Problems Without Surname in The Passport

Surname Problems: Passport vs Certificates, Marksheets and Documents

A couple of more questions about missing surname in Indian passport or surname not matching with the name in certificates and documents.

I have posted several articles in the same topic, but I keep getting an email related to the same problem. Most people panic after reading a single blog post about the potential problem they can face when names mismatch (or empty surname) in the passport. And send an email or post a comment right away.  I received a couple questions this week.

Read the following blog post on How to Change Name in Passport while in US (and how life gets complicated) before proceeding below. It will give an idea of the problems you will face while in US with the empty surname in the passport.

Arun Asks

My name is Arun M V. I came to know that last name is important in US. So, did Indian passport will be issued in name format Arun M VXXX. Because the full name Arun MXXX VXXX is too much long. I have all the records as Arun M V. Is the name in GRE,TOEFL should be same as in the University application.

I have seen many people, University Faculty in US of Indian origin have their names in format Arun M VXXX. If the Indian Passport does’nt allow this,how it can be possible?
Or can I give my name as Arun VXXX eliminating my Middle name.

Pankil Asks

I have a problem/confusion. My name is mentioned as

Given Names: Pankil DXXX
Last Name: SXXX in passport.

My degrees have it as SXXX Pankil DXXX. I am already in US and working on H1B. So I have SSN which has my first name Last name. Should I be worried about having different names on these documents? I plan to take GMAT by end of 2010. Any information you can provide will be very helpful.

Surname – Passport vs Certificates

In India, we are used to having names with initials, instead of using Full Name. When applying for a passport, well those dang travel agents mess up the things, don’t they? Most of us unaware of potential problems that one can run into while applying for GRE Exam, TOEFL, F1 Visa, SSN, Driving License, etc.

Possible Name Combination’s

  • Certificates – Arun MV
  • Birth Certificate – MV Arun
  • College Marksheets – MV Arun
  • Documents – Arun V (or MXXX Arun VXXX)

You have to remember this – Name mismatch between a passport and certificates not a major problem at all. That’s something that can be will fix. Don’t worry about changing names in your certificates and documents.

Names in Passport

Having cleared one problem above, let’s talk about the name’s in the passport. I can think of possible variations

Combination 1:

  • Given Name – Arun
  • Middle Name – MXXX
  • Surname – VXXX

Combination 2:

  • Given Name – Arun MXXX
  • Middle Name – Empty
  • Surname – VXXX

Combination 3:

  • Given Name – Arun M V
  • Middle Name – Empty
  • Surname – Empty

Of all the above 3 possibilities, the last one is the most problematic. As long as you have a Surname in your passport, you will not have MAJOR problems. If there is no surname in your passport, stop right here and get your name changes in your passport first before going forward with any application or study abroad process.

Empty (or blank) Surname in Passport equals TROUBLE.

If you already applied for (or received) passport without a surname, get that fixed. Talk to the local passport office to find out passport name change procedure and get it done. NOW. You may have additional if’s and buts like

I already booked dates for GRE Exam? What shall I do?

The answer is the same, change the name in passport, rebuke GRE again. If you try to save GRE exam fees, you have bigger problems awaiting you.

GRE, TOEFL and College Application

Now, we have cleared 2 issues related to names (documents and passport). Now, let’s assume you have a passport with a surname that doesn’t match with the names on your documents.

  • GRE, TOEFL, GMAT (or other exams) – Book dates based on the name in passport, not documents. Use the name as provided in the passport.
  • College Application – Use the name as per passport. Remember that name in your passport will be your identity.

Going forward to use the name “as-is” from your passport. It’s absolutely ok to have different names from your degree certificates. The only university is going to use your certificates, but every other department is going to use your passport. That’s one of the reason, you have to include a copy of the passport front page with your application documents.

While filling out the college application, you will see a question (or similar)

  • List other names used in your application documents.

You would have to enter various names used in your documents. If there is no such question, attach the additional page to list the various names in different documents. That document must clearly state that documents submitted along with the application will have the following names, which will be different from the the name in the passport.


The bottom line is this

  • Your passport MUST contain the surname (last name)
  • Name in GRE (TOEFL or IELTS or GMAT) score report should match with the name in the passport.
  • Name on the Marksheets, Certificates doesn’t have to be Exact Match to Passport
  • Aadhaar Card name is not an issue. It’s used only in India.

Series: GRE Registration vs Names

  1. What names to use when Registering for the GRE Test (this article)
  2. How to Register for GRE with Multiple Names
  3. How to Change the Name After GRE Registration (But Before the Test)
  4. How to change the name after taking the GRE Test
  5. Problems without Surname in the Passport, GRE, Transcripts and College Application (this article)
  6. How to Change the Name in the Passport in the USA (& why you should change)
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  1. An informative article, its worth investing time in reading this blog, i wish to check for more details of our site on abroad education

  2. Hello,
    I have been admitted to Penn State Law for LLM in fall 2022.
    i have a issue with my surname. Although i do have a surname but i have not used my surname in any of my official document, Aadhar, Pan, Passport, 10th &12th marksheet. for issuance of i-20 they have a mandatory surname column to be filled.
    should i go with first name as FNU and last name as Sai Vignesh?
    Please help anyone

  3. I want to know if some one submit her given name in two parts as name and surname eg. Saba Nazmeen is the given name of candidate and if she submit half part of the name as surname eg. Nazmeen as surname and writes only saba in the name column and gets the passport. Is it a serious crime or simply a fine will be taken from her if someone reports it to passport office?
    Where can the reporting be made for such an activity? Thanks

  4. I am applying for re-issue of my passport for converting from ECR to ECNR. My mother’s name in my old passport is “VedXXXXXXX GoXXX”, but in my 10th Marks card is “VedXXXXXXX K.S”. As am applying for re-issuing of passport which name should I mention in the application form??

    1. Hello My Name is humera.
      I am applying for a fresh passport my name on my aadhar and pan is Humera Hxxxx Mxxxx but on my academics its just Humera what can i do

  5. My name M KRIS**** PR*** in some mark sheets and KRIS*** PR*** M in other latest mark sheets. Father’s name is JXXX YYYY M or M XXXX YYYY. In driving license my name is KRIS**** PR*** MJ (surname initial and father’s first name initial). In PAN and expired passport last name “M” is expanded without “J”. Also, I traveled to US with this passport earlier.

    For simplicity, I want to use what is in driving license. – KRIS**** PR*** MJ (I want to adopt two letter MJ as surname without spaces). Please guide what should be done.

  6. hi please help me , am applying for immigration in connection to my sister, my father name on my birth certificate and mark sheets, degrees is Muhammad Ali , but my father name on my sister’s documents and on his all documents is Muhammad Ali Awan , where Awan is a cast name . cast name is not mention in my documents. does this create any problem ,my passport is with name of my husband.

  7. Hi, My parents name in my CBSE X, XII and college marksheets are different from my passport and other official documents. Will it create a problem when I apply for colleges outside India and VISA requirements? Please help ASAP.

    Father’s name in X, XII and college marksheets – Hira Lal Agrawal
    Father’s name in passport – Hira Lal

    Mother’s name in X, XII and college marksheets – Kamalesh Agrawal
    Mother’s name in passport – Kamlesh Devi

  8. Hello sir,
    Sir in all my certificates and id proofs my father name is “Srinivas” but In my father passport and id proof it is like “Srinivasa”, the difference is “a” is it a problem for me for my US Ms

  9. Hi, my name is suhail razak, in my passport its showing like surname:razak and given name:suhail.
    My full name is suhail razak which is in all my certificates and aadhaar. Do I need to change my name in my passport.

  10. Hi sir,
    My name is M Vishnu.
    (M is for Muppal, which is my surname),
    I have used just the initial M in all my documents.
    I have no documented proof of the full name.
    How am I supposed to apply for a passport without proof of the full name?

  11. My name in my education certificates is
    and in my pan card my name is
    in my adhaar card it is

    Iam going to make a passport so need help with my name should i include my father’s name in my passport or just is fine


    1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      My name in my education certificates is SURNAME FIRSTNAME FATHER’SNAME
      and in my pan card my name is SURNAME FIRSTNAME
      in my adhaar card it is FIRSTNAME SURNAME

      Iam going to make a passport so need help with my name should i include my father’s name in my passport or just SURNAME FIRSTNAME is fine


      1. In my passport, my house name is at the place of surname. My actual surname is not mentioned in passport . Now am going to renewing the passport on due. What is the procedure to change the present surname (hosename) to my actual surname in passport?

  12. My name in my college application is Arjun D K######
    But my Passport is Arjun D##### K#####
    That gonna be a problem
    My middle name is my mother’s name.

  13. Hi,
    My name in all my certificates and passport are Sheethal vijayan. vijayan is my fathers first name. Now in my husband’s passport my name in spouse is sheethal Prakash. Prakash is my husbands first name. Currently i am going to apply for my child passport. i would like to know will there be any issue

    1. If you plan to change your name, then go ahead and change in your passport to Sheethal Prakash (now or when it comes for renewal).

      For your Child, the PAssport office may ignore the name difference and issue the passport.

      1. My name in Passport

        Given Name: Wahid
        Surname: MD

        But in my education documents my name given as MD Wahid. Will it cause any problem for me in future if I want to study abroad or migrate? (According to the government new rule, it is very difficult to change name).

        I need your suggestions.
        Help me plz . Is there any problem ?

  14. Hi,
    The surname on my birth certificate is “Jain” which my father used but all my other documents now including my passport, Aadhar card, PAN card, school certificates i use “Gangwal”. Is there a way to authenticate that the person on the birth certificate and other documents is the same ?

    1. This is a unique problem. YOu have to make the names match. Birth Certificate is used when you apply for Green Card in the USA. Other than that it’s not used anywhere else.

  15. Hello Sir,

    My brother name is ABHINAV A. MAHAWAR.
    Will there be any problem in making passport(or getting VISA in future) as middle name A.
    How would he write his name on Passport?
    first + middle name : ABHINAV A
    last name : MAHAWAR

    he has all his certificates with this name only.

    Please answer?

  16. Hello sir,
    My father’s middle name is Prasad but in all my mark sheets + certificates it’s misspelled as prashad and in my passport it is prasad does it create any problem in masters admission or in toefl?

    do I need to correct all my mark sheets n certificte?

  17. My given name in passport is Venkata Naga Sai Maruthi Raghunath , I have taken my gre as VenkataNagaSaiMaruthiRag as there is a 24 max length constraint. Will it make any difference while applying for colleges. As name in application and gre score card given name will be different will I face any issue. Please help.

  18. Hello,

    I need help regarding the ETS account registration process.
    In my passport my name is printed as
    Given Name: Bxxxxx Pxxxxx Mxxxxx and the surname field is empty.

    but in my other documents like Adhar card, Voter ID, Pan card, Drivers License it is printed as

    First Name: Bxxxxx

    Middle Name: P

    Last Name: Mxxxxx

    I am planning to register for GRE with

    First Name: Bxxxxx

    (optional) Middle initial: P

    Last Name: Mxxxxx

    During the verification process at the GRE test center will it be a problem.

    please help.


    1. I have answered that in this blog post and other posts. Get a new passport with Surname before registering for GRE!

  19. My name in Passport and birth certificate is as following:

    Given Name: MOHD
    Surname: SHAHABUDDIN

    But my first name/ given name is only “MOHD”, which is the short version of Mohammed. If I keep my name as it is now in the passport, will it cause any problem for me in future if I want to study abroad or migrate? (According to the government new rule, it is very difficult to change name).

    I need your suggestions.

    Thank you.

  20. Hi
    my wife give an application to change surname in her Indian passport but could not submit the supporting proof on time.any problem for existing passport? i think the application will be cancelled and no problem for existing one. still active. Please confirm…..

  21. I plan on applying to foreign universities for MS. Until now, all my documents ( passport, aadhar, ssc, inter, degree, gmat & ielts scores) have my full name (surname, middle name and first name). I plan on legally changing my name by removing my middle name. This is going to reflect in my passport and aadhar card. Will it cause problem during admission? Is it advisable to first apply to the college, and change name after getting the admission?

  22. my name is Prathamesh in all my documents like driving license,birth certificate and college leaving certificate.
    and it is Prathmesh in my degree diploma and 10 study andpassing certicficate.
    i wanna apply for a passport but if I submit my driving license and stuff my passport will have the name as Prathamesh.
    will this missing A in my name on study certificates and Passport cause any issue while applying for universities and visa in Germany?
    will an gazette/affidavit help solve this issue?

  23. Hello ! My issue is little different.(I have read almost all comments here).

    My name in education certificates : Devaraja
    (Please observe that there are no initials at all and no surname)
    name in passport /aadhar /pan and all : Devaraja Huvinahalli

    will this be a problem while applying for US universities ?

    1. Like me …
      My name is only “Shivam” all educational certificates ( 10,12 BTech) …but in my Aadhaar,pan, passport my name is “Shivam thakur” so this make any problem in future because I added my father surname in my name

  24. Applying for GRE and hence planning MS in US

    Given Name: Neeraj
    Last name: blank

    Passport and all other documents except birth-certificate has only the first name.

    Birth certificate: Neeraj Garg

    Kindly advise if this will be a problem in future

  25. My name in Passport and birth certificate is as following:

    Given Name: MD
    Surname: SHAHNEWAZ

    But my first name/ given name is only “MD”, which is the short version of Mohammed. If I keep my name as it is now in the passport, will it cause any problem for me in future if I want to study abroad or migrate? (According to the government new rule, it is very difficult to change name).

    I need your suggestions.

    Thank you.

    1. My name is MD SADDAM SEKH but passport printed MOHAMMED SADDAM SEKH, how I can change my name on passport MOHAMMED >MD.

  26. Hey
    My Name in all documents is Pratima (without surname). Now am applying for fresh passport so is there mandatory to write Surname?(In case, yes . My question is -If i write surname in passport , but in my documents no surname is there, so might be there will be a document verification problem can occur.)(please suggest what should i do?)

  27. Hello,

    I need help regarding my application. So basically, after my TOEFL result I realised that I have no surname in my passport.

    So according to my passport
    Given Name: Jaskiran Kaur
    Surname: Blank

    So in my TOEFL score card, my name is “jaskiran kaur, ” they have considered my first name as “nofirstname”. But when I am applying to universities I am writing my given name as “Jaskiran Kaur” and no surname or just putting ‘.’ As pJaskiran Kaurer my password.

    I am confused about whether I should write “Jaskiran kaur” as my given name or last name.

    Please help.

    1. Get a new passport with a Surname. Then apply to schools. TOEFL name mismatch can be easily handled.

  28. Hello,

    My name is Khaja Hafeez Uddin in all my documents. Where as in my passport the name stands as Hafeezuddin Khaja. You can see there is no space between Hafeez and Uddin on the passport. Will this be an issue for further studies in abroad?

  29. Hi

    In my passport my name is printed as
    First Name: PAPU
    Last Name: BEHERA

    but in all my certificates and PAN,AADHAR,DRIVING LICENCE the name is printed as
    First Name: PAPU
    Last Name: B

    i am planning to doing job in other country. Will I face any problem for identification verification??

    please help.

    PAPU B

  30. Hello Sir,

    In my 10th and 12th (marksheets+certificates) my name is Abhijeet Srivastva.
    But after that, in BSc, MSc, and PhD (marksheets+certificates) my name is Abhijeet Srivastava.

    (a mismatch in spellings of surnames)

    Even in my passport, my name is similar to that of 10th and 12th ie Abhijeet Srivastva.

    I am applying abroad for Post-doctoral fellowship(s).
    Does this discrepancy affect me in the future, if I am applying for a visa?

    1. You should use the name per passport. But, you should be fine. Juts provide additional details about the name mismatch with your application.

      1. What kind of details one needs to provide in such cases?
        I have a spelling error in my last name for B.E degree certificate and last year marksheet for Mumbai university.
        I’ll be applying for german work visa.

  31. Hi,

    My name is Sureshkumar and my surname is PALANISAMY in all my education and official documents. but in my passport my surname have a spelling mismatch (surname in passport is PALANISWAMY). I am trying to get a work permit in Europe countries.

    Kindly let me know the spelling mistake is a problem to get the work permit and if yes how to change the surname spelling correction.

  32. Hello Sir,

    Firstly thank you for your guidance. I read through most of the comments and replies and I think this scenario hasn’t been answered.

    Name in Passport
    Given Name: Shamir
    Surname: Empty

    Name in Certificates: Shamir K A
    Now the unique scenario is that the expansion of K and A are like this
    K: Kxxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx (house name with two words)
    A: Axxxxxx Axxxxx (father’s name with two words)

    Do I need to expand the entire name? Will that cause new troubles? What is the recommendation here, what should I submit in the name change application in the passport?

  33. Hi!!
    All my certificates including my passport have only the first name. Will it be an issue while applying for Masters in US and Germany?

  34. Hello Sir

    My name is in all marksheet (educational documents) are Bhavesh Kumar Bohara

    And in all other documents like Pan Card, Driving Licence , Voter I’d have Name Bhavesh Kumar Bohra

    I face any problem when I apply for passport in future for surname spelling problems like Bohara~Bohra

  35. My name is V**** K*****. So First name V**** amd last name K**** in all my documents . But I received my Passport and there it is Given name V**** K***** and surname blank. I already travelled abroad and come back to India. But for a second opinion will there be any problem in future!? Because if I change now then I have to change my Passport number in every documents. So please guide.
    Thanking you in advance for your time and response.
    God bless.

    1. Get a new passport with Surname. That’s lot easier to dealing with life without Surname.

      1. My name in all my documents (passport, adhaar 10&12th marks card) is K G***** S*****
        Name on my engineering marks card and degree certificate is
        G***** K S*****
        Will it cause any problems for me if I’m working outside India? Or if I’m opting for higher education?

  36. Hello Sir,

    My name in passport : Given name: Nitin George
    Surname : Blank

    My name in ielts TRF : Given name : Nitin
    Surname : George

    Would it create a issue if am applying for canada PR.

    1. They should be able to match it. Because, in the Express Entry form, you will give the Test Report Number, and they can match the report with your name. But, I recommend you to get a new passport with a Surname. Makes your life easy in any foreign countries.

  37. sir mera aadhar, votter id , pan card, bank passbook me mera nam mukesh kumar hai
    but 10th certificate me nam mukesh kumar gupta hai kya nya passport banane me problem
    ho sakti hai plz guide kare.

  38. Hello Sir,

    I am sushma. in my tenth certificate my name and father’s name were printed like SUSHMA TURAKA and MOHANARAO . but in intermediate certificate these were printed like T SUSHMA and T MOHAN RAO. here Surname is full in tenthe but in inter just only with initial letter. is there any problem with these errors for govt jobs like bank jobs. if it is, then what shall i do to correct.

    please let me know regarding this problem. thanking you sir.

  39. Hello Sir,
    In 10th and Graduation my name is Rajat
    and in 12th, aadhar card, PAN card, voter id my name is Rajat GXXXX(means surname is added).

    What should i do now?
    Can I get problems during verification?

  40. Sir .. 10th marksheet and Passport both has name Varnwal but other proof like Voter ID, DL or Aadhar have surname Baranwal. Will it create any problem while applying VISA

  41. Hello Sir,
    In Surname Given in PAN Card is GEXXXXX, But when I’m filling in Passport fresh I mentioned in Surname is GEEXXXXX… only surname i mistakenly added extra ‘E’,In that scinareo what will happen when I’m at appointment spot.. please reply me.

    1. My friend, Kumar Rabindra Nath’s Daughter is Meghmallar only. She has no surname. In all of her documents right from Birth Crtificate to all academic sertificates including her passport only Meghmallar has been recorded. Now how can she be eligible for GRE etc. without her surname? As parents they wanted to bring up her through her own identity.

  42. my father name is same in all my certificates ,but it is not equal with my father’s name.There is a
    correction of 3 letters .
    Will it effect my passport application rejection?
    please let me know ASAP
    Thank You.

  43. Hello. In my passport, aadhar, pan my name is “Kannan Nishok”
    First name – Kannan
    Last name – Nishok
    But in my educational certificates that is my degree, marksheets, 10, 12 my name is “K NISHOK” ie.
    First name – K NISHOK
    last name – blank.
    How should I apply to colleges for ms

  44. Hello,
    My name is SXXXX LXXXXXX Vineeta MXXXXXXX.
    My first name being Vineeta
    Last name being MXXXXXXX
    My Passport and Aadhar Card have my full name mentioned.
    But my University Marks Cards have my name as S. L. Vineeta MXXXXXXX with abbreviations.
    Will this be a problem while applying to Master’s at a University in the US or UK??
    Thank you so much for your time!

  45. Hi, I have a doubt. The name on my transcripts is Kumar Jayant Sagar Kishor but all my documents including the passport have the name as :
    First name : Jayant Sagar
    Last name/surname : Kishor Kumar .
    Should I get the name corrected on my transcripts as Jayant Sagar Kishor Kumar or can I apply to universities with the name mismatch between passport and transcripts? I have booked gre using the name on my passport : Jayant sagar Kishor Kumar.

      1. Hi, My name on Passport & Cnic is Nawab Muhammad Huzaif Khan, Khan being the surname whilst on the educational docs like 10th or 12th and university bonafide letter has Muhammad Huzaif Laghari, Laghari being the surname here and I am applying for UK visit visa.

  46. Hello,
    (S ) in short i mentioned in marksheet and all degree.
    My education certificates have name – S SAI KISHORE.

  47. Hi sir,

    My husband is in UK on work permit.I am also applying for Dependent VISA for UK.He ask me send 4 documents:
    1. Birth certificate
    2. Marriage certificate
    3. TB clearance certificate
    4. Original passport
    Now my query is for Birth Certificate. In my Birth Certificate my father’s name is Balkrishan.But in all other documents it is Balkrishan Thakur. Does UK ambessey will create issue for the same. Or it will be acceptable. Please reply ASAP I am very much concious.

    Neha Thakur

  48. Name – Y.Raj Kumar
    Y in my name is my father given name which is “YXXXX CXXXX”.
    When applying passport, if the
    Given Name – RAJ KUMAR
    In all certificates my name is Y.Raj Kumar…
    will any problem arise like my fathers name has first and last name(both are given name) but my initial only contain first name??
    and should i use my fathers name in surname – YXXXX CXXXX???

  49. Hello sir,
    My name in birth certificate and 10th/12th marksheet is Rohith D’souza(with an apostrophe)
    Whereas while filling up for college i have given only Rohith Dsouza (with no apostrophe) I’m in first year, should i change my college name as same as in 10th/12th?
    I believe going forward if my name doesn’t have an apostrophe it’s better as many applications i can’t use apostrophe. Please help.

  50. Hello Sir,

    My name is too long, it is DEVAXXXXXX SHAXXXX VEEXXX VENXXXX UDAY KUMAR, here DEVAXXXXXX is my surname and remaining part is my full name. I have used the same name in my AADHAR also. But, in all my academic certificates my name is like DEVAXXXXX S V V U KUMAR. Now I would like to apply for a passport to study abroad (Japan).

    My question: Is it necessary to write my full name (expanded name) while applying for a passport? or Is it okay with the short name like in my academic documents? Please tell me the preferred way to write my name in passport to avoid problems in future at my university admissions and at visa issuance.

    I heard that the name in the academic documents must be match with the name in the passport to avoid problems. Is it correct?

    Please clarify my doubts.

    Thank you.

    1. OMG!
      You can’t use initials in the passport.
      I recommend you to get the passport with
      Surname: DEVAXXXXXX
      First Name: Uday (or Uday Kumar)

      If you go beyond that, your will face difficulties. Name on the passport doesn’t have to exactly match the name on the documents.

  51. Name in all documents and the name given in GRE:
    Rachana N Acharya
    Name in passport: Rachana Narayan Acharya
    Will this create an issue?
    Writing GRE in another 13 days

      1. I think GRE asks only for First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name, so she might have mentioned N . I assume her middle name is Narayan and so her Middle Initial is N

  52. My passport has my name as Prakash Sanjeev in given name and Surname is blank. All my other docs like Aadhaar, voter id, pancard, utility bills have first name as Sanjeev and surname has Prakash. In fact I do not have my father’s surname with my name and my entire name is acually the given. Though my family and I myself now write the surname as Prakash wherever required. It is just the passport which has the name written differently courtesy the Chennai passport office. This poses problems in Visa, purchasing international travel tickets and I am not able to use my passport as an identity document. Wish to have the same name accross all documents. Please advise me the method to go forward.
    Thanks in advance

      1. Hello Sir
        My name in my birth certificate is
        In other ID Cards(PAN, AADHAAR, 10th…,) and in my certificates, my name is
        ANJALI S
        So kindly suggest me which name should I use while applying for passport

  53. Hello

    My son name in Birth certificate issued by Govt of Karnataka is read as Puneeth Mohan while I wanted the same name to be enrolled in school as Puneeth .M ,is this possible ? or should I have to amend my Child birth certificate.

    1. Don’t change the Birth Certificate. In India, initials are used. Outside India, Surname is used. You can enroll him in schools with M.Puneeth (in India). In the USA, they will the name from the passport.

  54. Hi Sir,

    My son name in birth certificate is Gautham D.L, “D” represents my name Dinesh Kumar and “L” represents my wife name Lali.

    In his India Passport the name appear in the line of given name Gautham DineshKumar Lali (please note that (1) the surname line is blank and (2) there is no space in DineshKumar which my name has). Is he going to face any problem when he applies any university in USA because of the surname line is empty?? and also there is no space in Dineshkumar??

    His all certificates has the name “Gautham Dinesh Kumar Lali” (note that with space in Dinesh Kumar)

    Awaiting your valuable reply.

      1. My name in passport :
        Given/First Name:XXXX
        Surname : ZZZZZZ (my dads name)

        My name in GRE :
        Given/First Name:XXXX

        Last name: Z (Just initial i.e first letter of my dads name )

        I am taking the gre by friday i saw this mistake jus now what can be done will i be allowed to take the exam

  55. Hi! Is there be any issues in processing visa(dependent) if my first name is written as surname,last name as my name where as my parents first name is written as their names and last names as surname? And All my educational documents, adhar has just an initial with name and only in passport my initial is expanded… Please let me know what to do

  56. Hi

    My name in real is
    given name:- driXX
    lastname :-sinXX

    But my passport says
    given name :- sinXX
    lastname :- driXX

    All my marksheets are in the format
    given name:- driXX
    lastname :-sinXX

    But name in GRE in my passport format. But now I wish to apply for B1/B2 and then F1. Should I change my name on passport or is it okay to have the old passport. Will I face any issues?

  57. Hi

    My name is mentioned as J.Anjali in my tenth mark sheet, Anjali.J in my twelfth and university marksheet. In my passport it is written as Jayakumar Anjali. My dad’s name in the first and my name at the last. I am planning to apply for ielts for my future studies abroad. What must be ideal to do right now regarding my name?

  58. Hi

    My original Name with surname is : A.RAM RAJU,But in the study certificates I missed my surname and all the education certificates having RAM RAJU and in passport and ADHAR card I have the same.Can I know is there any process or legal document to prove that both certificate name and original name are same.

  59. Hi,
    I want to apply for my daughter’s passport,she is a minor.My husband doesn’t have his surname printed on his passport,but my daughter’s birth certificate contains my husband’s full name.So will it create any problem if we apply for her passport with my husband’s full name.Please reply asap its urgent.

    1. Don’t mess-up her documentation by listing the full name of her dad in the passport. Change her name in the Birth Certificate and get the passport with the single surname.

    2. Is there any complication if the surname in IELTS scorecard and passport is different due to marriage? Will showing the marriage certificate solve the issue?

      1. You have to notify the school that IELTS score card will have the name before your marriage so they can match that. And you have to send the copies of your old passport.

  60. Hi Raghuram sir,

    According to my All certificate and document my name is “Md Shahid Hussain” , i applied for passport with same name but in passport office they expendad Md as Mohammad and i got my passport with name “Mohammad Shahid Hussain”, some one told me that due to name expensation in passport i have to face problem during visa and job. i am very update so any one here who is expert related to passport and visa, please tell me will i have to face problem ? my name in my all Academic certificate is “Md Shahid hussain” but in my passport written as ‘Mohammad shahid hussain”.

    waiting for response.

    1. Same is the problem with me. On my Birth certificate and all other educational certificate and goverment id my name is mentioned as MD Arif Hosssain in India , but on passport it is mentioned as Mohammed Arif Hossain because initials are expanded.
      I got admissioned in a Master’s degree course in Australia and the university also uses the name as mentioned on passport i.e. Mohammed Arif Hossain, now I am going to apply for PR , what should I do to resolve this problem, because in Australia , everywhere they are using the name as mentioned on Passport.

  61. Hello sir,
    I am applying fot the passport for the first time my name inmy all the documents is sneha kumari and in my passport i want to be sneha gulia

    Plz help me out what to do?

  62. Hello sir,
    I am applying passport for the first time . my name in my all the document is sneha kumari and in my passport i want it to be sneha gulia
    plz help me out what to do ?

  63. Hi Raghuram sir,

    According to my All certificate and document my name is “Md Shahid Hussain” , i applied for passport with same name but in passport office they expendad Md as Mohammad and i got my passport with name “Mohammad Shahid Hussain”, some one told me that due to name expensation in passport i have to face problem during visa and job. i am very update so any one here who is expert related to passport and visa, please tell me will i have to face problem ? my name in my all Academic certificate is “Md Shahid hussain” but in my passport written as ‘Mohammad shahid hussain”.
    please tell me the solutions.

    waiting for response.

  64. hi my name is Uxxx Kxxx .B.S

    name in my certificates : Uxxx Kxxx .B.S

    I am applying for passport.

    given name : Uxxx Kxxx Bxxx

    surname : Sxxxx

    Will there be any problem while applying for higher studies in foreign country?
    will i get the passport?

  65. HI
    I want to apply for indian passport recently i have corrected my parents name which was incorrect on birth…but the problem is i have all other id proofs as per my old birth certificate even 10th marksheet…is my forms will be rejected????to correct all the records it will take a lot of time..i want passport i can apply using my old birth?

  66. Hey HSB,

    My name on passport is XXYYY ZZZ
    On my transcript it is XX YYY ZZZ
    Will that extra space in the first name be an issue during admits or VISA?
    Thank you

  67. Please please read my problem and give me correct information,

    According to my All certificate and document my name is “Md Shahid Hussain” , i applied for passport with same name but in passport office they expendad Md as Mohammad and i got my passport with name “Mohammad Shahid Hussain”, some one told me that due to name expensation in passport i have to face problem during visa and job. i am very update so any one here who is expert related to passport and visa, please tell me will i have to face problem ? my name in my all Academic certificate is “Md Shahid hussain” but in my passport written as ‘Mohammad shahid hussain”.

    waiting for response.

  68. My name in certificate:
    Dholakiya Prerak Nandish
    In Passport:
    Given Name: Prerak Nandishbhai
    Last Name: Dholakia

    Now as per your blog, I should give GRE with my passport name and apply for university with passport name. Even though it is slightly different from marksheet. This will not create any major issue right?

    1. While applying, you have to tell in the application that your name in the certificate will be “Nandish”.

      1. Also there is difference in spelling of last name. That too I have to mention while applying right?

  69. Hi , I’m from South India where we use initials my names has 19 character long like Ajay v*** Ravindran (given name without surname)

    My kid is 6 years old today, we don’t want his surname to be long (south India, we put fathers name as surname to baby). Baby name is Aravindh Kumar. We don’t want baby to write Aravindh Kumar Ajay v*** Ravindran . Is it possible to put shorten the surname while applying passport to kid. In birth certificate name is Aravindh Kumar Ravindran. Please clarify this.

  70. Hi

    In my passport my name is printed as
    First Name: PURUSHOTHAM
    Last Name: VADDE

    but in all my certificates the name is printed as
    First Name: Purushotham
    Last Name: V

    i am planning to register for GRE& IELTS will it be a problem for my MS in USA plan.

    please help.

    V Purushotham

  71. Hi HSB!!!!
    Greating for the day…

    This is kayamuddin and there is no surname in my name ,can i apply for passport with this name, if not please suggest a solution .
    I am also facing problem in baking system because of single name, they require surname to open an account , especially in M.H.
    please advise …

    I am awaiting your comment ..

  72. I have added my husband sirname in my passport so now my name changes from shabnam to shabnam kumar.Now i want to apply for a long term visa for germeny so do i have to change my name in all the documents including my 10,12 and graduation. Please helpe in sloving my problem.

    1. Hi
      Please suggest
      This is purshautam in all documents expect pan card and adhar card … In pan and adhar there is purshautam Kumar..
      Please suggest should I apply for passport or I need to change my name in adhar and pan ..
      Also suggest .. do I apply without surname?

  73. Sir, I have different surnames in 10th marksheet and obc certificate and I want to change my name in 10th marksheet.

  74. My name is Rahul singh and my father’s name is Jagan Kumar sharma in all my documents but my father’s name in my passport is Jagan with surname Kumar…Will it create any problem if I’ll apply for study abroad..

  75. Hi

    I am applying for passport. I am working in IT sector.
    I have a query. In my 10th certificate the board used prefix Km. so my name is Km. Arti in 10th certificate but in my rest certificates like 12th, graduation, post graduation, Aadhar, PAN, etc I have name without prefix.

    Would it be a problem ? I have Passport docs verification date as 21 May 2018. So kindly respond ASAP.

    1. I have same query, did you face any problem ?
      and which name do you use now, with prefix or without prefix?

      i look forward to getting response from you soon.

  76. Dear HSB

    In all my records i.e Pan card, Aadhar Card, Driving Licence my name is mentioned as Bindu A Kumar (where A Kumar stands for my husband’s name Ajay Kumar.

    I recently received my passport, but the name is mentioned as Bindu Ajay Kumar (given mame / middle name / sirname).

    so my question is as my other id and address proofs are showing only A Kumar after the given name and passport is showing Ajay Kumar, does this create any problem, or i have to change the name according to passport in all my id and address proofs.

    please revert.


    I HAVE A SERIOUS DOUBT ON THIS PROBLEM name in 10th 12th study certificates is: v suresh name in engineering certificates is: suresh v name in passport is:vunnam suresh

    i wanted to know will it create a serious problem when i am planning to go for higher studies. and what is the solution for the above problem to not to get into any trouble.

  78. My friend T.N***** ,a resident in karnataka has her name written in all her identity proofs and 10th and 12th marks cards as T.N***** but in her degree certificates her name is written as N*****.T , so is it a problem if yes what should be done?

  79. My name in all document is ‘Tanmay Ramanbhai Patel’ where Tanmay is my firstname, Ramanbhai is my middle name and Patel is my surname. but in my birth certificate it is Tanmay Ramankumar Patel. because of that My passport is been updated with ,
    Family name : Patel
    Given name : Tanmay Ramankumar

    does it create any problem while applying for the VISA ?

  80. My name is “Amit Kumar ” in educational document but in all other like Adhar pan it is
    “Amit Kumar Singh” , i wanted to aply for passport with “Amit Kumar Singh” will it create any problem?
    and provide solution what to do while applying for passport .

  81. In 10th marksheet my name is written as ” shubham srivastava” but in adhar and pan card ,there is a little change in surname as ” shubham srivasatava” ….does it will affect?

  82. In my passport name is in all upper case.


    In gre registration form only first letter of first and last name is capital.

    Rohan Singh

    The issue is only with capitalization of letters.

    There is no problem in first or last name.
    There is no error with spelling

    Will it create any problem?

  83. Hi.. my name is aparna Upadhyay but when I receive my passport it was written “aparna upadhayt be ok to continue or not then what do I do. I am planning for abroad but will it be ok to use the same. my documents has aparna Upadhyay only

  84. Hi,
    I am applying for Canada PR and on my mark sheet there is an alphbabet missing in my surname.I realized today when applying for Educational credential verification. My name in passport is Abhishek Kumar Srivastava but in MBA mark sheet/certification it is mentioned as Abhishek Kumar Srivastva. “A” missing in my surname. Is that a problem applying for Canada PR or education verification. Pls clarify.

  85. I have recently applied for passport (INDIA) with my name as:
    Given Name – YOGENDRA
    Surname – CHAHAR

    while in all other supporting documents (aadhar, DL, voting card, etc.) it is “YOGENDRA SINGH CHAHAR”.

    I have missed out “SINGH” at the time of passport application. Now will the application rejected or they will consider it ?
    In future will it be OK ?
    If not, what are the next steps that I can take ?

  86. My passport and my education certificate is the same name but my passport miss dot(.) than my certificate.My certificate name Md.Xxxxxx and my passport name Md Xxxx. Is there any problem for higher education.

  87. My Name is Shivam in all documents(certificates, Adhaar and PAN, I’D Proof, Driving Licence).
    My Father Name is Ranjeet Singh.
    But Now i want my last name as Shivam Anand.
    Please tell me what is the procedure to change my last name in all the above documents.
    Is it required to give the advertisement of the name change in 2 daily Newspaper?
    Or any other way to change my surname.

    Please let me know..


  88. Hello Sir,

    My name in birth certificate, mark sheets, ration card etc is ‘Rekha Hiremath’. However I have changed my initial name from ‘Rekha Hiremath’ to ‘Aananya Hiremath’. I have also declared Gazette for such change in name, planning to change initial name as Aananya in Passport and PAN and DL, will this impact in near future is what I am worried while issuing VISA etc
    Pls do reply….. Thanks in advance.


  89. Can a two letter first name like (AB Singh) pose a problem in applying for a passport?

    E.g. while applying for a PAN in India, a first/last name shorter than 3 letters poses problems many times. Is there similar problem in Passport also?

  90. I have an issue. My father’s name in all my certificates is without the middle name but his real name includes the middle name. So i was confused what should i mention at the time of filling the passport application? Please advice asap. 🙂

  91. Hi ,

    My Name is Megha P M in all documents(certificates, Adhaar and PAN) other than birth certificate in which it is Megha and in the Passport it is just Megha based on the Birth certificate.
    What is the procedure to correct it to display Full Name as Megha PXXX MXXX?
    Is it required to give the advertisement of the name change in 2 daily Newspaper?

    Please let me know..


  92. My problem is regarding 1st name of my certificate and passport currently I am in uae and has given my certificate for attestation but in certificate name is Mohd Asif Siddiqui and in passport it’s Md Asif SiddiquI will ministry of foreign affairs and concerning department will accept and my certificate will get attested or not .
    I hope you have understand my problem ..reply me.

    With regards
    Md Asif Siddiqui

  93. My name ratnatulasi u in all certificates but my passport in ratnatulasi uppala shall I get any problem while traveling study in usa please give me reply

  94. My name is pratibha verma in 10th certificate but in graduation certificate it is only pratibha….will it create problem in future..?

  95. I have a confusion. My Father name is mentioned as RaviXX XXX in my 10 th marks card. and in rest all documnets mentioned as RaviXX XXX B S. Initial is included in all. Do i need to change 10th markscard according to rest all ?? Or can i get any affidavit from court so, both the names are same?

  96. Sir, my name c. Ram in certificates. But in passport ram Chaganti. Shall i get any problem while travelling abroad. Pl. Give me reply

  97. Hi,
    I am having Mamtha as my name in 10th marks card but there is no last name/ surname, but in other documents also I don’t hv surname, does this create a problem for applying passport?

    Any suggestion is kindly appreciated.

  98. My adhar name is Anuj yadav but marksheet name Anuj so I want to make passport with Anuj yadav.
    Kya ban sakta hai.

  99. Hi
    I’m Bharat Thakur

    In my adhaar my name with my surname
    But in matric certificate only Bharat
    Its created problem while im applying passport

  100. Sir, my all documents are with my name Jatinder Singh . My family surname is chahal. all my documents are without surname.Now I want to apply for passport what should I do.I will apply with surname or without surname

  101. Hi Sir,

    My name is Kavya Priya D in all my certificates and documents, now i’m gonna apply for passport ,what should i do for getting my full surname in passport. Please advice me.

    Kavya priya.

  102. Dear sir
    My name is kiran D
    D means “Dallali”
    Sir . In my certificates contain kiran D . in my passport added surname kiran Dallali . Is there any problems occur to go foreign countries

    Replay me plz

  103. My name is ADITYA in all my documents and passport also. Will this create a problem for going abroad for job . Should I add a surname with my name in my paasport

  104. Sir,
    My actual family surname is “singhai”, unfortunately the writer made a mistake and wrote “shinghai” in my birth certificate since my birth. Every certificate till my bachelors degree have the name “Videet Shinghai” on it.

    I have changed my surname to “singhai” now. I have a government gadget copy and passport with surname “singhai”. Will there be any problem now?

  105. My name is Mohammad Javed on passport. As you know muslims use mohammad before their names, so the problem is, my first name is Javed but in passport they consider Mohammad as my first name so if they considering mohammad as a first name so its clear that they will consider Javed as a surname but thats not true, Javed is my first name i don’t have any surname after my name in any of my documents. So i want to ask you will it gonna create problem for me?

  106. Dear Sir
    Need your Help
    My daughter got admission in MBBS in kerla in the name of SNEHA DINESH MISHRA (State authorities have written this name as Father name is written in between in my UT) whereas her certificates carry her name as SNEHA MISHRA and her NEET documents have name as SNEHA D MISHRA
    Will there be a problem in future and what should I do to correct it

  107. Hi,

    My name in all the documents which includes all academic certificates and id proofs excluding passport is Raghavendra P but in my passport it’s Raghavendra Palavalli. I’m planning for higher studies in Germany. Will there be any problem while applying for visa..? Do I have to provide the name as per other ids or password while applying for visa..?
    Please help me with this

    With Regards

  108. Passport date of birth and academic records date of birth is different..passport date of birth is according to my birth certificate..will it create any problem later.please suggest me.

  109. My name is konduri vikesh instead of this,I have only my initial k on my SSC and all my educational certificates….I don’t have full surname ..I have only initial along with my name on my SSC certificate…will it going to create any trouble.while applying my passport….and what kind of problems I will have to face…can anyone please answer me…it’s urgent

  110. Your Comment the name on ma certificate is Samira Mohammed. And the Birth certificate is Samira Mohammed. will it cause problem in Ghana?if the certificate do not started with the surname first?

  111. My name on all my certificates and if proofs is saba whether it would be a problem for me in future if i apply for passport

  112. Sir,
    My name is Navneet Singh , My educational documents with the name of Navneet Kumar Singh. In my pan card and votor id name is printed Navneet Kumar Singh, I got my Aadhar with printed name Navneet Singh. I just wanted to apply my passport with name of Navneet Singh. Will that be a problem, please advise me . I need to submit Passport number asap.

  113. Hi , I need your help. I will have my surname but can I get rid of my initials when I renew my passport ? my current passport has Rxx Sxxxx ( Given Name) and Mxxxxx Kxxxx Sxxxx ( Sir Name which is my initials ) I just want to keep Rxx ( Given Name) and Sxxxx ( Surname) and all my other certificate from college to bank has my name printed as Rxx Sxxxx M K so will it be a problem ?
    Please assist me Thank you

  114. While making a passport can a two surname make a problem while both the surname is for the same candidate as one surname is her real one as in birth certificate while the other is the one from her husband and in other documents she has her husband’s surname.. So what possible measures can we take in such a case… Or can affidavit form noting that both the surname signifies the same person works while applying for a passport?

    Sir My Name Is Prainshu Nanda, In my 10th certificate only Prainshu is written and i all educational certificates only Prainshu is written. Other documents like adharcard, votercard, driving licence my name was Prainshu Nanda written. And i already have mu passport by name of Prainshu only. So can i use my surname in passport on proof of adharcard, votercard, licence but educational proof. If any possibility to use my surname and if it happens then is it make trouble in future or in Abroad. THANKYOU

  116. Hi Sir would you please answer my queries mentioned below about my fiancee documents:
    1. There is a spelling mistake in her surname on her all college documents. Her aadhhaar card, pan card and passport displays correct name. She is planning to pursue her higher studies in Dentistry the UK, so how do we go about changing the names on the college documents?
    2. There are some documents in hindi and in the UK they are asking for a legal English translation of the documents, how should we do it?
    3. I am currently living in the UK, we are getting married in this December and then I need to apply for her dependent visa. For that I need a marriage certificate, I have heard there are 2-3 types of marriage certificate- which one do I need to get it.
    I shall be glad to get your time on my queries.

  117. I have to applied for passport . But my father name in some documents is tarsem Kumar Sharma and in some it is tarsem Kumar .will it going to create any problem??

  118. My Surname in Matriculation Certificate is spelled as MOHAJAN, but in Digree Certificate spelled as MAHAJAN. In my Office Records & Other documents like PAN CARD,RATION CARD & in ADAHAR CARD it is spelled as MAHAJAN. At the time of retirement the Pay & Accounts Office recorded my Surname as ‘MOHAJAN’ but the Pension Disbursing Authority(BANK) recorded my Surname as MAHAJAN. While representing for revision of Pension, I am to mention my Surname as MOHAJAN, although in my all Official records it is recorded as MAHAJAN. The Pay & Accounts Office did not intimate me the reason of change in the spelling as MOHAJAN instead of MAHAJAN.I write my surname as MAHAJAN since the office records, PAN CARD, AADHAR CARD,RATION CARD etc carry the spelling as MAHAJAN. What should I do .

  119. Hello Sir
    My name is in 10th standard markksheet irshad but in my all documents like Adhar Card Pan Card my name is Irshad Khan and I applied for Passport as name Irshad Khan
    William it create problem, please sir tell me as soon as possible.

  120. My Name is SACHIN JAIN R and in my 10th and 12th certificate my name is as same SACHIN JAIN R but now I have migrated to another state and in my degree certificate my name is JAIN SACHIN R…changes in first name and last name can causes any problems in further (jobs , passport, visa,etc…..

    pls help me

  121. I want ask that i made my pasaport in 2014 but i dont have surname on my passport .what i have to do?
    Should i mention or not ?
    Now my passport propely correct becoz my name same on all documents
    But i m confused about surname….becoz some say should mention and some not….
    Tell me cleaely i should apply for mentioning surname or not
    I also want to ask that if i mention my surname on my passport but my surname dont have on my educatinal documents ..can it be problematic or not ?
    Also…i have to change my pen card and adhar card name as will be mention on passport or not…..
    Manily sir must tell me …………..if i mention my surname on other docs but i dont change my educational docs..will it be fine or not.?


  122. Hi All,

    It is not issue my name hear. My Father’s Surname, in all my academic certificates and mark sheets my father name is mentioned as “ALLABAKSHU M” (M – Surname in short form), and in my passport it is mentioned as “MOGAL ALLABAKSHU”.

    My passport got expired, going to renew it soon. Will that create any issue during renewal or during my fly ?


  123. my school 10 $12 certificate have name ruchi & scout guide certificate have name ruchi with surname mishra then these documents applied in same form they are valid or not if i apply in a registration form all documents but change in name one having surname one have not any solution of this problem

  124. Hi ,

    I am planning to appear for GRE and I was wondering if you can help me with below query:

    My full name in all legal documents is SHALINI including mark sheets and Passport.

    While creating the account with ETS they advised me to write LAST NAME as SHALINI only and it won’t create problem while appearing for the exam.

    So, will there be any problem when I will be applying to universities in US and if yes, how can I correct it cause I don’t have surname as such and its always SHALINI unlike the cases listed above where they do have surname but have been printed incorrectly on passport etc.

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  125. I use full surname in all my degrees and documents but my father name is without surname in documents and in my degrees and certificate my father name is with surname….will that create a problem?

  126. I have applied for the passport but rejected as my matriculation certificate having name as
    Name: name and surname
    Fathers name: name
    But passbook having:name Fathers name surname
    So it is rejected..what to do next please help

  127. Dear sir,

  128. Hi please suggest me. have some mismatch in my passport name and Pancard name. But I have to go to Vietnam by next month first week.
    And I’m scared of any ellegal

  129. sir,
    I have give my IELTS exam with the passport details without surname. Now, if i want to add surname on my passport, they will re-issue my passport with different number. Will it effect my IELTS exam result certificate.

    Thanks in advance

  130. Hello Sir, my surname is not mentioned in 10th certificate while other documents are with surname like pan card adhar card
    will it be a problem ?

  131. hi, my name is S. Rupali and i cant apply with initails for PAN application my All School & college marksheet has name as S. Rupali but my Aadhar card is made by Rupali. kindly, Suggest a suitable solutions for applying for PAN Card. waiting for your response.

  132. Sir my name is APURVA Patel and my name in passport and birthcertificate is APURVAkumar Patel so sir what to do in adhar card my name is APURVA Patel and in my 12th marksheet my name is APURVA Patel so what to do sir iam planning for Canada student visa and i want to become PR of Canada so what to do Sir please reply me fast sir

  133. Plz help me….
    I have some mistake in my edu. document and in passport .In passport the name is as Min prashad nyaupane and in document Min prasad Nyaupane …
    plz reply me ……And I already applied for abroad study…..

  134. My name is kumar gaurav in class 10,my birth certificate name is kumar gaurav g.phadke. how to enter my name in passport?

  135. Hello,

    I am having ielts score 6:00. I have obtained Masters degree from Dhaka University in Philosophy. I want to study in abroad now. I have little problem in my passport & certificate family name spelling.
    My name’s Dayal Chandra Mandal. In passport family name “Mandol” but certificates “Mandal”. Which is the better solution now? Can anyone say the solution please ?

    Dayal Chandra Mandal

  136. I have tow surname my school documents Patel and in my passport and even in all identity cards and my born certificate….. I need to remove emigration checking requirement.. so what should I do ?

    1. I have 2 surnames …in my all academic documents Patel while in my passport and others identity cards and born certificate my personal surname (Pokal)…I don’t need emigration checking requirement Stan in my passport …so what should be solution me..

  137. Hello Sir, my surname is not mentioned in 10th certificate while other documents are with surname like Adhar card ,pan card, driving licence and passbook.
    Will it be a problem?

  138. There is no surname in my ssc and inter certificates(M sai pavan) but i have a passport with my surname written(malisetty sai pavan).So how can i get my visa if the two names are different …

  139. Hello,

    While Applying for passport i have written my Father’s Name with his Middle Name But In my Educational certificate/Pan card His Name is With out the Middle name.

    But In His PAN Card he is having with the Middle Name.

    Is there any problem regarding the Middle Name during appointment.

  140. My name on my matriculation certificate and date of birth is musaib yaqoob dar S/O yaqoob ahamed dar and my name on other documents are musaib yaqoob S/O mohammad yaqoob dar otherwise every thing is same if it is a problem then tell me solution of this problem

  141. My name in all my school and college certificates is Henzakai infimate and in some of my documents i have given my name as Henzakai Hmar in my pan card, driving license . infimate and hmar are same clan in Hmar comunity . my actual name is Henzakai Hmar i even did an avidevide of my surname . I want to apply for jobs will it be a problem , please help me coz in future i want to be known as Henzakai Hmar

  142. sir / mam , my name is SK KHAJAVALI in all my documents from my birth … what shoul i keep the surname in my passport ? please help me

    1. Hello Sir My name on my matriculation certificate and date of birth is Musaib yaqoob S/O yaqoob ahamed dar and my name on other documents is musaib yaqoob S/O Mohammad yaqoob dar is their any problem with my father’s name if it is a problem then please tell me solution

  143. My husband is going for a work in new york but his marksheets r misplaced will that be a problem
    Only 10th marksheet is there and the college degree

  144. Hello Sir, my surname is not mentioned in 10th certificate while other documents are with surname like Adhar card ,pan card, driving licence and passbook.
    Will it be a problem?
    If there may be a problem what is the urgent solution for that as I have my appointment on 12th April 2017

  145. certificate name -MD ASHFAQUE all document is same
    but differ in passport name is MOHAMMAD ASHFAQUE what problem arise. i am planning in UAE for working i have completed b. tech
    please reply my answer anyone who do u know about this condition

  146. Hello,

    I dont have a surname in my passport and applied to take my father’s name as my surname. The passport authorities rejected this as I have no public docs with the desires name.

    Suppose, My first name in the passport is Ayesha Zoha. Can I now request for Ayesha to be my first name and Zoha my surname.

    Any advice would be deeply appreciated.

  147. Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name in all the doccuments is AMITH A RAJOLKAR. But the name in the passport is AMITH ASHOKREDDY RAJOLKAR.
    ASHOKREDDY is my Dad’s name. Will there be a problem in getting my visa for germany. Pls help..

    Thanks in advance.


  148. My name in all my school and college certificates is Karthikeyan P.T.R. and in passport it is like Give name – Karthikeyan Surname :Portnovothirugnanasambamdam Ramadoss, Actually there should have been space in between Portnovo and thirugnanasambamdam. Will there be any problem in visa for my masters in US? Help me with this.


    1. OMG! Yes. Big Time with your day to day life. Change to Karthikeyan Ramadoss and get a new passport. Seriously.

  149. sir my name is MD ASHFAQUE on marks sheet and degree but tackle problem with short MD but MOHMMAD ASHFAQUE on passport s it may or not problem arise in dubai please give me ans

  150. my name is Kxxxx urf Sxxxx Tppppp Ksssss in all certificates (birth and educational) but PSK says only one name is allowed , will there be problems when I apply for abroad companies .
    passport name will vary from education certificate name.

  151. Hi , My Name given in marksheet ,other documents and other educational purpose is Aishwarya Murthy . But in passport it’s Aishwarya Cheluva Murthy , same goes to my driving licence. So is there any problem for my further studies abroad!? Please let me know. Thank you.

  152. My problem is if we change father and daughter surname in future did we get any trouble. In applying passport

  153. I have only one name in passport…and my husband apply for family visa…visa has issued but with my name they include my father in law name…coz single name has problem the said…I have a doudt does it have problem in stamping of visa…coz there is only one name in passport and in visa there is 2 name….in all my certificate there is only one name

  154. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My name is PURNACHANDRA RAO V, as per certificates. But it is PURNA CHANDRA RAO VASIREDDY, (Vasireddy is my surname) as per my passport. Now I have planned to go USA /Canada/Australia for my higher studies. Do I face any problem at visa interview or at immigration check with my name in passport and certificates (surname and a space between ‘Purna’ and ‘chandra’)

  155. Hello San actually i want to apply for passport but concern is that my surname is not mentioned in schools leaving certificate while other documents are with surname like Adhar card ,pan card , postpaid bill and passbook .so Lest I should face the problems..Bcoz school leaving certificate is without surname

  156. I have a problem related to my surname. The problem is I have written as Diwakar Thapa in my all certificates but I have my name Diwakar Thapa Magar in my passport. I already applied and receive an offer letter from university as Diwakar Thapa so I need to know can I get a visa from the embassy as I had also provided them the name verification letter from muncipality.

  157. I would like to know if it will be a problem to get a US or UK visa if the middle name spelling is different by just one alphabet, The first name and surname are correct. The difference is in service record, PAN and pass port.



  159. My daughter name is yamuna. My husband name is Sekhar. In school certificate mention yamuna. S. But in Aadhaar yamuna my daughter applied neet entrance. Which one is correct. Certificate or Aadhaar. In neet rules compulsory to change the Aadhaar name To certificate name is it possible to change Aadhaar corrections.

  160. Priyanka singh in passport n record name priyanka dhillon i made add in 2 news paper effidavid n wat is required pls tell me i hv to change as soon as possible regards

  161. My passport name is pramod chettigal but my all documents like addar card, pan card,voter id is pramod nair re issue of passport any problem

  162. My son name in all the Education Certificates, Birth Certificate and Aadhar Card as

    MD. Aqeel Manzar, how to apply passport if the Sure name is in initial.. please advise \


  163. My name is Satish K S.. K stands for my birth place and S my dad name.. Can i make Kkk and Sss both as Surname in passport or only one name is allowed in Surname column..???

  164. Hi sir,im dad’s initial missing my school nd college certificate ..I’m clear government exam …so any problems for missing ma dad initial ah

  165. My son’s certificate his name as mentioned first with initial but in Adar his name mentioned the initial after the name any problems or

  166. My son’s certificate his name as mentioned first with initial but in Adar his name mentioned the initial after the name any problems or

  167. Actually I have problem about document issue just my name on HSC and SSC
    Navnath Yeshwant Ingle and on my degree,aadhar card,pancard and other document my name is Navnath Yeshwantrao Ingle problem like that mismatch the v and w and rao due that concern I create problem in govt job ya visa, passport so plz guide me.
    Navnath ingle

  168. Sir, my name on Passport is Tejash Pravinbhai Nayak, because passport made with reference name of Birth certi and on my all qualification docs names is Tejashkumar Pravinbhai Nayak,
    so is there any problem while getting Visa???

  169. Hello sir.
    My school , college degree certificate name is K.P.DINAKARAN
    but my father changed his name recently due to that I got change in my initial while applying passport & in passport my initial got changed R.DINAKARAN.
    Does it will affect my visa certificate verification. Any one pls help me out.

  170. my name is vinay . when i am trying to get pan through online. always comment are showing fill middle name surname.
    my name is vinay no middle name no surname then what i should do/

  171. sir
    inold ppt my parents names surname then given name next
    In new passport my parents names as given name first then the surname next
    applying visa renewal is it affect the prosses

  172. my original PAN Card and 10th Mark sheet like NANDAKISHORE S

    but in my B.E certificates, All Bank Accounts and Adar is like NANDA KISHORE S

    whether this may cause some problems in future like visa or passport.

  173. Sir,

    My name in school, college, & Mba doesn’t match, where in school my surname is there but spelling is different in 10th and 12th, same goes in degree, I applied for passport where I didn’t mention my sur name and make necessary changes where it was required..

    Now if I apply for work or study visa in any country, will it create any problem..

    Pls help…

  174. Dear Raghuram Sir,

    My all certificates SSC, PDC, Degree having a name as Abhilash .S.
    My passport Given Name = Abhilash
    Surname= Sasidharan Pillai (Father Name)

    Will it be any issue when applying for foreign visa and assessments.

  175. hello
    my full is shahrukh khan bt in my all documents like school and collage and adhar card name is only shahrukh and my last name khan is missing in my all documents so can I apply for passport .

  176. Hi, I want to apply for passport i am having a doubt that my name in ssc is printed as soorya kiran Rumar instead of soorya kiran Kumar, and in all documents(adhar card,voter id ,degree certificate etc) it is printed correctly. I want to know whether the name printed in passport is ssc name or other documents name, and for what proof ssc certificate is taken dob or name . please reply its urgent

  177. My name is Ritika Shriwastav..i m studying in class name in my 10 marksheet is Ritika Srivastav..and name in aadhar card is Ritika it better to change the name in aadhar card?

  178. Dear Sir,

    My name in all the official govt identity card is Shubham Raghuvanshi , but in my 12th std and degree certificate it is Shubham Raghuwanshi , there is a difference of v and w in my surname. As i am plaaning to give GRE and apply to foreign universities would it be a issue in the admission process.



  180. Respected Sir,
    My original surname is male but when my admission done in my school that time our neighbor give my name telange as a surname.from that time its been telange all family member surname is male, instead of me.on my all certificate means 10th,12th,15th and in bank account and on pan card the surname is telange i am 27 years old. now i want to change my surname form telange to male on all my documents.
    Kindly suggest what i have to do.
    Kindly do the needful.your reply is precious to me.

  181. there is mistake in my last name on my degree
    Which is issued in 2015
    My name is -Amit Chugh
    But on my degree and all DMC of my engineering .gradution it is-Amit chug.

    There will be any problem during document verification in bank job?

  182. my name is c.parthipan ,in all my certificate there is no surnmae and adhar,voterid, pancard, sbi account also no surmame
    iam eligible apply to passpart
    if there is any problem
    please tell me sir

  183. Amaka
    Please help me, I use my birth certificate to registered my passport, AMAKA KEHINDE OLUMIDE COKER ,while my documents name that I will be using at interview bears AMAKA KEHINDE and AMAKA KEHINDE OLUMIDE .please am confused what do I do

  184. Hi,

    I am planning to apply for Passport, Actually my name in Birth certificate is K MEGHASREE where in 10th and other all certificates it is K MEGHASRI, will it create any problem? Please help me guys

  185. Sir,my name is sourav Sunil Kumar Das all docoment but my school certificate father name is ‘sunil Das’ missing ‘kumar’ apply passport trouble to me? Please tell me sir?!

  186. my original govt id proofs and 10th ,12th certificates like PRAVEENKUMAR R

    but my B.E certificates is like PRAVEEN KUMAR R

    whether this may cause some problems in future like visa or passport.

    plz help me.

    1. If you have a given name and no Surname in passport.
      While filling DS-160 use your given name in the column of Surname and in the column of Given name Column put FNU.
      Different USA Govt agencies used different format for Licence Social Security card, bla bla bla.
      USE First Name FNU and Last name as your Given name.
      Americans always print the last name first.
      Continue live like this unless you become Citizen.
      Than change your name as many times as you like.
      Hundreds of Millions Indians have one single name that’s our naming Culture.
      Right from the Birth certificate to Death Certificate.
      when you join Kindergarten to y our PhD. The Indian System is.
      Name of the Student………………………………………..
      Father/ Guardian name.
      Over Million Students and H1B in USA and 99% of them are having Single name.
      You only know how to fill the Name fields.
      Good Luck guys , Don’t worry be happy.
      Major problem of changing name Visa officer will ask why you change the name?
      214(b) rejection is sure.

  187. Sir my name is Raj Bhan yadav But my engineering certificate my name Is without space(Rajbhan yadav) so any problems in my future or not?

  188. Hi,
    My certificates have my name as PURNACHANDRARAO V.
    Whereas in my passport it is PURNA CHANDRA RAO VASIREDDY.
    Does it cause any problem in future, in any immigration progress or any type of process that involves passport Vs certificates.
    Thank you

  189. i want to get my passport.but my 10th and 12th certificate my father name mismatch only single later(narayan/naryan).so please tell me there is any problem to get passport.

    1. In my son birth certificate issued by municipal corporation in Bihar, his mother name as Zaira Perwez but her name is Zaira Afroz. What i do for passport application.

      Md. Perez Ahmad

  190. hello

    my name is kiran, in my education certificates my name is printed as S Kiran Kumar. but in in my date of birth certificate, adhar card my name is mentions as Sxxxxx Kiran Kumar.
    is it will be a issue to not getting passport?

    thank you

  191. Hi Sir,

    The name on my birth certificate is “CCC YYY WWW” (CCC being my surname).

    My passport has it as: Surname – “CCC” and Given names – “YYY WWW” alias “AAA”.

    All my educational documents, pan card and DL have my full name as “AAA CCC YYY WWW”.

    I will be registering for IELTS and was wondering if this would be a problem.

    Also, I will be renewing my passport. So would it make sense to change remove the alias on my passport to reflect my given name as “AAA YYY WWW”, surname remaining the unchanged as ‘CCC”?

    Kindly advise.


  192. My Full Name is Rakesh Kumar Sharma but in all education certificate, jobs offer letter, PAN, Voter card, Passport, Adhar card my name mentioned is Rakesh Kumar (First name) without surname (it is blank).
    My Question is:
    1. If I add my surname in Passport (after affidavit/newspaper advt. etc.), is it necessary to change in all educational certificates (Marksheets/Degree). Why I am asking during any visa process (specially USA/Europe) if any change in edicational Degree vs Passport that can create problem, please confirm/advise.

  193. Hi,

    i have a query… my name hxx axx……my surname is hxx and given nameis axx

    we write surname first …my dad name is hxx yxxx

    in all my degrees its hxx axx ….but when im applying to abroad…my name is becoming axx hxx(surname)… will it be problem….

  194. MY name is rajni i have a problem like after marriage my caste has not written in marriage certificate n also not in adhar card,not in bank copy but my parental caste is lamba and in my tenth dmc n all dmc it has been mentioned my caste even after marriage also .same parental caste is going on but not in marriage certyificate not in bank copy not in adhar card. it has written only rajni. I have to apply for passport so is their any problem in some countries to move

  195. Hello Mr Sukumar.

    Pl advise on this : My wife’s passport expired four years back. The passport carried her maiden name, besides first name and middle name. She wishes to get her passport renewed from a new address that we shifted to. Most of her address proof documents, for the new address, carry her new surname except her aadhar card where there is no surname but only first and middle name. Is it possible to get her passport renewed at this new address with this aadhar card as an address proof.

  196. Dear Mr. Sukumar, I have kinda unique mishap with my name. All my academic certificates, including certificates from my bachelor degree, has the name: Md Mohie Minul Islam Khan… But my passport and national ID card has the name: Md Mohieminul Islam Khan.. See, no space between “Mohie” “Minul” in passport…. I’ve registered for GRE exam under the name:
    First name:MDMohieminul
    Middle name initial: I
    last name: Khan
    So, the GRE cash receipt has the name: MDMohieminul Khan… No middle name initial. I showed the problem to the center i am gonna take the exam. They cleared it,said i have to sign a form before. But you see, i will have different names in passport, GRE certificates and academic certificates.So, my question is how much trouble is this gonna be if i apply at the universities of USA? Or, how can i solve the problem? If you can spare a little of your time and give a reply i’ll be very grateful and it will take a load of tension off my shoulder. Thank you.

  197. Hello sir.
    My name on 10th and 12 th certificate is Syed Ayaanullah Qadri
    But on passport and degree its Syed Ayaanulla Quadri (the correct one) . Will there be any problem if i go US for further studies? Please help.

  198. Hello sir,

    My name is Praveen in all documents( 10th, 12th and B.Tech Marksheets). My father name is Rajesh Singh. I have PAN card name as Praveen Kumar, voter ID as Praveen. No passport or aadhar yet. I have two questions

    1: My mother name has spelling mistake in BTech marksheets, however its correct in 10th and 12th certificates. Should I need to worry? How it can be rectified.

    2: What should be my last name if I apply for Passport or aadhar card?

    Please help!!

  199. Dear sir,
    I have got my passport in last year.But in my passport father name is Padmanabhan and Mother name is Rajalakshmi but education certificate Padmanabhan nair and Rajalakshmi .K and the problem is , can i get attestation from NORKA .
    if no give me solution.
    execept to change education certificate.

  200. please i am a bit confused and i need urgent help since i will be appiying for a student visa

    on my passport
    given name Emmanuel
    Last name(family name) Barton-Odro

    on my university transcript
    given name Emmanuel
    Last name(family name) Barton Odro

    so the difference is one has a space and the other doesnt have

    i want to know if i need an affidavit or not
    best regards

  201. in my 10,12th certificates my father name is roshan lal..and elementary teacher training certificatey father name is roshan lal sharma…plzz tell is it a big probalm…?it can work.or not?

  202. Hi Sir ,

    (Konduru is my Surname)

    In my Ceritficatis My name is

    K Pavan kumar Reddy -10th

    K Pavan kumar Reddy – inter(11th h 12 th)

    Pavan kumar Reddy K -(B.E)

    Pavan kumar Reddy konduru (PG)

    But in my Passport and Pancard are surname is expanded.

    Pavan kumar reddy konduru

    (Konduru is my Surname)

    is there any issue with US visa?

    Please clarify me the same.

  203. hello,
    i dont have a surname my name is written as Arshia in all my certificates from my 10th to post graduation also in ration, adhar and voter id cards now i want to make my passport for higher studies in USA.
    what about passport ? shall i make it without a surname? or do i need to include surname in all my certificates? making correction in all the certificates would b a long process. or can i make passport with a surname then making corrections and including a surname in all credentials is mandatory??

      1. Dear Raghuram,

        I am facing problem hope you give me solution.

        My self Alex Desouza ( Manish )

        I have changed my name Manish to Alex Desouza also changed my father Name suresh singh to Suresh desouza. due to religion changed.

        Changes done in Gazette notification paper since 2012 along with 2 newspaper advertisement.

        I have changed my name in Voter id , adhar card, pan card, driving license also

        My new documents Name is Alex Desouza S/o Suresh Desouza.

        But I haven’t changed my name in schooling certificate which is Only Manish S/o Suresh Singh.

        I have passed out 10th in 2007 & 12th in 2009

        now i looking for my career outside india.

        wanted to apply for passport & work visa after that.

        can u please tel me in future ill face any problem with name change if ill apply for for job in other countries ?

  204. Hello!

    Am Archana!
    My certificates of 10th and have name M.ARCHANA
    My full name is Makkena Archana which is no where in the records.
    1.What should my name for passport be?
    2.What should my name for GRE exam be?
    3.What should my name for I20’s be?
    4.What should my name for university certificates be?
    Where should I use my name present in the records?

  205. hi
    i have applied for ielts exam and i did not mention my middle name, i mentioned only family name and first name but my passport contain family name first name and middle name
    and i got test report of ielts. while seeing the test report i realized that i have missed the middle name, dos it cause any problem

  206. Sir, in birth certificate my name printed as gnana umamaheshwari , and in passport gnana umamaheswari. Am applying for green card, one alphabet ‘h’ (maheshwari)is extra in birth certificate. Is there any problem with this? Please suggest me on this. Thanks.

  207. Dear sir i forgot to add my surname in my igcse certificate but i did add my surname in my a levels passport has my surname in it is there going to be any problem i mean my igcse certificate is lacking my surname pls help.

  208. Hi,

    I have my name mentioned as P SXXXX in my 10th and 12th certificate.
    B.Tech certificate is having SXXXX P.

    But my passport and PAN CARD are having full surname PYYYY instead of just P

    My name is mentioned as SXXXX PYYYY in passport.

    I am going to apply for H1b visa and dies this creates any problem.

  209. Hi,

    I have applied for a passport and i will get it by this month only. But i have an issue that they put only my name on passport according to my 10th and 12th certificate but i have to add my surname and middle name as well. Please anyone can tell me the procedure.

  210. my parents do not have surname on my educational certificates, but other all id proofs (aadhar, voter id) have it including passport.should I add surname for renewal of passport?

  211. Hi Sir,

    My Given Name in Passport: Shaik Hameeduddin
    Surname in Passport: Shaik Ghousepeer

    All my school certificates – Shaik Hameeduddin
    Note: without any initials

    My Full name as per passport is Shaik Hameeduddin Shaik Ghousepeer

    My Full name as per school, college records: Shaik Hameeduddin

    Am I in the right page ? and long name will have any issue ?

  212. My name is sandeep morisetty according to passport….where as coming to certificates from my 10th to b tech its sandeep m ….I have done my masters in US and the name is sandeep morisetty which is according to passport.
    Now i would like to apply for h1 …
    Am i going to face any issue with this during h1b

  213. My first passport was made in maharashtra as a kid and has my father’s name in it as my middle name(A xx S). All my other documents have my name and surname only.If I register for GRE exam with my name as in passport will all my other certificates degrees be accepted with the different name i.e (A S)??

  214. Hi,

    I have different story from above. I hold a passport with empty surname, unfortunately the surname is mentioned along with my given name PXXXX KXXXX. you will be surprised I didn’t realize this until i was I was getting my SSN created, while travelled to US on L1. i had already travelled once on B1 and faced no issue.

    Now my passport has a valid B1 but expiry L1 since i have left the company. I hold a SSN with FNU PXXXX KXXXX and on the visa as well.

    my passport is about to renew now and while doing I will get the name fixed, and i have a question and would need your help on getting the answer.

    Do I need to call it “Name Change” while applying for renewal? technically there is no name change, though i will be selecting other options of change like marital status,address change etc.

  215. Great article.

    My son has three words (as per Passport and Birth Certificate) in his
    First name: Bxxxx Cxxxxxx Kxxxx
    Last name: Pxxxxxxxx

    When he entered US, He received his Green Card has
    First name: Bxxxx
    Middle name:Cxxxxxx Kxxxx
    Last name: Pxxxxxxxx

    Now i am planning to apply for US Certificate of Citizenship, because i became US citizen. I want to write his full first name under the first name box.

    But, on the application if i use the autofill option, i couldn’t fit the full first name (First name: Bxxxx Cxxxxxx Kxxxx ). I can only fit First name: Bxxxx Cxxxxxx Kxxx (which is missing last letter). One option is fill the application with PEN.

    I want to ask you kind advice which will be best option from below.

    Option 1: Fill with PEN
    First name: Bxxxx Cxxxxxx Kxxxx
    Last name: Pxxxxxxxx.

    Option 2:
    First name: Bxxxx
    Middle name:Cxxxxxx Kxxxx
    Last name: Pxxxxxxxx

    Option 3: Remove space between CxxxxxxKxxxx
    First name: Bxxxx CxxxxxxKxxxx
    Last name: Pxxxxxxxx

    We also plan to move back to India. On Xth marks sheet, I think there is limit in total length of characters (<=25 characters includes Last name). Please correct me?

    If that is the case, can i go with Bxxxx C Kxxxx Pxxxxxxxx

    I greatly appreciate your kind help and advice on this.

  216. Hi,
    My name is K Makesh Kumar Naidu where:
    K – Is the initials (as we have in south india)
    Makesh – First name
    Kumar – Middle name
    Naidu – Surname
    All my documents has K Makesh Kumar Naidu as my name.
    However while applying for passport they asked me to expand my initials which I wasn’t sure of as we don’t have any expansion of initials and the application was asking for first, middle and surname, so if I expanded K and placed it in first name that would have been wrong and if I place it behind Kumar then the name becomes Makesh Kumar Krishna Naidu, which too would have been wrong. So I applied the passport as Makesh Kumar Naidu and got it and did carried out few travels abroad in this name.
    Now after six years when I’m applying for immigration and work abroad, I think variation in my passport and other documents might be an issue.
    How can I avoid this hassle. Do I need to apply for change of name as actually I’m not changing my name but just want K added in the passport.
    I found this thread very useful and informative. I hope someone can guide me.


  217. Thank you for the explanation, The issue I have is I don’t have surname on my documents, and my passport is totally different from my document,

    my documents list my name is:
    Name: Sajjad
    Last Name: Iqbal Aftab

    While my passport is:

    Name: Sajjad Iqbal
    Last Name: Iqbal Aftab
    with the surname of Iqbal

    Now my birth certificate matches the documents, but not passport, so I’m going to change the passport,

    should I keep the surname as Iqbal?
    what will happen if there is no surname in Documents as it only says Sajjad

    Much much thanks for the help!

    1. i want to knw the correct solution ..i have same problm on my birth certificates and school certificates licence , id cards …. but now in between my graduation i have made my passport …i m in my final year so i m confuse to make surname with my name ……is it neccessary to make changes in college documentss…plz any one help me to get out of it.

  218. Hi,

    My father’s name in my passport as well as in birth certificate as VADIVELU. but in all the educational documents and others documents it s named as VADIVEL. Will it create prob while applying for visa ????.. Kindly reply on this issue..

    1. It will be an issue not during Visa and applicaiton process. You can either get the name fixed or have to submit additional documen to explain to them that you have different names in the documents.

  219. My Name is Shilpa Treesa Jose. Treesa is my baptism name, Jose is my fathers name.
    What would be my surname..?
    Can any one please reply??

  220. i want apply for PAN card. i don’t use my sirname after my name. but problem is i can’t register online without using last name.
    please guide me how tackle this problem, how to register without last name.

  221. Sir,

    1. My Name in Passport is : NUNNA(SURNAME)

    2. In Degree: CHANDRA RAO NUNNA V V R

    Can u please clarify me whether it will be a problem.

    1. 🙂

      Simple Advice – Get a new passport with a short name. You are going to have lot of problems with long (multiple) names.

  222. My Father’s name and mothers name are in short in educational documents but whereas in passport it is expanded.
    Any problem for getting visa for higher education

  223. Sir good day,im trying to just asking the right thing to do aboutthe correction of my brother surname.his name in the birth certificate before is ROLANDO Y. POBLITE which the error one.his correct spelling is ROLANDO Y. POBLETE.and NSO is asking for the endorsement from the civil registrar which is file the correct one by my mother.and the told not to use it because of making new one and they give me 11 requirement to comply it.they said we spend to much for this.i need and advice from you.

    1. Lear the process to change the name and get it done. I can’t help you with how to correct the name for your country.

  224. Hi Sir ,my name is like X Y Lucky on my certificates,X Y have expansion how can i give my name on passport ? should it be expanded or should be same as in my certificates. ? please help me !

    Thank you,

  225. hello sir,
    But in aadhar card ,voter id my name “JANGAM CHAMUNDESWARI”

    in educational certificates name as follows
    1.10th class: JANGAM CHAMUNOESWARI (instead of D it printed as O)

    I want to apply for the passport is there any problem while applying passport.kindly tell me if there is any problem and solution for that.please reply for this request

  226. Hi,
    I am Vinod Kumar, and in next month I am going to France. I dont use surname in my documents and its also not mentioned in my passport, will it be a problem for me in future?
    Second question is that, my surname is by mistake mentioned in my marriage certificate and my daughter’s birth certificate, do I need to correct it or it will be not a problem, as I want to apply for a fresh passport for my daughter?
    Please sir help me,

    1. I can’t speak about life in France and how surname impacts the life in EU.
      Sorry. but, when you get a chance, you should add the surname in the passport.

  227. SIR,
    My father’s name and mother’s name are in short in educational documents, whereas they are in full in passport.
    I would like to know whether there will be problem for obtaining us-visa for higher education.

  228. sir..
    i have just one name “suchitra” with no initials and surname in all my certificates, PAN card, birth certificate and voter id… it was never a problem. but now i am about to apply for adhar card and passport… what shall i do… is it ok if i write ‘suchitra’ again in the last name while filling a form for passport

    1. ​ IMG_20151026_133841.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_133900.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_133917.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_133931.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_133942.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134006.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134031.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134045.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134100.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134112.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134126.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134139.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134220.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134236.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_134255.jpg ​​ IMG_20151026_135537.jpg ​


  230. Dear Sir,
    My name is : SATHEESH KUMAR
    Father name: SUBRAMANIAN(in all my documents except Passport)
    Father name is passport: SUBRAMANI (last two letters missed because of my voter id has that in initial stage)

    Whether it would cause any problem while travelling to US ?(planning to apply for L1 from my MNC company)

    Kindly assist me.

  231. Hi,
    My name in all the Mark sheets is “**** K”. But after the graduation I changed it to “**** Shetty”. I have maintained the same after that in all my documents like Passport , PAN etc.
    Will there be any problem while applying for H1B since there is mismatch in the name between Passport and Mark sheet ??

    Thanks & Regards

  232. Hi HSB
    MY name is correct in both NIC and passport but my father surname is missing in my academic record but present in my NIC and Passport is it make any problem for GRE and taking admission abroad on my academic record
    My name :Talha Gohar
    Fater name In passport and NIC :Gohar saeed shah
    Father name in academic record :Gohar saeed
    need your answer
    Thank you

  233. Hi sir
    I am from Afghanistan
    My name in educational certificates is Zubair Kgan
    And my father name is Abdul qadir
    And the combination in passport is
    Surname: qadir
    Given name:Zubair khan
    I want to study in us and to give tofel test
    Is this a serious problem?
    Plz sir help me . if it is serious then I will change my passport.

  234. HI Sir,
    I have one query for you, ON the 10th, Inter and MBA Marks cards my name printed as SREENIVASULU GOVINDU but on BSC Certificate it is Govindu Sreenivasulu. ON PAN Card also its GOVINDU SREENIVASULU, so I got all my bank accs with Govindu Sreenivasulu(Transposed Surname and Name), could you please tell me will I face any problems with transposing of surname and Name while purchasing any land or taking loans. Please suggest me best course of action(will changing name on Pan card helps me).

    1. Sir my PASS Port has Sreenivasulu Govindu(correctly), I am only scared of PANCARD and if I buy any lands what name should I enter. Thanks in advance.

  235. Hello,
    My passport will be printed as:
    First Name: Vishag
    Middle Name: Rajendra
    Last Name: Blank

    I have not applied for GRE yet, but will I be allowed to take the exam if I submit my middle name as my last name (keeping my middle name blank) in the Exam application & furnish the above passport at the exam centre?
    If not, should I apply for a new passport with the above changes and then apply for the exam?

    Vishag Rajendra.

  236. Hello
    My name in passport is santhosh kumar kamishetty
    But i took gre with the name santhosh kamishetty ….does this be a issue at the time of visa?

      1. Dear Sir,
        i have a small problem and please help me
        actually i want to apply passport
        My SSC Certificate name : K .M*************
        My Dob Certificate and aadhar name is: Kumithi M*************
        Is thr any problem ?If so please help me to resolve the issue

        1. I can’t help you with what documents you need for passport. Find an agent you can help you.

          Make sure your passport has surname.

  237. All my documents have name as Srinivas H V
    My passport have name as SRINIVAS HASSAN VENKATASUBBAIAH
    When i am going to create a GRE account it asks (i understood) i have to give the name as in passport, but in Last Name (Surname) row when i type HASSAN VENKATASUBBAIAH (with space in between HASSAN and VENKATASUBBAIAH) it is not accepting its showing error as “Last/Family Name must be between 2 and 32 characters containing letters, hyphens and apostrophes only. A hyphen cannot be the first, second, or last character. An apostrophe cannot be the first or the last character”. So what is the solution for this?

  238. Sir, I need some clarifications. My father’s name is M.Subramani. For reasons not known He changed it to M.S.MANI before we were born. We are seven children to him and all of us have the his initials as “S” For instance My name in all my certificates is Ashokan S and my sister”s as Margathavalli S and so on. Since 1931 in all my fathers documents including his employment doucuments it is M.S.MANI. So in all my certificates it is Ashokan S , Son of M.S. MANI. My Name in Pan Card has been mentioned as. Mani Ashokan which is not acceptable. So I am unable to change it because. When I expand my initial it should be Ashokan Subramani which is acceptable but when I expand my father’s name that is M.S.MANI. The first name is Mani, The surname that is my father’s father name is Murugesan the letter S stands for Subra and I don’t where to put this name , If I put this as Middle name than My father name will be mentioned as MANI SUBRA MURUGESAN Which once again is wrong. Please guide how and what I should do. Thank you.

  239. hello there…
    i m about to take gre date
    my bechelor degree has the name—upenkumar vinubhai zalawadiya
    and my passport has the name—upenkumar vinubhai zalavadiya
    only ‘w’ n ‘v’ are the difference…
    if i use passport name in gre scores,,how would it affect while applying for admission,,
    what is the solution while applying for college admissions??

  240. In all my documents (10/12/M.Tech) – my name is M. Venkatesh
    but in B.E marks card/degree certificate- It is Venkatesh .M

    In passport
    first name- Venkatesh
    last name- MXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    will it have any impact on my admission to US universities. I am planning for phD abroad

  241. Hi HSB,
    My name in mark sheet is
    Name:Murali .S.B.
    S is family name and B is fathers name
    My name in passport is

    i didn’t mention the full form of S in passport.Will there be any issue?

    1. Hi HSB/Raghuram Sukumar ,
      Kindly help me with the below issue,I need to apply for GRE and Toefl
      Its urgent
      My name in mark sheet is
      Name:Murali .S.B.
      S is family name and B is fathers name
      My name in passport is

      i didn’t mention the full form of S in passport.Will there be any issue in admit or in visa?
      Will any one enquire about the full form of S?

  242. Hi

    but in my SSLC marks card i have name as SHASHIDHAR KARIKATTI S and i had problem applying for PAN and AADHAR so I gave certificate from gazetted officer and made my PAN and AADHAR as
    (where S stands for my dads initial), so please help me how to apply my name in passport application
    getting confused. my PAN and AADHAR are not one year old except my voter ID.
    getting confused please help me.

    Thank you

  243. Hi,

    My name printed on my passport and all degree certificates is Vikas Naval and rest of all documents like PAN card, voter Id card ,Aadhaar Card, bank account and even in my all companies is Vikas Nawal. I would like to apply for H1B Visa So I would like to check, do I need to correct my last name spelling in passport i.e Vikas Nawal instead of Vikas Naval

    Will there be any issue if I apply for a job in US?

    Thanks in advance

  244. sir my name is babli

    my name in my school n collage certificates is babli gaur but in ctet exam i write my name babli parashar that is my surname after marriage. is this create problem in govt. job ? if yes what is the solution?

  245. Hi,
    My name is Rajesh S. I have been admitted to US university. I want to apply for F1 Visa.

    In my passport, GRE, TOEFL scores, us university application and I 20 form, my name is written like this:
    Given Name: Rajesh
    Surname: Srinivas

    But in my Indian university marks cards and degree certificates it has been written as “Rajesh S”.

    While applying for F1 Visa there was a question, “Have you ever used other names?”
    What should I answer? Should I answer yes and show
    Given name: Rajesh
    Surname: S as in the marks card and degree certificate or answer no?

  246. Hi,

    My name printed on my passport and all degree certificates is Vikas Naval and rest of all documents like PAN card, voter Id card ,Aadhaar Card, bank account and even in my all companies is Vikas Nawal. I would like to apply for H1B Visa So I would like to check, do I need to correct my last name spelling in passport i.e Vikas Nawal instead of Vikas Naval

    Will there be any issue if I apply for a job in US?

    Thanks in advance

      1. Hi Sukumar,

        Thank you for valuable suggestions. I have no surname in the passport, after going through your blog and youtube video, I decided to bifurcate my name in the passport and then apply for GRE. Can you please help me in deciding the last name?
        My Current passport has First name: SACHIN VIJAY KUMAR (Vijay Kumar is my father’s name)
        last name: none
        I am planning to bifurcate it as : First name: SACHIN
        last name: VIJAY KUMAR
        Is two last names going to be a problem,
        Should I go for , First name: SACHIN VIJAY
        Last name: KUMAR
        I don’t want to make another mistake, Can you please let me know whether having two last names/first names going to be a problem? I don’t want to add any middle name as people say middle names always create lots of problems. Can you please advice?


        1. Lastname – Kumar First Name – Sachin or Sachin Vijay

          I would avoid multiple names in last names.

          1. Hi Sukumar,

            Thank you very much for your valuable reply. In all of my certificates the name is only SACHIN V. In passport I expanded the name of my father as VIJAY KUMAR (as in passport we need to expand initials). So do you see any issues here, “KUMAR” is not there in any of my certificates/ID proofs(driver/voter ids).It is a part of my father’s name. Is it OK if I only put KUMAR to my Last name now?

            I booked GRE exam without realizing it, now totally scared. I am planning set things right with my passport and then rebook my GRE.

            Thanks again for your help, Sachin

      2. sir,I have a doubt regarding passport.My name on birth certificateand in college documents is V.Naveen and on other documents like aadhar and voter id it is with my sur name Venapally Naveen.Is that my name must be same in all the documents?.Also I want my passport with surname.Please suggest me what to do and my slot is on next monday.

  247. Respected Sir,

    I have registered for the ETS GRE examination with the following details:

    First name :BALAJI
    Middle initial : K
    Last name : NAGARAJ

    But with reference to my Passport (my primary id) , it is stated as follows:

    First name : BALAJI NAGARAJ
    Middle initial :
    Last name : KUMAR

    where kumar is my father name, since usually use father name as initial i have typed K in my middle initial column….

    so will it create any problem ??

  248. MY name is : Gagana S
    My dad name is : C Srinivas

    in passport form what to be applied for

    given name:

    Since i never used any surname name in any of documents like pan card/voter/adhar card ans school marks card.

    and in website its mentioned not to be used initials in passport form and should be expanded.

    which will be right form pls help me out:

    given name:Gagana S

    given name:Gagana Srinivas

    given name:Gagana

    given name:Gagana



  250. Sir, I have legally changed my name recently while still studying in a Indian University. New my college record is with my new name while my school records still show my old name. Will it be a problem if I apply to any foreign Universities for further studies and for getting a student visa? Can it be a problem when applying for any government jobs in India?

      1. My name in my school certificates is mentioned as Amritanshu Singh, after legal name change I’ll change the name in my University records as Amrith Singh (haven’t changed it till now). So there will be some incoherence between the documents. My birth certificate also has name Amritanshu. Please suggest should I change my name in University records? Will it cause any problems with authorities of foreign universities?

  251. I Have My given name in Passport as VINAY MAHESHKUMAR and all my acedamic documents has “VINAY MAHESHBHAI”
    what should i do??

    1. Hi my name on certificates and all other documents , PAN card AND aadhar everywhere is Rahul Roy Chowdhury. .. while in my passport the given name is Rahul and Surname is Chowdhury Roy ……. how big a problem is this … I am currently working in India but in case I need to apply for working VISA, will this create an issue ?

  252. Hi,
    My educational certificates and all other docs have name as follows
    Sandeep RXXXXX. D
    In my passport it has come as
    Sandeep RXXXX DXXXX

    I would like to go for a name change in passport just to keep it as below.
    Given Name : Sandeep
    Surname : RXXXXX

    I’m aware that i would need to go for an affidavit and need to publish in a newspaper. do i need to change it in my educational certificates as well?

    1. No you don’t have to change in EDU docs. This is the best decision you could make. Are you already in U.S.?

      1. I’m in India itself. A lawyer informed me that I need to change it in my Xth standard certificate. 🙁

        1. What is that all about? What are you trying to do? Applying to US for education or work visa?

  253. Hello,

    My name is Prasanna Venkatesan S

    I need to name my son, I have selected the name as Daruk.

    I am planning to get the birth certificate with the name “Daruk(first name) Prasanna(sur name)”, will this be a trouble when i apply the passport for him.

    My confusion is ” I am wondering if i name him Daruk Prasanna, then again my full name (Prasanna Venkatesan) will add up to his name in the passport or what”

    What would be his passport name if I name my son a Daruk prasanna.

    Kindly advise

    1. When we named son, we wanted it to be short wihout middle names.

      I would go with “Daruk(first name) Prasanna(surname)” and that I don’t see any issue with that.

  254. I have another question regarding my friends query, somewhat similar to me. He has lost his passport and he has applied to the universities. He hasn’t got the i-20 yet, he has mentioned his passport number in all his application to the universities. So does he have to apply all over again or there is some another way?

  255. I want to get my father’s name change in the passport. As in my father’s name, my grandfather’s name wrote as one of his alias and in every other documents of my father, it other name. Now I have applied to the universities with the current passport and also i have the i-20. I have mentioned my passport number in my application process, so is it possible now to get reissue of my passport with the corrected information that i want?
    Or it will create any problem regarding my visa?

  256. Hi,
    I have only first name (Sagar) in my passport and degree certificates. I have worked with two companies (C1 and C2). In C1 My name was Sagar, but In C2 last name was mandatory, So they have added last name in their record and complete name was ‘Sagar Bedi’. Currently working with Company C3, here also name is ‘Sagar Bedi’. I would like to apply for Australian PR, So would like to check, do I need to add last name ‘Bedi’ in my passport ?
    Will there be any issue if I apply for a job in Australia?
    thanks in advance

  257. my name in all the certificates is P Avinash Reddy and P is pothireddy. the question is should I change my name in the certificates or not

  258. My question is that I am appearing for my tenth exam this year…and I want to know how should my name be? I have a different name in my birth certificate and a different one in my passport and aadhar card..what should I do.Its urgent please do reply ASAP….
    Thanks in advance

  259. Hi Raghuram,

    My passport issued in India has no surname and full name mentioned under given name, I would like to get my name split done..So, does this mean I will be issued with a new passport or they would add a page leaf in the passport mentioning the same?

  260. Hi Raghuram,

    my name in all Documents(Driving license) and Certificates(10th/12th) : Raju Kumar S

    I’m going to apply for Passport, so what i’m suppose to use in names,
    Given name: ? (Raju kumar/Rajukumar)
    Surname: ? (SXXXX/S)

    Where S – my Dad’s name or just initial.

    Kindly provide me Correct names to be used based on my details above.

    Appreciate your quick response.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Raju Kumar S

  261. Hello sir.
    I have a couple of questions. My name is Vurikiti Prashant, Prashant being my name and Vurikiti my surname. I have all my certificates by the name ‘Vurikiti Prashant’. What should be the given name and surname in the passport form?

    And another is regarding my father’s name and mother’s name. My father’s name Vurikiti Venkata Ravi. But my address proof has the name V.Venkata Ravi whereas birth certificate and 10th-12th pass certificates has the name as V.V.Ravi. What should I write my father’s name as? Should I write my father’s full name?

      1. Hello There,
        I’m 18 And About to apply for passport and the problem is that on my driving license My Surname Is mentioned as MEHTA Where on My Marksheets (10/12) It’s MAHETA So What I’ve To Do To Correct This.
        I’m also Appearing For TOEFL..
        Please Give ME Some Information

  262. Hi Raghuram,

    I have some problem with my names in id cards and educational certificates i.e,

    my name in educational certificates P VENKATA APPI REDDY
    Is there any problem when i applying for passport
    with initial P.
    I need to know whether it to expand or not.
    please give me a solution.

    Thanks & Regards

  263. Hi,

    My son’s name in Birth Certificate is “Adit V Jain”. As you will notice, the middle name is just a letter. Will I have any issues in getting his Indian passport?

    Many thanks for your time.


  264. Hello! my passport looks like
    Name: my_name
    Surname: surname1 AKA surname2

    how do I register for GRE?
    should i go with only surname1(all other documents like transcript & licence have surname1 in them) or with both(but ETS has only one field for suname) ??

  265. Hello sir,
    My name in Indian Passport is Surbhi and there is no last name in my educational certificates too. I am getting married and i am planning for masters in US. Do i have to add my last name in passport ? If yes then should i use my parent’s surname or my faince’s surname? Please reply sir. Thanku

    1. I have the same issue. On all my school and college certificates my name is written as “Ankit”
      And on my passport as well its “Ankit” only.
      What should I do? It is possible to change name in passport but not possible for certificates. I have a confusion if i go for changing my name on passport then it will mismatch with other certificates and wud possibly create issues in future.
      Surbhi, in case you get to know the solution please email me as well.
      Email id – [email protected]
      Thanks in advance

  266. Dear Mr.Raghuram,

    My name in indian passport is as follows:

    Given name: Arunprasath

    Surname: Venkataramanan

    in all educational certificates, it is “Arunprasath V”.

    Now, I want to legally make a change in my name by including a space in my given name i,e, i want to legally change my name as

    “Arun Prasath Venakataramanan”

    I am planning to book GRE after the name change and go to US with proper proofs, affidavits & gazette copies of name change. ( for a Phd in US)

    I have 2 questions.

    1) I would like to know, because of this name change whether I will face any problems in future in US ? I have not done the name change yet. So, if you say I will face big problems, I am ready to abandon the idea of name change.

    2) After such a name change, my full name will have three parts. Am I supposed to use the 2nd part I,e. “Prasath” as my middle name.?

    Kindly help me out.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

      1. Thanks for your kind reply. Well, people always write my name by splitting it. I always face some problems when it comes to applications, name calling etc. That is why i want to split it. Its convenient that way.

        Why do you say you would use such a name as it is.?

        Anyway, as I said, if I change will there be any problems I face? kindly answer my 2 questions in last comment.

        Thank you.

        1. Split names will always be an issue, since it will cause confusion as Middle Name or Two first name.

          My name is Raghuram and very few people call me with full name. I use “Raghu”. Having Raghu Ram in document can be pain.

          So, don’t split it.

  267. Dear Mr.Raghuram,

    name in indian passport is as follows:

    name: Arunprasath


    in all
    educational certificates, it is “Arunprasath V”.

    Now, I
    want to legally make a change in my name by including a space in my given name
    i,e, i want to legally change my name as

    Prasath Venakataramanan”

    I am planning
    to book GRE after the name change and go to US with proper proofs, affidavits
    & gazette copies of name change. (
    for a Phd in US)

    1) I would like to know,
    because of this name change whether I will face any problems in future in US ? I have not done the name change yet. So, if
    you say I will face big problems, I am ready to abandon the idea of name

    2) After such a name
    change, my full name will have three parts. Am I supposed to use the 2nd
    part I,e. “Prasath” as my middle name.?

    Kindly help me out.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  268. My name is
    First Name: Mahidhar
    Middle Name: Ramxxx
    Last Name: Nyayaxxxx

    In passport my name is
    Surname: Nyayaxxxx
    Given Name(s): Mahidhar Ramxxx

    Ramxxx is actually my fathers name and I actually dont have any middle name. I mentioned this in the passport because it was given there to write the name as given in tenth class marksheet. Also all my educational documents mention Nyayaxxxx Mahidhar Ramxxx as my name. My GRE , TOEFL and IELTS scores also have all the 3 names.

    But the problem is in sme universities I just dropped middle name due to reasons mentioned below. Here are those instances.

    Some universities clearly asked to mention First Name and Middle Name separately. Now these same universities asked to write the given name as mentioned in the passport. Specifically it was UIUC which asked to write Given name as mentioned in the passport and also gave a second column for middle name. I wrote Mahidhar in the Given name, Ramxxx in the Middle name and Nyayaxxxx in the surname/last name

    some universities like IMEC, Belgium did not ask for middle name , so I just wrote Mahidhar in the column First(Given) name and Nyayaxxxx in the Last name.

    Some universities like UBC asked to write the preferred name apart from the three i.e. first , middle and last. So I mentioned Nyayaxxxx Mahidhar as my preferred name and also mentioned the remaining three names separately in respective columns.

    My only worry is will my applications be rejected or will I have problems during VISA process if there is a mismatch in the name in passport and the application document.

  269. Hello Sir,
    My name is MOHANRAJ S. In educational certificates & bank, having in the same format.
    In my Aadhaar & PAN, having it as “MOHANRAJ SXXXX”.
    Can I proceed to apply for passport as
    First Name : MOHANRAJ
    Surname : SXXXX or S
    which makes sense to go abroad without problems.

      1. Thanks Raghuram for your quick reply..
        Solved passport problem and I filled it.. if I go for US
        Is I need any proof for certificate verification with name MOHANRAJ SXXX or simply MOHANRAJ S enough.

  270. Hello sir,
    My name is V Krishna in all certificates except PAN CARD and AADHAR CARD in which it is written as VXXXX Krishna.

    First Name : Krishna
    Surname : VXXXXX

    will there be any problem if my name on passport is Krishna VXXXXX.

  271. Sir,
    I have the category 3 issue,and am currently doing my masters here in USA.Can you suggest me how I can change my passport while am still here.I have my first name as FNU and the surname has my entire name.

    Thank you,

  272. Hi Raghuram, my father’s name in my passport is printed along with my name (Ranjana Nxxxxx. Now I want his name to be printed in the Surname field (I don’t have a surname so this field is left blank). I went through the passport India website and used their document advisor tool. It seems that they require a deed poll and two advertisements in the newspapers regarding change in my name. Since there is no major change in name in my case, do I really need to go with all the advertisement hassles?? Isn’t there any other possible way to make this minor change??

  273. sir, my full name as in passport is Gaurav. I took GRE as Gaurav Gaurav. Well, you said surname cannot be left blank, so will the problem be fixed if get my name changed in the passport from Gaurav to Gaurav Gaurav and is that possible to have first and last name same?

      1. Should I go ahead and get my name changed in the passport to ‘Gaurav Gaurav’ or shall I include my family name as surname but If I do follow the latter, I will hv to take gre again and I don’t have time… I mean I could miss the deadlines for applying.?

  274. Sir,

    My name is CXXXX MXXXX where MXXX is my mothers surname
    Now for my kids i want use my father Surname which is KXXXX.
    Please guide me.

  275. @raghuram sukumar. My name on my passport is jasa**** Singh ba****. But on my 10th and 12th class certificates it is jasa**** singh ba****. Will it be a problem when applying for visa to usa?
    Please reply ASAP! Much appreciated.

  276. Sir,
    My actual name is SHREEJA B V , where B stands for bangalore and V for visweswaraiah. The problem is there is no proof or evidence for the full form. All my certificates say SHREEJA B V . IT WOULD BE OF GREAT HELP IF U HELPED ME FILL IN MY NAME IN THE PASSPORT APPLICATION FORM.

  277. Hi Raghuram

    I think my situation is very similar to the one you mentioned above (Pankil), however I haven’t really found a solution for it in the mentioned scenarios/solutions.

    My PAN/Driving License/Educational Certificates lists my name as:
    FirstName MiddleName LastName

    However, my passport has:
    Surname: FirstName
    Given Names: MiddleName LastName

    I’ve registered for both GRE and TOEFL with the name mentioned in my passport. I’ve been pondering changing my name on the Passport to:
    Surname: LastName
    Given Name: FirstName MiddleName

    I am having difficulty weighing the pros and cons of correcting the name on the passport and subsequently my college applications. Any advice that you can offer, is very highly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Worried Soul

  278. Hello !

    I have a query on the same issue. I am applying a fresh passport for my father. He does not have Birth Certificate, since at that time birth certificates were not issued. So for DOB, Matric (Tenth Certificate) has to be used which contains his name as Vijay *****.

    His Voter Card have name as Vijay Kumar ****

    His Adhaar Card has name as V.K. ****

    His Ration Card contains as name as Vijay Kumar

    So all his documents contain different names, somewhere with surname, somewhere without surname and somewhere in abbreviation as stated by me above.

    It is going to be a problem, I think. I have applied online with his full name as “Vijay Kumar ****”

    Please advice me how can I manage this. What kind of affidavit is required to prove that all these names are of a same person. However, I have filled all these different names in online form when they asked if you are known with other alias names.

    Regards And Thanks in Advance.

  279. Sir,
    my name is vivek kumar nd my fathers name is chan** bhu** singh, in all my documents my name is mentioned as vivek kumar only now while applying for passport if i will write my name as
    first name: vivek
    surname: kumar
    will it cause any problem while document verification for passport because my father write their name as chn** bhu** singh nd their will be ,missmatch in surnames of my father an my name.
    i had called passport office helpline they said their is no problem at all untill name in my documents are same as i am filling in my form.

    sir please reply as my appointment date is very near.

  280. sir,
    My name is A.Meghana
    In all my educational certificates my name is mentioned as A. Meghana only i.e,, with out expansion of my surname. so, while applying passport if i kept my surname would it create any problem while i am submitting documents at passport office.

  281. Hi,

    I am going as an exchange student to a university in Germany, and all my certificates have separate First Name and Last Name.

    In my passport, I have my full name in passport under ‘Given Name’, and Surname is blank.

    I applied for 90 days Schengen visa ( for Germany), and they have given me Visa with my full name written twice in the ‘name field’ (since surname is empty)

    Will it be an issue, now that the Visa is here and I have to leave in 2 weeks? *kind of tensed*

    1. @raghuram sukumar. My name on my passport is jasa**** singh ba****, but on my 10 th and 12 th class certificates it is jasa**** singh. Will it be a problem when applying to USA for a student visa? Please reply ASAP! Much appreciated.

  282. Hi,
    I got passport with blank surname. Yet to apply for visa. Please let me know the procedure for correcting it. Please do reply if any one corrected it. I issued passport 2 days back.


  283. Hi Need your guidance please…
    Sorry!! There was error! Hence reposted

    My Passport Name is Pooja
    My university certificates carry Pooja Kamath
    I got married and applying for the name change with spouse name Pooja Ramesh.(Spouse Name) Rao (Surname of spouse)…
    Planning to peruse my MS in US..
    Will the different name i,e in University certificate and the change of name to maiden to married will create any problem in American Universities to get the admission..

    May be its a repeated question, but the combination is totally different, Seeking your immedt help as I am waiting in que to submit my PP for change of name….

    Thanking you in advance for the timely assistance..



  284. Hi Need your guidance please…
    My Passport Name is Pooja
    My university certificates carry Pooja Kamath
    I got married and applying for the name change with spouse name Pooja Ramesh.(Spouse Name) Kamath (Surname of spouse)…
    Planning to peruse my MS in US..
    Will the different name i,e in University certificate and the change of name to maiden to married will create any problem in American Universities to get the admission..

    May be its a repeated question, but the combination is totally different, Seeking your immedt help as I am waiting in que to submit my PP for change of name….

    Thanking you in advance for the timely assistance..



  285. Hi,
    I don’t have a surname in passport and I am already done with my GRE and Toefel.What can be done now ?

    1. I too have a similar situation. I dont have a surname and already done with GRE. Now i am applying to get my surname added, which in itself is a time taking process. Please do share your experience and the steps u r taking to fix this.

  286. for example if our Education documents,pan card,adharcard,rationcard,voterid contains P kumar reddy ganji and passport and in gre, ielts application contains pavan kumar reddy ganji is it a problem for applying to U.S for M.s for VISA stamping.
    Please help me out i am planning for Spring 2015.

  287. i have a problem
    my First name:ANIL
    MIddle Name/Fathers name:Ashok
    Surname/Last name:Singh
    But my passport says
    Given name: ANIL ASHOK
    so how should i register for TOFEL, fill given name as my name only or with my fathers name ?
    (i filled GRE with only my name)

  288. hello sir

    I pajjuri venkanna
    has passed my ssc in 2002 and completed my graduation and post graduation
    normally, but now the problem is with the name presented in my certificates
    that except in my ssc all my certificates the name is like PAJJURI VENKANNA S/o
    PAJJURI PENTAIAH, but in my SSC the name is like P VENKANNA S/o PENTAIAH. Will
    there be any problem of this type of names present in certificates while
    verifying them while appearing for the govt jobs.

    pls give me a solution or any advice to my email pls

    my email is : [email protected]

    thank u

  289. hello sir,
    my name is m.mamatha in all my certificates. but in my votercard and pan card mXXXXX mamatha is there. i want to apply for passport. this will become issue? with which name i have to apply for passport? pls help me.

  290. I hv applied for passportI in my marks card my name is sana.r.c.n in the adhar card my name is sana.r.c. Does they ask any question abt wat is R n wat Is C n all. C is my fathrs name. R is my grandpa name. Bt in my marks card my father has given his name as pradeep. He not mentioned his surname. Does it ll cteat any peoblem

  291. I am not able to register my name with ETS.ORG as there is a gap between words in GIVEN NAME . please help

  292. Yes ofcourse it might cause a problem because the name is abbreviated
    rather than spelled out in full so you will need an identification orientation . Just contact ( [email protected]) they might be able
    to help you .

  293. Hi, I have a small query. In my birth certificate , matriculation certificate – i was given my grandfather’s assumed middle name. In all subsequent documents – pan, aadhar, bank account, my name is without the middle name. I have applied in tatkaal without the middle name. Will my application be rejected? Please let me know.


  294. what if i have slight spelling variation in degree and 10 and 12 certificate and want to apply for MS in usa?what procedures should i follow to solve this problem?

  295. Dear Sir,
    My name is Vikram kamaljith.
    In passport it is in the following format.
    Surname: Blank [the space is empty]
    Given Name(s): Vikram Kamaljith

    Will this be an issue?

      1. Hi Raghuram,

        In the above case..

        My name is Vineet Kumar.

        there is no sure name in my name.

        My sure name is SinXX but is is not mentioned in any certificate.

        can I write in below format…

        Given Name(s): Vineet

        Surname: Kumar
        pls reply me.

        Thanks in advanced.

        1. hey vineet i m facing the same problem, what u did?
          as much i know there will not be any problem if you write kumar as ur surname because in all the document ur name is vineet kumar so no one will kno whether kumar is ur surname or not, the only doubt i hav is my fathers surname is singh nd i will write kumar so will they ask that my fathers surname is singh nd mine is kumar. this is the only doubt i have plse tell me how u resolved this.

          1. i want to use kumar as my surname is it ok because everywhere my name is written as vivek kumar so generally it seems as vivek is my first name and kumar is my surname.

  296. Hi All,

    I have my passport ready with valid first name and surname. But While registering the GRE exam , I have not expanded my last name and have just given initials . one of my friend told it will not be a problem as he also given like that only and in all other places he has given the name with initials expanded. He has already got admission and the Visa. But my question is should re register the GRE exam by creating one more account with last name expanded instead of initials or go ahead write with the same same name.

  297. Sir,
    My Educational certificate name is S.M. FAISAL
    But my Passport name is Shah Mohammed Faisal

    can they create any problem in abroad to enroll myself
    at university or getting job.

    1. Yes ofcourse it might cause a problem because the name is abbreviated rather than spelled out in full so you will need a Reidentification for the passport . just contact ( [email protected]) they might be able to help you .

  298. I have voter card and ration card but problem is that some of missing info in my ration card not exactly voter card is there any problem while verification. please help

  299. Hi, my name is ABC Das..i m having my passport along with my father’s surname, but would be getting married within 1 month. Along with my present surname i would like to use my husband’s surname even. Is it mandatory to change my passport surname to get the us visa (renewal of passport). Or else i can apply for us visa with my previous passport and can submit the marriage registration certificate along with my new surname..?? What should i do ?? I am having less period of time..
    Please suggest..

  300. Hi My name is ABC Kaur as given name on password with no surname.all my certis and ids are under same name. Should i procedd with the same passport for us visa or change it, but the problem with change is that i cant pick kaur as a surname.. please help

  301. Sir
    My name in birth certificate is entirely different from my actual name.. (ie. in birth certificate name is archana murali and my actual name is aarathi murali) I want to apply for an Indian passport… can any one tell me about the procedure for applying… Is one and same certificate issued by the local govt body is enough for applying

  302. Hello sir,
    I have a)plied for masters in australia.
    My fathers name is Surinder Partap Singh , same is on my passport, birth certificate and all indian identity cards.
    But only my educational certificates from 10th to my bachelors degree has his name as Surinder Pratap Singh.
    Will i be facing problems during my university enrolmemt process? Please help im concerned about this.

  303. hi sir please help me: i booked gre exam with the following details:
    name veeraredy and last name is :ghanti
    but now in my passport my name is like
    first name :veera and last name is : reddy…but in my father name that ghanti is there… like ghanti sudharshan reddy … is it a problem

  304. Dear Sir, My name on my Passport as well as all GRE Scores and I20 is SXXXXX Dwibhasi where as my 12 class certificates and Graduation different names as SXXXXX Dwibhashi. will it create problems in VISA process for US?

  305. Hello i have a problem with my first name. My first name is Sxx Lxxxxxx Bxxxx Pxxxx Pxxxxxxxxx . As it was so long it doesnt fit in the first name column provided. The identification document i.e., the passport also consists of the first name. I don’t have any middle name . As there should be no name mismatch. How can i fill the first name column ? Can anyone please help me with this issue ?

    1. Simple – You have 2 options.

      Get new passport with small name.
      Fill as much as you can and leave the other letters.

      Looking at your name, I would get a new passport with short name.

  306. Hello sir,
    I have a doubt with surname in passport application. My name is Jitheesh . My fathers name – Krishnan. My family name _ Pulinkunnath.I have all my certificates with the name – Jitheesh P. While applying for the passport, what do i fill in the surname column ?

      1. How Sir….?
        I. My surname is My house name or can I add my father name….? Plz help me sir

        Thanks& Regards

          1. Sir, That mean Jitheesh P Krishnan…?

            Is it ok sir….?

            Thanks & Regards

  307. Hello….I have a problem
    I have taken the appointment for inquiry i.e verification of docs and gave address of my new residence. But i dont have enough docs to give as proof for my new residence so i changed the plan and decided to go with old residence address as i have plenty of docs as proof of residence. What will happen if I cancel the appointment and take a new appointment and put my old address? Please someone help me.

  308. sir, my name is priyanka only first name) in all my documents then how can i apply for a passport with name “priyanka kXXXXX”. is it possible?

    1. I am also in exactly the same situation. I want to add my family name as my last name in the passport. Please share the steps that you followed for the same. I also dont have my last name in any of the documents.

  309. my surname in my passport is TXXX and My surname name as per 10th and 12th & degree certificates is DXXXXXXX, so there is difference in my surname. Is there will be a issue in applying in uk study visa??