jp status shiki futon reviewFolks at JPStatus  sell Amazing Shikibuton Trifold Mattress.

What does Shikibuton or Shikifuton mean?

A Shikibuton (also known as shikifuton) is a classic Japanese-style cotton mattress.

JPStatus shikibuton is branded as “the ShikiBed.”

Let’s look at JPStatus Shikibuton, Futon Mattress Review.

JP Status Shiki Futon Review

JP Status stands for Japan Status. They sell amazing Shikibuton mattress.

Here is a quick JP Status Shiki Futon Review.

Their version of Japanes Shikibuton is called as The Shikbed. (Picture Above)

Features of Shikibuton Mattress

  • A classic Japanese style
  • Made of natural cotton
  • Minimalist design
  • Perfect Firmness for right back support
  • Perfect softness for great sleep
  • Great affordable price.
  • Perfect fit for students dorm room (folds to small space)

When I test a new mattress, I would like to see how I feel the next day morning after sleeping in the new mattress.

If I feel fresh and ready to hit the ground running, then I have got a good night sleep.

JPStatus Shikibuton comes with 30 night sleep trial.

If you don’t like the JPStatus Shikifuton after trying for few nights, you can return it for full refund.

Warranty and Certified

Jpstatus Shikibuton is Serta-certified with a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

Just like a conventional mattress, the JP status Shikibuton should last you between 8-10 years.

Why spend thousands of dollars when you can buy a mattress for couple of hundred dollars that gives great sleep?

jpstatus Shikibuton Mattress review


See what other customers are saying about JPStatus Shikibuton Mattress.

Ian Burnett

Moved into my new apartment and currently enjoying my new shikibuton, thanks for providing free shipping to winnipeg! –

Iris Hausmann

It’s not as heavy as a normal mattress but it still packs some weight to it which makes it firm. Can’t wait for the addition of the covers.

JpStatus Shikibuton Mattress Cost

JpStatus Shikibuton Mattress comes in 3 different sizes Queen, Full and Twin.

As you can see JP Status Shikibed doesn’t cost a ton when compared to traditional mattress.

When you can get great sleep for an amazing price why not buy one.

Especially for students and dorm room, JP Status Shikibuton (or Shikibed) is MUST have in your back-to-school shopping list.

Shikibuton Discount for Students

Students JPStatus Shikibuton mattress can save $30 with academic discount.

  • To quality for the Shikibuton academic discount, you must be a college student, a student accepted to a college or a parent buying for a college student.

So, which Shikibuton Mattress are are going to order  now?

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