spouse)…
    Planning to peruse my MS in US..
    Will the different name i,e in University certificate and the change of name to maiden to married will create any problem in American Universities to get the admission..

    May be its a repeated question, but the combination is totally different, Seeking your immedt help as I am waiting in que to submit my PP for change of name….

    Thanking you in advance for the timely assistance..



      1. Thank you very much for your prompt reply,which is highly appreciated..

  308. Hi,
    I got passport with blank surname. Yet to apply for visa. Please let me know the procedure for correcting it. Please do reply if any one corrected it. I issued passport 2 days back.


  309. Hi,

    I am going as an exchange student to a university in Germany, and all my certificates have separate First Name and Last Name.

    In my passport, I have my full name in passport under ‘Given Name’, and Surname is blank.

    I applied for 90 days Schengen visa ( for Germany), and they have given me Visa with my full name written twice in the ‘name field’ (since surname is empty)

    Will it be an issue, now that the Visa is here and I have to leave in 2 weeks? *kind of tensed*

    1. @raghuram sukumar. My name on my passport is jasa**** singh ba****, but on my 10 th and 12 th class certificates it is jasa**** singh. Will it be a problem when applying to USA for a student visa? Please reply ASAP! Much appreciated.

  310. sir,
    My name is A.Meghana
    In all my educational certificates my name is mentioned as A. Meghana only i.e,, with out expansion of my surname. so, while applying passport if i kept my surname would it create any problem while i am submitting documents at passport office.

  311. Sir,
    my name is vivek kumar nd my fathers name is chan** bhu** singh, in all my documents my name is mentioned as vivek kumar only now while applying for passport if i will write my name as
    first name: vivek
    surname: kumar
    will it cause any problem while document verification for passport because my father write their name as chn** bhu** singh nd their will be ,missmatch in surnames of my father an my name.
    i had called passport office helpline they said their is no problem at all untill name in my documents are same as i am filling in my form.

    sir please reply as my appointment date is very near.

  312. Hello !

    I have a query on the same issue. I am applying a fresh passport for my father. He does not have Birth Certificate, since at that time birth certificates were not issued. So for DOB, Matric (Tenth Certificate) has to be used which contains his name as Vijay *****.

    His Voter Card have name as Vijay Kumar ****

    His Adhaar Card has name as V.K. ****

    His Ration Card contains as name as Vijay Kumar

    So all his documents contain different names, somewhere with surname, somewhere without surname and somewhere in abbreviation as stated by me above.

    It is going to be a problem, I think. I have applied online with his full name as “Vijay Kumar ****”

    Please advice me how can I manage this. What kind of affidavit is required to prove that all these names are of a same person. However, I have filled all these different names in online form when they asked if you are known with other alias names.

    Regards And Thanks in Advance.

  313. Hi Raghuram

    I think my situation is very similar to the one you mentioned above (Pankil), however I haven’t really found a solution for it in the mentioned scenarios/solutions.

    My PAN/Driving License/Educational Certificates lists my name as:
    FirstName MiddleName LastName

    However, my passport has:
    Surname: FirstName
    Given Names: MiddleName LastName

    I’ve registered for both GRE and TOEFL with the name mentioned in my passport. I’ve been pondering changing my name on the Passport to:
    Surname: LastName
    Given Name: FirstName MiddleName

    I am having difficulty weighing the pros and cons of correcting the name on the passport and subsequently my college applications. Any advice that you can offer, is very highly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Worried Soul

  314. Sir,
    My actual name is SHREEJA B V , where B stands for bangalore and V for visweswaraiah. The problem is there is no proof or evidence for the full form. All my certificates say SHREEJA B V . IT WOULD BE OF GREAT HELP IF U HELPED ME FILL IN MY NAME IN THE PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM.

  315. @raghuram sukumar. My name on my passport is jasa**** Singh ba****. But on my 10th and 12th class certificates it is jasa**** singh ba****. Will it be a problem when applying for visa to usa?
    Please reply ASAP! Much appreciated.

  316. Sir,

    My name is CXXXX MXXXX where MXXX is my mothers surname
    Now for my kids i want use my father Surname which is KXXXX.
    Please guide me.

  317. sir, my full name as in passport is Gaurav. I took GRE as Gaurav Gaurav. Well, you said surname cannot be left blank, so will the problem be fixed if get my name changed in the passport from Gaurav to Gaurav Gaurav and is that possible to have first and last name same?

      1. Should I go ahead and get my name changed in the passport to ‘Gaurav Gaurav’ or shall I include my family name as surname but If I do follow the latter, I will hv to take gre again and I don’t have time… I mean I could miss the deadlines for applying.?

          1. thnx for ur reply sir…i will include my surname.

  318. Hi Raghuram, my father’s name in my passport is printed along with my name (Ranjana Nxxxxx. Now I want his name to be printed in the Surname field (I don’t have a surname so this field is left blank). I went through the passport India website and used their document advisor tool. It seems that they require a deed poll and two advertisements in the newspapers regarding change in my name. Since there is no major change in name in my case, do I really need to go with all the advertisement hassles?? Isn’t there any other possible way to make this minor change??

  319. Sir,
    I have the category 3 issue,and am currently doing my masters here in USA.Can you suggest me how I can change my passport while am still here.I have my first name as FNU and the surname has my entire name.

    Thank you,

  320. Hello sir,
    My name is V Krishna in all certificates except PAN CARD and AADHAR CARD in which it is written as VXXXX Krishna.

    First Name : Krishna
    Surname : VXXXXX

    will there be any problem if my name on passport is Krishna VXXXXX.

  321. Hello Sir,
    My name is MOHANRAJ S. In educational certificates & bank, having in the same format.
    In my Aadhaar & PAN, having it as “MOHANRAJ SXXXX”.
    Can I proceed to apply for passport as
    First Name : MOHANRAJ
    Surname : SXXXX or S
    which makes sense to go abroad without problems.

      1. Thanks Raghuram for your quick reply..
        Solved passport problem and I filled it.. if I go for US
        Is I need any proof for certificate verification with name MOHANRAJ SXXX or simply MOHANRAJ S enough.

  322. My name is
    First Name: Mahidhar
    Middle Name: Ramxxx
    Last Name: Nyayaxxxx

    In passport my name is
    Surname: Nyayaxxxx
    Given Name(s): Mahidhar Ramxxx

    Ramxxx is actually my fathers name and I actually dont have any middle name. I mentioned this in the passport because it was given there to write the name as given in tenth class marksheet. Also all my educational documents mention Nyayaxxxx Mahidhar Ramxxx as my name. My GRE , TOEFL and IELTS scores also have all the 3 names.

    But the problem is in sme universities I just dropped middle name due to reasons mentioned below. Here are those instances.

    Some universities clearly asked to mention First Name and Middle Name separately. Now these same universities asked to write the given name as mentioned in the passport. Specifically it was UIUC which asked to write Given name as mentioned in the passport and also gave a second column for middle name. I wrote Mahidhar in the Given name, Ramxxx in the Middle name and Nyayaxxxx in the surname/last name

    some universities like IMEC, Belgium did not ask for middle name , so I just wrote Mahidhar in the column First(Given) name and Nyayaxxxx in the Last name.

    Some universities like UBC asked to write the preferred name apart from the three i.e. first , middle and last. So I mentioned Nyayaxxxx Mahidhar as my preferred name and also mentioned the remaining three names separately in respective columns.

    My only worry is will my applications be rejected or will I have problems during VISA process if there is a mismatch in the name in passport and the application document.

  323. Dear Mr.Raghuram,

    name in indian passport is as follows:

    name: Arunprasath


    in all
    educational certificates, it is “Arunprasath V”.

    Now, I
    want to legally make a change in my name by including a space in my given name
    i,e, i want to legally change my name as

    Prasath Venakataramanan”

    I am planning
    to book GRE after the name change and go to US with proper proofs, affidavits
    & gazette copies of name change. (
    for a Phd in US)

    1) I would like to know,
    because of this name change whether I will face any problems in future in US ? I have not done the name change yet. So, if
    you say I will face big problems, I am ready to abandon the idea of name

    2) After such a name
    change, my full name will have three parts. Am I supposed to use the 2nd
    part I,e. “Prasath” as my middle name.?

    Kindly help me out.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  324. Dear Mr.Raghuram,

    My name in indian passport is as follows:

    Given name: Arunprasath

    Surname: Venkataramanan

    in all educational certificates, it is “Arunprasath V”.

    Now, I want to legally make a change in my name by including a space in my given name i,e, i want to legally change my name as

    “Arun Prasath Venakataramanan”

    I am planning to book GRE after the name change and go to US with proper proofs, affidavits & gazette copies of name change. ( for a Phd in US)

    I have 2 questions.

    1) I would like to know, because of this name change whether I will face any problems in future in US ? I have not done the name change yet. So, if you say I will face big problems, I am ready to abandon the idea of name change.

    2) After such a name change, my full name will have three parts. Am I supposed to use the 2nd part I,e. “Prasath” as my middle name.?

    Kindly help me out.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Thanks for your kind reply. Well, people always write my name by splitting it. I always face some problems when it comes to applications, name calling etc. That is why i want to split it. Its convenient that way.

        Why do you say you would use such a name as it is.?

        Anyway, as I said, if I change will there be any problems I face? kindly answer my 2 questions in last comment.

        Thank you.

        1. Split names will always be an issue, since it will cause confusion as Middle Name or Two first name.

          My name is Raghuram and very few people call me with full name. I use “Raghu”. Having Raghu Ram in document can be pain.

          So, don’t split it.

  325. Hello sir,
    My name in Indian Passport is Surbhi and there is no last name in my educational certificates too. I am getting married and i am planning for masters in US. Do i have to add my last name in passport ? If yes then should i use my parent’s surname or my faince’s surname? Please reply sir. Thanku

    1. I have the same issue. On all my school and college certificates my name is written as “Ankit”
      And on my passport as well its “Ankit” only.
      What should I do? It is possible to change name in passport but not possible for certificates. I have a confusion if i go for changing my name on passport then it will mismatch with other certificates and wud possibly create issues in future.
      Surbhi, in case you get to know the solution please email me as well.
      Email id – [email protected]
      Thanks in advance

  326. Hello! my passport looks like
    Name: my_name
    Surname: surname1 AKA surname2

    how do I register for GRE?
    should i go with only surname1(all other documents like transcript & licence have surname1 in them) or with both(but ETS has only one field for suname) ??

  327. Hi,

    My son’s name in Birth Certificate is “Adit V Jain”. As you will notice, the middle name is just a letter. Will I have any issues in getting his Indian passport?

    Many thanks for your time.


  328. Hi Raghuram,

    I have some problem with my names in id cards and educational certificates i.e,

    my name in educational certificates P VENKATA APPI REDDY
    Is there any problem when i applying for passport
    with initial P.
    I need to know whether it to expand or not.
    please give me a solution.

    Thanks & Regards

  329. Hello sir.
    I have a couple of questions. My name is Vurikiti Prashant, Prashant being my name and Vurikiti my surname. I have all my certificates by the name ‘Vurikiti Prashant’. What should be the given name and surname in the passport form?

    And another is regarding my father’s name and mother’s name. My father’s name Vurikiti Venkata Ravi. But my address proof has the name V.Venkata Ravi whereas birth certificate and 10th-12th pass certificates has the name as V.V.Ravi. What should I write my father’s name as? Should I write my father’s full name?

      1. Hello There,
        I’m 18 And About to apply for passport and the problem is that on my driving license My Surname Is mentioned as MEHTA Where on My Marksheets (10/12) It’s MAHETA So What I’ve To Do To Correct This.
        I’m also Appearing For TOEFL..
        Please Give ME Some Information

        1. Author

          I can’t provide instructions on how to fix your Drivers License Name. Sorry.

  330. Hi Raghuram,

    my name in all Documents(Driving license) and Certificates(10th/12th) : Raju Kumar S

    I’m going to apply for Passport, so what i’m suppose to use in names,
    Given name: ? (Raju kumar/Rajukumar)
    Surname: ? (SXXXX/S)

    Where S – my Dad’s name or just initial.

    Kindly provide me Correct names to be used based on my details above.

    Appreciate your quick response.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raju Kumar S

    1. Author

      Lot of people have same questions. I will create a course in the same.