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Bindhu recently (within last two weeks) started working as Data Analyst (Full-Time Job) in Illinois. She received two Full-Time job offers after graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with Masters in Information Technology.

I interviewed her to share her journey about landing two Full-Time job offers in a span of two weeks, but it came with a cost and lot of uncertainty. Here’s a preview of her Master Class where she teaches (&shares) how she landed her second job using networking.

Landing Data Analyst Full-Time Job – Interview Preview

Want to want to watch the entire interview?

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Here’s the Summary of Full Interview

The entire interview is about 45 minutes long followed by job search tips.  In first 45 minutes, you can learn the following:

  • How she found internship via CPT
  • Why Full-Time offer from Verizon was pulled back
  • How she approached Full-Time Job Search
  • Timeline – CPT, Graduation, Job Search, OPT, Job Offers
  • Two Job Offers:
    • Offer 1 – Data Analyst – Full-time with Cap-Exempt H1B Visa Sponsoring Employer
    • Offer 1 – Data Analyst – Full-time Job with Discover Financials in Illinois
  • Why she Rejected Cap-Exempt H1B Visa job with similar pay
  • How networking via LinkedIn landed her second job offer with Discover Financials
  • How she identified and approached her Professional Networking
  • What tools she learned to find a Data Analytics job
  • Job Offers Timeline
    • Accepting Job Offer 2 did not come without a cost and uncertainty
    • Why she went with Cap-Based Employer
  • How to relocate to new job location (Two states in her case)
  • Job Search Tips:
    • Why finding and applying for jobs is really tough for some applicants
    • Why some F1 students complain about job search and what can be done
  • Reader: Questions and Answers
    • You said that you were preparing for interview questions as well as applying for jobs from November to January? Could you tell us a bit more about what interview preparations did you do in terms of clearing the behavioral/technical interview questions for Discover financial services?
    • I’m on OPT and my 90 days about to complete within 15 days. During these days I got two interview calls (phone and skype), still waiting for fo a further response from them. What should I do next?
    • Thank you for your suggestions. I got a job in Kalispell, Montana. Right now I am in Kansas City. The main concern is I am trying to find Indians in Kalispell area because that will help my accommodation, food, etc. Can you help me about this like how can I find contacts in a specific area?

If you Join Video Master Class to inspirations, and exact process used by F-1 students from are landing Full-Time direct hire jobs and Internships on CPT.

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