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These 13 Things Will Get You In Trouble While in USA

While studying in USA, safety must be your main concern. It’s you job to stay safe and you can do that by not taking risks and not putting yourself where you can get hurt or get into trouble.

Don’t do anything that is not legally allowed. If you feel you are out of place and situation looks uncomfortable, then get away from that place.

Understand the situation, if you think you are in out of place, then get away and diffuse the situation. You are more likely to get in trouble when you are new to USA. So, ask and learn about the rules and laws.


  1. Downloading movies  ( FBI Tracked Movie Download and Lost PhD Financial Aid )
  2. Downloading games
  3. Downloading Software
  4. Copying Assignments ( I’m in Big Trouble for Copying Assignment )
  5. Driving without Driving License
  6. Driving without Car insurance
  7. Respect Privacy of Others
  8. Cracking into others computers (or Hacking)
  9. Shoplifting – Stealing from Shops (even small items)
  10. Working illegally ( like off-campus, grocery store, motels, hotels, gas stations, etc)
  11. Downloading Child Porn
  12. Sexual Harassment ( even a comment about other sex can get you in trouble)
  13. Jaywalking

Plagiarism is a huge deal with International students. I have witnesed personally the effects of that ( with my roommates).

When I go to NAFSA annual conference, admission directors complain about plagrisim is high among Indian students.


Any police case will be recorded in your background record.

You will find it tough to get a job when you have criminal or any sort of record in your background check.

Did I miss anything else?

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  1. I want to know about how to get job in usa ?what are the consultancies are there for getting job ?

  2. Hi HSB,
    I have gained admission to MS Statistics in the State and before the I-20 fshoult orms will be issued, the school requires that I submit financial certification forms but my bank statement runs virtually on overdraft which means the balance is negative. The statement is very liquid in the sense that monies pass though frequent (about $10,000 monthly). should I submit this?

  3. I want to syudy MSc in Aerospace from USA so can I get job in USA itself, their is a matter of citizenship?

  4. Driving without Car Insurance may be OK in some states, for example NH doesn’t require you to have a car insurance. This said, it may be considered totally stupid to drive with NO insurance.

    All I can comment after this article is, “I wish people could get into trouble for same things in India too”.

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