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I Went to A Consultant for Training. They Offered Classes for “How to Create a Fake Resume”

When it come to job search for F1 Visa students, patience is a must. It can take several months before you can get your job after you start looking for one actively.

Some students think only Desi consultants would hire F1 students and then go on to sponsor Green Card. Which is totally incorrect by the way.

In the previous article, a student shared how Desi Consultant Work. In this article, another reader shares his job search journey (Graduate from University of Texas at Austin)


I came to the U.S. on a project assignment via one of the major Indian IT firms. My area of work is in Electrical Engineering/Power Systems. One of my colleagues on the client side was studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Texas, Austin, a highly reputed university. Based on my interactions with him, he suggested that I should try to get a Ph.D., too. Since studying for a Ph.D. was a significantly longer-term commitment, I decided to go for a Masters instead and started preparing for my GRE, as the University of Texas required a really good score for getting admitted.

I ran into a problem

After 4 months of hard work, late nights, and a lot of coffee, I scored a 326 on the GRE and managed to squeeze into the MS Electrical Engineering program. I then began discussions with my Manager, (who was based out of India), and the client team, to see if I could have some flexibility in my work schedules, for me to attend classes and work at the same time.

While the client team was very appreciative and supportive of my plans, my manager in India was furious and told me that the company had sent me to the U.S. for its needs and not for my personal goals. I spent some sleepless nights thinking this over and finally decided to quit my job and convert to an F-1 status.

Since I had close to 3 months before the start of my MS program, I planned my last working date accordingly, but ended up having to extend that by two weeks due to the delay in the change of status processing.

The university officials were also very particular about the dates and legal status, and they gave me a full-time student status only after producing my F-1 approval papers.

My colleague from the client team helped me to get a Research Associate position in one of the labs. That helped me to have some income, and it also ensured that my tuition stayed at the in-state rates. This was a big help, because I had my wife and little one here with me, and we somehow managed to survive on a very limited budget.

Two years later

In a little over two years, after a lot of hard work, wins, losses, joy, and tears, I was ready to graduate, and I started applying for jobs and posting my resume and profiles all over the internet. Some of the initial campus recruitment-based applications did not work out, as the employers preferred local candidates and did not want to go through the hassle of the H-1 visa process in the long term. That discouraged me a bit. At the same time, I was receiving 2-3 calls daily from some desi consultants, and I initially ignored them because the persons who were calling sounded silly and robotic.
After awhile, though, I was getting desperate, so I decided to check them out. I went to one of their locations where they were offering ‘free’ lodging and stipend, along with ‘training’. There I met a lot of desi guys who had been sent out from small-time, shady colleges, and who were eager to manipulate the system.

The ‘training’ consisted of sessions on ‘how to include fake experience on your resume’, ‘how to successfully lie on the interview’,  and ‘ how to remove all records of yourself on the internet, (facebook/linkedin/google+/etc), to avoid being caught.

I was totally shocked and asked if all this would amount to illegal activity, and what the consequences would be.  But to my surprise, everyone looked at me as if I was a fool and told me that “this is how things work in the US. If you don’t like it, you can leave”.

I was totally depressed and felt like an idiot. While I had to put in so much hard work and sacrifices, there were others who were happily manipulating the system, securing college admission without a GRE or any of the requirements, getting a degree without any effort or need to attend a lot of classes, working full-time while studying, and getting placed without having any skills.

To add insult to injury, one of the large companies that called me for an interview had an Indian manager who asked me to bring my college ID card because he suspected me of being a fake. Even after doing very well in the interview, he insisted that I provide a minimum of 12 verifiable references!

My Patience Paid off

I started getting calls directly from some of the reputable companies that I had applied for, including the client company I worked for initially. In the end, about two weeks before I graduated, I had four plum offers with commitments to file for the H1 and GC, based on performance.

I decided to join the client company that had I worked for earlier, this time at a Senior Engineer position. As expected, my previous Indian manager complained to the company and said that they could not recruit me due to some contract terms from my previous placement as a contractor.

Luckily, the terms associated with that contract had timed out, and I was able to go ahead and join the company. Today my previous manager addresses me as “Sir” and requests my help in getting projects approved for outsourcing to his team.

Life has come a full circle, and I take pride in my job and in the decisions that I took to get to this point. I love the respect that I am getting from being a student of a reputable university.

My advice for others is that getting a job takes time, and is worth the wait, even when it may seem like nothing is happening at first. Start early and be patient and honest. If you are deserving, there is a good chance that you will get the job.

If you don’t, it just means that you need to get better at what you do. Do not give in to the temptation of shortcuts. There is no pride, respect, or satisfaction in taking that route, and will not pay off  in the long-term.

So, what do you think about this student’s journey  and job search experience? Even a degree from UT Austin, doesn’t guarantee you a job.

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  1. This post is like one of the so called inspirational stories that we hear about people who have made it. Like how I made a million dollars but then no one writes his story of how he lost a million dollars. I have met smart/dumb and hard working/lazy people in consultancies. The only thing common among them is that they are desperate.

  2. Hi
    You got the experience and so the road must be a bit smoother when compared to others who don’t have experience
    We need to have patience yes we have but we don’t have time
    We get hardly 90 to find a job

  3. Thank you Rahgu for posting this article. Contrary to what @SurvivalOfTheFIttest said above, I think its for us to realize what we’re doing is wrong. No amount of ‘reporting to the authorities’ would solve your problems, you would simply cause people to hate Indians more. Instead we need to learn some honesty from our American counterparts, for the sake of our image as a country if not for our own conscience.

  4. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

    If you think consultancies are illegal, why don’t you report to the police about the illegal activities going on in these consultancies?

    People want the system to be fixed and these kind of things to stop but don’t want to do anything about it.

    Stop whining on the internet with thinly veiled advertisements for bootcamps.

    1. You have got to be kidding me. Instead of nodding in approval about the main intention of the post, you criticize him by calling him a ‘whiner’. Probably you are offended because you are a beneficiary of the ‘fake resume’ system?

  5. But waiting long time is not possible as f1 visa will get expired after graduation. How to get a job in time with sicere true effort.

  6. Dude, you are awesome

    Even I have hatred for there desi companies and consultancies here in US. Even I have similar experience as you and I always wanted to get a full time job and tried hard until I got it, I am currently working as a Full time Developer in one of the product based companies.

    I have also seen there are people who are of opinion that Full time jobs are not high paying jobs and also seen some instances where people show some kind of pity and ask how are you managing your life with such a low income.

    Believe me these are the people who don’t have any skills at all and don’t want to work hard at all and not even try to apply any jobs as they lack in confidence they wanted high paying jobs by doing Fake resumes and some one else proxying the interview and still criticize others who work hard and get Full time jobs on their own.

    I don’t know when these type of people will get caught and when would this stop. The worst part is that I have a relative who does all this kind of things and work on contract basis, their parents back in country say their son is earning XXXX and my parents ask me why are you getting paid so low.

    I got frustrated by all these shit and told my parents that I am happy with my job and will continue with this.

    Here in US as far as I know only luck and manipulating things matter hard work doesn’t matter at all and people who believe in hard work will be screwed big time at least in terms of earning.

    1. @Sree, On one side you say that people working for desi consultants are the one who do no want to do hard work. In the end you say that in US hard work does not count. Can you please explain this?

      1. If you have understood what I have said. As long as these kind of things are not stopped, Hard work doesn’t count

  7. I have a question for the author. What kind of job were you looking for/got? Was it an IT/Software job or a job in your specialisation of Electrical Engineering?

  8. Crazy frustrations here …. At least you got desi consultancies offer ?? I am not even getting that … have been trying for so long …. Guys from small as cheap universities like me are the worst hit … no one tells you all these things while hopping the boat from india … you are just happy that you will be in america probably get green card and are paying little tution. … it hits u like a train after a year here ….

    To be true my situation right now is fuck H1 and GC … I can sign and give to govt here i dont want to live here a day extra after my OPT expires … I just want to work in OPT and pay my debts …..

    Lets see how it goes …..

    BTW best of luck with your life and fancy degree u got …..

    1. Bro, which university did you graduate from?? Please, because I am also attending a university with cheap tution. please reply

  9. Students joining consultancies do know ehat they are getting into. If it dosen’t work for them they cry foul.
    The system is rigged big time . If you don’t like it, apply for fulltimes.

    1. Yes, we all know system is rigged big time. I am sure all have gone through the latest breaking news University of Northern New Jersey. I only hope with this case, some sanity will prevail and these so called desi consultants will mend their ways.

      @Tarun, what do you mean by “apply for fulltimes”?

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